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INDEX:   H4c  mee-ngs  02   The  big  yeller  deadline  02   Useful  phone  numbers  02   Bulky  waster  03   Proposed  rent  rise  03   Rents  chart  04   In  the  neighborhood  04   No-ce  of  elec-on  11   GM  minutes  12   CommiLee  minutes  13   GM  Agenda  14   Fizz  15     Contacts  16   !

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commiQee mee9ngs   member’s  room     @    6:30pm  





8 7   4   February  

general mee9ngs     the  yard  theatre     @    6:30pm  

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To add  an  item  to  the  General  Mee-ng  Agenda  please  email  the  item  to   be  added  to   All  ar-cles  to  be  emailed  to   Before  5:00  pm  on..….……...  


 Useful Contact Numbers  Rents  -­‐  Louise  Delfinis  at  Mosscare  tel:   0161  226  4211     Membership  -­‐  Joint  Co-­‐ordinators  Sian   and  Rob;     Finance  group  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Luke     Publicity  &  informa9on  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator   Niki;  Flat  102;   publicityinforma-on@homesforchange.c     Networking  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Joey,  

Maintenance -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator  Tony,  Flat   G04;  07983  272  513;  



Improvements -­‐  Shelagh,  Flat  222   Security,  Health  &  Safety  -­‐  Co-­‐ordinator   Lee,  Flat  103;  07990  956629;     Keys  and  fobs  -­‐  Nicola  Flat  G03   Repairs  officers  are  listed  on  the  repair   form.     All  boilers  and  minor  hea9ng,   plumbing  or  electrical  call  Didsbury   Plumbing  and  Hea-ng  on  0161  434  9455   8am–5pm,  emergency  only  07912   206490    

Other emergency  numbers  :     Lee  Flat  103  07990  956629  or     Nicola  07800  796099   Lib  breakdown  phone  number     0800  181  363      

is rt  to  do  th 61   o p s n a r t   ot  have ll  on  01 If  you  do  n Environment  on  Ca   ll    get  to  do ly n o   u o you  can  ca y   r Remembe 954  9000.   ear!    a  y this  twice   trying  to     ulky e b r   a   ’s a il c n n io u     nd  F e  co ment  Jo  a on  Call,  th nger  collect   o   he   t m n   e e h m t   n t o A ent  with  t  lo m o e  Envir n g l   n il a w r r ,   s a ector e  to  an    building   ure  etc   e m it h o n t r c   u f m / o waste  coll e r f t   s ess  so    pick  up unts  of  wa each   council  to rly  but  with  no  succ large  amo ding.  Due  to  cuts,   uil ore  regula  two   e m iv e from  the  b c e r    may  only far.   s  per   household ar  (3  item e y   a    outside   s g n in o h t c y   e   n ll a   co eave ).   k  up  with   ase  do   e  do  not  l ic s le p a   p   d le c t e P g e   n e collec-on a r itu e  arr ur   e  any  furn tside  the  building   ss  you  hav elf.  Please  leave  yo le n u If  you  hav u ods  you    the   il  yours  items  o o c e in g n   h h t y u   it n o e c w a v       t a e n i   e h o l   p t um ote not   er  and  a  n t  is   k  gate  or  d I b c .   a m h b u   it n e   w h t l   t a   a r fl nea to  de or  others    the   f   d n u o p leave.   com ibility  of s n o p s   e s r   m   e  ite now  the remove  th   o t   r e ld o househ s.   themselve    


PROPOSED RENT RISE   The  board  would  like  to  recommend  that  the  General  Mee-ng  accepts   a  3  %  rise  in  rents  next  year  and  a  5.6  %  rise  in  the  service  charge  for   water.       The  3  %  rise  in  rents  is  well  below  the  level  of  infla-on  (the  retail  price   index  annual  percentage  change  stands  at  5.6  %)  and  would  allow  for   use  to  have  a  minimum  net  income  for  the  year  of  £53,000  in  line  with   our  business  plan  and  would  allow  for  a  con-ngency  fund  which  could   be  used  for  unexpected  expenses,  improvements  and  to  add  to  the   sinking  fund,  so  we  won't  have  to  borrow  as  much  in  years  to  come   when  we  need  to  replace  the  roof.       See  the  figures  overleaf.    

