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ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED 209 S. Blue Bonnet St. Saginaw, Texas 76179

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Vol. 2, Issue 49

27 August, 2013

Adopt a Street in Prayer by Rev. Estee Valendy In worship last Sunday, we spoke about different forms of prayer, one of which is supplication. We can think of supplication as a bucket of prayer concerns that we surrender to God, trusting God to hear our prayers and walk alongside us, carrying our bucket of concerns and relieving us of its burdensome weight. As a church community, we believe that our prayers of supplication should include not only prayers about ourselves, but prayers for others in need. Beginning September 8, we invite you to add another prayer of supplication to your bucket. We invite you to commit to pray for a Saginaw neighborhood street and those that live on it. We invite you to join a year-long focus of our church to “pray for the peace of our city” (Jeremiah 29:7).


The FOCUS newsletter is published every other week and we accept newsletter article submissions to the Friday prior. Article deadlines are listed on the church calendar at Sunday Morning Worship 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m.


We have worked to identify 30 neighborhood streets in Saginaw proper, and we’ve split these streets up into segments of about 20 houses each. We invite you to sign up to pray for a particular section of a neighborhood street. Sign-up sheets will be available in the Fellowship Hall beginning September 1. You may sign up as a family unit for a segment of a street, or you are welcome to pair up with teammates. We will recognize the streets we’ve committed to in worship on September 8, and following that worship service we’ll ask you to drive down your street and start to become familiar with it. Eventually, we’ll ask you to walk down the street instead of driving, and then further in

the future we’ll have communication materials for you to leave on the doorsteps of those houses you’ve committed to, letting them know that our church is praying for them and how they can let us know any specific needs we can pray about. This project is not meant to be invasive to the people who live on the streets that are adopted. We don’t intend to be pushy or imposing. We simply want to blanket our city in prayer, trusting God to hear us and relieve our community of our fears and bring us peace. To return to the bucket metaphor, this Adopt a Street in Prayer project aims for us to come alongside our neighbors, to walk where they walk, and to offer the relief of carrying their burdens for a little while. As a people of God we believe that by doing this we are faithful to the image of God that we are called to reflect – the image of a God who walks with us, who comes alongside us to help carry our burdens. Please prayerfully consider committing yourself and/or your family to prayer for a neighborhood street for one year. We are sure that you will be blessed as you pray for the blessing of others.

News Wednesday Night Saginaw Academy

Year of Preparation TECH Campaign Update

Wednesday night activities will resume on September 4. Read more about activities for children and youth in the corresponding sections of this newsletter. Adults are invited to attend the Pastors’ Bible Study and/or participate in a musical group. This year, we will not be serving a Wednesday night meal as in the past. However, the Fellowship Hall will be open at 5:15 p.m. for those who would like to bring their own dinner and eat together. Some sweet desserts will be provided as well!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve raised $27,037.53 towards our $30,000 goal this summer. We still have a number of pledges outstanding. The TECH campaign concluded on Sunday, August 25. Thank you for your generosity and your support of this effort to improve our technology, communications and security through this campaign.

Pastor’s Bible Study Beginning September 4, the Pastor’s Bible Study will be held each Wednesday night this fall and will be a modified Disciple I Bible Study course. Disciple I Bible study is a United Methodist overview of the entire Bible that is aimed at transformation, not just information. We will be conducting a modified version of the traditional study, condensing the study session to one hour per week, from 6:00-7:00 p.m., meeting in room C1. The study will be led by Revs. Jason and Estee Valendy. A study book is available for those who desire to follow a lesson plan during the week (encouraged, but not required).

Prayer Team A new prayer team is being formed with the purpose of praying for congregational prayer requests and to hold our worshipping community in prayer each Sunday morning. If you are interested in being a part of the new team, please contact Jenny Cardenas at or (817) 237-5698

The Lord’s Prayer Tour SUMC is planning an excursion to view an impressive life-size wax figure interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting, The Last Supper. Taking 18 months to complete with untold hours of tedious work applying 40,000 strands of human hair, The Lord's Supper display is a magnificent hidden gem right here in Forth Worth. Join us for a visit to this display and lunch afterward. We will meet at the church at 11:00am and ride the church van. Lunch will be at Sweet Tomatoes for a group rate of $6.99. Please contact Bonnie Dodyk to sign-up at 817-377-3886 or The deadline for sign ups is September 22.

Our Thoughts and Prayers Jason Valendy Mel Easterly Chuck Freeman Lee Dreese Lucille Kret Margie Rickman Bill Plippo Devon Peters

Bill Flippo Rose Yount Sydnie Reedy Jamie Thatcher Cassie McCracke Helen Donna Willard Son

Shirley Robertson Sympathy to the Reed & Oney families on the death of Karen Oney. Sympathies to Dee Griffith on the death of Harriet Haas. E-mail to add people to the prayer list.

