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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Invoking The Infinite Sacred Geometry Understanding Phi, Numerology, Visionary Pathways and the Divine Blueprint.

A Life Less Ordinary Buddhist Nun Ayya Yeshe talks about daily life in the slums of Nagpur and the Bodhicitta Foundation.

Luminous Pearl

Lia Scallon discusses the release of her new album and how she became the caretaker of the Luminous Pearl.



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sage magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

WELCOME TO SAGE MAGAZINE Welcome to Sage Magazine…. a dynamic, digital, interactive experience – visually and audibly exhilarating, with a powerful purpose to transcend all feelings of separateness and serve to empower and awaken the ‘soul traveller’ with insights to illuminate our magnificent journey on this breathtaking planet! Sage is a platform for infinite possibility and heightened awareness, where we all have an intention to collectively contribute to harmony and well-being on a global scale, through a willingness to be informed and to share our own personal magic as healers, joy-bringers, teachers and awakeners. As Shayne and I followed a very deep inner knowingness to create the inaugural blueprint for Sage, we saw a very beautiful synergy emerge to highlight the very blueprint of creation, that is Sacred Geometry. Feeling incredibly guided in this process we immediately bonded to the work of visionary artist Francene Hart, felt our spirit ignite and expand to a higher vibrational frequency found in the vocals of Lia Scallon and our hearts truly open and embrace the selfless acts of service in the slums of Nagphur, India by Buddhist nun Ayya Yeshe. Charles Virtue, Ben Lee, Dr Greer, Jeff Warrick, Laurie Baum and Anne Hartley all share their radiant wisdom like the Golden Ratio threads in a tapestry of Oneness. Shayne and I pray peace, healing and togetherness to all the soul travellers who are beacons of light, illuminating the road less travelled with love, compassion and consistent acts of kindness. Blessings of bliss to all of you…..

Tanya xxx



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SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013


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Lia Scallon The Luminous Pearl

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SAGE magazine

sacred geometry By Shayne Locke & Tanya AlLison

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

sacred geometry ”The world around us is a world of numbers― numbers that spell life and harmony. They are organized by the geometry of figures, all related to one another according to a sublime order, into dynamic symmetry. ” Paul Jacques Grillo - French Architect

The Mechanics of Sacred Geometry Life is an amazing journey that introduces you to people and places that may not seem important at the time. Days, months, years down the track, the seemingly incidental meetings come flooding back into your memory driving home a message or an answer you are looking for. Some time last year whilst out with friends I met a man with an amazing brilliant mind who goes by the name of Jain108. His name sounded like a computer from an Arthur C Clarke novel and his theories from the same source. He was talking about Phi, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence; how equations could be solved using a 2,500 year old Indian system called Vedic Mathematics; how the number 108 appears time and again in everything from mathematical formulas to beads on a Buddhist Mala. He was someone that many would just dismiss as a conspiracy theorist but in fact was a brilliant mind that opens up many to a whole new world, the world of Sacred Geometry. Fast forward six months and during discussions with Lia Scallon on the numerology and sacred geometry of her new album, The Luminous Pearl (a journey that took her halfway around the world) she mentions a phone call with Jain108. It was a light bulb moment. Nothing in this world is coincidental. This was one of the synchronistic moments that shaped the magazine. This was a beautiful example of how we can be forced to examine our paths and understand that sometimes we can be presented with ideas time and again until we have an understanding ourselves.

”Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation. It is the ”language” of creation/light, which exists at the foundation of all life. Repeating geometric patterns are the basic building blocks of our material world, from our physical bodies, plants, animals, to planets, stars, and even galaxies.” Margo Brooks -

The Spirituality of Sacred Geometry Of all the articles I have written for this inaugural edition of Sage, this one has confronted and challenged me the most! Although I was not at all surprised that the essence of our first magazine would vibrate with the overall theme of Sacred Geometry, I was a little overwhelmed by how much I struggled to understand much of the left brain information that now flooded my senses. I was frustrated that Shayne seemed to naturally grasp the intellectual and mathematical observations with such grace, did this mean that I was completely devoid of any understanding on this topic? It was not until I asked for guidance during meditation that I realised I intuitively felt on a deep soul level, the blueprint of all creation that is the wisdom of Sacred Geometry.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

sacred geometry The Mechanics (Con’t)

The Spirituality (Con’t)

In writing this article I have tried to explain the more ”leftbrained” view of Sacred Geometry and leave the creative right-brain to Tanya. In fact the term Sacred Geometry is exactly that...the spiritual right and the analytical left... forming a master combination that is the blueprint of all we see in this world around us.