The 3  %  rise  in  rents  is  well  below  the  level   of  infla-on  (the  retail  price  index  annual   percentage  change  stands  at  5.6  %)  and   would  allow  for  use  to  have  a  minimum  net   income  for  the  year  of  £53,000  in  line  with   our  business  plan  and  would  allow  for  a   con-ngency  fund  which  could  be  used  for   unexpected  expenses,  improvements  and   to  add  to  the  sinking  fund,  so  we  won't   have  to  borrow  as  much  in  years  to  come   when  we  need  to  replace  the  roof.     See  the  figures  below:       The  water  service  charge  has  to  rise  by  the   level  of  infla-on  to  ensure  members  pay  for   it.  According  to  calcula-ons  from  United   U-li-es  we  will  need  to  raise  about  £25,000   this  year.     -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐    

IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD What’s on  in  Hulme      

HULME COMMUNITY GARDEN CENTRE 28 Old  Birley  Street,  Hulme,  Manchester,   M15  5RG.  Telephone:  0161  227  8198.     Hulme  Community  Garden  Centre  (HCGC)  is   a  unique  community  led  inner-­‐city   hor-cultural  project.  Their  mission  is  to   bring  the  local  community  together  through   gardening.        

As a  not-­‐for-­‐profit  organisa-on  they  provide   low-­‐cost  plants  to  the  local  community  but     are  foremost  a  volunteer  and  educa-on  hub   promo-ng  hor-cultural  and  sustainability   issues  to  schools,  colleges,  the  local   community  and  wider  public.  Please  contact   the  venue  for  further  informa-on  and  to   confirm  availability  of  workshop  sessions.   Further  informa-on  about  current  and   forthcoming  events  are  available  on  their   website:     Volunteers  to  help  at  Hulme  Community   Garden  Centre  (HCGC)  are  always  welcome.   Volunteering  can  be  undertaken  at  any  -me,   with  hours  to  suit  you.  However  it  is   recommended  that  the  best  way  to  start  is  to   phone  HCGC  on  0161  227  8198  and  ask  for   Helene  in  order  to  discuss  with  her  a  day  that   would  suit  you.  Their  principal  volunteers’  days   are  Wednesday  11am-­‐4pm  and  Thursday   2-­‐4pm.  However  they  can  also  offer  Friday,   Saturday  or  Sunday,  depending  on  the   supervision  required.   By  arrangement:  Therapeu-c  Hor-culture  for   adults  with  learning  difficul-es  or  those  who   wish  to  improve  their  mental  wellbeing.  Call   HCGC  or  email  to   arrange  a  -me.   By  arrangement:  Training  in  food  growing  for   allotment  growers,  free.  Please  phone  and   speak  to  Katherine  Moores  to  arrange  a  -me   convenient  for  you.   Thursdays:  Toddler  Gardening  Club,  crab  or   gardening  session  aimed  at  0-­‐3  years  old,   11am-­‐12pm,  £2  per  child  including  materials   and  refreshments.   HCGC  will  be  closed  from  Friday  23rd   December  2011  and  will  reopen  to  the  public   on  Monday  16th  January  2012.    building  includes  an  Adult  Educa-on  Centre   and  Nashers  Cafe.  The  library  provides  many   services:  African-­‐Caribbean  collec-on,  books   for  loan,  books  for  loan  in  Urdu,  CDs  for  loan,   children's  DVDs,  compu-ng  facili-es,   computer  trainer,    


Hulme Library,  Streuord  Road,  Hulme,   Manchester,  M15  5FQ.  Telephone:  0161   227  3739.  Email:  The   employment  and  training  advice,   exhibi-on  space,  fax,  health  informa-on   point,  internet  access,  language  courses  for   loan,  local  studies  collec-on,  mee-ng   room,  newspapers  and  magazines,   photocopying,  talking  books  for  loan.   Please  contact  the  venue  for  further   informa-on.     Thursdays  (term  -me  only):  Tiny  Tots,   10.15-­‐10.45am,  under  5s,  free.  Stories,   rhymes  and  songs.      


123 Moss  Lane  East,  Hulme,  Manchester,   Greater  Manchester,  M15  5DD.  Telephone:     0161  455  0211.  A  variety  of  classes  and   therapies  are  available.  Free  condoms  are   available  from  recep-on  Monday  to   Saturday.  Further  informa-on  is  also   available  on  their  website:   hLp://­‐life-­‐ centres/     Mondays:  Sugar  Group,  diabe-c  support   group,  1-­‐3pm,  £1.   Mondays:  Silver  Surfers  Computer  Course,   for  the  over  50s,  10am-­‐12pm,  free.   Mondays  (from  23rd  January):  Beginners   Qigong  class,  4-­‐5pm,  £3  voluntary   contribu-on.  Medita-ve  exercise  to  help   the  mind,  body  and  spirit.   Mondays  (from  23rd  January):  Intermediate   Qigong  class,  5-­‐6pm,  £3  voluntary   contribu-on.  Medita-ve  exercise  to  help   the  mind,  body  and  spirit.   Tuesdays:  Time  Out  Tuesdays,  relaxa-on   class  drop  in,  4-­‐5pm,  free.        

