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 6-6. Using descriptive verbs with subjects Instead of 은/는 use the subject marker 이/가 to mark the item being talked about. If the item ends in a vowel use 가 and if it ends with a 받침 use 이. When speaking Koreans often say 재밌어요.

Example sentences 1. 영화가 재미있어요. Movies are interesting.

5. 차가 비싸요. Cars are expensive.

2. 야채가 싸요. Vegetables are cheap.

6. 날씨가 좋아요. The weather is nice.

3. 피자가 짜요. Pizza is salty. 4. 이것이 싸요. This is cheap.

이것이 is pronounced 이거시.

7. 귤이 달아요. Tangerines are sweet.

Use 이 instead of 가 for words with 받침.

8. 김밥이 맛있어요. Gimbap (seaweed roll) is delicious.

 6-7. Korean consonants eat cookies If you imagine the ㅇ (이응) as a cookie that 받침 LOVE to eat, than you can easily visualize what happens during the sound blending learned in section 5-4.


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