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How Far Have I Come vs. How Far Have We Come. By Sage Martin Wilson, Sr


had a dream on the other night and it was so real I just had to share it. It was really more than a dream in that it made me ask myself some real deep questions.

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Sage Martin Wilson

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In the dream I was standing in front of an old house I use to live in. A few people and myself were just standing in the yard, talking and enjoying the evening sun as it beamed down. The dream was very vivid I could hear Marvin Gay’s “Keep on Dancing” playing on some once stereo in the background. While we were standing there, traffic was flowing. For those of your from Lenoir, NC. I was standing at the house beside the Old Ebony funeral home. Now dream experts say, when you dream you will never see faces of people that you have never seen before; but that I am not sure about. From out of nowhere these two small twins, that I don’t recall ever seeing, came out and started playing at the edge of the road. Then suddenly, seemingly without cause one of the twins darted toward the road right out in front of a bus. At that point it was like time slowed down. It was like he was stuck on the front of the bus as it pushed him along a few feet. While this was happening I remember hearing others and myself yelling to the child just laid down! I guess our thought was that the bus was high enough to pass over him. Just as we began to yell the child went under the bus and the front wheels ran over is left leg. His leg was smashed almost flat. Then for me there was a conflict of time! I could hear myself screaming, “someone call 911”! Not sure who, but a voice yelled back we don’t have 911 yet. In that instant I looked at the bus, the clothes we had on, the music that was playing and it hit me, we are in the 60’s. After a few minutes I could hear someone say

I call the EMS. As we waited for the EMS, in the dream I walked over to the child, who was in great pain and stooped over to talk to him. As I talked to him, I could see a cassette recorder that was playing. At that point time speeded up and I watch the entire 90 min tape play as I was bent over speaking to him. Then, when what they called the EMS came. It was some hateful looking men in white suits driving a old beat up ford truck. I remember saying where is the ambulance, but no one answered me. As I awoke from the dream I remember thinking, we waited this long and this is all we get in our time of trouble? The dream cause me to see and understand that, though we may complain about where we are in life, there was a time when, we as a people, were more ran over and broken than we are right now. Forward progression has to be a product of our individual minds and not what we allow outside forces to dictate to us. Just like in my dream, I have seen that many of my brothers and sisters, both black and white are still stuck somewhere back in time. Stuck on color, race, and traditions that need to be retired. Let us come to a place where we see that the only reason we stay in any situation is because we choose to first remain their mentally. The bible declares that God is the God that goeth before us to make the crooked straight. Let us therefore keep our eyes on the prize of the high call in Christ Jesus!

Sage Martin Wilson, Sr

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HOw Far have I come Vs How Far Have We come. - By Sage  

In this insightful article Sage shares a dream he had that cause him to see that "Forward progression has to be a product of our individual...