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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 16 – Not being able to do


New Action Verbs 새로운 동사





타다 내리다 자다 일어나다 말하다 보내다 쓰다 쓰다

타 내려 자 일어나 말해 보내 써 써

to to to to to to to to

regular regular regular regular 하다 regular regular regular



ride get off sleep wake up speak, tell, talk send write use

Verb Usage 동사 사용법

 16-5. Ongoing present tense form ~고 있다 (~ing) The present tense is easily created just by using the BASIC form of a verb. To say "I am doing an action right now" then you will use the ~고 있다 pattern. This pattern is created by adding~고 있다 directly to the stem. After adding ~고 있다 you can then conjugate the verb into various tenses.

(verb stem) + 고 있다 (verb stem) ing Example sentences 1. 먹고 있어요.

I am eating.

2. 먹고 있었어요.

I was eating.

3. 먹고 있지 않아요.

I am not eating.

4. 먹고 있지 않았어요.

I was not eating.

5. 일하고 있어요.

I am working.

6. 일하고 있었어요.

I was working.

7. 일하고 있지 않아요.

I am not working.

8. 일하고 있지 않았어요.

I was not working.

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