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March 2012

SAHIB REPORTER don’t always appreciate all the amenities and services we have here at Sahib. We are fortunate indeed that our leadership has managed to keep our doors open and that we can honestly say support to our Shriners Hospitals for Children has been unwavering. But help is needed on an ongoing basis and we are in a good position to provide some of that help if we all work together. In other Reporter articles, you can find a number of ways to support your unit, Sahib and our hospitals. A few that come to mind are: Circus Mom & Dad program: Participation in this program in recent years has been pitiful. Support of this program helps fill the circus tent with children every year. It is truly a wonder to see those seats filled with all the wide-eyed children. Hopefully some of you may have some ideas to rejuvenate this program. Talk to the Circus chairman or bring your thoughts to the next Unit Council meeting. Circus Ads: You can help the Circus program and your unit by selling these ads. If all units made a

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concerted effort, this could be a highly successful project. Reporter Ads: Read the February Reporter editor’s notes to learn how your unit and Sahib can benefit. Sarasota County Fair: This may be the biggest opportunity this year to make money for your units, enjoy the comradery, interact with the public, visit the attractions, enjoy some tempting foodstuffs, and help out your unit or club financially and all the while you’ll have some fun. The work is easy (you can sit most of the time) and your lady can sign up to work with or without you, as desired. Shifts are 2.5, 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 hours in duration. Sign up for as few or as many shifts as you like. See schedule openings at <>. Contact one of the following to sign up or get details: Fred Phillips: 951-9933,, or Bill Batten, I hope to see you at the Fair 16-25 March.

Circus by Kenneth Shipley, Circus Chairman,


he Circus is coming! The Circus is coming! I can’t say it enough. The excitement is building to a feverish pitch. Since last month, there have been a few changes in our venue. The property at Fruitville Road and I-75 is not workable according to the producer. The cows now occupying the space have been too well fed and the result is a health situation that cannot be cleaned enough for “our kids.” We will be back at the Fraternal Order of Police lot across Circus Blvd from the Shrine. This works very well as the Clowns can use the back of the Sahara Lounge for “Clown Alley” and all of us can have access to indoor plumbing. We will have the portables for the Circus attendees. This month you will be getting your special discount vouchers in the mail. These aren’t actual tick-

ets because we don’t know which show you would like to attend. Instead, you may exchange them at the Shrine or if you send your payment in, you may request to pick up your tickets at the box office at the Circus. Either way, your support for this major fundraiser for the Shrine is greatly needed. I thank all of those that have responded to the Circus Dad and Circus Mom campaign to allow about 1400 schoolchildren to attend the Circus at no charge to them. It is not too late to get listed on the page of honor. Contact the Circus office. As we presented last month, we need your help in promoting the Circus by getting groups to attend and by selling ads for the program book. This is an opportunity to help your club or unit, help the Shrine, and have some fun.

Hospital Days in 2012 by Tim Kinchla, Co-Chairman Hospital Days,


ell Hospital Days are now behind us and unofficially, it seems that Sahib has raised roughly $23,000, at this moment. There are a couple of groups/ units that have not reported in at this writing. Kudos to all that participated! Many collectors expressed real pleasure in meeting the public and we have heard things that were very positive, not only with their involvement, but also the response from the general public. Numerous reports were received from nobles and their ladies regarding stories that were shared by many donors about their children, grandchildren, nieces and neph-

ews that had be treated at our Shriners Hospitals for Children and how those patients were healed, given the opportunity to walk and had their facial deformities repaired. Many nobles and their ladies found out that it is okay to bring a chair for your scheduled time at “Publix.” A number of participating nobles expressed to me, “we collected more money that we did last year and if we had had a second site, who knows how much the public would have given us.” This was GREAT! Final accounting will be by the end of the month. Watch for your next Reporter.

We can’t grow, if they don’t know!

March 2012  

Sahib Reporter

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