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Homes for Change Meetings 2012 next     General    mee9ng        

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To  add  an  item  to  the  General  Mee0ng  Agenda,  or  to  publish  any  ar0cles   please  mail   before  5:00  pm  on..….……...  


 Useful Contact Numbers  Rents  -­‐  Louise  Delfinis  at  Mosscare  tel:   0161  226  4211     Membership  -­‐  Joint  Co-­‐ordinators  Sian   and  Rob;     Finance  group  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Luke      

Publicity &  informa9on     VACANCY    

Networking -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Chris,

Maintenance -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Tony,  Flat   G04;  07983  272  513;     Improvements  -­‐  Shelagh,  Flat  222  


                                        Security,  Health  &  Safety  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator   Lee,  Flat  103;  07990  956629;     Keys  and  fobs  -­‐  Nicola  Flat  G03   Repairs  officers  are  listed  on  the  repair   form.     All  boilers  and  minor  hea9ng,   plumbing  or  electrical  call  Didsbury   Plumbing  and  Hea0ng  on  0161  434  9455   8am–5pm,  emergency  only  07912   206490    

Other emergency  numbers  :     Lee  Flat  103  07990  956629  or     Nicola  07800  796099   Li]  breakdown  phone  number     0800  181  363      

his ort  to  do  t 161   p s n a r t   e v ot  ha ll  on  0 If  you  do  n Environment  on  Ca o   ll   ly  get  to  d n o   u o you  can  ca y   r Remembe 954  9000.   ear!    a  y this  twice   y  trying  to   ulk e b r   a   ’s a il c n n io u F   o     an d he  c oment  Jo   t  on  Call,  t onger  collect   m n   e e h m t with  the     n   t t o A n ir e l   m o e  Env n g l      arran   ectors,  wil e  building h ome  to  an niture  etc t r c   u f m / o waste  coll e r f t   s p a ch   o  pick  u ccess  so   nts  of  w t a   u u e il s   o ,   c s o n m t n u   a u   o c h e   c it g o lar ue  t ut  w uilding.  D egularly  b   b r     o e e r w h t t o     e m m iv o e r f  rec  may  only ld o h e s far.   u o h tems  per   i   3 (   r a e y   s  a g  outside   in h t y     n a   e collec0on h   t  leav ).   ick  up  wit lease  do   p ase  do  no   p   d le c t e P g e   n e collec0on a r r u it e  ar ur   e  any  furn tside  the  building   ss  you  hav elf.  Please  leave  yo le n u   If  you  hav u o s e  items   in  the   goods  you ncil  your   h h t y u   it n o e c w a v       t a e n i   e h o l   p   t t e no  dum  not It  is   ber  and  a ck  gate  or .   a m h b u   it n e   w h t l   t a   a r fl e a ne s  to  d  for  other d n u o p leave.   m co y  of  the   it il ib s n o p es ms     now  the  r ve  the  ite o m e r   o t   r e ld o h h o u se s.   themselve    


POST INSPECTION           Repair  inspected  by  …………………………………………………..Date  ………………………       Approved                              YES                        NO       Comments  ……………………………………………………………………………………………..       ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………       ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………                   TENANT  SATISFACTION       Tenant  …………………………………………………………………..Date  ……………………….       Sa9sfied                                  YES                              NO       Comments  ………………………………………………………………………………………………       ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..       …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….      

“Will they  affect  me?”    The  Government  says...   Welfare  reforms  will:   1._   Simplify   the   benefits   system   by   introducing   one   benefit,   Universal   Credit,   for   all   working   age   claimants.   This   will   be   means   tested   and   will   replace   Income   Support,  JSA,  ESA,  Tax  credits  and  Housing  Benefit.   2._   Make   it   easier   for   people   to   move   into   work   by   ensuring   work   pays   and   by   paying   claimants   monthly   in   the  same  way  that  salaries  are  paid.   3._Reduce   the   amount   of   money   that   is   spent   on   benefits,  par0cularly  on  housing  costs.       WELFARE  REFORM  ACT:  THE  WAY  FORWARD   There’s   been   a   lot   in   the   news   recently   about   the   Government’s  Welfare  Reform  Act  which  will  change  the   way   in   which   many   benefits   are   assessed   and   paid.   If   you   receive  benefits  of  any  kind,  then  welfare  reform  changes   could  affect  you.    The  guidance  we’ve  put  together  here   is   based   on   our   understanding   of   the   current   proposals   and  legisla0on.       Two  major  changes  which  may  affect  you  are:   1.The   introduc0on   of   Universal   Credit.   –   Tenants   born   before   the   6th   January   1952   will   be   excempt   from   Universal  Credit.   2.   Reduced   benefit   if   you   are   under-­‐occupying   your   home.       Managing  your  own  money.     From   October   2013,   new   working-­‐age   claimants   will   receive   one   single   benefit   payment   called   Universal   Credit.   This   payment   will   include   any   amount   you   receive   towards   housing,   Income   Support,   Job   Seeker’s   Allowance,  Employment  Support  Allowance,  Working  Tax   Credit   and   Child   Tax   Credit.   By   2017,   all   exis0ng   claimants,   who   have   not   previously   had   a   change   in   circumstance,  will  receive  Universal  Credit.  This  payment   will   be   made   directly   into   your   bank   account   once   a   month.   What   we   currently   call   Housing   Benefit   will   no   longer  be  paid  directly  to  Mosscare  Housing  Group.  This   means   that   you   will   need   to   pay   your   rent   from   your   Universal   Credit   and   you   will   need   to   set   up   a   way   to   make   your   rent   payment.   Older   people   (over   working-­‐ age)   and   some   vulnerable   people   will   have   the   opportunity   to   have   the   amount   they   receive   towards   housing  paid  directly  to  Mosscare  Housing  Group.       -­‐UNIVERSAL  CREDIT  WILL  BE  ROLLED  OUT  IN  3  PHASES.   -­‐Phase   1   Oct   2013   to     April   2014   –   all   new   claims   and   change  of  circumstances   -­‐Phase  2  April  2014  to  Dec  2015  –  exis9ng  claimants  who   have  a  change  of  circumstances   -­‐Phase   3   Dec   2015   to   Dec   2017   –   all   remaining   households  transferred  -­‐  geographically          

