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when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? 

Isn’t it a bit unnerv-

What are we all about??

ing that doctors call what they do “practice”? 

If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?

If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?



The Story 4 Teller— Pramod Kumar Puzzled yet?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. COFFEE CHRONICLES is a fortnightly initiative by LITMUS—The literature club of Manipal University Jaipur. COFFEE CHRONICLES looks for the latest happenings, the most creative works, the funniest jokes, the most mind boggling puzzles, advertisements that shall interest you and puts them together for you to enjoy over that

cup of coffee that you shall have in our very own Student Activity Center. LITMUS—The Literature Club of Manipal University Jaipur, with the support of Dr. Richa Arora began operations in October 2012. The founder of the club is Dr. Kiran Keshavamrthy, Faculty of English who left Manipal University Jaipur earlier this year to pursue further research

work in the city of joy, Kolkata. LITMUS encompasses not only Debating but also book reading and creative writing. The club is an open club to all the students of Manipal University Jaipur.


Komic—kaziiii!! 6 Deciphered

Coffee Bean of the Issue

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28th February to 02nd March 2014

Students Technical Seminar-2014 is an ALL INDIA competition with the aim to encourage students to display their technical skills and put forth their innovative ideas for real time user requirements. The event is being sponsored by ‘International Conference and Technology Meet on Defence, Marine and Aero Applications’ (IWCEM) and selections made from the STS-2014 will entitle the concerned students for completely sponsored participation in IWCEM-2014 . Selected papers for STS 2014 from outside Jaipur will entitle the concerned presenting author free travel and accommodation at Jaipur for the duration of seminar. Deadline for abstract submission is 30th November 2013. Website –


I'm not a genius. I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience.– R. Buckminster Fuller



Oneiros 2013 “Inspired by Dreams” In Greek mythology “THE ONEIROI” were the spirits of dreams.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” -John Lennon

The arts we perform, the arts we paint, the arts we love all are somehow or the other inspired or driven by dreams. It’s a performer’s dream that one day he performs in front of a huge crowd and bags applause. It’s an actor’s dream that when he acts he’s able to convince other’s that he is a skin

changer. It’s a musician’s dream that one day his songs moves thousands. Awards prizes and other achievements are secondary, but the primary dream of every artist is to push themselves to the extreme and achieve immortality through their works.

festival of dance, drama and music. Onieros 2013 the annual cultural fest of Manipal University Jaipur.

Oneiros 2013 gives you a chance to do the same, to push yourself to the extremes and celebrate the

Oneiros 2013 Day:1 “It all starts…” “The Quest of Glory Begins” First day, first show, Manipal University Jaipur. The day started with Just A Minute, a competition which tested the participant’s vocabulary and imagination. Alongside this event were many off-stage events like the Rangoli and Mehendi competition, the Dance with Beats competition

and the LAN Gaming event “Seek and Destroy”. A jampacked first half of the day saw great participation. Post Lunch was the Solo dance competition, where color, melody and dance moves were blended as one. Alongside this event were the off-stage events of Limerick writing and Poster Making. The Cultural Fest was inaugurated with great

grandeur. Everyone waited anxiously for the main event of the day... Yes, “Glitz” the Fashion show. Where “The Bold and Beautiful” were all set to walk the ramp and ignite the atmosphere! A huge crowd had gathered to witness the event. Overall the first day of Oneiros 2013 started with a bang!!!

Oneiros 2013 Day:2 “It continues...” The Second day of Oneiros 2013 started, the stage curtains parted… The first event of day 2 was the Solo Singing Competition where participants showed their love for music by singing their favorite melodies. There were a variety of off-stage events like Maggi making competition,



Themed Photography contest and “What’s the Word?” Scrabble competition. Post lunch drew a large crowd to Stage-1 for the Group Dance Competition where dance troupes battled it out for glory. Out of all the performances, “Insignia” from LMNIIT college outdid dance moves and stole

the show. But the day was not over yet, there was the Skit Competition a “feast to the eyes” for the audience. All was not over yet, as everyone took to their dancing shoes for the DJ night. Day 2 of Oneiros 2013 ended on a high note!!

Procastrination is the art of keeping up with yesterday—Don Marquis






Oneiros 2013 Day:3 “End of an era…”

The Final Day of Oneiros 2013 and the most awaited day of them all!!! The Solo Singing Competition, Busy without Business Competition, the Street Play, the Prize Distribution Event, The War of Bands and a Guest Performance by the band “Nigambodh” was scheduled for

the day. Day:3 kick started with the Solo Singing Day:3 Competition, Oneiros followed by the Busy 2013 without Business competition. The Street Play competition and the Prize Distribution followed . Members of the organizing committee and the best performances of the fest were felicitated. Finally the most awaited event of them all, “Requiem” the war of bands. The theme of the event was Rock, each band performed an

original composition along with other famous compositions. With the crowd head banging to the rock music being played, one could have literally quoted the statement “There was Rock Music flowing in the Air!” There was a guest performance by a band “Nigambodh”. Most of the crowd unknown to this band, were in for a treat. At the end of their performance, the crowd were left with an experience unique and ever-lasting. Bringing the curtains down on the fabulous Oneiros 2013.

