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March 2012

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close down at the end of April. In fact several of our snowbirds will be starting to leave over the next few weeks. Come say hello to them before they do. If you have questions, please contact me or any other member of Cortez Hi-12 Club # 538.

York Rite – Conscience and the Craft by B. John Ross, KYCH,


ore questions on religion and Masonry. The question of Morals and Dogma brings up an important point. Anti-Masonic writers are forever “discovering” something they find shocking in Albert Pike’s book, largely because they don’t understand what kind of book it is. Pike was attempting the almost impossible task of surveying and condensing the whole history of human thought in philosophy into one volume. He writes about the things which were believed in ancient Egypt. China, Persia—all over the world. It’s easy to take a paragraph out of context - as one writer does with Pike’s comment about the ancient Egyptian belief in Osiris - and then insist that Masons teach and believe that all good comes from Osiris. But a history lesson is not a statement of theology.

Some of the anti-Masonic writers seem almost to deliberately twist things to make them say what they want. As an example, the same writer takes a passage in which Pike is contrasting the immortality of the soul with the temporary nature of earthly things. To illustrate the impermanence of the body as opposed to the soul, Pike notes that, when we die, our bodies resolve again into the earth. The minerals of which it was composed may scatter far. Those minerals may be picked up again by the roots of plants, grown into food, and be eaten by other men. This, the antiMasonic writer suggests, is pagan Masonic communion—eating the dead! A simple illustration is destroyed into a cannibal feast (to be continued in the April 2012 issue)

Scottish Rite by Lou Ortt, PP, 33°,


o you know who Adoniram was? The name Adoniram in Hebrew means, “The Lord has exalted.” Who was this man? Adoniram was the son of Abda and lived during the Tenth Century B. C. The first reference to him is found in 2nd Samuel 20: 24, when King David appointed him the receiver of taxes. He was also responsible for organizing and superintending the forced labor for the royal building programs. He continued in this position under King Solomon seven years later. Masonic tradition, centered around the building of King Solomon’s Temple, places Adoniram in an influential position. In 1st Kings 5:14, it is stated that Solomon had a work force of 30,000 from the Israelites and that he sent them in groups of 10,000 a month to work on Mt. Lebanon and he placed Adoniram over these men as their superintendent. Based on this passage it has been deduced that Adoniram was the architect of the Temple. There is a group who believes that Hiram Abif had this office, but still believes Adoniram had an important role in the construction of the Temple.

In our Scottish Rite degrees we see that during the construction of the Temple Adoniram was appointed to take Hiram Abif’s place following his death. Adoniram’s actions throughout the degrees represent the finest example of fidelity and honor. He was believed to have been the first to receive the degree of Master Architect and, with the superior knowledge and skill gained, was well suited to replace Hiram Abif. Adoniram remained faithful through the years of King Solomon’s reign and into the reign of Rehoboam while continuing in the same position. When the Israelites revolted due to the oppression of the regime, Adoniram was stoned to death while doing his job of collecting taxes for the king. To find out more about Adoniram look at the 4th, 5th, 8th, 12th, 13th and 22nd degrees or the following Bible passages : 2nd Samuel 20:24, 1st Kings 4:16, 5:14, 12” 18-19, 2nd Chronicles 10:18. Remember the Scottish Rite meeting on March 12 at 7:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. for a suggested donation of $9. Scottish Rite Reunion is scheduled for Saturday May 12 and Saturday May 19. Let’s get those petitions in.

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March 2012  

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