Do you  have  a  spare  bedroom?   The   help   you   get   with   your   rent   will   be   reduced   if   you   under-­‐occupy   your   home.   Rent   for   Housing   Benefit     will   be  reduced  by  14  %  OR  25%  if  the  household  exceeds  the   size   criteria.     The   Government   has   said   it   will   set   out   more   details   regarding   the   size   criteria   in   regula0ons   ,   expected  to  be  published  in  May  2012.From  April  2013,  if   you  are  of  working  age  and  claim  for  help  with  your  rent   you  will  be  assessed  in  the  following  way:   _  It  will  be  assumed  that  you  will  require  one  bedroom   for  each  single  adult  or  each  couple.   _  Children  under  the  age  of  16  and  of  the  same  gender   are   expected   to   share   a   bedroom.   Children   under   ten   and   of   different   genders,   are   expected   to   share   a   bedroom.   If   these   rules   are   applied   and   you   have   at   least   one   spare   bedroom,   the   amount   of   benefit   you   receive   for   housing   will   be   reduced   and   you   will   have   to   make  up  the  difference  to  your  rent.     At  Mosscare  Housing  Group  we  have  started  to  consider   these  changes  and  the  impact  they  may  have  on  many  of   you.  We  will  keep  you  updated  and  let  you  know  what  we   can  do  to  help  and  support  you  through  the  changes.   If  you  would  like  any  support  or  advice  or  are  concerned   about  anything  you’ve  read,  please  contact  your  Income   Genera0on  Officer.       The  Income  Genera9on  Team  advises  the  following:-­‐   Ensure  you  are  prepared  for  these  changes.  Here  are   some  ideas:   1.  Paying  your  rent.  Make  sure  you  know  how  much   your  weekly  rent  is  and  make  regular  payments  to  your   account.     2.  Budget  carefully.  Working  out  a  budget  will  help  you   iden9fy  savings.  This  will  help  you  plan  ahead  for  the   future  and  be  prepared  for  any  unexpected  drop  in   income.   3.  Open  a  suitable  bank  account.  If  you  haven’t  already   got  one  you  will  need  one  as  Universal  Credit  will  be   paid  into  a  bank  account  each  month.   4.  Set  up  direct  debits.  Paying  for  your  u9li9es  and  your   rent  by  direct  debit  will  help  you  budget  and  make  sure   your  bills  are  paid  on  9me.       5.  Check  your  benefits.    If  you  are  unemployed  and   looking  for  work,  are  on  a  low  income,  re0red,  bringing   up  children,  are  ill  or  disabled  or  you  are  a  carer,  you   could  be  en0tled  to  benefits  or  financial  help  that  you   didn’t  know  about.  Turn2us  is  an  interac0ve  website  that   has  a  benefits  calculator  on  it.  Fill  out  your  details  and  the   calculator  will  let  you  know  if  there  is  any  financial  help   that  you  could  get  access  to.  Visit   or  call  them  on  0808  802  2000  for  more  details.      

Elec0ons for  the  following  were  elected  at  the  AGM   Coordinators:   Maintenance      Tony  Pace                      Gardening          John  Pugh   Publicity  and  informa0on    Vacant        Network  Chris  Middleton   Membership      Sian  and  Rob          Finance  Luke  Hayward       The  following  have  yet  be  elected  by  the  relevant  working  group:       Publicity  and  Informa9on    Deputy      To  be  elected       Events  Group  Coordinator  To  be  elected   Network  Group            Deputy              To  be  elected   Gardening              Deputy                          To  be  elected   Membership          Deputy                          To  be  elected   Maintenance          Deputy                          To  be  elected     Improvements                                            To  be  elected   Security,  H&S                                                To  be  elected   Finance                                                                      Deputy                          To  be  elected       Commiqee   At  the  AGM  the  elec0ons  the  following  were  elected:     Rob  Harrison    Janine  James    Shelagh  Murphy                  Eddie  Koehler   Lee  Fullwood    Luke  Heyward    Angelo  Kovacevic                  Janice  Bell   Saffron  Gardenchild       There  is  1  vacancy  For  Publicity  and  Informa9on  Coordinator  

FREE THINGS  TO  DO  IN  MANCHESTER  BY  GEOFF  EVANS   Meat  Free  In  Manchester       Albert  Square,  Manchester   Almost  Famous  Story  Session:  Andrew  Clover   Saturday  19th  May  2012  from  11:00am,  un0l  4:00pm     Imperial  War  Museum  North,  Manchester   Crea0ve  cookery,  a  banger  bonanza,  tas0ngs,  wacky   Monday  7th  May  2012  from  12:30pm   waiters,  Mr  Bloom,  the  Vegetable  Nannies,  sausage   Known  by  children  from  CBBC's  My  Almost  Famous  Family  silliness  and  all  manner  of  foodie  fun.  Get  0ps  and  hints   and  by  parents  for  his  'Dad  Rules'  column  in  Sunday  Times  from  the  experts  in  the  professional  cookery  theatre.  Rose   Style,  Andrew  Clover  will  lead  this  exci0ng  and   Elliot  will  be  demonstra0ng,  alongside  Alex  Connell,   entertaining  story  session.  We  will  see  him  doing  what  he   Principal  Tutor  from  the  Cordon  Vert  cookery  school.   does  best:  being  very  silly  and  comical  while  he  explains   Across  the  square  will  be  our  Banger  Bonanza  featuring   his  Seven  Secrets  of  Storytelling.   sausage  related  ac0vi0es,  from  tas0ngs  and  relish  making       to  Banger  Races.  There'll  be  smoothie  bikes,  giant  card   Spotlight:  The  Calendar  Project   games,  free  samples,  informa0on  and  food  stalls.     Royal  Northern  College  of  Music  (RNCM),  Manchester   -­‐visit   Friday  11th  May  2012  from  6:30pm       Part  of  a  series  of  early  evening  small  group  concerts   Larkin'  About  At  Contact   embracing  a  wide  and  varied  range  of  musical  genres.   Contact  Theatre,  Manchester       Saturday  19th  May  2012  from  3:00pm,  un0l  Late   Cra]ernoon  Tea  Party   Reinven0ng  Manchester's  play0me,  Larkin’  About  invite   The  Whitworth  Art  Gallery,  Manchester   you  to  join  in  their  games.   Saturday  12th  May  2012  from  1:00pm,  un0l  4:00pm   Players  will  be  chasing  and  racing,  searching  and   Taster  cra]  workshops  in  a  fun,  friendly  and  relaxed   collec0ng,  code-­‐breaking  and  puzzle-­‐solving  in  a  series  of   environment.  Enjoy  a  cup  of  tea  and  a  slice  of  cake  with   games  throughout  Contact  and  beyond.     other  cra]  minded  people.  Andrea  Lord  and  Susan  Kane   -­‐visit  for  further   (MCDC  resident  designer/makers)  will  lead  you  through   informa0on.   fun  and  fast   Curator's  Tour:  Subversion   cra]  processes  to  hand-­‐make  an  object  inspired  by  their   Cornerhouse,  Manchester   own  crea0ve  prac0ce.     Sunday  20th  May  2012  from  2:00pm,  un0l  3:00pm   -­‐Bring  your  own  cakes  and  tasty  bakes  to  share.   Exhibi0on  curator  Omar  Kholeif  will  discuss  his  selec0on  of   -­‐To  register  for  this  event  call  0161  275  7450  or  email:   the  par0cipa0ng  ar0sts  and  his  reasons  for  offering  an   alterna0ve  presenta0on  of  the  ‘imagined’  Arab  world.       Suitable  for  all  levels.                                                        