New Members

Worship Assistant Schedule September 1 Sound System: David Wilson and Charles Stephens Ushers: John Mackey, Reid Marley and Charles & Shirley Stephens, Rosa Jordan, Keith & Linda Carter, Bobby Rann Greeters: Candy Avena, Karen Sutton, Donna Webb Doorstep Visitation: Lisa Hidy & Jakob Scantlin Acolytes: Joshua Schlichenmeyer and Leann Lytle & Stephen Wilkening Audio Visual: Cheryl Venter and Jerry Avery

September 8 Sound System Operators: Ralph Fockler and David Ranney Ushers: Danny Jordan, Peggy Dietz and Bobby Rann, Dan Wilkening, Michelle Burkholder, Don & Jean King, Charles Stephens Greeters: Tom & Karen Jumes and Chalres & Shirley Stephens, Teresa Weaver Doorstep Visitation: Mike & Bonnie Dodyk Acolytes: Mikayla Warthen, Benjamin Apgar Audio Visual: Chuck Wheeler and Chuck Wheeler

Tom Stiles

Staff Parish Relations Update The SPR committee is currently advertising for two new staff positions at SUMC. We are seeking a Director of Children’s Ministries to oversee the K-6th grade children’s ministry program, as well as a Director of Caring Ministries to establish a lay visitation ministry and relate to adult Sunday school and small groups. We hope to inform you of the hire of new staff members soon. Tyler and Lauren Chamber, and Madeleine

Al & Diane Weaver

Preachin’ to the Choir (and the congregation!) Are you a ding-a-ling? A ding-dong? A dead ringer? Well, maybe you should talk to me about joining Saginaw Ringers? “Life” has happened to several of our faithful ringers, creating some open spots in our adult handbell choir? What’s required? Ability to use a highlighter, ability to count to 4 (6 is even better), and the willingness to rehearse each Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7 p.m. with one of the most energetic, enthusiastic groups in our church! Our rehearsals begin on September 4. Please contact Leigh Ann at if you think you might fit that profile. Do you love to sing? That’s the ONLY requirement to be in the Sanctuary Choir. You will find one of the most warm, welcoming groups of people gather in the choir room every Wednesday night (except for the month of July) from 7:00-8:15 p.m. (We meet a little later when we are getting close to major performances.) Need more information? Feel free to give me a call or just drop by this Wednesday night and check us out! Also, children’s choirs begin on September 4 with the immensely talented and energetic Emily Owen leading. Both our children’s choirs will meet on Wednesday evenings in C20. Kindergarteners and first graders meet from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. Second through sixth graders will meet from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. It’s an exciting time to become involved in the Music and Worship Ministry at SUMC! Just jump in!! Leigh Ann McClure Director of Music and Worship


Memorials and Honorariums In Memory of Chet Flippo Given by Gary & Penny Matthes, Catharine Wakefield In Memory of Mike Madden’s Father Given by Catharine Wakefield Memorial Garden In Memory of Billie Moorman and Chet Flippo Given by Joyce Spindor In Memory of Chet Flippo Given by Jimmy & Barbara Henley, Bill & Lois Horton In Memory of Mary Jones, Ada Amsted's’ Mother, Bill Cowan, Bill Flippos’ Brother, Norma Blount, Cheryl Tegantvorts’ Mother, Claude Boyd Given by Fay Bicknell Technology Fund In Memory of Karen Shawn’s Mother Given by Danny & Rosa Jordan In Memory of Harold Vick Given by Mildred Vick In Honor of Linda Brown, Jane Crawford Given by Mildred Vick Glass Door Fund In Honor of Jimmy Henley's’ 83rd Birthday Given by Barbara Henley In Memory of Jimmy Drake, Joyce Ann Henley Given by Jimmy & Barbara Henley

Stewardship Campaign This year, our annual stewardship campaign to plan for the 2014 church budget will begin on Sunday, October 6. The campaign will conclude with Loyalty Sunday on October 27. The theme for the campaign is “All I Have is Yours” and more information will be communicated as the campaign approaches.

Bake and Craft Sale For those ladies wanting to attend our next Women's Retreat, our first Bake and Craft Sale will be Sunday, Sept 15th, 9:20 a.m.12:15 p.m. We will set up in the fellowship hall, so start preparing your goodies. The money you earn goes into an account for you to pay your way on the retreat. If you have any questions contact anyone on the committee: Michelle Burkholder, Jenny Cardenas, Erika Cuellar, Jean King, Ann Marie Seutter, Shirley Stephens, Terry Sullivan and Kristin Warthen.