Tuesdays: Flex  It  at  50,  exercise  for  the  over   50s,  12-­‐1pm,  £2  per  session.   Tuesdays:  Soca  aerobics,  women  only,   6.30-­‐7.45pm,  £4.50/£3.50  concs/£2.50   children  (50p  reduc-on  for  members).   More  informa-on  at   Tuesdays:  Social  phobia,  7-­‐9pm,  free.   Support  group.   Tuesdays:  Low  cost  homeopathy  clinic,   -mes  vary,  call  venue  for  further   informa-on.  £10  per  person  and  £1.50  per   remedy.   Tuesdays:  Drop  in  homeopathy  clinic,   6-­‐8pm.  £5  per  person.       Thursdays:  Iyengar  Yoga,  6.30-­‐7.45pm,  first   session  is  free,  subsequent  sessions  £3.   Thursdays:  Zumba  Gold  (for  the  ac-ve   older  person),  10-­‐10.45am,  £3  per  session.       Fridays:  Brazilian  Body  Sculp,  women  only,   9.30-­‐10.30am,  £2  per  session.   Fridays:  Spangles  and  Bangles,  workshop  to   make  your  own  jewellery,  3.30-­‐5pm,  £2   adults/£1  children  (accompanied  by  an   adult).  A  range  of  art  and  crab  materials   are  always  on  hand,  and  refreshments  are   provided.  The  club  is  a  good  way  to  meet   people  in  a  safe  and  suppor-ve   environment,  learn  a  new  skill,  have  some   fun  and  feel  good  about  yourself.       Saturdays:  Tai  Chi  Qigong,  11am-­‐12pm,   £4/£3  concs.       Various  low  cost  therapies  are  available  on   an  individual  basis  at  a  rate  of  £10  per   session,  including  body  massage,   reflexology,  and  Indian  head  massage.   Women  only  acupuncture  is  also  available   for  £15  per  session.  Please  contact  the   venue  for  further  informa-on  and  to   confirm  -mes  and  availability  of  classes/ therapies.    


The next  local  police  surgery  will  be  held   at  Binary  Bar,  Arundel  Street,  St  Georges   Island,  Hulme  on  Thursday  26th  January   between  6-­‐7pm.   Phone  0161  872  5050  for  general  enquiries,   to  report  a  non-­‐emergency  incident  or  to   check  for  -mes  and  venues  of  other  police   surgeries  in  Hulme/Moss  Side.  Other  -mes   and  venues  of  police  surgeries  available  on   their  website:  –  Your   Neighbourhood  –  Metropolitan  –  Moss   Side  and  Hulme  –  Hulme  –  Upcoming   Mee-ngs.        


St Wilfred’s  Enterprise  Centre,  Birchvale   Close,  Manchester,  Greater  Manchester   M15  5BJ.       Thursdays:  West  African  drum  classes,   7-­‐9pm,  £5/£4  concs/free  for  under  16s   accompanied  by  a  paying  adult  .  Learn   tradi-onal  rhythms  and  songs  in  a  friendly   and  relaxing  environment  with  an   experienced  teacher.  Suitable  for  all  levels.   Beginners  welcome.  All  instruments   provided.  For  more  informa-on  contact   Craig  07910265221.        


335 Streuord  Road,  Hulme,  Manchester,   M15  5ZA.  Telephone:  0161  226  1912.   Website:    A  variety  of   workshops  and  events  are  available.  Please   contact  the  venue  for  further  informa-on   and  updates,  and  to  confirm  -mes  and   availability  of  workshop  sessions  and   events.    

Mondays: Music  Classes  with  One   Educa-on  Music,  4-­‐9pm,  ages  6-­‐18,  free   (small  registra-on  charge  –  registra-on   available  every  Monday).  One  Educa-on   Music  aims  to  increase  accessibility  and   inclusion  for  all  children  and  young  people   to  partake  in  Music  ac-vi-es.  Every   Monday  they  run  a  selec-on  of  music   classes  including:  Polkadots  (nursery  age   music  classes)  from  4pm,  African  Level   Drumming  from  4pm,  Soul  Choir  (beginner)   from  4pm,  Soul  Choir  (intermediate)  from   6.30pm,  Manchester  Central  String   Orchestra  from  5.45pm,  Manchester  Youth   String  Orchestra  from  7pm,  Manchester   Youth  Stage  Band  from  5pm  (alternate   weeks)  and  Manchester  Youth  Wind   Orchestra  from  7pm  (alternate  weeks).   Tui-on  classes  are  also  available  for  a  fee   and  include:  keyboard,  guitar  and  lower   strings.   Mondays:  Intermediate  Ballet,  7-­‐8pm,  ages   18+,  £5.50  per  session  or  £45  for  ten   sessions.  This  class  is  perfect  for  people   who  used  to  dance  when  they  were   younger  and  great  for  physically  fit  people   who  have  never  done  ballet  before  but   always  wanted  to  learn  -­‐  must  be  up  for  a   challenge!!    Age  range  18  yrs  +.    We  do  not   follow  one  specific  syllabus  but  the  style  of   ballet  is  a  mix  of  RAD  and  Vaganova.       Mondays:  Intermediate  Modern  Jazz  Dance   with  Dance  MCR,  8-­‐9pm,  ages  18+,  £5.50   per  session  or  £45  for  ten  sessions.  This   class  involves  a  thorough  warm  up  focusing   on  building  stamina,  flexibility  and  core   strength.    This  is  followed  by  technique   training,  corner  work,  learning  short   sequences  of  movement  and  ends  with   learning  a  rou-ne  to  a  variety  of  different   styles  of  music  which  we  build  upon  each   week.          

