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As you learn more Korean you will learn more than one way to say the same thing. For example all of the sentences below mean basically the same thing. 1. 제가 지금 먹어요.

I am eating now.

2. 제가 지금 먹고 있어요.

I am eating now.

3. 제가 지금 먹는 중이에요.

I am in the middle of eating now.

Over time and with more experience you will choose which sentence best suits your situation. One thing that can be said about 먹어요 vs 먹고 있어요 is that there is no ambiguity with 먹고 있어요. Depending on the context 먹어요 can mean “I will eat.”, “I am eating”, and even “Eat (command).” However, 먹고 있어요 can only mean “I am eating.”

 16-6. 타다 (to ride) The mode of transportation by which you are riding is marked with the object marker 를. Example sentences 1. 아직 택시를 타고 있어요. I’m still riding in a taxi. 2. 여기까지 자전거를 탔어요. I rode a bicycle (up to) here. 3. 제가 다음 주에 처음으로 비행기를 탈 거예요. I am going to ride an airplane for the first time next week. 4. 내일 이 시간에 비행기를 타고 있을 거예요. Tomorrow at this time, I will be riding in an airplane.

 16-7. 내리다 (to get off) Use the “from location marker” 에서 to mark the mode of transportation that you are getting off of.

(mode of transportation) 에서 내리다 to get off of (mode of transportation)

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