“With lyrics that talk about existential

“The Crew” behind the Scene

dilemmas, of

Salvation and Nirvana came

Phil Jackson quotes “The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is a team”. Our coordinators, volunteers, security staff and housekeeping staff worked very hard to make this event a great success. Weeks before the event was scheduled, they started their work by gathering resources and sponsors,

advertising and designing for on-stage and off-stage events. The hard work of “The Crew” paid off and the event was a grand success! Onieros 2013 became another feather in the hat of Manipal University Jaipur.

afloat. Special thanks to all those who were part of this festivity and grandeur, who made this event possible and put heir time and hard work into Oneiros 2013.

the band Nigambodh !”

Despite the sessional exams being scheduled 3 days after the event, all members of “The Crew” worked really hard to keep a sinking boat

Reported by -Abhishek Ramchandran (CSE)

Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs—Thomas Wolfe




The Story Teller by Pramod Kumar The café was full , as usual . Though located in the down town , it was particularly mannered compared to its other counterparts . It was not the aroma of the freshly baked coffee beans that pulled women to this part of the town , but the young lad who used to tell stories , stories with strange endings , which sometimes would leave the audience spellbound , sometimes in rage of anger , sometimes in tears , they would promise themselves not to come to him again , not to listen to his stories again , but the promise was too hard to keep , for they had become addicted to the drug he secretly served in his stories. The café owner , walked up to him , held out his purse and handed him out five shriveled dollar bills . He smiled and said “ you know I don’t need these” , but before he could hand it back , the owner had turned his back towards him . Pramod Kumar “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Pramod is a marketing enthusiast who loves his 40 year old classic vintage

motorbike YEZDI CL-II Which he bought from his first pay cheque. He loves basketball, classic rock and metal, reading, Japanese anime, trekking and all forms of adventure sports.

“keep them for future ,save it for the days , when I fire you “ he said with a chuckle waving a finger in the air, and left. The young lad had his bunk in the store of the café , and pretty much everything he needed in this world was there. Retiring from the day , he switched off the lamps and closed his eyes , and within no time he was in his stories , stories for the following day , stories which waited for its audience. Following evening as usual , the café was full of beautiful Spanish women , ravishing to say the least.. so at peace , listening to the stories , that it was a sight to watch.. A woman’s silence is all , a man longs for , when she is listening to every word you say , coz you know deep inside , she is falling in love with you , how far and different you may be.. But this was not going to be the same any longer , a young pretty maiden walked in through the door , she looked so innocent that all other women who looked ravishingly beautiful , now looked like a pack of wolf staring at an innocent lamb. He raised his eyes as the ebony smell of her body hit him , for a moment he was stuck , and no one , but the damsel and him , felt the moment , that was the moment when he realized he was smiling like a stupid . It took him , lot of such moments to came back to life , he cleared his throat and finished the story , for the first time in his life had he felt the urge to finish a story , for he wanted to speak to the girl , he knew she would come to congratulate him.



Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live—Dorothy Thompson






Unceasingly his eyes searched for the girl as he shook hands with people who came to thank him , but she never came .. Going to sleep was particularly strange that night , he tossed himself left and right , but couldn’t find the right comfort , yet he was smiling and found himself in a strange world , it was a long night , a dreamless night . Following evening he didn’t ‘ve a story to tell , for the dreamless night , he didn’t remember any of his previous ones too . So the women had coffee and chattered in disappointment , talking and gossiping through the happenings of the day. The night repeated itself , the days and evenings did the same … The storyteller was out of out of stories…the café gradually lost its ‘customers’ ,and the owner was left with no other choice , but to ask him to leave. He packed his bag , his small tattered bag ,the only bag he had , which had all his worldly possessions . He headed to the market place to catch a bus , for he wanted to leave everything behind . As he walked uneasily through the market place , the ebony smell hit him again , startled in excitement , as if a baby to the sound of its mother ,he turned , the strange smile was back , but short-lived this time , for she was holding the hand of another man ,who could barely walk . He noticed the pensive expressions , the paralyzed look in her eyes , he walked up to her dropped his bag on her feet , and said ,” I hope its enough , I never used it , never felt the need” , he smiled , looked in her deep eyes , he could feel the flow of tears through them . So he left , keeping himself strong , he had realized , love was not about loving someone and expecting some in return , but its actually the inability to see someone in tears , it’s the power to witness two loving souls and to feel their pain , and feeling the happiness by seeing them smile together ,and it only grows , when you know that it was you who made them smile . This way it is eternal and heavenly… Now he could sleep in peace , he could ‘ve his stories again…only , now they were about eternal and true love , and he used to tell them to people , who use to come to visit him under the tree.. Which later became a pilgrimage for all the spirits in love , for them it was a place where they found true solace , but for him it was just another day at work..

It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant—Don Herold




Puzzled yet?!