Tuesdays: Drama  drop  in,  4.30-­‐5.30pm,   open  to  7-­‐11  year  olds,  free.  Are  you   interested  in  drama  and  can  you  see   yourself  performing  on  the  big  stage?  Then   Zion  needs  your  talents  at  the  Drama  Drop   In.  This  drama  club  is  a  great  way  to  make   new  friends,  build  confidence  and  improve   ac-ng  and  performance  skills.   Tuesdays:  Love  Soul  Choir,  7-­‐9pm,  ages   16+.  Love  Soul  Choir  is  a  non-­‐religious,  Pop,   Soul  and  Motown  group.  To  join,  apply   online  at  to   receive  a  friendly  open  audi-on  which  will   allow  you  to  show  your  passion  for  singing!   Tuesdays  (from  17th  January):  Beginners   Contemporary  Dance,  6.30-­‐7,30pm,  age   16+,  £6.  Ten  week  course  led  by   professional  dancer  Julia  Griffin,  the   Beginners  Contemporary  Dance  Class  is  a   great  opportunity  for  those  who  really   want  to  try  out  contemporary  dance  for   the  first  -me  or  want  to  refresh  skills  learnt   in  the  past!  Learn  how  to  co-­‐ordinate   dance  and  movement  into  a  freedom  of   physical  expression!     Tuesdays  (from  17th  January):  Advanced   Contemporary  Dance,  age  16+,  £7.  Ten   week  course  led  by  professional  dancer   Julia  Griffin,  the  Advanced  Contemporary   Dance  Class  is  a  great  opportunity  for  those   who  have  had  experienced  contemporary   dance  and  are  looking  to  push  themselves   both  physically  and  crea-vely!  Learn  how   to  co-­‐ordinate  dance  and  movement  into  a   freedom  of  physical  expression  and   exer-on!     Tuesdays  (from  17th  January):    Zion  Young   Performers  (ZYP!),  6-­‐8pm,  ages  12-­‐18,  free.   ZYP  (Zion  Young  Performers)  are  Zion  Arts   Centre's  in-­‐house  youth  performance   group.  A  theatre  company  for  12-­‐18  year   olds  offering  opportuni-es  to  develop  sklills   in  drama,  music  &  dance,  to  take  part  in   masterclasses  with  industry  professionals   and  to  be  in  our  annual  full  company   produc-on  in  a  professional  theatre!  

Wednesdays: Mix  It  Up  Aberschool  Club,   4-­‐5pm,  ages  7-­‐11,  free.  Mix  it  Up  is  an  aber   school  crea-ve  workshop  run  by   professional  ar-sts  designed  so  that   children  learn  about  drawing,  movement,   dance,  music  and  anima-on  exploring  a   different  theme  every  week.   Wednesdays:  Break  Dancing,  5-­‐7pm,  ages   12-­‐18,  free.  5-­‐5.45pm  Beginners  and   6-­‐6.45pm  Improvers.  Break  dancing  is  a   form  of  hip  hop  dancing  many  people  enjoy   watching,  with  its  fast-­‐paced  moves  and   athle-c  spins.  Break  dancing  moves  take   -me  and  prac-ce  to  master  and  need   fitness,  flexibility  and  strength.  Get  a  head   start  and  start  studying  at  Zion,  with  Jus-n   a  local  break  dancing  champion.     Wednesdays:  Act  Up  North,  7-­‐9pm,  ages   18+.  Adult  screen  ac-ng  classes  looking  at   ac-ng  on  and  off  camera  split  into  4  week   modules.  This  course  allows  the   inexperienced  screen  actor  to  develop  and   progress  as  well  as  those  who  have  had   some  experience.  Entry  by  audi-on  with   one  free  trial  class.   Wednesdays  (from  2nd  February):   Introduc-on  to  Screen  Prin-ng,  6-­‐8pm,   ages  16+,  £130  for  6weeks  (only  8  places  so   book  fast!).  Explore  the  technique  of   se{ng  onto  silk  screens  using  the   photosensi-ve.  Learn  how  to  use  your  own   dedsigns/drawings  and  transform  these   into  screen  prints.  There  will  be  a  range  of   fabric,  papers,  card  and  T-­‐shirts  for  you  to   use  and  you  get  to  take  home  whatever   wonderful  crea-ons  you  make!     Thursdays:  Steel  Pans  with  One  Educa-on   Music,  4-­‐9pm,  ages  8-­‐18,  free.  Registra-on   available  every  Thursday.  One  Educa-on   Music  aims  to  increase  accessibility  and   inclusion  for  all  children  and  young  people   to  partake  in  Music  ac-vi-es          

