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In the following sentences pay attention to which version of the topic marker is used. Example sentences 1. 바나나는 과일이에요. Bananas are fruit.

3. 오이는 야채예요. Cucumbers are vegetables.

2. 귤은 과일이에요. Tangerines are fruit.

4. 버섯은 야채예요. ★ (read 5-4) Mushrooms are vegetables.

 5-3. Sound changes for ㅅ ㅅ has a different sound depending on where it is in a word.

 5-4. Sound blending When ㅅ (시옷) or other final consonants are followed by any character that begins with ㅇ (이응) the sound of that character moves to the position of the ㅇ (이응). You can imagine that the ㅇ (이응) is absorbing the sound of the prior 받침. This happens EVERY time you have a 받침 followed by the topic marker 은.

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