The following  classes  take  place  at  the  venues  listed   below.  Please  contact  the  venues  for  further  informa0on   about  classes.   Hulme  Community  Garden  Centre    HCGC   Hulme  Library    HL   Kath  Locke  Centre    KL   Moss  Side  Powerhouse  Library    MSPL   St  Wilfred’s  Enterprise  Centre    SWEC   Zion  Arts  Centre    ZAC   Zion  Community  Health  and  Resource  Centre    ZCHRC       Monday   Sugar  Group,  diabe0c  support  group,  1-­‐3pm,  £1.  KLC   Silver  Surfers  Computer  Course,  for  the  over  50s,   10am-­‐12pm,  free.  KLC   Beginners  Qigong  class,  4-­‐5pm,  £3  voluntary   contribu0on.  Medita0ve  exercise  to  help  the  mind,  body   and  spirit.  KLC   Intermediate  Qigong  class,  5-­‐6pm,  £3  voluntary   contribu0on.  Medita0ve  exercise  to  help  the  mind,  body   and  spirit.  KLC   Music  Classes  with  One  Educa0on  Music,  4-­‐9pm,  ages   6-­‐18,  free  (small  registra0on  charge  –  registra0on   available  every  Monday).  ZAC   Intermediate  Ballet,  7-­‐8pm,  ages  18+,  £5.50  per  session   or  £45  for  ten  sessions.  ZAC   Intermediate  Jazz  Dance  with  Dance  MCR,  8-­‐9pm,  ages   18+,  £5.50  per  session  or  £45  for  ten  sessions.  ZAC   “Bea0ng  the  Blues”  Cogni0ve  Behavioural  Therapy   (cCBT),  2.30-­‐5.30pm.  An  8  week  computerised  course   designed  to  aid  people  affected  by  depression  and/or   anxiety.  Enquiries:  0161  226  3871.  ZCHRC       Tuesday   Flex  It  at  50,  exercise  for  the  over  50s,  12-­‐1pm,  £2  per   session.  KLC   Soca  aerobics,  women  only,  6.30-­‐7.45pm,  £3.50  adults/ £2.50  children  (50p  reduc0on  for  members).  More   informa0on  at  KLC   Social  phobia,  7-­‐9pm,  free.  Support  group.  KLC   Low  cost  homeopathy  clinic,  0mes  vary,  call  venue  for   further  informa0on.  £10  per  person  and  £1.50  per   remedy.  KLC   Drop  in  homeopathy  clinic,  6-­‐8pm.  £5  per  person.  KLC   Drama  drop  in,  4.30-­‐5.30pm,  ages  7-­‐11  years,  free.   Drama  club.  ZAC   Diamond  Palace  (Under  16s),  5.30pm  -­‐  7pm,  ages  10-­‐16   years,  free.  Diamond  Palace  Theatre  Company  works   with  young  people  to  help  engage  them  with  the   community  through  an  exci0ng  drama  and  mul0-­‐media   project  based  around  events  from  the  last  Manchester   riots.  ZAC            

Diamond Palace  Theatre  Company,  7-­‐9pm,  age  16+,  free.   Diamond  Palace  Theatre  Company  work  with  people   who  aspire  to  cause  posi0ve  change  in  the  community  by   working  on  projects  rooted  in  common  experience  and   looking  towards  posi0ve  change.  ZAC   Love  Soul  Choir,  7-­‐9pm,  ages  16+,  £20  per  month.  Love   Soul  Choir  is  a  non-­‐religious,  Pop,  Soul  and  Motown   group.  ZAC   Zion  Young  Performers  (ZYP!),  6-­‐8pm,  ages  12-­‐18,  free.   ZYP  (Zion  Young  Performers)  are  Zion  Arts  Centre's  in-­‐ house  youth  performance  group.  ZAC   Capoeira  Beginners  Course,  6.30-­‐7.30pm,  £20  for  full  4   week  course.  Course  runs  from  8th  May  un0l  19th  May.   ZAC   Floristry  Course,  10am-­‐1pm.  Gain  a  NCFE  Level  2   qualifica0on  through  this  51  hour  course.  ZCHRC   Massage,  10am-­‐1pm,  £7.50  waged/£5  unwaged.  Treat   yourself  to  a  tailor-­‐made  soothing  massage  to  take  away   your  aches  and  pains.  ZCHRC   Yoga,  6-­‐7.30pm,  dona0on.  ZCHRC   SHARE:  Self  Harm  Awareness  and  Recovery  for  Everyone,   6-­‐8pm,  free.  A  friendly  and  caring  drop-­‐in  self  help  group   that  is  open  to  everyone.  The  group  supports  people   who  are  experiencing  issues  around  self  harm.  ZCHRC       Wednesday   Family  support  “Time  Talk  Drop-­‐in”,  12-­‐1pm,  free.   Support  provided  for  expectant  parents  or  parents/ carers  of  children  aged  0-­‐5  years.  KLC   Mix  It  Up  A]erschool  Club,  4-­‐5pm,  ages  7-­‐11,  free.  Mix  It   Up  is  an  a]er  school  crea0ve  workshop  run  by   professional  ar0sts  for  children  to  learn  about  drawing,   movement,  dance,  music  and  anima0on  exploring  a   different  fun  theme  every  week.  ZAC   Break  Dancing,  5-­‐7pm,  ages  12-­‐18,  free.  5-­‐5.45pm   Beginners  and  6-­‐6.45pm  Improvers.  ZAC   Act  Up  North,  7-­‐9pm,  ages  18+.  Adult  screen  ac0ng   classes.  ZAC   Introduc0on  to  Screen  Prin0ng,  6-­‐8pm,  ages  16+,  £130   for  6  weeks.  ZAC   ASHA  Drop-­‐in,  9am-­‐5pm,  free.  Support  and  advice  for   failed  asylum  seekers,  first  come  first  served.  ZCHRC   Posi0ve  Lifestyles,  a  12  week  course  affirming  that   ‘posi0ve  living’  is  a  lifestyle  choice.  ZCHRC   Zion  Anxiety  Drop-­‐In,  1-­‐3pm,  free.  Support  for  people   living  with  any  anxiety  related  disorder.  ZCHRC   Zion  Depression  Drop-­‐In,  3-­‐5pm,  free.  Support  for  people   living  with  any  form  of  depression.  ZCHRC      