. Every  Thursday  One  Educa-on  Music   provides  free  steel  pans  sessions  for   children  of  all  ages  and  abili-es:  Steel   Orchestra  Level  1/2  :  4.15pm-­‐5.15pm   (Beginner),  Steel  Orchestra  Level  2/3  :   5.15pm-­‐6.30pm  (Intermediate)  and   Manchester  Youth  Steel  Pan  Orchestra  :   6.30pm-­‐8.45pm  (Advanced).     Thursdays:    Capoeira  Angola  (Adults),   6.30-­‐8pm,  ages  15+,  £5/£4  concs/£2  under   18s.  Capoeira  Angola  is  a  rich  cultural  art   form  that  originated  with  African  slaves   who  were  taken  to  Brazil.  It  incorporates   elements  of  fight,  dance,  self-­‐expression,   playful  game,  music,  singing  and  rituals.   The  class  is  led  by  the  established  Capoeira   organisa-on,  Capoeira  Manchester,  and  is   a  great  way  to  get  in  shape  and  meet  new   people.   Fridays:  Zumbalicious  –  Zumba  Fitness   Class,  7-­‐8pm,  £5/£4  concs.  Zumba  Fitness  is   a  la-n  inspired  dance  fitness  class  for  all   levels.  Don't  worry  if  you  have  2,  4  or  even   7  leb  feet  -­‐  just  come  along  and  party!  It  is   a  funky,  fun,  sexy,  high  energy  fitness   session  that  will  help  you  to  lose  weight,   gain  confidence  and  will  leave  you  feeling   100%  energised!     Saturdays:  Street  Dance  for  Kids,   10am-­‐12pm,  open  to  children  aged  5-­‐11   years,  £2.  Do  you  see  yourself  as  the  next   Diversity  or  George  Sampson?  Are  you  a   fan  of  the  'Step  Up'  films?  Na-onal   championship  dancer  Naomi  can  help  you   perfect  your  coordina-on,  rhythm,  dance   and  urban  style.  Each  Saturday  come  down,   keep  fit  and  have  fun!        

Saturdays: Sat’dy  All  Sorts,  11am-­‐1pm,   open  to  10-­‐18  year  olds,  free.  Come  and   express  yourself  with  Sat'dy  All  Sorts!  We   are  looking  for  talented  young  people  with   an  interest  in  music  to  be  part  of  our  Sat'dy   All  Sorts  team.  We  are  looking  for  film   editors,  stage  managers,  ligh-ng  designers,   ar-sts  and  promoters  as  well  as  performers   of  all  types!  No  previous  experience   necessary,  come  and  learn  from  our  team   of  industry  professionals  and  be  part  of   something  exci-ng!     Saturdays:    Capoeira  Kids,  11am-­‐12pm   (ages  3-­‐8)  and  12-­‐1pm  (ages  9-­‐16),  free.   Capoeira  Angola  is  a  rich  cultural  art  form   that  originated  with  African  slaves  who   were  taken  to  Brazil.  A  social,  physical   ac-vity  that  is  fun,  playful,  exci-ng  and   educa-onal.  Sessions  include  movement,   dance,  playing  music,  singing  and  learning   about  Brazil.     Saturdays:  Capoeira  Prac-ce,  12-­‐1.30pm,   age  15+,  £3  adults/kids  free.  Capoeira   Prac-ce  is  a  chance  for  students  from  the   adults  and  kids  classes  to  share  what  they   have  learnt  and  prac-ce  in  a  friendly  and   suppor-ve  environment.  Capoeira  Angola   is  a  rich  cultural  art  form  that  originated   with  African  slaves  who  were  taken  to   Brazil.  It  incorporates  elements  of  fight,   dance,  self-­‐expression,  playful  game,   music,  singing  and  rituals.  The  class  is  led   by  the  established  Capoeira  organisa-on,   Capoeira  Manchester,  and  is  a  great  way  to   get  in  shape  and  meet  new  people.   EVENT:    Souvenir  D'Anne  Frank,  £10/£5   Concessions.  Special  rates  for   group  bookings  (contact  0161  236   2533/6662).  Performance  dates  and  -mes:   Preview:  Saturday  21st  January  at  7.30pm   (all  seats  £4),  Premiere:  Friday  27th  January   at  7.30pm  (Holocaust  Memorial  Day),  2nd  -­‐   4th  February  (ma-nee  performances  at   1pm,  evening  performances  at  7.30pm).      

