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john martin healer

by shayne locke

An intuitive healer, John Martin knew at a very young age that he was given a gift. People would call him the sponge due to his ability to absorb thoughts, emotions and feelings. With this also came the ability to soak up sadness and sickness. “To be honest, as a child it wasn’t nice to be like this. I was able to absorb but I wasn’t able to release it from me. This resulted in me being constantly sick and laying on my bed for hours, weeks and sometimes months.” John went to see over 300 different healers to help him release the pain he was experiencing. They would help him but all it achieved was renewing the cycle. A woman being beaten by her husband four blocks away or a child being abused next door, John could feel the pain regardless of distance. Thirty years on, a successful property investor and business man, John was on an investment property trip near Lordes when he was prompted to pay a visit. It was this simple act that resulted in his life changing forever. “I went to Lordes and as soon as my feet touched the floor and my head touched the stone, I felt a connection, an energy field from my feet to my head and back again. It lasted 10 to 12 seconds and at that moment I knew something had shifted. In that holy place I started to receive messages from my guides that they were going to reveal my mission to me.” During the night John was awoken by his guides, and told that he had to give everything away and it would take several years before he could commence. John began the process of release, removing everything until there was nothing left except his gift. “It was a complete step of faith however whatever message you receive, if it shines so brightly inside of you then it is truth. If we are shining our light brightly, imagine how it affects others we meet during our daily work. I began following the words they wanted me to say and I have been seeing people coming with pain they have had for years, leaving pain free.” John doesn’t need to touch for the healing to take affect because the healing is within us waiting for us to activate it. Like other light workers on the planet, John describes what is happening as a shift in vibration that is becoming more prominent.

“More and more people are able to express their gifts now. Everybody has the capacity to be a catalyst for change. Everybody is talking about it. It is time for us to believe that everything is possible. There are no limits.” John travels the world, healing people using his gift and techniques such as DNA encoding and reprograming, modifying and repairing cells, karmic links erasure and modification, regression therapy, repairing aura leaks, and realigning auras. During the last few years John has healed and transformed the lives of hundreds of people including artists, filmmakers, athletes, celebrities, researchers and large groups in Europe. Travelling the world, on nothing but faith and relying on his guides, John has been called to help people become who they are supposed to be.

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