What is truly felt in the very essence of our Being, demonstrates to us an ancestral truth; that all life emerges from the same pattern of creation, from the same source – a source of a creative, intelligent and unconditionally loving energy which some call God or All That Just Is.

Sacred Geometry is just like Alice entering the rabbit hole. How deep you go is up to you. One thing is certain, you will never look at anything around you the same way. The Fibonacci Sequence Early in 2012, I was doing some video work for Julian who was with a company that dealt with currency trading. One of the trading theories was based around the Fibonacci Sequence and ratios. Julian explained how the currency trading market used the ratio to determine when to trade. He said it is all based around the golden ratio. Because all traders are using the ratio, the times to buy and sell become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fibonacci was a 12th century mathematician who recognised a pattern occurring in nature and developed a sequence to measure the occurrence. The sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. is calculated by adding the previous 2 numbers together. By mapping out the code into squares, a spiral occurs from one corner to the next that is known as the Golden Spiral or Golden Ratio. This pattern appears in nautilus shells, pineapples, ferns, pine cones and even tree branches. It is comforting knowing that although Sacred Geometry has its place in the universe all around us, the divine blueprint is within each of us. Whether it is activated through yoga, meditation, prayer or even sitting on a surf board in the middle of the ocean, getting to know ourselves can release so many possibilities, so many levels of awareness, so much understanding of the Sacred Geometry within all of creation. By Shayne Locke

So whilst I logically struggled a little to digest the Golden Ratio or Phi that exists in everything from atoms, to advertising, to the wholeness and perfection of nature expressed in the Fibonacci sequence, I recognised that intuitively I understood completely the art of placement that is Sacred Geometry. I could clearly see in my previous design and merchandising arena how naturally I embraced the organic shapes and patterns to create a beautiful space. Today I feel very deeply, a powerful knowingness when setting up a crystal grid or preparing a room for meditation – my spiritual right brain awareness understands perfectly the Sacred Geometry in the ‘flower of life’ and the golden Ratio that divinely expresses ‘universal law’ and wholeness in nature. We all connect with harmonious chords of music, with vibrational frequencies of light - the language of light, that is the Divine Voice of the universe and also Sacred Geometry; a radiant communication heard in the sounds of nature, in the chants of Tibetan monks and in the vocals of Lia Scallon – a clear and perfect channel of infinite wisdom that speaks to my spirit with great clarity and beauty. I have always felt the influence and guidance of Archangel Metatron (God in man) and the angel presence of Shekinah (God in woman) – the architects of the Sacred Geometry and guardians of the ‘Tree of Life’. They are the angelic links of divine connection and universal harmony, together re-connecting us to the Oneness, helping us to find happiness through a deep heartfelt love that creates a bridge to the divine source of All That Just Is. By Tanya Alison

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

sacred geometry & the golden ratio Apart from Pi, no other number has received so much hype and attention as the Golden Ratio or Phi (Fee) as it is known to its devotees. Best explained by Dan Brown in his book ”The Davinci Code”, his protagonist, Robert Langdon told his class that his favourite number was ”1.618” and ”da Vinci was the first to show that the human body is literally made of building blocks whose proportional ratios always equal phi.” According to history, the theory of the Golden Ratio originated with the Pythagoreans and a few hundred years later it was given a name and description by Euclid of Alexandria, the Father of Geometry. It is evident in nature, art and architecture. Plastic surgeons use the golden ratio to create perfect faces and major corporations pay big dollars to develop logos that are exact measurements of Phi. But the question is why? The answer is simple. The Golden Ratio is a beautiful piece of mathematical theory that makes designs and images feel well proportioned and pleasing to the eye. In fact some design companies such as Huebris ( openly admit to using Phi in many of their logo designs. It has become an important design tool to boost the aesthetic presence of their work. The Golden Ratio has also been referred to as The Divine Proportion due to its existence in nature. It makes its appearance in many places and is obviously by divine design but what is its purpose and why are so many businesses now using the Golden Ratio in their designs. A scientist from Duke University, Adrian Bejan says “the reason the golden ratio is thought to be the most aesthetically pleasing geometric proportion is because the eye is able to scan an image the fastest when it is shaped as a golden-ratio rectangle.” ”When you look at what so many people have been drawing and building, you see these proportions everywhere,” Bejan said. ”It is well known that the eyes take in information more efficiently when they scan side-to-side, as opposed to up and down. Down through the ages it has been used extensively. From the Egyptian pyramids to the Athenian structures, mathematicians to artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Even Hollywood has explored the Golden Ratio with the Da Vinci Code and now Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland. But surely there is an even greater purpose to Sacred Geometry than just the aesthetics and great TV viewing. Famous German Psychologist, Adolf Zeising, stated that The Golden Ratio is a universal law in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical; which finds its fullest realization, however, in the human form. As Tanya so aptly puts it in her “right brain view”…it is simply the blueprint for all creation.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

