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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Greek students are unique in that they have already made the decision to become involved in a student organization. Fraternity and sorority membership not only means involvement in the chapter, but also encouragement to become active in other campus activities. By promoting campus and community involvement, chapters develop leadership among members. In addition to sponsoring several leadership development programs throughout the year, the Office of Greek Life encourages all students to participate in programs sponsored through the Office of Leadership Programs. The programs listed below are a few of the leadership opportunities available through the Office of Greek Life.



Part of the education for new members is attending the New Member Institute. This is a day long event where leaders in the Greek community and the Director of Greek Life talk with the new members about various aspects of Greek life as a whole. Greek leaders discuss with new members how to uphold our values, combat Greek stereotypes, discuss the aspects of good leadership, and examine the similarities and differences between all USC Greeks.

Held at the beginning of the Spring semester, the Greek Leadership Retreat brings chapter presidents and Fraternity and Sorority Council officers together for the purpose of enhancing the Greek community. This retreat provides the chance for Greek leaders to come together and discuss challenges, opportunities, and successes. The participants evaluate outcomes of the previous year, develop new goals, and create an action plan for implementation of the goals.



Sigma series is an afternoon program designed to educate new fraternity and sorority executive members about the expectations of the position that they were elected to. Sigma series is split into two parts. First, there is a series of speakers and ice breakers where participants examine their values and importance of ritual. Next, the participants are split according to their new position and meet with their corresponding sorority and fraternity council member.

Gamma Sigma Alpha is a national Greek honor society that strives to recognize Greeks who have excelled academically. All juniors and seniors who have achieved a GPA of at least 3.5 are eligible.

ORDER OF OMEGA Order of Omega was founded to recognize high academic standards and leadership among members of the Greek community. All juniors and seniors with a 3.28 GPA and who have significant leadership in both the campus and Greek Community are eligible. Membership is limited to the top 3% of Greeks at USC.

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PERSONAL GROWTH SERIES In an effort to help students grow personally in the areas of Academic Success, Career Development, Social Skills, Self Discipline, Community Service and Low Risk Drinking, the Office of Greek Life introduced Personal Growth Series. Feedback from USC Greeks helped identify personal growth areas that students in the Greek community expect to be enhanced because of their Greek experience. The personal growth initiative features the monthly e-newsletter You Matter! It addresses a specific topic to all Greek students via email. The office also sponsors a Business Etiquette Dinner to help students prepare for the job search and interviews.

2009 Recruitment Guide & Annual Report



Univ. of S. Carolina Greek Recruitment Guide 2009  

Recruitment Guide and Annual Report for the University of South Carorlina Fraternity and Sorority Community.

Univ. of S. Carolina Greek Recruitment Guide 2009  

Recruitment Guide and Annual Report for the University of South Carorlina Fraternity and Sorority Community.