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March 2012


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Luncheon for Imperial Potentate’s Lady


ll. Sir Michael Severe, Imperial Potentate and his Lady Patty will be visiting Sahib Shrine on Thursday, March 8. Ill. Sir Mike will be taking lunch with the nobles, and a ladies lunch is being planned by Chief Rabban’s Lady Stacey Lee Zurlo. The lunch will be served in our Sahara Room at 11:30 a.m. Event Coordinator Linda Glendinning is planning the decorations and table set-ups.All of the Divan ladies will be involved in the process with Lady Stacey Lee introducing First Lady Patty Severe. All ladies of the Shrine are invited and it certainly would be nice to have a crowd. Lady Sandy Scribner (941) 488-4363 and Lady Patti Gee (941) 981-5648 will be taking advance

reservations and the cost of the luncheon is $14 per person, which you will pay at the door as attendance is taken. If by chance you cannot attend, after making reservations, please call Sahib Shrine and cancel. Lady Patty Severe will be presenting her 20112012 fundraising program, “Stepping Forward Toward a Brighter Future,” focused on increasing awareness and fundraising for pediatric burn care education and training. We sincerely hope all Sahib ladies will enjoy their lunch , social time and a better understanding of our First Lady’s fundraiser.

Golf Cart Herders Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Sahib by Malcolm H. Van Dyke II, Chief Golf Carts Herder,


riday, February 10 dawned cool and crisp with all the lights on at Sahib and balloons outside on the front portico driveway at 5:30 a.m. The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce chose to use the Sahib meeting and food capabilities for their first meeting of 2012. Seating inside the main meeting room was stunningly decorated for a cut-off maximum attendance figure of 430 attendees. The atrium was fully decorated and the outside registration tables were decorated with balloons and smiling registrars. The Provost Guard provided much needed traffic control and the King Pins and Aides and Greeters were everywhere doing what they do best. By personal request, the Potentate asked if he could have two golf carts for pickup and return of the guests. John Yoder and I were kept busy driving many folks both into the building for a 7:00 a.m. breakfast and back to their vehicles after their meeting. As most attendees came by themselves with one person per vehicle, our 210 parking spaces were soon maxed out. As Lake Sahib

was bone dry, the Provost Guard jammed packed and stuffed Lake Sahib with cars and trucks (see photo on page 9.) Then... we parked cars on both sides of Circus Blvd. When that filled up, we started row after row after row of vehicles on the Fraternal Order of Police grassy playing field across the street, where the circus will go. Finally... after almost filling the entire grassy area, vehicles stopped coming. WHY you ask? Because Restaurant Manager Gene Borkowski, the kitchen staff and our great wait staff operated a self-serve buffet style, 470 meals in one hour! Killer great breakfast food? Sorry you couldn’t be there, but yes... to die for. All the Sahib support team ate very well afterwards—Thank You! The Chamber staff and attendees were full of compliments. It blew their minds that they were being hand-delivered to our front door in executive golf carts. Another example of the Sahib golf cart fleet being utilized as it should be.

Have a “Fun” Day at Tampa Bay Downs by Bill Batten, Recorder Emeritus,


n March 14, we will have “Fun” Day for Sahib nobles, ladies and friends at the Tampa Bay racetrack. Buses will depart from Sahib at 10:00 a.m. for this event. The cost per person is $49.00 which is all-inclusive. Transportation to and from Tampa, admission to the track, racing program, a private windowed dining area overlooking the finish line, private betting window, and a fabulous “all you can eat” grand buffet.

If you would like to join the group going this year, please contact Marylou Ellis at the Sahib Box Office, (941) 366-4449 ext 320. Leave a message on her voice mail and she will contact you for verification of your reservation. This has been a great time for all who attended in the past, come and join us!

We can’t grow, if they don’t know!

March 2012  

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