THE importance of NUMBER 108 How does the Golden Ratio link with the other sacred number 108? In architecture, the most beatiful designs are based on a height-width relationship known as the Golden Rule or Golden Ratio and is acheived by taking two points 108 apart on a circle, joining them with a straight line and comparing that to the circumference of the circle. The Number 108 An article on Sacred Geometry cannot be complete without mentioning the number 108. At first glance the number appears as the basis for the Golden Rule. According to to Ken Holmes of, ”The angle of 108 has a unique property: the ratio between the straight line uniting two points at 108 from each other on a circles circumference (in effect one of the sides of a 10-pointed star) and the radius of that circle equals the Golden Section. So, there is an intimate link between the number 108 and the Golden Section.” Delving deep into the understanding and awareness of the number though has it appearing in more places than first thought. Indian Vedas, treats the Sun as God, and Sun has 12 signs (Zodiac signs). In Yajurveda, the Sun is related with Lord Brahma (the number 9), remember 12 x 9 = 108; therefore for recitation of the mantra or prayer, the number 108 is very sacred. In Buddhism, it becomes the main number of possible experiences. It works like this - there are the six consciousnesses (seeing, hearing, smelling , tasting, physical sensation and mental). These can be either pleasant, unpleasant or neutral so that makes 18 possibilities. There are the three times (past, present and future) in which these can occur, so that makes 3 x 18 = 54. Then they can be either virtuous or non-virtuous = 108. The Mala beads contain 108 beads whilst the sikh mala has 108 knots tied in string. These are occurances that appear within our awareness however the number becomes even more intriguing when you realise that the ancients didn’t know all of the following, but by an incredible ”coincidence”: • the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times the Sun’s diameter, • the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times the Moon’s diameter and also • the diameter of the Sun is 108 times that of the Earth. • Just by coincidence, the radius of the Moon is 108 miles. As the author Stephen Knapp, author of many books on the secret teachings of the Vedas, so aptley puts it: “Could this be the reason the ancient sages considered 108 such a sacred number? If the microcosm (us) mirrors the macrocosm (the solar system), then maybe you could say there are 108 steps between our ordinary human awareness and the divine light at the center of our being. Each time we chant another mantra as our mala beads slip through our fingers, we are taking another step toward our own inner sun.” The links to the right show examples of the Phi used in nature and logos, and the spectacular video by Cristóbal Vila shows us Nature by Numbers. For more information and to be part of an 8 week course on Phi, visit

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

liA Scallon And The Luminous Pearl

For over a decade, the songs and Light Language of Irishborn, award-winning composer, producer and singer Lia Scallon have been transforming lives throughout the world. Known as the Sounds of Sirius Lia’s music and Light Language carry sound codes within them, that have the ability to transform the energetic frequency of the listener. This in turn, can effect change within the body, the mind and the spirit. The melodies and words of the Sounds

of Sirius bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the soul. Lia’s music is calling you ‘home’.

In September 2012, an extraordinary crystal known as ‘The Luminous Pearl’ came into my care via Hong Kong collector Frank Loo. The previous custodian, an 80-year-old female Taoist shaman from a remote village in Western China, was bequeathed this ancient artifact by the teacher she studied under since age 17.

In this article, Lia shares the story of the creation of her new album ‘The Luminous Pearl’, including the inspirational events that occurred before and during the recording. ‘The Luminous Pearl’ haD The Shaman told Frank that this its official worldwide release Pearl absorbs energy by day, and in May 2013. releases it at night with a luminous glow she called ‘The Language of Light’.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

liA Scallon And The Luminous Pearl (Cont) The time had come, she said, for this sacred object to be handed on to its next keeper. It must remain in female hands as it always had, going to a woman who would use it to heal herself, and others. The Shaman assured Frank he would receive a very clear ‘sign’ indicating who the new caretaker should be.

have fulfilled my responsibility.” On parting, she reminded Frank that when the day comes for me to pass the Pearl on, it must be to another woman.

‘sacred pearl of wisdom’, the Pearl also represents truth and even everlasting life. In the Taoist tradition, the Pearl and the Moon symbolise immortality.

