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October 2011

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Inside This Issue: Kind Hearts Homes of Hope

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Stewart’s Auto Sales is a family operated business in the true sense of “family operated”. The company, founded in 1938 by Lionel Arthur Stewart, father of Richard Stewart started CELEBRATING 73 YEARS operating as Stewart’s Auto Supplies and Repairs, evolving to Stewart’s Auto Sales between 1952-57. We are proud to celebrate 73 years of opertaion. We look forward to many more years with you, our SAS family.

stewart industrial - clark awards

How to Learn from Your Mistakes


Budgeting for Christmas

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Automotive Art News Football Announcement Game On! Honda Motorbike Donation Stewart Industrial Happenings Celebrity Corner Birthday Greetings Kicks n’ Giggles Customer Service Basics Body Language Scholarship Winners ...and more

Mr. James Lechler proudly congratulates 9 Stewart Industrial technicians on awards of Certif icates of Achievement on completing factory training from Clark Material Company. The Regional Manager for Clark, Mr. Guido Fratta stated that “It was a nice surprise to work with the Stewart organization. The mission, values and family culture are the same as Clark’s. Clark Material Handling Company is proud to have Stewart Industrial as a dealer”. Clark Material Company was established in 1917 and has a reputation of being a progressive manufacturing company continuously seeking to improve products, expand service and provide value to customers with safety as a top priority. A culture of safety every day is an important part of their culture. front row, left to right: henry JaMes; wilfreD sMith; Patrick thoMPson; Moulton Davis; Jason greenwooD; Michael rollyforD

Sincere congratulations to: • Glenroy Welch • Jason Greenwood • Michael Rollyford • Henry James

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Moulton Davis Donald Franklin Patrick Thompson Wilfred Smith David Mills

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Stewart’s Automotive Group

October 2011


automotive art staff member Miss Mignot

Kind  Hearts Homes of Hope

kind heart’s ltd., the brainchild of the grand children of richard and Diana stewart, is a family based, nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping the less fortunate. fueled by the desire to help people in a more tangible way than just donating to charitable endeavouurs, homes of hope was born. homes of hope, a kind hearts division, is designed to build basic housing for underprivileged and suffering families in Jamaica. so far two such projects have been undertaken under the expert leadership of youth with a Mission (ywaM), where four houses were built and furnished. two houses were built in 2010 and handed over to grateful recipients in st. James.

kind hearts is working with food for the Poor to build and furnish a basic school in one of Jamaica's rural communities (location to be decided after further consultation with food for the Poor). the aim is to construct a sturdy wooden building including a small kitchen, sanitation facilities and teachers’ office. it is hoped that if the financial situation allows for it, to include a small playground.

aMchaM handing over donation to the kind hearts team.

in order to successfully complete this project kind hearts need to raise a total of us$ 32,500. us$ 30,000 of which will pay for building materials and furnishings; with an additional us$ 2,500 needed to build a safe playground. kind hearts is therefore open and receptive to receiving

donations for this project and can be contacted at kind hearts thanks aMchaM for their J$200,000 donation towards this ambitious project.

Honda Motorbike Donations stewart’s auto sales and china harbour engineering company joined hands with the Police and presented the spring hill Police station in Portland with two honda motorcyles in an effort to improve their mobility. from l-r: DsP wayne cameron; supt. noel christie; commission owen ellington; Minister Daryl vaz, M.P. for the constituency; Mrs. J. stewart-lechler and Mrs. Diana stewart; Mr. Qi wu yang, china harbour engineering co’s Deputy Manager for Jamaica; Mrs. J. armond of china harbour engineering co.

