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Conversation 대화 K-E

1. Conversation between a mother and her child at the supermarket. A: 이것은 오이예요?

Is this a cucumber?

B: 아니요. 바나나예요.

No. It’s a banana.

A: 저것은 멜론이에요?

Is that a melon?

B: 아니요. 사과예요.

No. It’s an apple.

2. Conversation between a teacher and a student learning Korean. A: 이것은 뭐예요?

What is this?

B: 그것은 다리입니다.

That’s a leg.

A: 그것은 책이에요?

Is that a book?

B: 아니요. 잡지입니다.

No. It’s a magazine.

3. Conversation between friends discussing various paintings of abstract art. A: 그것은 버스예요?

Is that a bus?

B: 아니요. 이것은 자전거예요.

No. this is a bicycle.

A: 그것은 개입니까?

Is that a dog?

B: 아니요. 고양이입니다.

No. It’s a cat.


Sentence Building 문장 만들기

In each lesson we will build on a previous sentence. Watch it grow and transform each time new concepts are introduced.

이것은 뭐예요? What is this?

Compare how the sentence has changed from the prior lessons: Lesson 4:

뭐예요? What is it?

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