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tuition & instruction 2. Fundamental Sport Skills (Golf Specific) Where we combined the normal movement skills with fundamental sport skills. The following is a list of golf skills that we touch on:

These training exercises give the kids the opportunity to improve their golfing ability in a fun, game-based manner.

For those who want to specialise in golf from around 13 or 14 years old, we cover stages 4 to 7 in our full-time Junior Academy program from grade 8 to 12, and our post-matric College and Academy programs thereafter. Our Junior In this fundamental stage, kids develop the Funda- Academy students are in class from 8am to 12am, mental golfing skills. The focus was on providing a followed by elite golf training in the afternoon FUN learning space for the kids, including multisfrom 1pm to 4pm. A modern, flexible academic port physical activities such as “Baseball golf” and model allows plenty of time for a full competitive “Soccer Golf”. schedule. Grip, stance, ball position, alignment, posture, finishing position, green reading, distance/speed control and practice swing/pre-shot routine.

3. Learning to Train – We also teach the kids what and how to train in the specific areas in golf and giving them fun games, drills and activities to do while training. During this stage we mainly focus on the following areas: •

Short Game – putting, chipping and pitching

Full Swing – long irons and drivers

Course management – Strategy and etiquette

Our College and Academy programs continue this training until the student is ready to turn professional or to pursue another career path within or outside of golf. In conclusion, LTAD provides a framework and guidelines for coaches, athletes and parents to follow during key development stages. Many parents are incorrectly pushing for their children to specialise as early as possible in golf, with the danger that they do not develop the fundamental movement skills that are essential for success at the highest level. Essentially they put a ceiling on their childs potential from the start. Our recommendation is to play a variety of sports up until around 14 years old, then specialise from there.

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SA Golf Trader - January/February 2018  

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SA Golf Trader - January/February 2018  

SA’s Leading FREE Golf Products & Services Magazine