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Fall 2014

neighborhood Letter From Deborah Flach What does AHP stand for? AHP stands for the Assisted Housing Programs, under which the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program (Section 8 Program) operates. The Assisted Housing Programs are committed to assisting individuals and families find adequate and safe housing. In addition to the HCV Program, AHP includes special programs such as HUD-VASH, Homeless Services Voucher (HSV), Set Aside Homeless Voucher Program (SHVP), Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP), and Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Program. As you can see, AHP serves a variety of individuals and families. Collectively, the participants in the program comprise the “AHP Neighborhood,” which is why we’ve started this newsletter: to communicate to you what’s happening inside AHP. You’ll receive policy updates, news of upcoming SAHA events, and answers to your frequently asked questions. In this issue, we spotlight two veterans and program participants in honor of November’s Veteran’s Day. We are pleased to share their inspiring stories and how SAHA helped them obtain stability in their lives. We hope you enjoy this first issue of the newsletter, and for those of you who are new to the HCV Program, welcome to the AHP Neighborhood!

Deborah Flach Director of Assisted Housing Programs

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Fall 2014 | Volume 1 | Issue 1