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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 5 – This, That, and Negatives


★ In section 5-3 we explained that ㅅ (시옷) is pronounced like a “T” when it’s at the end of a character. However, when it is followed by ㅇ (이응) it is an “S” sound. Now go back and re-read sentence 4 in section 5-2.

 5-5. This, that, and that over there The usage of 이것 (this), 그것 (that), and 저것 (that over there) is similar to English. Since all three of the words end with 것 you just need to remember how to pronounce them when they are in a sentence followed by the topic marker 은. If necessary refer to the sound blending taught in section 5-3 and 5-4. The position of the object in relation to the speaker and listener affects the usage.

Example sentences 1. 이것은 과일이에요.

This is a fruit.

2. 저것은 차입니다.

That over there is a car.

3. 그것은 뭐예요?

What is that?

4. 이것은 오이예요.

This is a cucumber.

When referring to an item someone is holding, or that is near them, then it doesn’t matter how far they are from you, 그것 (that) and not 저것 (that over there) must be used. Also, normally if you are talking to yourself, or are thinking you can freely use 그것 instead of 저것. But… since no one can hear you… it doesn’t really matter!

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