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SAGICOR THE COMPANY Sagicor Life Inc is synonymous with world-class financial services in the Caribbean. This dynamic, indigenous company has a proud history dating back to 1840. Today, Sagicor offers a wide range of financial services including life and health insurance, pensions, property and casualty insurance, mortgages as well as investment services. Operating in 21 countries in the Caribbean, the UK, the US and Latin America, Sagicor has developed an incomparable reputation because of its considerable financial stability, success and growth over its long history. Sagicor’s business is based on long-term relationships with its employees and communities, where customers entrust Sagicor with their financial well-being.

People protect what they love Life Protector Keep your family and finances secure during a critical illness. As a nation, we are increasingly being faced with critical illnesses. These serious, sometimes life-threatening health complications can have a devastating impact on our lives and those of our families.

A plan that provides quality of life, peace of mind and dignity With Life Protector, you’ll have insurance that pays you a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness to address your immediate recovery needs, general financial challenges or to do with what you choose.

Life Protector features unlimited freedom and flexibility to: • Pay current living expenses including the mortgage or rent, if you are away from work for extended periods • Provide for your children’s education • Afford the best medical care and rehabilitation • Provide for new lifestyle needs such as in-home care, home modification or physical therapy • Reduce your financial stress at an emotionally difficult time

Discover coverage for the widest range of illnesses on the market: • Heart Attack • Stroke • Coronary Artery Disease requiring surgery • Alzheimer’s Disease • Cancer • Renal failure • Paralysis • Major Organ Transplant • Heart Valve and Structural Surgery • Multiple Sclerosis • Blindness • Major Burns • Coma • Benign Tumour • Loss of Limbs • Loss of Speech • Motor Neuron Disease • Deafness • Parkinson’s disease • Aorta Surgery • Loss of Independent Existence** **Loss of Independent Existence refers to unequivocal diagnosis by a specialist for a continuous period of 90 days of either: a) Being totally and permanently unable to perform, by oneself with some “Activities of Daily Living” with no reasonable chance of recovery, or b) “Cognitive Impairment”, which includes mental deterioration and loss of intellectual ability.

Life Protector goes a long way LIVING BENEFIT

Unlike traditional insurance, you’ll receive the benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness. A lump sum payment can lessen financial worries and provide comfort in a stressful time. A LUMP SUM PAYMENT for any purpose

By receiving the benefit all at once, you’ll have the freedom to use the money for needs such as rehabilitation, transportation, replacement of income, mortgage payments, debt obligations, planning for a new career or however else you please. PREMIUM REFUND

This feature, subject to certain conditions, entitles your beneficiary to a refund of all your premiums paid under the Life Protector. (Certain conditions apply)


Should you choose to purchase this option, in the unfortunate event that you become totally disabled, Sagicor will waive the payment of the premium. ACCIDENTAL DEATH & dismemberment option

With the purchase of this option, a benefit will be paid to you or your beneficiary should you die in an accident or become dismembered. Term coverage/INVESTMENT OPTION

Life Protector is a component of the Sagicor Life Solutions package and can be combined with a Term Life or Investment feature. Please contact a Sagicor Advisor at 467-7500 for more information on our products. Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” Excellent by A.M. Best Company.

Sagicor Life Protector  

With Life Protector, you’ll have insurance that pays you a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness to address your immediate recovery...

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