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SPECIAL FEATURE - CELEBRIT Y GOLFER PROFILE challenge and experiencing a new culture. 11. You started a new venture called Exalt Sport, please tell us more about it. Exalt is an Epsom salt recovery bath that was designed to help athletes or people with active lifestyles to recover as quick as possible and be able to perform to the best

of their ability as soon as possible. 12. What advice would you give to youngsters today as far as sport is concerned? Hard work always pays. It is a bit of a cliché but it is so true and never changes. Work hard but remember to enjoy while you are at it.

GETTING ON TO GOLF • When did you start playing Golf? I started playing around grade 7. • What is your current handicap? Current handicap is a solid 18. I definitely need to make more time to play and get this lower! • Which is your favorite South African golf course and why? I can only comment on golf courses that I have played at so I would probably say Highland Gate in Dullstroom, we had a north vs south tournament there on a bye weekend during super rugby which the south boys ended up winning which was great. The course has unbelievable views and is in pristine condition. • Do you play with any of your teammates or former teammates, and if so who’s is the toughest competitor on the course? I play with current team mates but I would say the toughest competitor on the course would definitely be Fourie Du Preez. He is an unbelievable golfer, followed closely by Schalk Britz who is very competitive. • Any chance of some games in Japan? If we have some time off and it’s not crazy hot, Yes! • Have you had any embarrassing moments whilst playing golf? Probably playing at the Belfry in the UK and shanking my 1st tee shot far off to the right. • What is your your favourite club in the bag? Favorite club would be my 7 iron, I find it the easiest to hit.

September | October 2019

• Do you walk or take a cart? Take a cart, I usually try and save the legs for the weekends game. • Your favourite golfer would be? Defiantly Tiger! I love his grit, fight and pure class! Proper legend of the game. • Have you ever had a hole-in-one? No I haven’t and don’t think I’ll have one any time soon. Maybe after a few beers. • Who would be in your ideal fourball? Handre Pollard, Damian De Allende and Willie le Roux.



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SA Golf Trader - September | October 2019  

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SA Golf Trader - September | October 2019  

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