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location 5A 4A 6A 5B 4A 5A P 5A 6A 5B 4A 4A 5A 5A 4A 5B 5A 6A 4A

instructor Ginnie Kelly Natalie Tammy Jon Patrick staff Courtney Daniela Jason Dawn Jackie/Randy Amy Patrick Mercede/Bridget Michael Deborah Stephanie Jenn

time 5:45-6:30 6:30-7:30 6:15-7:15 6:30-7:30 11:15-11:45 11:30-12:30 11:45-12:30 11:45-12:45 11:50-12:35 12:35-1:35

class Fitness Yoga Step Group Cycling BodyFLOW® Pilates Turbo Kick Step Bootcamp (Strength) Group Cycling BodyPUMP®

location 6A 4A 5B 5A 5A 4A 5A 6A 5B 4A

instructor Cheryl Julia Ginnie Mercede Cheryl G Courtney Brigid John R Jean Bob/Amy

5:00-5:30 5:30-6:30 5:30-6:30 5:30-6:30 5:30-6:30

Pilates BodySTEP® Group Cycling Fitness Yoga Step Sculpt


class Fitness Yoga BodyPUMP® Bootcamp (Strength) Group Cycling AOA Aerobics Pilates Shallow Water X Bootcamp (Cardio) Fitness Yoga Group Cycling Step BodyPUMP® BodyFLOW® Fitness Yoga BodyPUMP® Group Cycling ZUMBA Fitness Yoga BodySTEP®

6A 5A 5B 6A 4A

Amanda Mike Michael Courtney Bill

instructor Bill Emily Mercede

11:45-12:30 11:45-12:45 11:50-12:35 12:30-1:30

Turbo Kick BodyPUMP® Group Cycling Fitness Yoga

6A 4A 5B 5A

Courtney Susan/Randy Jean Pat

5:00-5:30 5:30-6:15 5:30-6:30 6:00-7:00

Pilates Group Cycling BodyPUMP® BodyFLOW®

6A 5B 4A 5A

Amanda Jim Mercede/Bob Mike

time 6:15-6:50 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30 6:50-7:35 10:00-11:00

class Group Cycling BodyPUMP® BodySTEP® Fitness Yoga AOA

location 5B 4A 6A 5A 4A

instructor Jason Bonnie/Mercede Jenn Ginnie Jon

11:15 - 11:45 11:45-12:35 11:45-12:45 11:45-12:35 11:50-12:35 12:35-1:35

Pilates Step Fitness Yoga Shallow Water X Group Cycling BodyPUMP®

5A 4A 6A P 5B 4A

Cheryl G Dawn Twila staff Nan Roger/Rebecca

class Pilates BodyPUMP® Fitness Yoga ZUMBA Bootcamp Group Cycling

location 5A 4A 6A 5A 4A 5B

instructor Jim L Randy/Mercede Cheryl Deborah Tim Michael

class Step Fitness Yoga

location instructor 4A Courtney 6A Stephanie

class location instructor Fitness Yoga 5A Cheryl BodyPUMP® 4A Mercede/Tami Group Cycle/Bootcamp 5B Natalie AOA 4A Jackie

11:15-11:45 11:45-12:30 11:45-12:35 11:45-12:30 11:45-12:30 11:50-12:35 12:35-1:35 12:35-1:35 5:10-6:10 5:30-6:15 5:30-6:30 6:30-7:30 7:00-8:00

Pilates Bootcamp (Strength) Shallow Water X Step Bootcamp (Cardio) Group Cycling BodyPUMP® BodyFLOW® BodyFLOW® Group Cycling Turbo Kick Pilates Fitness Yoga

5A 6A P 4A 5A 5B 4A 5A 5A 5B 4A 5A 6A

Daniela Heather staff Dawn Bridget Jason Susan/Heather Amy Mercede Laura Courtney Jim L Cheryl

4A= 4th floor studio 5A=5th floor studio on north side 5B=5th floor studio on south side 6A=6th floor P=Pool Bold=New class or time/location change

morning lunch morning


time 5:45-7:00 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30 10:00-11:00

time 8:15-9:00 8:20-9:20 9:00-10:30 9:30-10:30 9:40-10:40 10:00-11:00

Sunday morning


location 4A 5B 5A




class Step Group Cycling BodyFLOW®







time 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30


morning lunch evening

time 6:15-7:15 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30 10:00-11:00 11:15-11:45 11:45-12:35 11:45-12:45 11:45-12:45 11:50-12:35 11:45-12:30 12:35-1:35 12:45 - 1:45 5:10-6:10 5:15-6:15 5:30-6:15 6:15-7:15 5:45-6:45 6:15-7:15


1 September - 26 October Thursday


time 10:00-11:15 10:00-11:00

Facility Hours Monday-Friday 5:30am-9:30pm Saturday 7:00am-7:00pm Sunday 8:00am-7:00pm

All classes subject to cancellation due to low attendance. YMCA Schedules are on the website 9/2/2008

Nuevo Leon  

Nuevo Leon

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