A young  Japanese  girl  journeys  into  a   magical  landscape  of  dreams  and   memories  inspired  by  Anne  Frank's  diary  in   the  opening  tour  of  this  original  piece  of   theatre  celebra-ng  the  life  of  Anne  Frank.   East  and  West  are  drawn  together  through   live  music,  songs,  stories  and  words  from   Anne's  extraordinary  diary.      


339 Streuord  Road,  Hulme,  Manchester,   M15  4ZY.  Telephone  0161  226  5412.   Informa-on  is  also  available  on  their   website:  hLp://   On  a  daily  basis  HARP  Team  Presents:  Good   Mood  Food  Café.  Low  cost  healthy   breakfasts  and  lunches!  They  also  provide   an  outside  catering  service  and  have   training  opportuni-es  for  volunteers.   DASH  Needle  Exchange:  Open  from  9.30am   daily  and  from  1pm  on  Monday.  Free   support  and  advice  around  issues   concerning  drugs.  Confiden-al  needle   exchange  and  condom  distribu-on.     Free  Computer  Suite:  available  daily  from   9.30am-­‐4pm,  apart  from  Monday  when  it  is   available  from  9.30am-­‐2.30pm.  Browse  the   web,  CVs,  job  search  and  training  packages   to  suit  your  needs.     Urban  gym:  a  new  outdoor  gym  is  now   available  at  the  Zion.  It  is  designed  for  low   impact  exercise,  their  equipment  is   specialised  in  developing  your  balance,   raising  your  cardio  and  increasing  your   flexibility.  The  gym  is  available  Mon/Weds/ Fri  8.30am-­‐6pm,  Tues/Thur  8.30am-­‐8pm,   Sat  10am-­‐2pm.    

Monday: “Bea-ng  the  Blues”  Cogni-ve   Behavioural  Therapy  (cCBT),  2.30-­‐5.30pm.   An  8  week  computerised  course  designed   to  aid  people  affected  by  depression  and/ or  anxiety.  Enquiries:  0161  226  3871.   Tuesday:  Floristry  Course,  10am-­‐1pm.  Gain   a  NCFE  Level  2  qualifica-on  through  this  51   hour  course.     Tuesday:  Massage,  10am-­‐1pm,  £7.50   waged/£5  unwaged.  Treat  yourself  to  a   tailor-­‐made  soothing  massage  to  take  away   your  aches  and  pains.     Tuesday:  Yoga,  6-­‐7.30pm,  dona-on.   Tuesday:  SHARE:  Self  Harm  Awareness  and   Recovery  for  Everyone,  6-­‐8pm,  free.  A   friendly  and  caring  drop-­‐in  self  help  group   that  is  open  to  everyone.  The  group   supports  people  who  are  experiencing   issues  around  self  harm.   Wednesday:  ASHA  Drop-­‐in,  9am-­‐5pm,  free.   Support  and  advice  for  failed  asylum   seekers,  first  come  first  served.   Wednesday:  Posi-ve  Lifestyles,  a  12  week   course  affirming  that  ‘posi-ve  living’  is  a   lifestyle  choice.   Wednesday:  Zion  Anxiety  Drop-­‐In,  1-­‐3pm,   free.  Support  for  people  living  with  any   anxiety  related  disorder.   Wednesday:  Zion  Depression  Drop-­‐In,   3-­‐5pm,  free.  Support  for  people  living  with   any  form  of  depression.   Thursday:  ASHA  Drop-­‐in,  9am-­‐5pm,  free.   Support  and  advice  for  failed  asylum   seekers,  first  come  first  served.   Thursday:  Floristry  course,  1-­‐4pm.  Gain  a   NCFE  Level  1  qualifica-on.   Thursday:  S-tch  ‘n’  Bitch,  1.30-­‐3.30pm,   dona-ons.  Kni{ng  and  crochet  drop-­‐in   group  for  all  levels.  We’ll  even  teach  you   how!  All  ages  and  abili-es.   Thursday:  “Bea-ng  the  Blues”  Cogni-ve   Behavioural  Therapy  (cCBT),  4.30-­‐7.30pm.          

An  8  week  computerised  course  designed   to  aid  people  affected  by  depression  and/ or  anxiety.  Enquiries:  0161  226  3871.   Thursday  (from  January):  Menz  health   group,  5-­‐7pm,  dona-on.  A  chance  for  men   to  get  together  for  various  ac-vi-es  and   discussions.   Friday:  Yoga,  12-­‐1pm,  free.  All  levels   welcome  and  prac-ce  maps  provided.   Friday:  Women  of  the  World  drop-­‐in,   1-­‐4pm,  dona-on.  Get  together!  Share,   listen,  laugh  and  learn!  Free  refreshments   provided.  Women  only.   Friday  (from  20th  January):  Qigong,   4.30-­‐5.30pm,  £3  voluntary  contribu-on.   Medita-ve  exercise  to  help  the  mind,  body   and  spirit.  Women  only.   Saturday:  Hor-culture,  10am-­‐1pm.  Gain  a   NCFE  qualifica-on  through  this  course.   First  Wednesday  of  the  month:  In-­‐house   Solicitor.  Free  advice  from  experienced   solicitors.  To  book  an  appointment  please   contact  0161  226  5412.   Last  Thursday  of  the  month:  Homeopathy   for  Health,  5.30-­‐8pm,  £7.50  waged/£5   unwaged.  To  book  an  appointment  please   call:  0161  455  0215  or  0161  226  5421.    