Legend of the dragon’s Pearl

On telling the shaman about the Pearl’s potential new guardian, she asked 3 questions:- “Is she from the South? Is she a singer? Can she dance?” When meditating with the Pearl a few nights earlier, the Shaman had a vision in which she heard beautiful music and saw a woman singing and dancing. A crimson butterfly then fluttered into the room and danced around The Luminous Pearl. According to the 5 Elements, crimson signifies the south.

I discovered that Luminous Pearls are a very rare form of fluorite crystal that emits an otherworldly glow in the dark. Highly revered in ancient China, many battles were fought over these legendary crystals. The last Empress Dowager of the Ching Dynasty requested that a luminous pearl be placed in her mouth before death, to light her path to the next world.

Every child in China knows the story of ‘The Dragon’s Pearl’. It’s believed that touching a Luminous Pearl will bring great prosperity and good luck. It took little time for The Luminous Pearl to join its unique Language of Light, with my Language of Light. About 6 weeks after its arrival, I received imperative guidance to begin recording a new album on the Alpha/Omega date of 21/12/12. I was ‘told’ that the transformative, universal energies downloaded during this once-in-26,000-year time, would be anchored and embedded into the music, for people throughout the world to access long into the future.

Being chosen as the new custodian of this sacred object was an On his return to Hong Kong, Frank incredible honour. My first reaction found a package with my CDs in his was disbelief, but confirmation mailbox. He was astonished to read came…and quickly. The next the opening words of my brochure, several mornings I woke to the describing the language in which presence of the Pearl with me, I sing as ‘The Language of Light’. and even before rising I began to In that instant, he knew I was dessing very sweet songs. In my mind tined to be the new caretaker of I called these the ‘Songs of the The Luminous Pearl. Luminous Pearl’.

“She is the right person to be the guardian”, the Shaman said. “I was afraid The Luminous Pearl might find itself in the hands of the wrong person. I am very happy to

Also known as ‘The Dragon’s Pearl’, this glowing ball is often depicted, as it is on ‘my’ Luminous Pearl, spinning in the air pursued by one or two dragons. Chinese Dragons are benevolent, mythological creatures signifying goodness and blessings. Symbolic of the

The Winter Solstice of December 21st 2012 marked an event foretold in the prophesies of many ancient cultures. The earth and our solar system completed several major cycles, including a 26,000year cycle and a 5,125-year cycle. A great shift occurred. In effect, one world ended and another began, as we crossed the threshold into a new cycle of the Earth’s history… we entered the Age of Aquarius.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

liA Scallon And The Luminous Pearl (Cont) recording “The Luminous Pearl”

pulse with the energy of a particular quality we would wish our new Earth to embody, such The Luminous Pearl is no ordinary as Beauty, Wisdom, Mystery, music CD. On divine prompting, Love, Inspiration…In preparation, the primary recording took place I assembled meditations for during the 3-day ‘window’ of that each potential track, along with prophesied time of transition, information about the historic shift between December 21st and in Earth was about to go through, to December 23rd 2012. The share with the musicians. transformative cosmic frequencies It had been documented that the of that unique moment were actual 2012 Winter Solstice would intentionally harnessed and take place at exactly 11.11am. embedded into every note and Scientists and astronomers knew word of the 13 tracks, so that into that at this precise moment, the future, anyone listening to the the ecliptic of our solar system music wherever they might be in would intersect with the Galactic the world, would have access to the Equator of the Milky Way. This new activating codes and universal was something that had never frequencies being gifted to our happened before, which is planet at that time. what made this Solstice like no other Winter Solstice! As I Also carried within the music is shared this information with the Light energy of the rare and the musicians, suggesting we sacred ‘Luminous Pearl’ itself, be particularly focused at that whose presence graced the studio exact 11.11 moment, we were throughout the entire production. gifted a fabulous, synchronistic This powerful crystal radiated its confirmation of the ‘rightness’ of magical Light upon myself, and this intention. the musicians in the studio, as we opened ourselves to receive Production engineer Nigel and capture the energies of the excitedly beckoned us to his momentous planetary alignment. recording desk, “Have a look at It now radiates its mystical Light this!” he said, pointing to his upon all who listen to the album, computer screensaver. ‘It could through the Light frequencies of have been one of a million these ‘Songs of Mystery, Beauty screensavers but look what it is…” and Light’. On screen was an image of the Milky Way shifting into images The Recording of space nebulas and cosmic star scenes! My vision for the album was that each individual song would Three amazing days of recording