Stewart’s Automotive Group

October 2011

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Budgeting for Christmas

Do you know how to budget for christmas? here are some tips:

1. Make a List - and Check it Twice Make a list of all your family and friends who have been good girls and boys. once you decide who is deserving of a gift from you, determine how much money you can realistically afford to spend. then, designate a set portion of the total amount for each person on your list. 2. Avoid Overspending Don't fall prey to holiday guilt. not only will overspending break your budget, but you'll also set unrealistic expectations. in other words, your friends and family will begin to expect lavish gifts from you every christmas. next christmas, when you're still paying off your credit card bills from this holiday, your dad may wonder why he received a

luxurious watch from you last year, and all he got this year was a measly pair of socks prominently marked "irregular." 3. Pay in Cold, Hard Cash one way to force yourself to stick to your holiday budget is to pay for all your gifts with cash. simply withdraw the amount that you can afford to spend on your holiday gifts. when that money is gone, christmas shopping time is over. 4. Don't Buy Presents for Yourself when you're out shopping for friends and relatives, you're bound to come across some glorious item that you absolutely must have. however, remind yourself that this is the season for giving, not receiving. if that doesn't console you, you could always call one of your other procrastinating family members and tell him to add the item to your christmas wish-list. enjoy the holidays! remember, we don’t want to start the new year in debt.

Happy Birthday Stewart's Auto Sales Mitsubishi Division Juliet a ward-Brown lynval g. llewellyn ranford a. spaulding kevin a. williams shawn cousins Dwayne P. grant espie J. Daley easton o. shaw kirk f. Martin levi v. lee rifton a. kelly DeJeane s. leahong Dane Phillips

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Budget Rent A Car Mathurin k. elliott andrew a. fowler cleon h. Mcadam Maurice a. hosang Devon a. Bogle roderick watson

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Please let us know if we have missed your birthday. send your information to Mrs. Marjorie Borough at

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will even forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Stewart’s Automotive Group

Page 4 October 2011

stewart industrial happenings

in the picture to the left is a 22ton komatsu hydraulic excavator recently delivered to china harbour as they undertake major work projects across the island. the work equipment on an excavator is similar to a human arm, enabling an operator to manoevure the machine just like a moving arm. this fully fitted model is capable of lifting and grabbing large objects suchs as rocks, as well as dozing soil and leveling the ground.

china harbour will be using this komatsu in major infrastructure projects across the island, including the christiana bypass road. koMatsu excavator

James lechler, general Manager of stewart idustrial said that this equipment is ideally suited for the varying and challenging terrain of the Jamaican countryside and should assist china harbour in meeting their deadlines. koMatsu D65 BullDoZer solD to recreation holDings

Learning from our Mistakes there’s no easy answer on how to learn from your this time i’ll mistakes that learn from my mistakes will work every time, though chapters have been written about it in classic books like the road less traveled, and opportunities to address the topic have been missed in others, like the four agreements. however, there are some strategies you can use to learn from your mistakes that will work in various situations most of the time. when you’re trying to learn from your mistakes, consider the following:

going other than you’d planned. and that makes you more able to learn from your mistakes.

Reframe Your Mistakes first, use reframing to stop thinking of your mistakes as failures. they can be more accurately described as opportunities for learning—people generally learn more from mistakes than they learn from successes. with each mistake, you can learn valuable information that can be used for future success.

Ask Questions ask for impartial opinions. have a few trusted friends who will tell you the truth, and who can see things from both sides, and ask them what they see. sometimes we’re too close to a situation to make sense of it at first, but an observer who isn’t so emotionally attached, and who can deliver their opinion with love and tact, is what we need to help us learn from our mistakes.

Be Forgiving next, maintain perspective and don’t take mistakes too seriously. Blaming others for our mistakes can be a defense mechanism for those who are harsh with ourselves when we mess up—we stay in denial because we can’t take our own harsh self-condemnation. Be forgiving. Just changing your outlook on this can make it less threatening to recognize when you’re responsible or partially responsible for things

See What You Can Change rather than thinking of who is more responsible for a situation—you or another person—look at the situation as a whole in terms of what you can change. if you view taking responsibility through the lens of personal control—what can you change next time, what do you have control over?— makes it an empowering experience to learn from your mistakes. Look Beyond look at other sides of the same situation. how do different people in the situation feel. how might things have gone differently if you’d made different choices? look at the situation in different ways. Play with it. and see what you can learn for next time.

Pat Yourself On The Back congratulate yourself for whatever growth you’ve gained from dealing with each difficult situation you encounter and each mistake you make. remember that these things add value to life as much as the more pleasant experiences we all value. and be glad that you always have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes in one way or another.