Three people check into a hotel. They pay £30 to the manager and go to their room. The manager suddenly remembers that the room rate is £25 and gives £5 to the bellboy to return to the people. On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that £5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets £2 and gives £1 to each person. Now each person paid £10 and got back £1. So they paid £9 each, totaling £27. The bellboy has £2, totaling £29. Where is the missing £1? How many black circles can you see? Now relax look at any one of the white circles

Komic-kaziiiii !!!

and concentrate, if you focus hard enough you will notice there are no more black circles.

Deciphered What is a Caesar Box? It is a method of simple encryption invented by Julius Caesar. Caesar invented this method in order to encode messages so that they wouldn't be able to be read if they fell into the wrong hands. There is only one rule that a Caesar Box message must follow: the sum of the total number of characters has to be a perfect square, or a number whose square root is an integer.







Coffee Bean of the Issue They say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, keeping this in mind we decide to interview one of the first pals we have had in this university and so for our first COFFEE BEAN interview we approached *drum roll* Lokender Singh Chaudhary, Asst. Supervisor, Chef on Wheels. On a cold winter evening with our stomachs full of delicious chicken and paneer, sitting across us at the mess table is Lokender with a glow on his face and a twinkle in his eyes clearly expressing how flattered and honored he felt to be the first interviewee of the CC.

CC: Where are you from? Tell us something about yourself. Lokender: I hail from Bharatpur most famously known for its Chidiyaghar. It’s approximately 180km from our college. I stayed there until I turned 18 upon which I came to Jaipur looking for a job. We are a family of five, me be the youngest. My oldest brother is in BSF (Border Security Force) and the younger one is preparing for the Indian Army. CC: Have you found your better half yet? Lokender: (smiles shyly) Yes, she too is from Bharatpur. Humare biradari ki hai. We will be getting married soon. CC: Why Jaipur and when? Lokender: I first found work at Rajasthan Dental Clinic (near Raj Chidiya) where I worked for 2 years. Then I moved to Rewari (Haryana) and worked at Bal Krishna Tyres for another 4 years. I first heard of an opening in Manipal in 2011 through my mess manager at Rajasthan Dental Clinic. When I came here, there was literally nothing only an under construction building. The kitchen was set up by us from scratch. I still remember our first chef his name was Chauhan and came from The Leela Palace Bangalore but he left soon after. CC: What is your most memorable event in college till date? Lokender: (Laughs loudly) I distinctly remember the first fresher’s party wherein the entire mess staff was invited by the students to join them for the DJ party. All of us had a ball and we still get nostalgic about it. Times were different back then, people were less so the workload was easily manageable. No similar connections have been established with the new batches, the relationship now is entirely professional. Attends a phone call and asks the person on the other end to dispatch the extra daal from the old campus to the new one. We ask him several other questions trying to cover all the tangential and he answers with the same humbleness and warmth. He tells us about the bakery, its menu, the different kinds of machines in the kitchen, the new ones among others. He challenges us to find better cakes in Jaipur with the same price tag (Chocolate Rs. 400 per KG and Vanilla Rs. 300 per KG ) CC: So have there been any accidents over the years in the Mess? Lokender: Nothing too serious. However there was this one time when I was in the kitchen with two other guys making rotis when one guy’s finger got stuck in the conveyer belt in the roti maker. Reflex took over and I cut the conveyer belt as we have been repeatedly instructed that the safety of our coworkers is always the top priority. We rushed him to the hospital, got him patched up, and up and about in no time. CC: So what improvements have you observed in the mess over the years? Lokender: The establishment of MIS (Manipal Integrated Services) has made our lives much better. It has lifted a good amount of burden from our shoulders and graciously taken it on theirs. Takes another call. Turns out that the daal from the old campus has not arrived still. So he looks over to the banking side of the mess and notices that there is barely anybody dining there yet and decides to shift some of the daal towards this side . He leaves us promising to be back in 5 minutes but is so engaged that he returns to us apologizing and asking us whether we could continue this interview some other time. We tell him we understand and thank him for sparing his valuable time. He shakes our hand firmly, gives us that familiar two finger salute and says with a humble smile, “Thank you boss… aaj meri zindagi ka pehla interview ho gaya!” To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift—Steve Prefontaine


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Green Club - MUJ invites everyone to register for the Virtual Blood Bank and be a part of the philanthropic movement. Since there is a constant need for regular blood supply the willingness to be a part of the same can save someone’s life. Please register by following the link: http://, or contact the undersigned. Remember 'WE

ARE NEVER TOO MANY TO SAVE A LIFE' Ankit Bohare President – Green Club +91 7727034553

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) MUJ is now open for registrations. To register yourself please visit Dr. Deepshika Sharma in School of Architecture and Design. For further details you may contact Dr. D P Sharma (CSE) or IAESTE Student members.

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Compiled by:1.) Varun Narula (3rd Year, Department of Mechanical Engineering) 2.) Abhishek Ramachandran (3rd Year, Department of Computer Science and Engineering) 3.) Abhimanyu Kacker (3rd Year, Department of Mechanical Engineering) 4.) Sahib Randhawa (3rd Year, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction—Pablo Picasso

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