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Winter 2015

neighborhood Letter From Deborah Flach

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Assisted Housing Programs (AHP) Department’s latest newsletter and the first of 2015! We hope you’ve been keeping warm and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends. As we spring off the holidays, the AHP Department is ready to meet your every need as a program participant or landlord. The AHP Department annually releases an Administrative Plan detailing the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program policies. Although the revisions to the Administrative Plan are extensive, a summary of changes which may affect the program process for participants and landlords is available on page 4 of this newsletter. You can read the full Administrative Plan on the SAHA website. If you are looking to set goals for 2015, SAHA offers programs like the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program and the Homeownership Program to aid families in reaching financial independence. Latasha Holloway, the program participant interviewed for the article, “Breaking the Cycle,” has set the FSS Program as one of her 2015 resolutions. In addition to our extensive programs, you can take advantage of the Texas NAHRO Scholarships being offered for Texas high school senior students. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 13, 2015. We appreciate your time and hope to continue providing important announcements through the AHP Neighborhood to keep you regularly updated with the HCV Program. Have a great year!

Deborah Flach Director of Assisted Housing Programs

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Winter 2015