“Practice without improvement is meaningless.” -

Stewart’s Automotive Group

October 2011

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“I speak 2 languages, Body and English”  - Author – Mae West Body language, a non-verbal communication, says what you can’t or don’t want to say verbally. whether we realize it or not, we are always on a broadcast frequency by means of our body language so we need to be aware of these, particularly the negative ones as people seem to notice these quicker than the positive ones.

FOOT AND FINGER TAPPING.  suggests impatience; boredom and or stress. CHECKING TIME OR INSPECTING FINGER NAILS, HANDS, CLOTHES OR BODY PARTS. suggests boredom; disinterest, discomfort or nervousness. we all need to pay attention to the person(s) we are meeting or with whom we are conversing. examples of negative body language that we need to be SCRATCHING ANY PART OF THE BODY, aware of as AWARENESS IS THE KEY TO CHANGE. INCLUDING HAIR.  sometimes we do itch and automatically scratch. if possible we should excuse NO EYE CONTACT. we need to maintain eye contact ourselves and scratch in private. with whomever we are talking to as this suggests that we SLOVENLY POSTURE. suggests lethargy and weariness. have nothing to hide. it could also communicate disinterest WEAK HANDSHAKE. commonly called a limp hand and lack of respect. and suggests disinterest and or insincerity. STARING. when we stare at someone it can be SWAYING BACK AND FORTH. not interested; interpreted as impertinence or plain rudeness. impatient; nervousness. NARROWING OUR EYES. if we do this while FOOT DRAGGING. also described as the “reluctant maintaining eye contact, it can be interpreted as anger or walk”. usually means disinterest or “don’t care” attitude. disagreement. it also tends to give a scowling, frowning HOLDING OBJECTS IN FRONT OF YOUR BODY. a expression to our face. coffee cup, notebook, handbag, etc. held in front of our body BLANK STARES. suggests disinterest. may indicate shyness and resistance and that we are hiding INCREASING YOUR RATE OF BLINKING. behind these objects to separate ourselves from others. communicates nervousness. instead of carrying objects in front of us, let us carry them “CUTTING” OUR EYES. sign of great disrespect. at our sides wherever possible. FAKING A SMILE. suggests deception. fake this only GRINDING TEETH. suggests anger; rage. for photos and others can “read” fake when they see it. CALLING SOMEONE BY “PSST”.  this is a no! no! instead give a genuine, warm smile. (see Positive body no” language) WRINKLING OUR BROWS. communicates disagreement, suspicion. POSITIVE BODY LANGUAGE. STROKING YOUR FACE OR CHIN WHILE LOOKING AT SOMEONE. suggests “i’m judging you”. a smile costs us NOTHING and is perhaps the must can also indicate deception. disarming language available to us. it can break down STANDING TOO CLOSE.  Makes other people feel barriers; cool hostile feelings and while it is genuine and not discomfort. a fake smile, it should be used appropriately and often. LEANING AWAY FROM PERSON/PEOPLE WITH WHOM WE ARE MEETING OR CONVERSING. sign Maintain a relaxed and professional posture with good eye of being bored and or disinterested. contact. FOLDING OUR ARMS. can express resistance to what is being said. let us keep our arms open and at our sides. an entire book can be written on body language but those RESTING HANDS ON HIPS OR BEHIND THE listed here should point us in the right direction. HEAD.  can communicate defiance and or a sign of superiority or bigheadedness. we should use these gestures note should be made that in some parts of the world, only in presence of close friends. particularly the non-western world, body language FINGER POINTING. accusatory; sometimes differs from our norms so if we are travelling to confrontational. asia or the Middle east as examples, we should educate POUNDING FIST IN HANDS AND/OR MAKING A ourselves regarding their customs. FIST. suggests anger, rage and or impatience. FIDGETTING.  can suggest nervousness; lack of interest; compiled by Marjorie Borough unpreparedness. July, 2011.

“Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure.” - George Sands

Stewart’s Automotive Group

Page 6 October 2011

Suzuki ITC  Award easton cunningham, a customs officer stationed in Portland expressed satisfaction with his first suzuki and had no hesitation in deciding on purchasing a grand vitara in July, 2010. interamericana trading corporation (itc), Barbados, the regional suzuki distributor, through its dealership network, has undertaken an on-line survey programme to improve suzuki’s “after-sales satisfaction” and Mr. cunningham’s name was randomly chosen in a recent drawing. stewart’s auto sales wishes to l-r anDrew chin, sales rePresentative; Duncan stewart, Director; easton cunninghaM, suZuki custoMer anD JacQueline assure its many customers of its stewart-lechler, stewart’s Director continued bench mark high quality of sales and after sales service, supporting their motto of we service what we sell!

the suzuki division of the stewart’s automotive group will be moving from its orchard road home to its new location at 51 south camp road come January, 2012.


from left to right - Duncan stewart and Jacqueline stewart-lechler, Directors of the stewart automotive group exchange pleasantries with Joseph Matalon, President PsoJ and chair of the yute core executive and sandra glasgow, ceo, PsoJ at the handing over stewart’s $8.6million cheque on friday, 15 July in the suzuki showroom at orchard road.

in making the donation, the stewart’s directors highlighted their continued corporate commitment to education and increased employment opportunities and are delighted to be associated with the Private sector organization of Jamaica’s two year programme focusing on some of the root causes of youth unemployment and violence in Jamaica. “our parents, Diana and richard stewart have inculcated in us the need ‘to give back’ to Jamaica and we are happy to step up by way of this cash donation as well as a commitment to mentorship and volunteerism. we plan on rolling out a programme to our entire staff so that we can increase the number of our mentors and volunteers”.

“we strongly encourage other companies and individuals to participate in this well needed initiative” the stewart’s directors urged.

“Integrity has no need of rules.” - Albert Camus

Page 7 October 2011

Stewart’s Automotive Group

CUSTOMER SERVICE BASIC - GREETINGS AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS. sam walton, founder of walmart said “there is only one boss. the custoMer. and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. Due to more communication channels, customer expectations are higher and unless they are satisfied they may and do take their business elsewhere. a small percentage, maybe 3-5% vocalizes their concerns. if dissatisfied, they tend at the next opportunity, to take their business elsewhere and they share their bad experience with a large number of people. it costs up to 15 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. surveys show that it takes ten good experiences to make up for one bad one and the cost of bringing in new customers is high. we certainly want the new ones but we need to retain the existing ones to broaden our base. also, remember that we may not be given the opportunity of being of service to that customer after the bad experience, diminishing our chances of making up for the bad one.

STEPS ensure that every staff recognizes and accepts that customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job. treat all as viPs with incredible, awesome service every day, with every transaction. in other words, be consistently consistent – “first time, every time”. know customers and their preferences. it is understood that this is not always possible but if we have a consistently excellent standard, customers will be happy. Deliver on our customer service promises – remember we claim that our group is the yardstick by which others measure themselves - we service what we sell and put value on the road. Deliver an experience that they cannot find elsewhere – make it unforgettably excellent. Make it easy and a delight for customers to deal with us.