Thursday asylum  seekers,  first  come  first   Toddler  Gardening  Club,  cra]  or   served.  ZCHRC   gardening  session  aimed  at  0-­‐3   Floristry  course,  1-­‐4pm.  Gain  a   years  old,  11am-­‐12pm,  £2  per   NCFE  Level  1  qualifica0on.  ZCHRC   child  including  materials  and   S0tch  ‘n’  Bitch,  1.30-­‐3.30pm,   refreshments.  HCGC   dona0ons.  Kni}ng  and  crochet   Tiny  Tots,  10.15-­‐10.45am,  under   drop-­‐in  group  for  all  levels.  We’ll   5s,  free.  Stories,  rhymes  and   even  teach  you  how!  All  ages  and   songs.  HL   abili0es.  ZCHRC   Iyengar  Yoga,  6.30-­‐7.45pm,  £3.    “Bea0ng  the  Blues”  Cogni0ve   KLC   Behavioural  Therapy  (cCBT),   Zumba  Gold  (for  the  ac0ve  older   4.30-­‐7.30pm.  An  8  week   person),  10-­‐10.45am,  £3  per   computerised  course  designed  to   session.  KLC   aid  people  affected  by  depression   CV  and  Employment  Workshop,   and/or  anxiety.  Enquiries:  0161   11am-­‐1pm,  free.  Just  call  in  or   226  3871.  ZCHRC   telephone  Steve/Charloqe  on   Menz  health  group,  5-­‐7pm,   0161  227  3758.  MSPL   dona0on.  A  chance  for  men  to  get   West  African  drum  classes,  7-­‐9pm,  together  for  various  ac0vi0es  and   £5/£4  concs/free  for  under  16s   discussions.  ZCHRC   accompanied  by  a  paying  adult.       Learn  tradi0onal  rhythms  and   Friday   songs  in  a  friendly  and  relaxing   Brazilian  Body  Sculp,  women  only,   environment  with  an  experienced   9.30-­‐10.30am,  £2  per  session.  KLC   teacher.  Suitable  for  all  levels.   Spangles  and  Bangles,  workshop   Beginners  welcome.  All   to  make  your  own  jewellery,   instruments  provided.  For  more   3.30-­‐5pm,  £2  adults/£1  children   informa0on  contact  Craig   (accompanied  by  an  adult).  A   07910265221.  SWEC   range  of  art  and  cra]  materials   Steel  Pans  with  One  Educa0on   are  always  on  hand,  and   Music,  4.15-­‐8.45pm,  ages  8-­‐18,   refreshments  are  provided.  KLC   free.  Registra0on  available  every   Zumbalicious  –  Zumba  Fitness   Thursday.  ZAC   Class,  7-­‐8pm,  £5/£4  concs/£7.75   All  Sorts  Steel  Sessions,  4.15  -­‐   to  book  for  Thursday  and  Friday   5.15pm,  ages  12-­‐19,  free.  Steel   class.  ZAC   pan  and  music  fusion  and   Yoga,  12-­‐1pm,  free.  All  levels   experimenta0on!  ZAC   welcome  and  prac0ce  maps   Junior  Youth  Group,  5  -­‐  7pm,  ages   provided.  ZCHRC   11-­‐15,  free.  Ac0vi0es,  games  and   Women  of  the  World  drop-­‐in,   discussions.  ZAC   1-­‐4pm,  dona0on.  Get  together!   Capoeira  Angola  (Adults),   Share,  listen,  laugh  and  learn!  Free   6.30-­‐8pm,  ages  15+,  £5/£4  concs/ refreshments  provided.  Women   £2  under  18s.  ZAC   only.  ZCHRC   Photoshop  for  Beginners  Course,   Qigong,  4.30-­‐5.30pm,  £3  voluntary   6-­‐8pm,  £90  for  course.  6  week   contribu0on.  Medita0ve  exercise   course  beginning  3rd  May.  ZAC   to  help  the  mind,  body  and  spirit.   Zumbalicious  –  Zumba  Fitness   Women  only.  ZCHRC   Class,  7-­‐8pm,  £5/£4  concs/  £7.75       to  book  for  Thursday  and  Friday     class.  ZAC     ASHA  Drop-­‐in,  9am-­‐5pm,  free.     Support  and  advice  for  failed                  

Saturday Tai  Chi  Qigong,  11am-­‐12pm,  £4/£3   concs.  KLC   Street  Dance  for  Kids,   10am-­‐12pm,  open  to  children   aged  5-­‐11  years,  £2.  ZAC   Sat’dy  All  Sorts,  11am-­‐1pm,  open   to  10-­‐18  year  olds,  free.  We  are   looking  for  talented  young  people   with  an  interest  in  music  to  be   part  of  our  Sat'dy  All  Sorts  team.   We  are  looking  for  film  editors,   stage  managers,  ligh0ng   designers,  ar0sts  and  promoters   as  well  as  performers  of  all  types!   ZAC   Capoeira  Kids,  11am-­‐12pm  (ages   3-­‐8)  and  12-­‐1pm  (ages  9-­‐16),  free.   ZAC   Capoeira  Prac0ce,  12-­‐1.30pm,  age   15+,  £3  adults/kids  free.  ZAC   Hor0culture,  10am-­‐1pm.  Gain  a   NCFE  qualifica0on  through  this   course.  ZCHRC  

