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honouring the sacred When I began writing this article, I felt an earthquake shake me and my chair as if a freight train briefly rumbled nearby. The timing made me smile with deep love for our beautiful Mother Earth. Alaska is a vast land of pristine wilderness that continuously shakes with our beloved planet’s ongoing internal adjustments (though most of the daily earthquakes are not felt at the surface). It’s a refuge for some of the last significant populations of wildlife that has been persecuted throughout the rest of its original North American range (including the wolf and even the bald eagle). So much of Nature is still beautifully untouched here. This land also speaks directly to the human heart and spirit with its majestic, rugged mountains and pure, high frequency. Many people have been called here by the spirit of the land, including myself. I had a vivid sleep dream recently that felt very significant. In this dream, I found myself in a community where every individual felt very dear to me. We were all deeply and consciously connected within our hearts as one with each other, Mother Earth, and all beings of Nature and Spirit. We lived from our hearts with aware minds.

Sage Magazine Issue 11  

Sage Magazine Issue 11 - Providing Wisdom for the Soul Traveller. Incorporating Conscious Travel Magazine and Soul Traveller Radio.

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