Lord's Acre Update Many people have asked how they could use their talents at the Lord's Acre on October 5. Beyond making things for the Country Kitchen, Country Store, and the auctions, this year we are inviting people to teach others a talent. For instance, Chuck Kilgore may set up a lathe and show people how he makes writing pens. The quilters may set up an area to teach people how to quilt, sew, or tat. Maybe you would like a booth to teach people how to smoke brisket or to pickle beets. Perhaps you carve wood or make

prayer beads and you want to show others your passion. In the coming weeks we will have a white board in the Fellowship Hall with ways to sign up so you can see all the talents that people will share at the Lord's Acre. In the meantime, if you are planning on donating something, remember Lord's Acre is October 5th (5 weeks away)! Maker Booths Have hands on experience with local artisans who share their talents and knowledge of making and creating. Who knows, you may walk discover a passion you never knew you had!

Note Of Thanks Dear SUMC friends: I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for all of the notes, gifts and well wishes upon leaving SUMC. Your support and encouragement over the past 5 years has been cherished. You all have blessed me with joy, laughter, and many good times. It is my prayer that you all continue to grow in your faith and discipleship. May God's blessings, grace and peace be with you as you walk in your journey of faith and life. In Christ, Mary Nell

May our community at Saginaw UMC continue to be one that helps provide Sabbath for our youth by being a place where all youth— no matter their trials—can come to find rest.

Children’s Choirs and Kids’ Zone

Health Kits for Joint Sunday School On September 1, children’s Sunday school classes will join together for a joint Sunday school class in room C20. After a time of songs and stories, we will assemble health kits for the Church on the Slab. Donations for the kits will be accepted in the Church on the Slab container in the Fellowship Hall. Items needed include:

A part of our Wednesday night activities, Children’s Choirs and Kids’ Zone begin on Wednesday, September 4 at 6:00 p.m. in room C20 and children rotate between the two for 30 minute segments. Children’s Choirs are directed by Emily Owen and they will inspire us with they songs they learn by singing in worship throughout the fall. The Cherub Choir is for kids ages 4 - 2nd grade and rehearses from 6:00-6:30. The Carol Choir is for kids in 3rd-6th grade and rehearses from 6:30-7:00. Kids’ Zone, led by Shelley Collins, is a fun time of playing games, making crafts and growing in faith.

Third Grade Bible Presentation This tradition of presenting Bibles to our new third graders will take place in worship on September 15. Please contact Rev. Estee Valendy to make sure your 3rd graders’ name is on our list.

Gallon size plastic bags





Acolyte Training


Travel-size shampoo and conditioner


Children in 3rd - 6th grade are invited to serve as acolytes in worship. We will hold a training for ALL acolytes on September 22 at 9:45 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Even if your child has already been through training, please send them again for a refresher course! We’ll enjoy doughnuts together after our training and the children will be recognized in worship. Please contact Rev. Estee Valendy if you have questions.

Rally Sunday Children will kick-off the fall in new Sunday school classrooms on Sunday, September 8. We have plans for an exciting fall session learning about stories in the Bible and growing in our faith! Room assignments are: 

Pre K 3 and 4—Room C13

Kindergarten-1st grade—Room C20

2nd-3rd grade—Room C10

4th-6th grade—Room C9

September Food Drive During the month of September, children in Sunday school classes are invited to bring the following canned goods for Community Link Mission. We will use the donations to teach the children the value of stewardship. Canned soups, vegetables, fruit, ramen, sugar, tea, dried beans


Blessed to be serving with you, Josh and Kristin Warthen

Youth Newsletter

From Our Co-Youth Directors Well,

we have made it through another summer at SUMC! This, of course, means… we started a new school year this week! (pause for the proverbial grumbling to stop…) On Sunday, we spoke with the youth about remembering, as the school year begins along with all of their other activities, to take time to Sabbath—to find rest in solitude and in the community of faith. We encouraged them to choose something other than declaring “boredom” in silence. They were encouraged to find rejuvenation in it, to hear God in the stillness. And then, the youth who were present were blessed as they begin the school year. We asked God that our youth remember who they were created to be and what we are all called to be: creative in our own rite and peacemakers, justice seekers, intercessors for those who are broken-hearted. Our prayer this year—and every year—for our youth is that they will be all of these things and that we adults who interact with them day in and day out will set the example for our youth by modeling these traits for them. (continued)

Parents and Adult Volunteers: please email Kristin Warthen ( with your email address (one you check, please J). Our e-newsletter for youth volunteers and parents kicks off next week, and we want to make sure that every parent and volunteer who wants to stay in the loop and in the know is receiving it. As always, thanks for all you do! YOU make ministry happen!

Parent Meeting Calling all Parents! We will have a youth parent meeting immediately following the 11:00 a.m. worship service on Sunday, September 1 (for youth entering 7th-12th grades). Our focus will be faith development (Sunday morning and Sunday evening structure) and upcoming and exciting changes coming our way throughout the next year.

8 27 13 Saginaw United Methodist Church Newsletter  

Semi-monthly newsletter for Saginaw United Methodist Church

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