followed. I felt absolutely blessed to be surrounded by such gifted musicians who were completely open and genuinely excited to be part of the process. They really embraced the freedom to create ‘in the moment’ and improvise to the melodies coming through me, instead of working to a fixed score. The ARTISTS My musical support team was composed of a very impressive group of artists by any standards! Collectively, these men have recorded with Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Steeleye Span, Yanni, and more. Award-winning composer, Mark Mannock on Grand Piano and Electronic keyboards, provided the important bedrock for every track. Mark is a genius on any form of keyboard. David Hudson, arguably the best exponent of the Didgeridoo in the world, contributed the dramatic, primal and earthy sounds of that powerful instrument, as well as some intriguing Aboriginal backing vocals. Simon McMenamin on violin, viola, and mandolin, forged a beautiful partnership with my vocals. His exquisite playing pulls at the heartstrings in a way only stringed instruments can.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

liA Scallon And The Luminous Pearl (Cont) Yothu Yindi drummer Ben Hakalitz, added an exciting element of rhythm and irresistible beat, which at moments swells into dramatic synergy with the didgeridoo. Only 3 days before he recorded with us, Ben and Yothu Yindi had been inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame.

carries the energy of who we are becoming, taking the listener on a loving journey of celebration, dreaming, and joyful embrace of the new Age of Wisdom.

Last but by no means least, was award-winning production engineer Nigel Pegrum, who also happens to be a very gifted musician! Nigel accompanied on Alto and Concert flutes, as well as creating some magical sounds on percussion.

As we enter the new Age of Wisdom we are Dreaming the World. With Infinite Love we call into Being once more, Magnificent Gaia. With Grace and Gratitude, we stand in awe of the Mystery of Life. Imbued with a new Light of Consciousness, we embrace Mother Earth with A Radiant Heart. We open to her Healing Waves and her Gift of Serenity. Whole at last, we Walk in Beauty and Joyful Inspiration upon our New Earth.

The Essence Of “The Luminous Pearl” Album Two days after the primary recording had been completed, I woke up to a magnificent vision of Planet Earth in my mind. I saw her glowing with radiant Light like a ‘The Luminous Pearl’…like a jewel right there in the centre of the Cosmos. This vision confirmed my heart’s ‘knowing’ about the purpose of the album I was creating. The Luminous Pearl is about Transformation; it is about Dreaming; it is about Wisdom; it is about Beauty and it is about Love. This music helps us to call to ourselves, all the finest qualities we wish our planet might embody, as we move forward into our New Earth. The Luminous Pearl

Here is how that ‘Luminous’ Journey unfolds through the 13 tracks of the album….

A lot of loving intention and magic has been woven into the creation of this album. It is my dearest wish therefore, for all who come to experience this music . . . That these songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light Awaken the Luminous Pearl of Love within your soul

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Listen To Samples From The Luminous Pearl Songs of Beauty, Mystery and Light

01 - Age of Wisdom 02 - Dreaming the World 03 - Infinite Love 04 - Being 05 - Gaia 06 - Grace and Gratitude 07 - Mystery of Life 08 - Light of Conciousness 09 - A Radiant Heart 10 - Healing Waves 11 - Gift of Serenity 12 - Walk in Beauty 13 - Joyful Inspiration

A Symbolic Sacred Pearl Of Wisdom Having been intensely immersed in the world of The Luminous Pearl for several months, I naturally thought a lot about pearls of one kind or another! I got to thinking how lovely it would be for people to have an actual piece of pearl luminosity to hold, as a tangible symbol of what ‘The Luminous Pearl’ music represents - ie the ‘Sacred Pearl of Wisdom, Truth and Life’. I found myself extrapolating that even further into thinking, “What if this tangible piece of luminosity could also carry the energy of the actual ‘Luminous Pearl’ sacred artifact itself?” To that end I sourced some beautiful Freshwater pearls and had them mounted, flanked by two scintillating Swarovski crystal beads. They are finished with a ‘parrot clip’ clasp and tassle, to allow multiple uses by either men or women. Each pearl has been cleansed and energised by sitting in the presence of the actual ‘Luminous Pearl’, so every one carries the energy of this sacred artifact. These beautiful little jewels can be incorporated into your daily life, to become a constant and tangible reminder of the spiritual quest to attain that ‘Sacred Pearl of Wisdom’. They can be used as a bookmark, keyring, or phone attachment. Alternatively for ladies can clip the pearl by the parrot clasp, unto a necklace or leather or silk chord. The pearls are quite large, each one measuring approximately 1cm, so they make a beautiful and meaningful gift, particularly if accompanied by the transformative and healing frequencies of The Luminous Pearl music. Luminous Light Goes Forth With the official Australian release of the album on May 3rd and the USA release on May 14th, The Luminous Pearl now makes its way forth into the world! It will be fascinating to see how this music effects people’s lives. With so much magic has been woven into its creation, I truly believe that it will touch people’s hearts. So, like a mother giving birth, I send it forth now into the world, with my Love. It is my dearest wish for you, that these Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light Awaken the Luminous Pearl of Love within your soul. Love and Blessings, Lia Scallon

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

The world is evolving from an age of control to an age of possibility; make the shift within yourself right now by embracing...

