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Korean From Zero! – Lesson 9 – Workbook Area


 A9-3. Sentence Jumble Using ONLY the words and particles provided, create Korean sentences that match the English translation. Conjugate verbs and reuse items as needed. 1. 를, 을, 빠르다, 의, 주세요, 콜라, 맛없다, 물, 나, 맥주, 은, 는, 이, 가, 맛있다, 제, 그, 차

This beer is tasteless.

My car is fast.

Give me some water.

2. 가, 인분, 열, 제, 마리, 주세요, 아버지, 있다, 재미없다, 을, 에, 은, 음식, 명, 는 를, 오, 이, 개, 요.

Please give me five portions of food.

My father is not interesting.

There are 10 dogs.

3. 백,은, 맥주, 에, 너무, 있다, 당신, 명, 의, 귀엽다, 학교, 는, 이, 가, 네, 남동생, 를, 춥다

Do you have some beer?

There are 100 people at this school.

Your younger brother is very cute.

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