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SUSTAINIA – A VISION FOR OUR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Get involved in demonstrating the desirable sustainable future to world leaders at the UN Rio+20

Summary: The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June 2012 will be one of the most important gathering of world leaders in recent memory and will be of critical importance to the future of sustainable development. It seeks to build global consensus for a more sustainable course, in the environmental, social and economic spheres. To ensure we provide the most concrete and inspirational input to the process an alliance of global organizations, companies and universities have created a fact-based and inspiring vision of a sustainable future – Sustainia. The vision of Sustainia demonstrates to world leaders the benefits of a sustainable society and how it is easy obtainable using ready and available technologies. Sustainia is the greatest story never told: this is possible and can be done now. Sustainia will have a prominent platform during the Rio+20 through the UN Global Compact which will host a week of events in Rio. The official UN slogan for the Rio+20 Summit is “The future we want”. In essence Sustainia is “the future we want” and therefore the concept will be communicated extensively leading up to and during the Rio+20. All the solutions behind creating Sustainia will be presented at the UN Global Compact’s Corporate Sustainability Forum taking place in the week leading up to the Rio+20. At this event the best, most profitable and innovative solution will be awarded the Sustainia Award – the Nobel Prize of sustainable solutions. The Sustainia Award is headed by a high-profile committee of global sustainability leaders from various regions and fields. This committee could be/will be chaired by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This committee will also be ambassadors for Sustainia leading up to the Rio+20.

The world of Sustainia Sustainia is a platform for communicating about the desirable sustainable future and the solutions that will take us there. It is a vision for a realistic and desirable sustainable future. A future we could live in already in 2020 if we boldly implemented the solutions needed and already available. Sustainia is developed by international companies and organizations, based on their know-how and technologies. The objective of Sustainia is to inspire people and decision-makers by stressing the benefits and opportunities that lies inherent a more sustainable path for our homes, cities and society at large.


CONFIDENTIAL Sustainia is developed in collaboration with global companies, organizations and research institutions including General Electric, Cisco, Philips, IKEA, Tetrapak, Microsoft, Vestas and others. Sustainia has been received very positively by media, experts, companies and other organizations. They stress the following about Sustainia:  It is the first ever vision for a sustainable future that has been developed in a collaborative effort among a range of global companies.  It is based on solid intelligence, reports and analysis from leading research organizations and universities, however condensed in a way that it only includes the key points  It is communicated in a way people can understand and relate to using a language that is clear and straightforward.  It is focusing on the individual and how your world would be different and the benefits you would gain from embarking on a sustainable path.  It is a practical guide focused on best practice and hands-on knowledge that also includes actions and inspiration for the individual

 Guide to Sustainia: A book that explore a realistic and desirable sustainable future The book “Guide to Sustainia” describes the full vision of Sustainia and explain in a clear and simple manner how your city, home, energy system and transportation could look like in 2020. It demonstrates a new way of communicating about sustainability – a new tone of voice. Rather than representing a future of sacrifices and restraints, the Guide to Sustainia shows us how sustainable solutions can contribute to real improvements in people’s lives.


CONFIDENTIAL The 1st edition of the “Guide to Sustainia” includes homes, cities, energy, transportation. The 2nd edition to be launched chapter by chapter leading up to Rio+20 will include: food, retail, workplace, clothing/fashion and other key elements in our society.

 Online Sustainia Community and communication activities Sustainia online Universe: Using Mixed Reality technology we plan to develop a 3D presentation of the world of Sustainia. Mixed reality is a live event blended with a virtual event. For example it could include: A live multiplayer gameplay (like World of Warcraft), a meeting in the virtual world Second Life, an interactive web streaming exhibition, Holographic projections on trade show floors, international dialogues with avatar speakers etc. A way for people to feel they are actively engaging in the world of Sustainia. Sustainia app: An interactive app will allow people to explore Sustainia in greater detail wherever they are on their iPad and/or smart phone. The app will include videos, interviews and more material than the hard copy version of the Guide to Sustainia. Sustainia website: An easy-access website divided into the chapters of Sustainia on Homes, cities, food, transportation and energy. The Sustainia website will be the go-to place for a full overview of technologies and solutions that will take us to Sustainia. Sustainia Social media presence on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn: These platforms will constantly upload the latest news on sustainable solutions and developments in Sustainia