OPERATING PROCEDURE Do not make assumptions about a customer. Do not judge them by dress, behaviour, etc. Please remember we are GOAL professionals and are required to give extraordinary service an a+ standard of customer satisfaction whereby every staff to all regardless of their dress or attitude. this can be member is a company ambassador, expressing our core challenging at times but we cannot allow someone’s bad values in order to build loyalty and satisfaction, resulting in behavior to influence what we know is required of us as high customer retention and subsequent product professionals to give awesome service “first time and every endorsement. time” “loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t sMile, sMile, sMile genuinely and talk with a smile in simply recommend you; they insist that their friends do your voice. business with you” – author chip Bell, founder chip Bell give immediate attention, with eye contact and greet them group. with a sMile. if you are on a call, politely ask caller to excuse you while you politely acknowledge customer HOW assuring that you will be with them in the shortest period. Provide value by consistently delighting customers with ensure customer’s comfort by politely seating him/her. exceptional value and service. (every contact we have with a if it is not possible to terminate the call with the customer customer influences whether or not they will come back. we on the phone ask that customer to hold a minute while you have to be great every time or we will lose them) - author - get someone else to deal the newcomer. if the phone call was kevin stirtz personal, terminate immediately. exceptional service is the opportunity to set the grouP if another customer comes in while dealing with the first one apart from the competition – always give people more than politely signal to the newcomer that you will soon be with they expect. customers expect more than just the product or them and go back to the first customer. service that is offered – they want to be treated well. they inform newcomer of action being taken. are looking for attentiveness; helpfulness; knowledge; attitude, attitude, attitude – this is emphasized as it takes understanding; tact; sensitivity and guidance – all leading to only a few seconds to make a “first” impression and in the exceptional service and satisfaction. first 7 seconds a customer is making decisions about you and we all need to view our relationship with the customer as a the company. partnership and to let the customer feel and know that they watch tone of voice – how you say it and how you sound. are the most significant part of the business by the Be positive, courteous and enthusiastic with a smile in your recognition and quality of service that we give. there is no voice to convey “i am glad to see you” and mean it. place for - ”you are a number and i will process you” or “we remember that genuine enthusiasm is contagious and don’t care” attitude. instead, it has to be a “we care; you are customers will recognize if we are being genuine or being important to us and we will always deliver exceptional robotic. service” and to deliver these both verbally and non-verbally. watch your non-verbal communication, i.e. body language. recognize that what can be learned from a customer’s ensure it is genuinely saying “welcome, i am happy to see complaint is an opportunity to create greater customer you”. customers understand when we are merely satisfaction. (i won’t complain, i just won’t come back) – “mouthing” words without meaning them. Brown and williamson tobacco ad. THIS ARTICLE WILL CONTINUE IN THE DECEMBER EDITION OF OUR NEWSLETTER

“Honesty is the f irst chapter in the book of Wisdom.” - Thomas Jefferson

Stewart’s Automotive Group

October 2011

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Automotive Art News Welcome!

automotive art has appointed an important new member of staff for the position of retail Manager at our flag ship location, 22 old hope road, effective october 3rd, 2011. we welcome Mr. Paul forte to our team! Mr. forte comes to us with many years of experience in sales and Marketing in the automotive industry and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Personnel and Project Management, customer service relations, financial controls and sales and service. we wish him every success in his new placement! During our transition Miss nicola Mignott, retail Manager, Portmore; Michael Blake, supervisor, 22 old hope road and tyrone white, inventory supervisor, hanover street training course held recently at automotive art. top row l-r: were the primary persons who kevin cooke, Paul forte, anita Dacosta. Bottom row l-r: played an important role in the tamara atkinson, Jorge Portillo support system of the operation. of special mention is Miss Mignott who joined the company in 1996 as a cashier and who over the years has shown such keen interest in learning the business that it earned her promotions throughout the company to supervisor and then to retail store Manager, Portmore. her loyalty, dedication and caring personality do not go unnoticed and we commend her for all her efforts and energy while holding the position of temporary retail store Manager at 22 old hope road. we extend our appreciation to Miss Mignott, Mr. Blake and Mr. whyte for the diligent work involved and determination to have the store continue to succeed in the absence of its leader. on behalf of the Directors, Management and all automotive art staff we offer our gratitude for their commitment! well done! we also welcome new team members, Jorge Portillo - inventory supervisor; kevin cooke – inventory clerk and Miss tamara atkinson - senior customer service representative.

“In the area of human life the honours and rewards fall to those who show the good qualities in action” - Aristotle

Stewart’s Automotive Group

October 2011

Game On!

But how do I do it? find and circle all of the old tv shows that are hidden in the grid. the remaining letters spell an additional show. alice Ben casey Beverly hillBillies chiPs cannon caPtain kangaroo DoBie gillis Donna reeD Dr. kilDare eMergency fliPPer flying nun fugitive goMer Pyle gooD tiMes green acres green hornet howDy DooDy i sPy ironsiDe Jetsons koJak

Old TV Shows Word Search

l.a. law lassie love Boat MaD aBout you MauDe MeDical center MiaMi vice MoD sQuaD Moonlighting MurPhy Brown oDD couPle Peyton Place rawhiDe rifleMan rin tin tin soaP st. elsewhere taxi three's coMPany waltons to solve, see next issue

here are the results to the fruit word search featured in the last edition of our newsletter.

