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Sage CRM

Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3 Helping you build better, longer lasting relationships with customers Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3 is a powerful integrated solution that helps drive productivity across your entire business. By linking your CRM and ERP solution together, your company can achieve new ways to improve communication across departments, enabling you to access accurate and comprehensive information that delivers a full customer view from all areas of your business. The result is greater insight into business performance and more efficient business processes that drive growth, increase productivity and profitability.

Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3 features include: -- Enhanced Sage CRM screens containing data automatically populated from Sage ERP X3 -- Real-time visibility of all quotes produced for customers including the ability to drill down to quote details, without the need to leave the familiar Sage CRM interface -- Direct access to customer orders and order detail information from within Sage CRM -- Instant access to customer invoices from within Sage CRM with ability to drill down to invoice line details -- Full access to all sales credits for a customer -- Better business insight by allowing communication between both systems giving businesses further insight into customer activities -- Automatic maintenance of customer and contact information between Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM ensuring no re-keying of information -- Ability to directly enter orders into Sage ERP X3 via a window within Sage CRM ensuring accurate pricing information

Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3 enables your employees to have access to all the information they need real-time, providing your customers with exceptional service, without delays.

The tight integration between Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3 enables your business to benefit from a single solution to manage every customer interaction from opportunity management right through to billing & payments.

Gain a complete view your customers

Increase efficiences across teams

Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3 delivers a complete view of customers to all employees, allowing them to answer questions promptly and accurately, increasing customer satisfaction.

Creating an integrated, customer focused set of solutions across the whole business will help you to eliminate multiple, fragmented systems, with multiple data entry points. This elimination of data duplication helps improve productivity, eliminate errors, and lower administrative costs by reducing the need to redo work due to erroneous information.

Sales teams using Sage CRM gain complete access to a customer’s purchase history, the status of an order, delivery details and other information they need to do their jobs effectively. Customer service teams can be more pro-active in handling customer queries and respond to and resolve them effectively and marketing teams gain access to the information they need to create highly targeted marketing campaigns and driving cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.

Integrating sales, marketing and customer service functions with finance and operations provides management with a complete view of what’s going on in every area of your company for better business insight. This new found insight opens up a world of opportunities to increase efficiency and maximise revenue potential.

About Sage CRM Over 14,000 small and medium sized companies across the globe use Sage CRM every day to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction count. It is used by enterprising, growing companies seeking new ways to interact with customers, leverage the power of social media and take advantage of the latest mobile developments to further grow their business. When combined with Sage ERP, our customers enjoy better business insight, increased efficiencies and productivity, and gain a single, customer-centric view across their entire business. So whether you’re just starting out or have already grown to several hundred employees, Sage CRM can help accelerate your business success. Accelerate your business success with a free 30-day trial at


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Sage CRM

Sage CRM x3 Datasheet 2013 (UK/IRL)  

Sage CRM x3 Datasheet 2013 (UK/IRL)