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fishing advantage ?

Some will say ours is unfair!

Consider a robotic trolling motor that will hold your boat with the precision of a pole anchor… in ANY depth of water, completely unattended. Ever wished you could adjust your anchor location? Our Anchor Jog™ feature will allow you to fine tune your position, with precision 5 foot increments in four directions, by simply touching a button on the wireless remote. Once you nail that perfect spot you can store it to memory and come back as often as you like.



Have a more intricate path you would like to follow? The Route Memory function will allow you to record 8 routes up to 1000 miles each (pack a lunch!). These can be retraced in either direction and the system will automatically anchor when it reaches either end.


Want to free up your hands while moving to the next spot? Give your boat the control of a guided missile with our Track mode. Just point your boat at the target, press ”T“ and set your speed. The GPS Anchor™ system will steer you on a beeline course to your destination, automatically compensating for wind and current.



Curious? Give us a call or check out our website. Demos are available, but we caution you… once you’ve tried it you won’t want to fish again without the advantages of your own HD GPS Anchor™ system.

It will revolutionize the way you fish! NOW Y ONL

888-434-7726 Sarasota, Florida

March 2012  

Sahib Reporter

March 2012  

Sahib Reporter