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Solar Shelter

Product Details MODEL #: STS-005

Ironically Beautiful – Ingeniously Chic Naturally Sustainable – Downright Cool!

SIZES: 48”W x 118”L x 93.5’”H SAGE designs and manufactures a CONSTRUCTION:

Founded by visionary designer and

uniquely sophisticated and out-of-the-box

sustainability guru David Lasher, the

line of furniture and design elements that

SAGE In Design creative team is

Frame: Top recycled aluminum and the base GFRC with padded seat.

incorporate the most current and

Solar: 280 watt PV module with micro inverter on or off Grid – 120 AH rated and two 48V lithium rechargeable batteries. Charges iPads, iPods, laptops, cell phones, mp3 players and more.

evolutionary materials available. Our

anchored on the core belief that combining the urgent need for

innovation breaks the mold away from

environmental action with innovation can

traditional “green washed” products – we

result in ironically beautiful and naturally

are the real deal and each product is produced or selected for its unique

sustainable furniture and interiors. We offer an exclusive and ingeniously

FINISH/COLOR: Standard top, powder coated finishes are available. Base: GFRC colors any custom. Seat: exterior

contribution to the environment, whether through design, fabrication or energy saving capabilities.

grade from vinyl.

chic line of sustainable products that showcase recycled materials by giving them new life.

ADDITIONAL: Made in the USA and can be used outdoors.

1161A S. Melrose Dr. #241, Vista CA 92081

Tel 619.507.9748

Fax 760.599.0985


Solar shelter product sheet  
Solar shelter product sheet