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SCHOLARSHIP DAY Tuesday, August 19 During Round One, you will visit all nine sororities with your recruitment group. You will spend 20 minutes in each chapter as they highlight their individual goals for scholarship and academic success. This day is the most relaxed, so have fun and make new friends in all chapters. This day is long, therefore a meal will be provided for you. PHILANTHROPY DAY Wednesday, August 20 You can visit a maximum of seven sororities today. You will spend 35 minutes in each chapter while they display their philanthropic projects. You will also watch a slideshow spotlighting the chapters activities and sisterhood. Remember to wear cool, comfortable clothing. A meal is also provided.


LEADERSHIP DAY Friday, August 22 You will visit a maximum of four sororities today, spending 45 minutes with each chapter. Each will perform a skit focusing on activities, sisterhood, tradition, and friendship. Remember that the attire is more formal as the days progress. SISTERHOOD DAY Saturday, August 23 Preference round is the most formal of the rounds. It is a special occasion when the chapters share a deeper meaning of sisterhood, loyalty, and tradition with you. After this round you must make a decision about which chapter you feel the most comfortable. Keep an open mind. All USC sororities have something special to offer you!


University of South Carolina

2009 Recruitment Guide & Annual Report



Univ. of S. Carolina Greek Recruitment Guide 2009  

Recruitment Guide and Annual Report for the University of South Carorlina Fraternity and Sorority Community.

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