by Fiona  Reilly    


A list  of  community  venues,  their  contact  details  and  any   ST  WILFRED’S  ENTERPRISE  CENTRE   events  or  workshops  taking  place  can  be  found  here.       Regular  weekly  classes  can  be  found  in  a  separate  lis0ng.   St  Wilfred’s  Enterprise  Centre,  Birchvale  Close,       Manchester,  Greater  Manchester  M15  5BJ.   HULME  COMMUNITY  GARDEN  CENTRE       28  Old  Birley  Street,  Hulme,  Manchester,  M15  5RG.   ZION  ARTS  CENTRE   Telephone:  0161  227  8198.  Hulme  Community  Garden   335  Streuord  Road,  Hulme,  Manchester,  M15  5ZA.   Centre  (HCGC)  is  a  unique  community  led  inner-­‐city   Telephone:  0161  226  1912.  The  website   hor0cultural  project.  Their  mission  is  to  bring  the  local  has  more  informa0on  about  all   community  together  through  gardening.  Please  contact   workshops  and  events.    Please  contact  the  venue  for   the  venue  for  further  informa0on  and  to  confirm   further  informa0on  and  updates,  and  to  confirm  0mes   availability  of  workshop  sessions.  Further  informa0on   and  availability  of  workshop  sessions  and  events.   about  current  and  forthcoming  events  are  available  on   WORKSHOP:    Stage  Combat  Masterclass,  Friday  11th   their  website:     May,  ages  16+,  free.  Experienced  stage-­‐fighter  Kenan  Ally       delivers  a  prac0cal  workshop  where  you  will  learn  stage   Volunteers  to  help  at  Hulme  Community  Garden  Centre   combat  skills.  The  session  will  look  at  how  stage  combat   (HCGC)  are  always  welcome.  Volunteering  can  be   can  be  used  alongside  text  and  by  the  end  of  the  session   undertaken  at  any  0me,  with  hours  to  suit  you.  However   you  will  be  able  to  demonstrate  stage  combat  techniques   it  is  recommended  that  the  best  way  to  start  is  to  phone   in  performance.   HCGC  on  0161  227  8198  and  ask  for  Helene  in  order  to   WORKSHOP:  A  Taste  of  World  Dance,  Saturday  12th  May,   discuss  with  her  a  day  that  would  suit  you.     workshops  from  9.30am  -­‐  5pm,  £20  advance/£25  on  the   By  arrangement:  Therapeu0c  Hor0culture  for  adults  with   day  for  day  pass  or  £5  advance/£6  on  the  day  per   learning  difficul0es  or  those  who  wish  to  improve  their   workshop.  he  Cultural  Collage  World  Music  Fes0val  is  the   mental  wellbeing.  Call  HCGC  or  email   only  Manchester  event  to  promote  professional  world  to  arrange  a  0me.   music  from  the  city's  diverse  communi0es.  It  was  started   By  arrangement:  Training  in  food  growing  for  allotment   in  2010  by  a  voluntary  group  comprising  local  world  music   growers,  free.  Please  phone  and  speak  to  Katherine   radio  producers,  promoters  and  performers.  Zion  Arts   Moores  to  arrange  a  0me  convenient  for  you.   Centre  will  be  host  to  a  full  day  of  workshops  introducing       different  cultural  dancers  and  ar0sts  from  around  the   HULME  LIBRARY   world.     Hulme  Library,  Streuord  Road,  Hulme,  Manchester,  M15   9.30-­‐10.45  am  -­‐  Chinese  Fan  Dance  -­‐  Tutor  from  Red  Fan   5FQ.  Telephone:  0161  227  3739.  Email:   Dance  Company  The  building   11am-­‐12.15pm  -­‐  Tradi0onal  Uzbek  Dance  -­‐  Tutor:  San'at   includes  an  Adult  Educa0on  Centre  and  Nashers  Cafe.   Mahmudova     Please  contact  the  venue  for  further  informa0on.     12.45-­‐2pm  -­‐  Spanish  Flamenco  -­‐  Tutor:  Gloria  Lopez-­‐ KATH  LOCKE  CENTRE   Castejon     123  Moss  Lane  East,  Hulme,  Manchester,  Greater   2.15-­‐3.30pm  -­‐  Bachata  (Dominican  Republic)  -­‐  Tutor:   Manchester,  M15  5DD.  Telephone:    0161  455  0211.  A   Felipe  Nicanor  Reyes     variety  of  classes  and  therapies  are  available.  Free   3.45-­‐5pm  -­‐  Angolan  Kizomba  -­‐  Tutor:  Velma  Dandzo     condoms  are  available  from  recep0on  Monday  to   WORKSHOP:  Albino  Mosquito  Laboratory,  last   Saturday.  Further  informa0on  is  also  available  on  their   Wednesday  of  every  month  (May  30th,  June  27th  &  July   website:   25th),  6-­‐9pm,  ages  16+,  free.  One  of  Manchester's   hqp://­‐life-­‐centres/     foremost  video  and  film  produc0on  companies,  Albino   Various  low  cost  therapies  are  available  on  an  individual   Mosquito  are  bringing  their  unique  sense  of  crea0vity  and   basis  at  a  rate  of  £10  per  session,  including  body  massage,  experimenta0on  to  a  series  of  monthly  workshops.  These   reflexology,  and  Indian  head  massage.  Women  only   provess-­‐led  crea0ve  development  workshops  are  aimed   acupuncture  is  also  available  for  £15  per  session.  Please   at  those  who  are  looking  to  work  with  experimental  AV   contact  the  venue  for  further  informa0on  and  to  confirm   techniques  to  create  new  visual  work.  Workshops  will  be   0mes  and  availability  of  classes/therapies.   of  an  experimental  nature  and  will  culminate  in  periodical       showcasing  of  work  in  progress.     MOSS  SIDE  POWERHOUSE  LIBRARY       140  Raby  Street,  Moss  Side,  Manchester  M15  4SL.              