At the  May  mee-ng  Chantelle  ScoL  was  elected   she  resigned  in  January  see  below   There  is  1  vacancy  on  the  commiLee       Elec-ons  for  the  following  were  elected  at  the   In  order  to  be  a  candidate  for  the  commiLee  you   must  fill  in  and  sign  the  nomina-on  form  below   AGM   (If  you  do  not  wish  to  spoil  your  newsleLer  a   piece  of  paper  with  the  same  or  similar  words  will     be  acceptable).  You  must  be  a  member  to  be  a   Maintenance                            Tony  Pace   candidate  for  elec-on  to  the  commiLee.   Gardening                                                      John  Pugh       Publicity  and  informa-on    Niki  Chenery   If  you  wish  to  be  a  candidate  for  the  commiLee   Network                                                        Chris  Middleton   elec-ons  and  you  cannot  aLend  the  elec-on  at   Membership                            Sian  and  Rob     the  GM  you  must  fill  in  and  sign  the  form  and  you   Finance                                                  Luke  Hayward   should  also  provide  a  reason  for  your  inability  to       aLend.  This  reason  must  be  accepted  by  the   The  following  have  been  elected  by  the   general  mee-ng  before  you  will  be  allowed  be  a   candidate.  NOTE  you  must  be  present  when  the   relevant  working  group:   elec-on  is  conducted  NOT  just  signed  in!         Publicity  and  Informa-on       The  elec-on  will  be  conducted  by  ballot  paper   Deputy    -­‐    Eddie  Koehler         aber  the  candidates  have  addressed  the  mee-ng   Events  Group  Coordinator     and  answered  any  ques-ons.  Ques-ons  must  be   Janine  James   in  wri-ng  and  must  address  all  candidates.   Network  Group         These  elec-ons  will  be  by  the  alterna-ve  vote.   Deputy    -­‐    Vacant   Re-­‐  open  nomina-ons  will  also  be  a  candidate   Gardening           Nomina-ons  for  commiLee  will  be  kept  secret  by   Deputy  -­‐  Joey  Collins   me  un-l  the  nomina-ons  close.  You  are  however   Membership         welcome  to  announce  your  inten-on  to  stand  in   Deputy    -­‐    Nikki  Harrison/  Johnny  Tasker   any  way  you  feel  necessary  (ie  Yell  etc)   Maintenance         -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐   Deputy      -­‐    MaQhew  Forster     Improvements      -­‐    Shelagh  Murphy         Nomina-on  form   I  wish  to  be  a  candidate  for  the  commiLee   Security,  H&S      -­‐    Lee  Fullwood   elec-ons     Finance  –  Deputy    -­‐    Rob  Harrison   (Insert  name)   ________________________________________ _____       At  the  AGM  the  elec-ons  the  following  were   Normal  Signature   elected:   ________________________________________     Keith  Underhill  (Returning  Officer)  Flat  303  email   Niki  Chenery                      Paul  Fitzgerald  (0779  268  6588)   Rob  Harrison                      Jane  Lennard     Janine  James                      Lee  Fullwood       Shelagh  Murphy          Luke  Heyward                        

NOTICE OF  ELECTION   Coordinators:  


GENERAL MEETING   MINUTES   20th  December  2011   18:35  GMT  

  Chair:  Keith  Underhill     Minutes:  Siân  WhiLon/Keith   Underhill       1)  Members  present:     Julie  Roberts,  Keith  Underhill,  Andy   Barton,  Jamie  Redhead,  MaL   Dunning,  Shelagh  Murphy,  Chris   Middleton,  John  Pugh,  Angelo   Kovacevic,  Hannah  Berry,  Siân   WhiLon,  Luke  Hayward,  Lucy   Cooper,  Niki  Chenery,  Zia  James,   Jordan  Dobson,  Janine  James,  Mark   Hodgkinson   Non  Members  present:     Chiara  Addis,  Jaki  Ademuyiwa,  Helen   Butcher,  Nancy  Jackson,  Ruth   Middleton,  Xen  Hasan,  Nic  Elsby,   Eloise  Cockcrob,  Jazmine  Lloyd,   Cathy  Boardman,  David  Dunlop,   Rebecca  Murray   Apologies:     Angelo  Kovacevic  JR,  Chantelle  ScoL,   Karina  Nyananyo,  Alex  Buckley,   James  Foley,  Jo  Foley,  Joey  Collins,   Fiona  Rielly,  Fiona  Smith,  Jonny   Tasker,  David  Redhead,  Nicki   Harrison       2)  New  People.     Cathy  Boardman,  Nic  Elsby  and   Eloise  Cockcrob  introduced   themselves.            

