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Breakfast Omelettes

All Omelettes served with two slices of white or wheat toast, or a slice of toast & fresh fruit.

Marias Omelette Tomatoes, mushrooms, & cheese

$6.95 Bankers Omelette potatoes, bacon, green onions & cheese

$6.95 Huevos Rancheros Omelette our homemade chili, green onions & cheese

$6.95 Bacon & Cheese Omelette $6.95 Sausage, Potato & cheese omelette $6.95 Your Omelette pick any three ingrediants and one breakfast meat


The Wooden Chair was originally a bank in 18 91

Eggs, Cakes & Things

Two eggs, hash browns or American fries & toast

Eggs Benedict With fresh fruit

$5.95 Buttermilk Pancakes Three, two or one

$7.95; $6.95, $3.95 Apple, Blueberry or Bannana Walnut Pancakes

$8.95 French Toast Three, two, or one

$7.95; $6.95, $3.95 Brotomushepperasheese Broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms & green peppers, topped with our home-made cheese sauce & served over hash browns or toast, with fruit

$7.95 Outrageous Oatmeal plain, with yogurt & berries or with walnuts

$6.95 Real Maple Syrup & Egg Beaters Available at an extra charge

$1.00 extra

Other Good Breakfast Stuff Sides to order with any meal or by themselves

Fresh Fruit bowl with toast, bowl only, or side only

12 Years and Younger: Breakfast

$4.95, $3.95, $1.50

One egg, hash browns & toast $

Yogurt & Berries $3.95

Two slices french toast

English muffin, bagle or toast $2.95 Homemade coffee cake $2.60 Muffins Blueberry, cranberry-orange or sunrise

$2.60 Side of hash browns $1.00 Side of bacon, sausage or ham $1.40 Side or cheese, sauces, rasins, etc... $.75

with choice of bacon, sausage or ham

$ Three buttermilk pancakes With choice of bacon, sausage or ham

$ Three apple or blueberry pancakes with choice of bacon, sausage or ham

$ Fresh fruit or fresh fruit with toast $

12 Years and Younger: Lunch

Includes choice of tossed salad, fresh fuit, cup of soup or potato chips.

Grilled Cheese $4.95 Grilled Turkey $5.95 Angus Hamburger (1/3 lb) $6.95

The Wooden Chair reastaurant opened in 1990

Lunch Sandwiches Includes choice of tossed salad, fresh fruit, cup of soup or potato chips

The Monte Cristo Grilled french toast on white or wheat bread with ham, turkey & Swiss cheese

$7.95 The Wrapped Chair Turkey, cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato, ranch cream cheese and avocado spread in a tortilla wrap

$8.95 The Crabby Guy Open-faced grilled crab salad, tomato & mozzarella cheese on an englsh muffin

$6.95 The Teller Marinated, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a kaiser roll

$7.95 Chicken Ceaser Wrap Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, marinated chicken, tomato and caesar dressing, in a tortilla wrap


Served on home-baked bread (white or wheat) or pita: The Rocker Grilled turkey, avacado spread, sprouts & mozzarella

$8.95 The Vault Grilled tuna salad, cheddar cheese & tomato

$7.95 The Spindle Grilled turkey, mayo, bacon, tomato & sprouts

$8.95 The Turkey Divan Open-faced, grilled turkey, broccoli & swiss cheese sauce

$6.95 The Press Back Grilled roast beef, cheddar cheese, sprouts & bacon, pepper mayo

$7.95 Grilled Turkey Grilled turkey & mayo $6.95 BLT Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on toast

$6.95 Angus Beef Hamberger (1/2 lb) With your choice of cheddar, mozzarella or swiss cheese or apple smoked bacon

$8.95 The Wooden Chair is a Family Owned Business

Vegetarian Choices The Kibitzer Grilled with cheddar & swiss cheeses, red onion, tomato & mushrooms

$6.95 The Bow Back Ranch cream cheese, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce & sprouts

$6.95 AHH! Vocado grilled sandwich with avacado spread, mushrooms, tomato, sprouts & mozzaerella

$7.60 Veggie Wrap Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers & sprouts with ranch cream cheese, in a tortilla wrap

$6.95 Veggie Pita Pizza Olive oil, tomatoes, green onions, broccoli, green peppers & mushrooms topped with mozzaerella cheese

$7.95 Black Bean Burger Served on kaiser roll


Soups & Salads


Homemade Soup or Chilli, bowl or cup Bowl, $4.60 Cup, $3.20

Cheesecake Plain, mixed berry or turtle $3.50

Chicken Ceasar Salad $5.95 Chef Salad $4.95 Vegetarian Chef Salad $3.95 Large Green Salad with Albacore Tuna $4.95

Homemade Coffee Cake $2.95 Muffins Blueberry, cranberry, orange or sunrise $2.95 Fudge by Fudge Utopia 1/2 pound brick or single peice 1/2 lb $7.50, single piece $1.50

Large Green Salad $4.20 Small Green Salad $3.20 Side of Steamed Vegetables $1.95 Side of Potato Chips $.95 Loaf of Home-baked Bread to go White or wheat $6.95

The Wooden Chair is always looking for antique donations


Free refills on coffee, iced tea & fountain sodas

Coffee & Seinor Coffee $2.20, $1.75 Spiced Apple Cider $2.75 Flavored Cappuccino (seasonal) Fat-free, french vanilla or english toffee

$3.25 Hot Tea Earl grey, sweet orange, orange pekoe, green tea, lemon, darjeeling, Chamomile, peppermint, raspberry, apple-cinnamon, mango-peach

$2.75 Juice orange, grapfruit, apple, cranberry, tomato

$2.25 Fountain Soda Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Seirra Mist, Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, and Pink Lemonade

$1.25 Point Root Beer Orange cream, black cherry cream, and vanilla cream

$3.25 Milk 2%, skim, 1% and chocolate


Your Food, Locally Growen

The Wooden Chair is Dedicated to give our customers the freshest food. We work with our fantastic local businesses and farms to practice sustainability and prepare and serve the highest quality of ingrediants. Thank you for your business at The Wooden Chair!

The Wooden Chair sells 20 lbs of fudge a week!

The Wooden Chair Menu  
The Wooden Chair Menu  

A Re-designed menu for a local restaurant with a new brand. This identity still has to fit in with their bright and heavily wooded interior,...