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Faith & Imagination Apostle Sage


ishing for something will do us very little until the imagination, the creative power of God in man, is employed. William Shakespeare said, "that which is was wished until it were."

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Sage Martin Wilson

Wilson Leadership

The bible says it like this, "knowing that, things which do appear were not created by things which do appear." Things that you desire to see manifest in your life do not have their origin in the stars, but in the heart (mind, will and emotions) of the one desiring it. What is imagination? Imagination is the ability to see with the minds eye, sometimes call the Third Eye, things that do not presently exist or have not happen yet. True Faith demands that we introduce the creative facilities of our imagination. In what other way can we, "call things that be not as though the are". What that is asking you to do is, “to believe in what does not exist enough to call it forth out of the realm of infinite possibility, were all things exist NOW, but only in thought form.” It is in the realm of infinite possibility, what we call the heavens, that all things exist awaiting us to get a thought that spars the creative flame of the imagination. Imagination is the link that God has given us so that we can bring things which do not appear into the “newness” of our present reality and out of the thought realm.


HOWEVER, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE (FAITH) FROM THE END; IMAGINATION IT AS ALREADY DONE. Believing from the end is me getting in the "feeling tone" of already having what I desire before it shows up. Example; Getting in the “feeling tone” is me imagining what it feels like to be on the beach, or any were I desire to go, while I don't have the money to go. The key is to imagine, don't worry about the money. You have to know that your imagination is the key to the realm of infinite possibility were all the money you need exist to make it happen. Also I must understand, if I go there enough in spirit (imagination) I will some go there in the natural. FAITH IS BELIEVING BEFORE YOU HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE. IMAGINATION IS SEEING THE END RESULT OF YOUR FAITH.

WOW, what a powerful team if worked together! ———————————————

Sage Martin Wilson, Sr

Faith & Imagination - Apostle Sage