from DP  Theatre  Company,  with  a  cast  of  ages  ranging   WORKSHOP:    Social  Media  Surgery,  Wednesday  16th  May,   from  12-­‐50!       3-­‐5pm,  free.  Social  media  surgery  is  here  to  listen  to  what     organisa0ons  like  you,  community  organisa0ons,  want  to   EXHIBITION:  Black  Dance  in  Britain,  Photographic   achieve  through  social  media.  Places  are  free  -­‐  come  and   Exhibi0on  of  Black  Dance  in  the  UK  from  the  1930s-­‐1980s   bring  any  social  media,  experts  will  help  you  out.     by  ADAD,  12th  May  -­‐  5th  May.  Gallery  Opening  Hours:     Monday  -­‐  Friday  from  5pm-­‐9pm  and  Saturday  from   WORKSHOP:  Art  Aqack:  The  Sky's  the  Limit!  6th  -­‐  8th   10am-­‐4pm.  The  Associa0on  of  Dance  of  The  African   June,  10am  -­‐  12.30pm  (ages  7-­‐11)  or  1pm-­‐3pm  (16+),   Diaspora  (ADAD)  is  showcasing  The  Heritage  Project  in   free.  Half  Term  Ac0vity.  Your  chance  to  get  involved  with   Manchester.  It  commemorates  moments  from  Black   the  Manchester  Day  Parade  2012!  This  year  the  theme  is   Bri0sh  dance  from  the  1930's  to  the  1990's,  celebra0ng   Manchester  Heroes  -­‐  whether  it’s  every  day  people  or   some  of  the  achievements  and  contribu0ons  that  have   super  heroes!  The  week  will  involve  crea0ng  fantas0cal   been  made  to  the  Bri0sh  Dance  sector  through  a  journey   costumes,  props  and  banners  ready  for  the  big  parade!  In  that  explores  themes  from  the  early  pioneers  of  musicals   the  a]ernoon  we  are  looking  for  talented  ar0sts  and  local  to  the  cross  cultural  influences  of  Africa,  America  and  the   residents  to  gtet  involved  in  preparing  for  the  parade!     Caribbean.  Exhibi0on  Launch  Friday  12th  May,  6-­‐9pm.     Refreshments  available  and  a  chance  to  talk  to   WORKSHOP:  Mother  Hen  Storytelling,  6  Week  Course  -­‐   representa0ves  from  ADAD.   advance  booking  essen0al  -­‐  13th  June  -­‐  18th  July,  £30  for     6  weeks,  4.30  -­‐  5.30pm,  ages  4-­‐7.  'The  magical  world  of   ZION  COMMUNITY  HEALTH  AND  RESOURCE  CENTRE   mother  hen'  are  fun  and  imagina0ve  sessions  that  inspire  339  Streuord  Road,  Hulme,  Manchester,  M15  4ZY.   crea0vity  in  every  child.  Through  a  vibrant  mix  of   Telephone  0161  226  5412.  Informa0on  is  also  available   storytelling,  theatre,  music,  puppetry  and  play,  the   on  their  website:  hqp://   children  will  be  taken  on  a  different  adventure  each   On  a  daily  basis  HARP  Team  Presents:  Good  Mood  Food   week!  Together  they  will  develop  self  expression  and   Café.  Low  cost  healthy  breakfasts  and  lunches!  They  also   communica0on  skills  whilst  making  new  friends  and   provide  an  outside  catering  service  and  have  training   growing  in  confidence!     opportuni0es  for  volunteers.     DASH  Needle  Exchange:  Open  from  9.30am  daily  and   EVENT:  Word  of  Warning  presents  Olwen  Davies,  Ellie   from  1pm  on  Monday.  Free  support  and  advice  around   Harrison  &  Levantes  Dance  Theatre,  Friday  18th  May,   issues  concerning  drugs.  Confiden0al  needle  exchange   7.30pm,  £8/£5.  From  the  team  that  exploded  a  gliqer   and  condom  distribu0on.   cannon  in  a  theatre,  comes  a  monthly  night-­‐out  with  a   Free  Computer  Suite:  available  daily  from  9.30am-­‐4pm,   pick'n'mix  of  performance.  Some  old  friends,  some  new  -­‐   apart  from  Monday  when  it  is  available  from   you  may  not  know  them  yet...but  you  will!  See  website  or  9.30am-­‐2.30pm.  Browse  the  web,  CVs,  job  search  and   call  the  venue  for  further  informa0on.   training  packages  to  suit  your  needs.     EVENT:  Manchester  Glee  presents  'Saturday  Night  at  the   Urban  gym:  a  new  outdoor  gym  is  now  available  at  the   Movies',  19th  May  2012,  8-­‐9pm,  £5.  Singing  a  collec0on   Zion.  It  is  designed  for  low  impact  exercise,  their   of  obvious  and  not-­‐so-­‐obvious  hits  from  various  film   equipment  is  specialised  in  developing  your  balance,   soundtracks,  Manchester  Glee's  performance  includes  4   raising  your  cardio  and  increasing  your  flexibility.  The  gym   and  5  part  harmonies,  medleys  and  some  amazing   is  available  Mon/Weds/Fri  8.30am-­‐6pm,  Tues/Thur   choreography!  We  are,  quite  simp-­‐Glee  the  best!   8.30am-­‐8pm,  Sat  10am-­‐2pm.     First  Wednesday  of  the  month:  In-­‐house  Solicitor.  Free   EVENT:  Deep  Within  by  Ac0ng  on  Impulse,  Saturday  26th   advice  from  experienced  solicitors.  To  book  an   May,  show  starts  at  7.30pm,  £7  /  £5  concs.  Drama  from   appointment  please  contact  0161  226  5412.   the  streets:  as  real  as  it  gets.  When  newcomer  Ryan   Last  Thursday  of  the  month:  Homeopathy  for  Health,   arrives  at  the  soup  van,  he  has  to  gain  the  trust  of  the   5.30-­‐8pm,  £7.50  waged/£5  unwaged.  To  book  an   homeless  community.  But  they  soon  suspect  that  his   appointment  please  call:  0161  455  0215  or  0161  226   story  is  not  all  that  it  seems.  As  he  seeks  answers  from   5421.   the  streets  his  quest  begins  to  spiral  out  of  control  and  his   life  changes  forever.    A  mul0-­‐media  mystery  play,  set  on   the  streets  of  Manchester,  with  a  cast  from  the  homeless   and  marginalised  community.  Ac0ng  on  Impulse  is  a   charity  that  gives  a  voice  to  this  group  through  film  and   theatre.  The  play  has  been  developed  through  ideas  and   workshops  with  the  group  and  follows  their  acclaimed   performance  of  'Dream  on  the  Streets'  at  the  Zion  in   2010.            

1) Members  present:  (41)   Angelo  Kovacevic,  Angelo  Kovacevic  JR,   Ben  Mellor,  Chiara  Addis,  Chantelle  Scoq,   Chris  Middleton,  Chris0an  Klesse,  David   Redhead,  Eddie  Koehler,  Fiona  Rielly,   Geoff  Evans,  Hannah  Berry,  Jaki   Ademuyiwa,  Jamie  Redhead,  Jane   Lennard,  Janice  Bell,  Janine  James,  John   Pugh,  Julie  Roberts,  Karina  Nyananyo,   Katherine  Bird,  Keith  Underhill,  Lee   Fullwood,  Lucy  Cooper,  Luke  Hayward,   Maq  Dunning,  Miranda  Bailey,  Nickie   Withan,  Niki  Chenery,  Rachel  Davies,   Ricardo  Vilela,  Rob  Harrison,  Rob   O’Connor,  Ruth  Middleton,  Saffron   Gardenchild,  Sarah  Gilston,  Shelagh   Murphy,  Siân  Whiqon,  Simon  Parnell,   Susan  Gallagher,  Zia  James  ,     Non  Members  present:  (5)   Cathy  Boardman,  Helen  Butcher,  Kallum   Tolkien,  Tachia  Newall,  William  Cragg,     Apologies:  (7)   Andy  Barton  ,  Bindi  Foster-­‐Brown,  Fiona   Smith,  Jordan  Dobson,  Leonie  Higgins,   Lianne  Heys,  Robert  Moran,     2)  New  people.   S.Ball  and  OJ  introduced  themselves.   Helen  Butcher  indicated  her  presence.       Minutes  Of  Last  GM:   3.1)  Any  correc0ons?  -­‐  none     3.2)  Maqers  arising?  -­‐  none   Minutes  were  PASSED  as  a  true  and   correct  record  with  7  absten0ons.         4)  CommiSee  report.       5)  CommiSee  report  Ra9fica9on   The  report  was  PASSED  with  1  against   and  7  absten0ons.         6)  Finance  Report     Some  discrepancies  in  the  figures   presented  and  problems  with  the  sinking   fund  were  discussed.         7)  Accounts     The  official  audited  accounts  are  not  yet   ready.  It  may  be  necessary  to  convene  an   emergency  commiqee  mee0ng  to   approve  them         8)  Appointment  of  an  Auditor     Slade  and  cooper  were  proposed.   Approved  1  against  and  8  Absten0ons       9)  Working  group  annual  reports:   Networking  :  The  work  on  upgrading   phase  1  to  be  completed  in  September,   Networking  group  will  not  be  making  any          