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11 guideLINES for tHE New Consciousness Guideline 1 The world is limitlessly abundant. Anything you could ever want or dream of, is out there waiting for you. Billions of humans and almost unlimited earthly resources mean all dreams of the heart and mind are based in reality and can be fulfilled. Guideline 2 We are allowed to be happy. Happiness has been the most sought after, yet simultaneously feared aspiration ever known to humanity. Choose it and it will choose you. Guideline 3 Our lives are our responsibility. Every aspect of your life as it is in this moment, is a direct result of every decision you have made up until this moment. If we affirm that every decision we make will be guided and work for a better tomorrow, then it is so. Guideline 4 Take advice cautiously. You can never hope to have a happier life than those whose advice you follow. Learn what you want from others, but know when to let go. Guideline 5 Embrace your humanity. Do not think that working with higher energy means you should be impervious to human emotions. Process all emotions and affirm that only the lessons that serve you will remain, all else will immediately release.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

11 guideLINES for tHE New Consciousness (CONT) Guideline 6 Explore your individuality. Your path is completely unique, do not compare your life to others. No one can keep you from the life you desire unless you give them the power to do so. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the freedom to live at your own pace. Guideline 7 Watch your thoughts. There is a fine line between fear and caution, ask yourself ‘why’ you are guided to make the decisions you make. Fear based decisions lead to a fear based reality. When you let yourself know that positive thoughts lead to a positive reality, fear will show its true and pointless face. Guideline 8 Like attracts like. The energy of your thoughts will directly affect the reality around you. Even if you have no idea what you want in life, you know exactly how you want your life to feel. Put that energy out to the world, tell the universe that you choose a life that feels fulfilled. Guideline 9 There is no time like the present. If you are human, you have lessons to learn. If you wait until you are ‘perfect’ to start helping, you may never start. No matter where you are progressively in this moment, someone else in the world aspires to be there, so start sharing what you learn as you learn it, and we can all grow together. Guideline 10 Love is the source. All energy starts and ends in the heart, so send love into the world and it will reciprocate abundantly. When you truly hold yourself in a place of service to the universe, you will be swiftly and easily guided to your unique role. Keep your heart open to the universe and the universe will keep its doors open to you. Guideline 11 Abundance starts within you. If you do not give yourself permission to succeed, no one else will. If you know you are meant to do great things, believe you are capable of them. The world is evolving from an age of control to an age of possibility; make the shift within yourself right now.

Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, creator of the Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) Course and the author of some of the most prominent literature on working with Angels. From early childhood to date, Charles has been in touch with the Angels and their guidance. Charles knew that one day he would be guided to teach this ability to others. We are very excited to have Charles Virtue as a regular contributor to Sage Magazine.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

SAGE RETREAT The ULURU Experience Join us on our first Sage Meditation Retreat at the heart of Australia with the traditional owner of Ayers Rock and his family as our host. This sacred land embraces every part of your being and we are privelidged to share in the stories and spirituality surrounding Uluru. The retreat will include a Full Moon Meditation, a Welcome Mother Sun Ceremony, the Umpiyara program, where we will learn the ways of the traditional owners and participate in cultural activities.

OUR HOST ”Uncle Bob” Randall, a Yankunytjatjara elder and traditional owner of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), explains how the connectedness of every living thing to every other living thing is not just an idea but a way of living. This way includes all beings as part of a vast family and calls us to be responsible for the land and all living with unconditional love and responsibility. For full details and to register your interest, visit the Sage Magazine website, here

”THE LAND OWNS US. The Earth is our Mother. That makes you and me brother and sister” UNCLE BOB RANDALL, KANYINI

SAGE magazine

Visionary Artist FRANCENE Hart By Tanya AlLison

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Francene Hart lives on Honaunau on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii where she carries out her visionary work. Her work can be purchased from her website here!

