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Transforming Mounds Park's Dining Hall

Mounds Park has a reputation to uphold. SAGE has ideas to make that happen. Current Struggle: Look of the dining hall operation. Solution: Products that can give your dining hall a fresh and exciting look. What works: SAGE's talented staff of culinary minded people preparing fresh foods daily and a trusting relationship Mounds Park and SAGE.

Check of The Flavor of Things to Come! Below are pictures, descriptions and pricing.

Digital Boards:$2,000 Welcoming students and staff will be a digital communications board. TVs are used as tools to promote the program and will help bring in additional revenue through increased participation. This tool can scroll the current weather along side of a listing of this weeks menus. Pictures of students enjoying meals and Seasonings stations will be shown throughout the feature.

Warming shelves and display pans:$5,000 One of the latest trends in dining services is the use of warming shelves and display pans for serving hot foods. Below are several pictures of this mind set of display.

Presentation and freshness Notice the appetizing appeal of this presentation. Smaller pans also require foods to be changed more often, thus increasing the level of freshness to your dining hall.

Merchandising- $1,000 A great way to improve the overall look of an operation. These items should be changed out every three years or so, not just to stay in style but to bring about a fresh look over time.

This is a look brought about by using a local coffee companies offerings. There are several local roasters in Minnesota that could fulfill this need.

Mounds Park Dining Hall Redesign  

Exciting ideas to make your dining hall look fresh!