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GREEK VALUES All fraternities and sororities were founded upon four values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Friendship. As values-based organizations, Greeks at USC strive to uphold these values in their everyday lives. Below is how we go about doing this.

SCHOLARSHIP The first and foremost principle of Greeks is scholarship. Membership in a fraternity or sorority is intended to add value to your academic experience at Carolina. We are proud that our fraternities and sororities achieve higher GPA’s than other students at USC (3.28 vs. 3.14) and more importantly graduate at a higher rate (74% vs. 60%). Greeks also provide their members with over $50,000 in scholarships and academic incentives for members who do well academically. If you want to enhance your academics, then there’s no better place than a fraternity or sorority.

LEADERSHIP It has been said that fraternities and sororities are the greatest leadership laboratories ever created. Greeks foster leadership by allowing students to practice leadership that they are learning about in the classroom, honing their skills in setting and achieving goals and motivating volunteers. All chapters have national leadership schools that they send members. At USC there are several leadership development programs such as the New Member Institute (for all new members) and the Greek Leadership Retreat (for all chapter presents and governing council officers). In addition there are over a dozen leadership scholarships awarded annually to up-and-coming students to attend national Greek leadership schools. On the campus, over 65% of Carolina Greeks are involved in other student groups, often leading them. If you want to develop your leadership skills and be involved at USC, there’s no better place than a fraternity or sorority.

SERVICE Giving back to the world through service and philanthropy is a large Greek tradition. Studies show that fraternity and sorority members perform more service as undergraduates than non-Greeks, and more importantly, go on to continuing to perform more service after graduation. At Carolina Greeks not only perform over 50,000 hours of service annually; they also raise a record $250,000 annually. If you want to perform service and philanthropy, there’s no better place than a fraternity or sorority.

FRIENDSHIP The glue that holds all of this together is friendship; it is why people join fraternities and sororities. Having a group of friends who support you in your classes and out of class experiences is important and makes Carolina a “home away from home” for many of our students. The friendships you make in a fraternity and sorority are long-lasting ones that carry with many people throughout their lives. If you want to develop life-long friendships, there’s no better place than a fraternity or sorority.



University of South Carolina

2009 Recruitment Guide & Annual Report

Univ. of S. Carolina Greek Recruitment Guide 2009  

Recruitment Guide and Annual Report for the University of South Carorlina Fraternity and Sorority Community.

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