In March this year whilst on retreat on the Big island of Hawaii, I was able to visit the residence of visionary artist Francene Hart – her very beautiful Egyptian sky goddess, ‘Nut and the Cosmic Dream’ illuminates our inaugural front cover for Sage magazine. Francene’s art vividly depicts her deep reverence and connection with Earth Mother and her explorations upon the planet are intuitively recalled in exquisite watercolours; the mystery of the Maya sacred sites, a transformational trek to Nepal over an 18,000 foot pass in the Himalayas, the ancient temples of Machu Picchu, the highlands of Scotland, the crop circles in England, the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the heart of the Amazon magically enhanced by the presence of Francene’s spirit guide the jaguar. These incredibly beautiful images all seem to carry an energetic signature; this is Francene’s deep love for sacred geometry, ignited not only in her artwork but in her years of study to bring about ‘The Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck’ and to further expand on this vision ‘The Sacred Geometry Deck for the Visionary Path’, I brought this deck home with me from Hawaii and have really enjoyed working with these cards, they speak directly to the heart from a high vibration of love, 64 cards of balance and bliss and a great way to enjoy all of Francene’s paintings. Another strong influence evident in Francene’s work is her absolute joy and gratitude for the magic of the ocean, I felt to share her inspirational writings with you. She said “When I came to Hawaii I considered myself a non-swimmer yet have since become a “born again mermaid”. Being in the ocean and swimming with her (Mother Earth’s) multitude of creatures, including the spinner dolphins and sea turtles has become an important part of personal wellness and one of the greatest joys I have experienced in this lifetime. I am immensely grateful to my mermaid “sistahs” who have helped me become comfortable in the ocean. I also have come to realize that this salty medium is the planetary superconductor and that as we “pray peace” and offer the vibration of universal love into the ocean it is quickly transmitted around the world. Imagine the possibilities.”

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

The SiriuS disclosure “This is the greatest story never told” The great Carl Sagan, author of the book “Contact” once stated that “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Claims of UFO’s and life on other planets have never been substatiated and those claiming to have seen aliens have been dismissed by the general public. While the mass public “Want To Believe” what proof has there been to truly believe in? Until now... Inspired by the work of Dr Steven Greer, the founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Orion Project; and directed by Emmy Award winning Amardeep Kaleka, Sirius has been described as the “Greatest Story Never Told”. ‘Sirius’ deals not only with the subject of UFO and ET visitation disclosure, but also with the advanced, clean, and alternative energy technology that’s getting them here. ‘Sirius’ goes into eye-opening detail regarding how the disclosure of such technologies, some of which have been suppressed for decades, can enable humanity to leave the age of the polluting petrodollar, transform society for the better and improve mankind’s chances for the survival of our species. The film includes Government and Military witnesses to UFO and ET secrecy, explains the connection to Free Energy, Over-Unity and Zero-Point and provides not only the vision of contact with ET civilizations as regularly witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams featured, but also the paradigm shifting and physical evidence announcement of a medically and scientifically analyzed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification found in the Atacama desert, Chile.

“Once people understand that classified projects have figured out how UFO’s operate, they Additionally eye-opening and also without precedent, realizeandwepedigree no of the science and arewill the credentials medical team behind this profound and historical longer need oil, coal announcement. and nuclear power. Prior to the official release, the film team released is theabout truth an This announcment the scientific study of a DNA sequenced humanoid of unknown classification, known that has driven the as the ‘Atacama Humanoid’. secrecy” The announcement went viral immediately, quickly becoming the most popular story on the Huffington Post

View the Sirius Trailer above. Click HERE to view the full movie.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

10 Suggestions for Raising Your Magnetic Resonance to Stay Aligned with Your Soul and Spirit in 2013 and Beyond:

by Laurie Baum

1. Focus on your heart. The energy of your heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of your other organs, including your brain. A strong awareness of your heart, of giving, of charity, of compassion, of empathy, will raise your magnetic resonance and guide you to the right people and places to be safe in 2013 and beyond. 2. Meditate. Focus on your spiritual eye in the center of your forehead, become aware of your breathing and inwardly chant Om. This activity will align you with your soul and Spirit and raise your personal magnetic resonance so all of your needs are fulfilled. 3. Think positive thoughts. Positive thinking raises your magnetic resonance and attracts you to - and to you - the positive outcome on which you focus. 4. Visualize what you want to create – and you will electromagnetically attract the object of your visualization. 5. Pray. Your prayers for yourself and others raise your magnetic resonance and increase the magnetic field of the person you are praying for - as well as for the planet as a whole. 6. Affirm. Affirm in your mind repeatedly throughout the day the positive reality you envision for yourself and others. 7. Give as much as you can. Charity opens the way for more abundance to come to you. 8. Practice gratitude. Gratitude paves the way for more of what you are thankful for to come to you. 9. Raise your magnetic resonance through physical methods – get plenty of sunshine, clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and feel the beneficial effects of negative ions (positive energy) from moving water, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, or even rain – God’s way of cleaning the earth to bring positive energy. 10. Simplify. Lower your expectations, especially the unrealistic ones. Focus on what is important. Let go of the rest. Yes, significant changes lie ahead, but rest assured that everything will be okay. No matter what happens, nothing will happen that you can’t handle. And nothing that isn’t supposed to come into your life can come if you live harmoniously with your soul and Spirit. For more information or weekly astrological predictions click here to visit Laurie’s website