 Animation series - Exploring the world of Sustainia: In collaboration with people from Pixar and Disney we have developed a unique and fun approach to communicate about sustainable solutions. It is an animation series of 7 episodes. The show is called “Mission:Sustainia” and is following professor Dirk I. M. Wright and his assistant Russel Rex on their adventures exploring “Sustainia”. “Where is Sustainia?”, “Can it be true?” “What are the benefits?”. The two visits sustainable homes, transportation systems, cities and much more. Through them we get to investigate sustainable technologies using humor and storytelling. To this date we have developed the concept and the full script for the first episode and the concept of the remaining episodes. The artwork and character design has been done already.



 Sustainia Expo – during the Rio+20 Sustainia has by the UN been offered a prominent position at the Rio+20. The UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon has given Rio+20 the slogan: “the future we want” and because Sustainia is communicating the desirable sustainable future we want, Sustainia will host a week-long Sustainia Expo where the people, companies, communities and organizations behind the solutions to build the future of tomorrow will demonstrate the potential to world leaders. The Sustainia Expo represents change makers from business, civil society and cities and will be an inspiring and creative demonstration of how we can live sustainable attractive lives: Sustainia Expo will be a different and creative way of demonstrating sustainable technologies. Like the book is divided into chapters each describing a key elements when building the sustainable society so will the Sustainia Expo be divided into chapters you can explore. Each chapter in the “Guide to Sustainia” will be unfolded at the Sustainia Expo. Using the latest technology you can physically explore Sustainia chapter by chapter by visiting the section on sustainable homes, cities, transportation, food, fashion etc. The Sustainia Expo will take place over the course of one week and also take place during the Sustainia Ceremonial dinner for Heads of States arriving in Rio.

 Sustainia 100 – a catalogue of inspirational sustainable solutions The people, companies, communities and organizations behind the 100 best solutions and sustainable stories will be invited. We call them the SUSTAINIA100. They represent the greatest story never told: that bottom-up change is in fact already happening at an impressive speed. The catalogue of the Sustainia100 cases will be delivered to world leaders to inspire the discussions during the Rio+20.

 Sustainia Award – the Nobel Prize of sustainable solutions The Rio+20 will commence with a high-level ceremonial dinner event with Heads of State, CEOs and civil society leaders. At this ceremony we will award the best of the Sustainia100 solutions. They will be given the Sustainia Award – the Nobel Prize of sustainable solutions. This will allow for an inspiring start of the Rio+20 discussions and be a clear demonstration to world leaders that the solutions required exist, they are already in use and that they are profitable. The Sustainia Award honors outstanding performance within sustainability and is headed by a highlevel committee of global sustainability leaders representing various fields, competences and regions. Potential candidates for the committee are: Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ms. Connie Hedegaard (European Commissioner for Climate Action), Gro Harlem Brundtland (the woman behind the Brundtland Report and the first Rio meeting in 1992), Tim Flannery (author of the weather makers) and Dr. Pachauri (Chair of the IPCC). These distinguished members will be joined by 5-7 global business leaders from multinational companies with a strong sustainability profile.



Organisations behind Sustainia ď ś Initiators: Monday Morning Sustainia is developed by Monday Morning - the largest independent Think Tank in Scandinavia – in collaboration with a range of global multinational companies (Microsoft, Cisco, DNV, General Electric, IKEA, Philips Lighting, Vestas, Velux and others). These companies joined forces with communications experts on a shared mission to improve the way we communicate about climate change and sustainability. The result has been the vision of Sustainia. Monday Morning has a long experience in leading a range of networks and activities within green growth and sustainability. Among others Monday Morning facilitated the Copenhagen Climate Council, a group of policy makers, CEOs and scientists in the lead up to the COP15. The Green Growth Leaders is an international think tank on green growth development. It is an independent initiative, focused on documenting, demonstrate and communicate best and next practice of green growth development in regions and cities. UN Global Compact is collaborating with Monday Morning on the Sustainia initiative and will provide a platform for Sustainia at the Rio+20. The UN Global Compact is a leading strategic policy initiative for businesses committed to the sustainability agenda. With over 8700 corporate participants and other stakeholders from over 130 countries, it is the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world.