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FRATERNITY RECRUITMENT RECRUITMENT ORIENTATION SUNDAY, AUGUST 16TH – 10 PM RUSSELL HOUSE BALLROOM Orientation is mandatory for all men participating in Fall Fraternity Recruitment. The process will be explained and potential new members will be divided into Pi Chi groups for open house tours. You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have at this time, and each chapter will give a short presentation on their values and what makes them unique at Carolina. Dress for this night is business casual (shorts or khakis and a collared shirt)

HOUSE TOURS AUGUST 17, 7 – 10 PM, GREEK VILLAGE House Tours will occur over one day so each group will have the opportunity to see all fraternities participating in Fall Recruitment. For this tour, potential new members will briefly visit each chapter with their assigned group. There will be a Pi Chi (recruitment counselor) assigned to each group who will serve as a guide. Potential new members are required to visit all fraternities in order to receive a bid on Friday. Feel free to ask chapters about dues, time commitments, scholarship programs, etc. during this time. Dress for this night is business casual (shorts or khakis and a collared shirt)


OPEN HOUSES TUESDAY, AUGUST 18 – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 7 – 9 PM, GREEK VILLAGE The format of these rounds are set up so that potential new members are free to visit the chapters that they are most interested in joining. You are encouraged to visit as many chapters as possible to increase your chances of being invited back to the final and closed night of recruitment. Dress for these nights is business casual (khakis and a collared shirt)

INVITATIONAL ROUND (INVITATION ONLY) THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 7 – 10 PM, GREEK VILLAGE For this night of recruitment, individuals may choose to accept as many invitations as they receive. Some chapters may choose to begin offering bids on this night, but most will wait until bids are extended formally on Friday. You may receive more than one bid and then have the opportunity to choose which bid you want to accept. The dress for this night is usually coat and tie, but organizations that you are invited to will advise you as to what to wear.

FRATERNITY BID DAY FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2 PM OR 4 PM, RUSSELL HOUSE BALLROOM Potential new members will come to the Russell House Ballroom to receive their bids (invitations to join a fraternity) either at 2 pm or 4 pm (some classes are held during the 2 pm hour). During this time new members will receive some education about the Greek Community, outline the expectations of membership, and receive their bids. Some new members may receive more than one bid and must make a decision that day as to which group they would like to join. Dress for this day is casual (shorts or khakis and a collared shirt)

University of South Carolina

2009 Recruitment Guide & Annual Report



Univ. of S. Carolina Greek Recruitment Guide 2009  

Recruitment Guide and Annual Report for the University of South Carorlina Fraternity and Sorority Community.

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