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Get Cozy with a tranquil camping trip for two Summer has bidden its farewell and fall is quietly arriving, bringing with it an abundance of beautiful and natural treasures that are ours to enjoy. The season of shopping, large family gatherings, and extreme weather will soon be upon us; now is the perfect time of year to slow down, relax, and take in all that autumn has to offer. And what better way to do that than with a tranquil camping trip for two? Treat you and a loved one to a magical outdoor escape by incorporating a few special touches that you may normally reserve for dinner parties. If fall camping with the comfort and coziness of home appeals to you, here are a few tips to get you started: -A simple pup tent frame can be put together using twine and wooden poles or narrow pieces of lumber. Sheets, quilts, or waterproofed canvas drop cloths secured to the sides will create a comfortable and inviting shelter for two. -If you have a feather mattress, add it to the top of an air mattress along with an ample amount of pillows and blankets for a great night’s rest.

blog Kim is a creative mama living with her husband and kiddos in a little tumble down house known as The Twice Remembered Cottage. She wholeheartedly believes that what you lack in money, you can make up for in creativity and patience.

-Incorporate mood lighting by putting safe, battery-operated LED flickering wax candles in candleholders and placing around the tent. Or, attach a candle-filled glass jar under a lampshade to hang from the tent ceiling. Nothing says snug like a small, glowing tent at night! -Even if your campsite provides a large picnic table, you may opt to create a smaller, more intimate table setting. A little table can be brought from home and even a folding card table can be transformed into a romantic dining area for two. -Leave behind the vinyl table tablecloths and plastic utensils and instead set the stage for a memorable experience by using your favorite pieces. Beautiful coverings such as a crocheted tablecloth provide a great foundation to layer on other visually appealing elements. Cloth napkins, silver, and glassware will make the table setting truly special. -Nature will provide eye-catching centerpieces and can include pinecones, acorns, greenery, fruits, vegetables, blossoms, or non-poisonous berries for a pop of color.


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