Kicks n’ Giggles eleven lines to Make you sMile 1. My husband and i divorced holder. over religious differences. he 7. earth is the insane asylum for thought he was god and i didn't. the universe. 2. i don't suffer from insanity; i 8. i'm not a complete idiot -enjoy every minute of it. some parts are just missing. 3. i used to have a handle on life, 9. out of my mind. Back in five but it broke. minutes. 4. Don't take life too seriously; no 10. god must love stupid people; one gets out alive. he made so many. 5. you're just jealous because the 11. ever stop to think, and forget voices only talk to me to start again? 6. Beauty is in the eye of the beer

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the new 2012 suzuki swift is an evolution in a proud line of suzuki sports cars which had its genesis in the popular suzuki gti. suzuki has not only maintained its reputation for making reliable fuel economy cars over the years, but has now gone beyond the original Dna by creating a vehicle that transcends the original concept of the tiny subcompact to a spacious, fast, technologically enhanced vehicle that will compete with an edge in the aggressive small car market. Putting this new model 1.4l swift in the forefront are features in terms of creature comforts and technology, coupled with a 5 star safety awarD; attractive cabin layout with backlit instrument panel and attractive cabin layout with more legroom than the previous model. new innovations in the deluxe model include the keyless push start ignition, 16 inch alloy wheels, previously only available in the sport model, tect for impact safety, lumbar support bucket seats, kB14B 1.4l vvt engine, six (6) airbags and 4wheel disc brakes for enhanced safety. the vehicle also has the usual power features of power steering, powered side mirrors, central door locking, powered windows; fog lamps, state of the art single cD tuner with fingertip controls on the steering column; usB port with a six speaker system; telescopic steering wheel and halogen headlamps. additionally there are safety features including anti-lock braking system; immobilizer; isofix child tether anchor and a built-in ladder frame. the economy model offers dual airbags, 4 speakers wheel covers and is not equipped with fog lamps. fuel economy has been achieved by a smaller displacement. the suzuki swift is supported by 3 years warranty and 3 years free react roadside assistance. Priced at an affordable $2,303,505 (economy model) and$2,414,000 (deluxe model) this is definitely the one to beat.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle


October 2011

Keeping you in the know


amber Jhae hosang and father Maurice hosang

the richard and Diana stewart foundation congratulates the following scholarship winners given on the basis of seven children of employees for one year with the ability and who have achieved high academic

novalyn Jackson and daughter christina stephenson

alliyah robinson and ashley Phillips and father father andre Deryk Phillips robinson

performance and behavioural standards. these scholarships cover tuition, uniforms, books, lunch and transportation subsidy.

Jose nunez and son Jose nunez

Mr richard andMrs Diana Michanie Blakeand father Michael Blake stewart

tyreke garrell and father Patrick garrel

scholarship winners and Parents.

Football Competition teams from the group, comprising of stewart’s auto sales – suzuki, Mitsubishi and honda Bikes; stewart Motors – BMw; Budget rent-a-car; silver star Motors – MercedesBenz; automotive art and the stewart industrial Division comprising of ac Delco batteries, cummins engines and generators, Bobcat, JcB, Bomag, komatsu, etc. recently competed in 6 a side competition in august, with suzuki emerging as the champions. Matches, played at the nwc field, Mona were enthusiastically supported by staff of all the group’s many divisions. trophies were handed out by company directors, Mrs. Diana stewart, Mrs. Jacqueline stewart-lechler and Duncan stewart for the Most valuable Player – andrew trophy presentation made by Mrs. Diana stewart. l-r nigel Daley; Most Disciplined Player – leon Davis with the ffrench, steven scudder, thomas channer, andrew Bailey, leon Davis, gregory Burris, andrew henry, Dwayne hyatt, championship trophy going to suzuki. gary Peryer

Stewart's Automotive Group October 2011 Staff Newsletter  

Stewart's Automotive Group October 2011 Staff Newsletter