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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 6 – Introduction to descriptive verbs

Lesson 6:

Introduction to descriptive verbs Before This Lesson 1. Know vocabulary group: D (people) words.

Lesson Goals 1. Learn how to conjugate Korean verbs into the BASIC form. 2. Understand the difference between the verb BASIC form and STEM. 3. Learn how to specify objects using this and that.

From The Teachers 1. As teachers we found it difficult to effectively teach the existing 아/어/여 verb rules without confusing the students. To solve this problem we created a form we call the “BASIC” form. We are confident this form will help you a great deal on your road to Korean fluency. LEARN IT WELL!


6 Lesson Highlights 6-1. Descriptive verbs / Adjectives

6-2. Korean verb stems

6-7. This, that, and that over there

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