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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 10 – Future, Past, and Present Tenses



Sentence Building 문장 만들기

In each lesson we will build on a previous sentence. Watch it grow and transform each time new concepts are introduced.

내일 콜라 두 병을 살 거예요. I will buy 2 bottles of cola tomorrow.

Compare how the sentence has changed from the prior lessons: Lesson 7:

제 어머니의 피자는 차가워요. My mother’s pizza is cold.

Lesson 8:

제 어머니는 가방이 없어요. My mother doesn’t have a bag.

Lesson 9:

콜라 한 병과 물 세 잔을 주세요. 2 bottles of cola and 3 cups of water please.

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