mice sized  holes.   Maintenance  :  Stock    condi0on  surveys   need  to  be  worked  on  and  Lee  will   arrange  mee0ngs  with  anyone  willing  and   interested  to  work  on  it.  You  don’t  need   to  know  anything  about  maintenance  to   do  this.   There  were  no  ques0ons  to  the  other   working  Groups  reports.       10-­‐13  Reports  on  ASendance,  New   members  and  resigned  members   These  reports  were  received  with  a  few   minor  correc0ons.  A  cons0tu0onal  review   to  consider  whether  these  are  necessary.       14)  Next  GM  (AGM)  Mee9ng:  Tuesday   17th  April,  2012  @  HFC  Yard  Theatre     Next  commiSee  Mee9ng:  Wednesday  4th   April,  2012  @  Mee0ng  Room   Dead  line  for  GM  (AGM)  agenda:   Tuesday  3rd  April  2012  17:00  BST         15)  AOB     15.1  MMU   This  was  proposed  by  Katherine  Bird  who   accepted  amendments  from  Lee  Fullwood   and  Dave  Redhead       This  GM  requests  that  the  Commi1ee   write  formally  to  MMU  on  behalf  of   residents,  reques;ng  more  informa;on   and  communica;on  about  the  building   work  and  prepara;on  for  their   development  on  Birley  Fields,  specifically:       More  informa;on  about  each  stage  of  the   work  and  what  it  will  entail     Rules  about  at  what  ;mes  noisy  work  can   and  can't  start     Details  about  how  HfC  will  be   compensated  if  those  rules  are  broken   (they  will  be)     When  we  can  expect  the  resident's   parking  scheme  to  be  implemented  -­‐  we   were  assured  at  the  planning  hearing  that   this  would  be  in  place  before  building   work  started   The  le1er  should  point  out  that  noisy   work  disturbed  residents  from  7.30am  on   Saturday  3rd  March  and    16th  March  at   6.20am.       We  should  be  ask  MMU  to  'donate'  some   money  to  HfC  to  compensate  us  in   advance  for  the  disrup;on,  for  window   cleaning  and  rodent  infesta;on.    The   commi1ee  to  send  evidence  of  mice   infesta;on.            

This  was  approved  with  1  absten0on       15.2  Posterous   Ricardo  asked  for  photo  and  video   archives  of  homes  for  change  for  a   website/blog   (the  password  to  be  posted  on  Yell)       16  Elec9on  of  Working  Group   Coordinators   Membership:  1  Spoilt  paper  Quota  18   Rob  and  Siân  35   Reopen  Nomina0ons  1   Rob  and  Siân  Elected       Gardening:  1  Spoilt  paper  Quota  18   John  Pugh  35   Reopen  Nomina0ons  1   John  Pugh  Elected       Finance:  1  Spoilt  paper  Quota  18   Luke  Hayward  36   Reopen  Nomina0ons  0   Luke  Hayward  Elected       Network:  1  Spoilt  paper  Quota  18   Chris  Middleton  36   Reopen  Nomina0ons  0   Chris  Middleton  Elected       Maintenance:  1  Spoilt  paper  Quota  18   Tony  Pace  35   Reopen  Nomina0ons  1   Tony  Pace  Elected       P  and  I:     Reopen  Nomina0ons  elected  Unopposed       17  CommiSee  Elec9on     ELECTED   Angelo  Kovacevic,  Eddie  Koehler,  Janice   Bell,  Janine  James,  Lee  Fullwood,  Luke   Hayward,  Rob  Harrison,  Saffron   Gardenchild  and  Shelagh  Murphy,     Quota  was  3.4  No  spoilt  papers  34  Valid   votes  

