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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 16 – Not being able to do


Example sentences 1. 버스에서 내렸어요. I got off of the bus. 2. 지금 비행기에서 내리고 있어요. I am getting off of the plane right now. 3. 강남역에서 내릴 거예요. I will get off at Gangnam station.

The 에서 in this sentence is the “event location” marker and NOT the “from location marker”.

4. 기차에서 내립시다. Let’s get off of the train here.

 16-8. 자다 (to sleep), 일어나다 (to wake up) The time that you wake up, or sleep is marked with the time marker 에. The place that you sleep is marked with 에서. Example sentences 1. 어제 여동생은 몇 시에 잤어요? What time did your little sister sleep yesterday? 2. 아까까지 차에서 자고 있었어요. Up until just a moment ago I was sleeping in my car. 3. 저는 오늘 너무 늦게 일어났어요. Today I woke up too late. 4. 토요일에 몇 시에 일어날 거예요? What time will you wake up on Saturday?

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