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The past tense for 가다 and 오다 follows the pattern taught in the prior grammar point. Example sentences (using locations) 1. 저는 학교에 갔어요. I went to school.

3. 제가 친구의 집에 갔어요. I went to a friend’s house.

2. 아버지는 서울에 갔어요. My father went to Seoul.

4. 개가 여기에 왔어요. The dog came here.

Time is marked with the time marker 에. The time marker is exactly the same as the location marker in sound.

(time) 에 가다 go at (time)

/ /

(time) 에 오다 come at (time)

Example sentences (using times) 1. 저는 화요일에 갔어요. I went on Tuesday.

3. 어머니가 목요일에 갔어요. My mother went on Thursday.

2. 친구가 금요일에 왔어요. My friend came on Friday.

4. 토요일에 왔어요. I came on Saturday.

You can use the time and location markers in the same sentence. Example sentences (using times and locations) 1. 남동생이 화요일에 서울에 왔어요. My younger brother came to Seoul on Tuesday. 2. 목요일에 여동생의 집에 갔어요. I went to my younger sister’s house on Thursday. 3. 제 여자친구가 토요일에 편의점에 갔어요. My girlfriend went to the convenience store on Saturday. 4. 저는 금요일에 태국에 왔어요. I came to Thailand on Friday.


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