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I want to be a lawyer when I grow up I have a lot of inspiration in that field. My mommy distributes many words of encouragement to me and I love her for that I can’t believe she actually seesgreat opportunities in me. I plan on making something of myself most of all I want to have a career so I can have my own money and want have to rely on nobody. There a lot of people who think I want make it but my mommy helps me carry out with my goals. That’s why she defines the real meaning of me I thrive for the best and not the less. She knows when I give anything my all and if she seesmy weaknessshe will make me improve most likely.

I’m a Sagittarius which deals with me being fun I love to laugh and having people to join in and catch a laugh. Since laughter cures all pains that’s my game, to bring a smile to people’s faces while enjoying doing so. I’m not a comedian but at times it seemslike it since I’m so comfortable with myself and I can go outside my character.

I love my mommy whatever I do I include her she

knows my every moves. It’s amazing how she knows what I’m about to do before we I do it I am thankful to have a mommy like her! Ms. Lady you mean the world to me and I’m glad to have you in it mommy I love you know matter what I have unconditional love you mother.

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