  3)  Minutes  of  November  GM:     3.1  Any  Correc-ons  –  none     3.2  MaLer  arising  –  NO     Minutes  were  PASSED  as  a  true  and   correct  record  with  5  absten-ons         4)  CommiLee  report     There  were  no  ques-ons.       5)  CommiLee  report  Ra-fica-on   The  Report  was  PASSED  With  2   absten-ons   6)  Date,  Time  and  Venue  of  next   mee-ng         Next  GM  Mee-ng:  Tuesday  17th   January  @  HFC  Yard  Theatre     Next  commiLee  Mee-ng:   Wednesday  4th  January  @  Mee-ng   Room     Dead  Line  for  GM  Agenda  :  3rd   January  2012       7)  Any  other  Business     None       9)  By  Elec-on  for  Network   Coordinator     Chris  Middleston  was  elected  (with  1   absten-on)       Closed  Session     8.)  Xen  Hasan  was  elected  to   membership         The  mee-ng  finished  at  18:47  

CommiQee Mee9ng   Minutes  

  4th  January  2012,  6.30pm  Members   Room       Chair  Rob  Harrison      Minutes  Keith   Underhill     CommiLee  Present(4/8):  Niki  Chenery,   Luke  Hayward,  Shelagh  Murphy,  Rob   Harrison         Apologies:      None   Also  present:      Mosscare  representa-ve  ,   Keith  Underhill  (chair  of  GM)         1.  Mosscare  Report    Agreed(1):  Case  7  The  NTQ  will  be   withdrawn  if  the  tenant  pays  the  missing   week.   2.  Mosscare  LeQers   Mosscare  has  provided  a  copy  of  leLers   sent  to  tenants  Nikki  and  Shelagh  will   review  them.   3.  Rent  Increase   It  was  agreed  that  the  Service  charge   should  increase  be  5.6%  and  the  rent   should  go  up  by  3%  to  be  put  as  a   separate  mo-on       4.  Chantelle  ScoQ  has  resigned  from  the   commiQee   There  will  be  a  by  elec-on  at  the  GM                          

5. Invoices   Serious  concerns  were  raised  about  the   informality  of  a  substan-al  invoice  from   events  group,  for  which  cash  was  given.   The  debit  card  can  be  used  for  goods  but   not  services.  Where  a  working  group   needs  a  supplier  of  a  service  to  be  paid  in   advance,  they  must  request  a  proforma   invoice.   Agreed(5):  For  Services  pro  forma   invoices  should  be  produced  before   payments  in  advance.       6.  Complaints  Policy   This  is  progressing,  the  appeal  will  now  be   to  a  closed  session  GM.  The  right  to  veto   any  commiLee  member  to  be  removed.   Nikki  to  con-nue  working  on  the  dab.   7.  Minutes  of  the  last  mee9ng.     7.1  Agreed  :  The  minutes  of  the  mee9ng   as  amended  are  a  true  and  correct   record.   7.2  MaQers  arising   WFC  to  be  asked  for  clarifica-on  of  the   new  electricity  supply  for  Kim’s   Internet  Banking  Rob  and  Luke  to   progress  this   Proba-onary  tenancy  Siân  WhiLon  from   membership  group  is  dealing  with  this.     8.  Complaints   There  was  a  complaint.    


  17th  January  2012,  6.30pm,  Yard  Theatre        Prospec-ve  Member’s  Surgery  is  from   6.00pm  to  6.30pm  and  is  for  prospec-ve   members  to  get  any  support  and  advice   about  becoming  a  member  of  the  co-­‐op.         1.            Members  present,  apologies,  non-­‐ members  present   2.            Introduc-on  of  new  people   3.            Minutes  of  Last  GM   3.1.    Any  correc-ons   3.2.    MaLers  arising   4.            CommiLee  report   5.  Ra-fica-on  of  commiLee  report  

6.    Rent  Increases  (CommiLee)  Resolves   to  increase  the  rent  by  3%  and  the  service   charge  by  5.6%   7.            Date,  -me  and  venue  of  next   mee-ng   8.            Any  other  business  (to  be  given  to   the  chair  before  mee-ng  starts)   9.      CommiLee  By  Elec-on         Closed  session       10.      Jaki  Ademuyiwa  and  Chiara  Addis  -­‐   Elec-on  to  membership   11.              Other  closed  session  business  

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