Next Commiqee  Mee0ng  6th  June  2012    -­‐    Minutes  Shelagh   Present.  Rob  Harrison  (chair),  Shelagh  Murphy,  Eddie  Koehler,   4.  Welfare  Reform.  Housing  Benefit  restric0ons  on  larger   Luke  Hayward,  Janine   property  than  household   James,  Angelo  Kovacevic,  Lee  Fulwood,  Safron  Gardenchild.   requires.   Surrinder  Swali  (Mosscare),  Keith  Underhill  (Chair  GM),           Event  organised  for  24th  May  in  Yard  Theatre  at  6.30pm.   Apologies.  Janice  Bell.           Discussed  planning  arrangements  and  aqendance  of  commiqee   1.  Commiqee  Minutes  and  Ac0ons.  4th  April  2012.   members.  Mosscare  will  also  send  a  representa0ve.       Addi0onal  interested  people,  invited  friends  of  members,   Rob  progressed  legal  ques0ons  re  tenancies.  No  final  statement   members  of  Redbricks  are  also  welcome.   yet.   We  will  not  be  adver0sing  outside  the  co-­‐op  as  this  is  a  first   CAB  leqer  re  Gas  Supply.  No  progress.   event.   Tenancy  leqers.  Mee0ng  held  between  Sian  and  Shelagh,  report     provided  as  agenda  item.   Dave  Redhead,  Sian  Whiqon  and  Jaki  will  be  contribu0ng  and   Accounts.  Agreed  at  GM  17th  April  2012.   helping  us  all  to  understand  the  impact  of  this  act.   Recharging  tenants.  No  progress.   We  will  have  the  opportunity  to  share,  discuss  and  enquire   Facilita0on  Event.  Arranged  for  24th  May  2012.  Yard  Theatre.   implica0ons  for  member  and  for  HfC.   Advert  on  the  Big  Yeller.   Ideas  and  strategies  to  reduce  the  impact  on  debt  and  upheaval   Financial  Planning  Mee0ng.  To  be  arranged.   will  be  explored  with  recommenda0ons  for  HfC  to  persue.   MMU  leqer  sent  on  our  behalf  by  Katherine  Bird  a]er       comments  and  agreement  by  commiqee  members.   5.  Membership  Report   Ar0cles  for  the  Big  Yeller;  Conflict  of  Interest  (  in  answer  to       comments  made  by  auditors.)   Eddie  reported  that  membership  are  examining  ac0ve  and  in   Training  Day  for  Co-­‐op  and  health  and  Safety  Training  for  Lee   ac0ve  members.  Also  mesne  tenants.   Training  for  Co-­‐op  Secretary  training  for  Shelagh   Keith  is  conduc0ng  an  cons0tu0onal  review  which  in  some       places  overlaps  with  membership  requirements.   2.  Leqers  to  Tenants.           Issues  of  sub  le}ng  and  not  living  in  HfC  rented  flat  has  raised    Ini0al  report  for  commiqee  discussion  was  provided  by  Sian   issues  of  legality;  especially  if  HB  is  involved.   and  Shelagh.       Surrinder  represen0ng  Mosscare  took  a  full  part  in  commen0ng   Request  for  extended  leave  of  absence,  addi0onal  6  months  for   on  issues  raised.   Leila  Paine,  agreed  a]er  a  vote.   Everyone  had  a  contribu0on  to  make  .       The  conclusion  being  that  issues  1-­‐6  could  be  progressed  at   AOB.   mee0ng  with  Lorraine  at  Mosscare  offices  on  8th  May  2012.         Items  7  and  8  to  be  further  discussed  within  membership  and   Lee  enquired  at  Co-­‐op  purchasing  a  projector.  Janine  has   a]er  legal  advice.   offered  projector  to  co-­‐op  requires  bulbs.       P&I  may  also  be  discussing  this  at  their  mee0ng,  needs  to  be   Report  will  be  made  available  on  yell.   progressed.           3.  Mosscare  Report.     Event  on  24th  May  agreed  budget  of  £30  for  hot  &  cold  drinks       basic  food/sanwiches.   Surrinder  gave  report  showing  total  arrears  of  £21.552.53.       Top  ten  arrears  £10.708.11  slight  increase  of  £267.62   Complaints.   One  NTQ  has  been  served  and  will  be  reviewed  next  month.  6th       June  2012.   Court  Ac0on  on  8th  June  will  be  considered  at  next  mee0ng  6th   All  other  tenants  have  agreements  in  place  or  Housing  Benefit   June  with  full  reports  available.   pending.                                    

General Mee0ng     Minutes  17  April,  2012  

          Chair:  Keith  Underhill   Minutes:  Shelagh  Murphy/Keith  Underhill               1)  Members  present:  Angelo  Kovacevic,  Chris0an  Klesse,     2)  David  Dunlop,  David  Redhead,  Eddie  Koehler,  John                  Pugh,  Julie  Roberts,  Katherine  Bird,  Keith  Underhill,    Lee  Fullwood,  Lianne  Heys,  Rob  Harrison,    Saffron  Gardenchild,  Sarah  Gilston,  Shelagh  Murphy,  Sian  Whiqon          Apologies:  Allan  Kelly,  Alex  Buckley,  Angelo  Kovacevic  JR,  Chiara   Addis,  Chantelle  Scoq,  Helen  Butcher,  Jaki                  Ademuyiwa,  Jamie  Redhead,  Jonny  Tasker,  Louise  Wallwein,   Luke  Whitehead,  Maq  Dunning,  Nickie                  Withan           Non  Members  present:          Cathy  Boardman,  Kallum  Tolkien,  Lee  Antley,  Tachia  Newall,   William  Cragg             2)  New  people.  Cathy  Boardman,  Kallum  Tolkien  and  Tachia  Newall   introduced  themselves.                               3)  Minutes  Of  Last  GM:   3.1)  Any  correc0ons?  -­‐  none                          Minutes  were  PASSED  as  a  true  and  correct  record   with  1  absten0on.         3.2)  Maqers  arising?    none               4)  Commiqee  report.          No  ques0ons       5)  Commiqee  report  Ra0fica0on          The  report  was  PASSED  with  1  absten0on.                     6)  Next  Mee0ng  Tuesday  15th  May  2012               7)  Accounts.    A  number  of  ques0ons  were  asked.  Including  concern   that  the  interest  received  was  so  low.  This  to      be  looked  at  by  the   finance  working  group.                        The  accounts  were  accepted  unanimously.                 8)  Summer  event  –  it  was  suggested  that  events  groups  should   meet  and  put  some  op0ons  to  vote  on.  Perhaps  we  should  have  a   survey.  A  September  event  was  suggested.               9)  Publicity  and  Informa0on  by-­‐elec0on:  There  were  no  Candidates         Closed  Session         10  Cathy  Boardman,  Kallum  Tolkien  and  Tachia  Newall  were   elected  to  membership.    The  mee0ng  finished  at  19:11          

Prospec9ve Members       Surgery  is  from  6.00pm  to  6.30pm   and  is  for  prospec9ve  members  to   get  any  support  and  advice  about   becoming  a  member  of  the  co-­‐op.               1.          Members  present,  apologies,   non-­‐members  present       2.          Introduc9on  of  new  people       3.          Minutes  of  Last  GM          3.1.    Any  correc9ons          3.2.    MaSers  arising       4.          CommiSee  report             5.          Ra9fica9on  of  commiSee  report             6.          Date,  9me  and  venue  of  next   mee9ng             7.            Any  other  business  (to  be  given   to  the  chair  before  mee9ng  starts)       8.          Publicity  and  Informa9on   Coordinator  By-­‐elec9on          Closed  session             9.        Other  closed  session  business  

HOMES FOR CHANGE Aims & Objectives The idea of the Homes For Change Co op is to create an asset that will be owned and controlled by the community not by people remote from the area who do not necessarily act in its interests. As with the old ‘Co-op’ it is by creating mutually controlled assets for future generations that ordinary people can create something over generations of such size as to be able to compete on equal terms with the big players.



To create a viable alternative to individual home ownership

To create model for urban development appropriate to the rebuilding of British cities • 

To develop a building with a mix of uses, active throughout the day


To maximize the community’s control over its environment


To create a community owned asset as the basis for future developments


To produce a supportive, safe and secure environment for people of all ages


To replace reliance on experts with self-reliance, skill sharing and training • 

To maximize the environmentally sustainable of the development by incorporating current best practice in green building


To promote radical design and to demonstrate that architecture for communities can be exciting • 



To create a beacon for what is possible for disenfranchised communities

To create affordable accommodation based on communal benefit rather than individual profit.

To provide a supportive environment for local business to stimulate local economic activity and employment



To support the non-traditional lifestyles which have traditionally thrived in the area To actively support more vulnerable sections of the community


tby may 2012  
tby may 2012