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

ALIFELESSORDINARY AYYA Yeshe Talks with sage magazine About her journey from country australia to the slums in india

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

“Happiness has to come from a sense of social responsibility, compassion, and inter-connectedness. universal responsibility the dalai lama would call it.” “ I can actually say that it is a wonderful job and my life is a life less ordinary…” Words shared with me during a phone Interview with Ayya Yeshe the ‘nun in the slum’ who works tirelessly in the city of Nagpur in central India to empower some of the poorest and most oppressed people on the planet! Ayya Yeshe’s personal pathway from country NSW to selfless service is truly inspirational; grieving the death of her father at age 15, a streetkid at 16 and heading for India at age 17, Ayya travelled Nepal and embraced Buddhism, ordained a Buddhist nun at 23, only to realise that the Tibetans do not have a lot of time for western monastics. The Tibetan monks and nuns are essentially refugees and struggling to preserve their own cultural identity, it was hard to be with the Tibetans and some of their challenging values and equally as hard to be in the West where to live on the generosity of others you are considered some sort of weirdo! Sadly up to 70% of western Buddhist nuns dis-robe due to a lack of support. So returning to India, seeking a place to belong, Ayya was confronted with girls aged 12 and 13 married off and having 7, 5 or 10 children, living in huts that looked like haystacks and dead by age 45 (although India is slowly developing there remain places of extreme poverty) - stark contrast to the big golden temples being built by foreign Buddhists. Six foot high walls of glass and barbed wire – the local people were being kept out of Buddhism, their very cultural inheritance.

The ONGOING roles of The Bodhicitta foundation in the nagpur slums - Women’s job training and community centre - Tuition Centre for slum children (to help them get jobs and enhance their humanity and access to information) - Malnourishment programme for slum children (1/3 of the world’s malnourished children live in India) - Counselling for poor and traumatized people / drug and alcohol / domestic violence victims - Sponsorship for poor children to go to school - Sponsorship for poor young people to go to university - Accompanying poor and uneducated people to hospital and assisting with the cost of healthcare - Women’s empowerment through skills and psychological development - Job training/placement - Help with basic housing - Spiritual teachings and meditation (which are very much needed in the often dark and oppressive environments of slums) - Youth groups (to uplift youth, help them deal with depression, anger management, study pressure and help them grow into ethical and compassionate adults) - Sunday schools for small slum children - Sponsorship for monks and nuns

Venerable Chodron ordained as a nun in 2001. She discovered Buddhism whilst travelling in Nepal and India at the age of 17 on a search for the meaning of life. Coming to India in 2004, Venerable Yeshe studied for seven years in a monastery, but felt a need to make Buddhism accessable and socially engaged, whilst still trying to maintain her contemplative way of life. She met Indian Buddhists in 2005 and has been working with them ever since. Ayya Yeshe is the author of ‘Everyday Enlightenment’. To buy Ayya Yeshe’s book, support the children or contact the Bodhicitta Foundation, visit the website,

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

a life less ordinary… (cont) One day Ayya Yeshe was approached by a young Buddhist man for Indian Buddhist teachings; he told Ayya of the whole movement of the ex-untouchables, who were previously the lowest and most oppressed casts working with dead animals and sweeping toilets for practically no money; with terrible atrocities, rampant gang rape and executions and how over 50 years they had converted to Buddhism and strived to get some sort of human dignity and equality – sister Yeshe suddenly felt her two passions collide…Buddhism and social justice. Since age 18, Ayya had always been socially engaged, volunteering at the Wayside Chapel and working with the drug addicts and sex workers, so a strong compassion for the underdog prevailed and Ayya Yeshe settled in Nagpur. As a mother of three children, I felt deeply how confronting it must be to see women and children in such a climate of poverty, a melting pot of social injustice where a child is born every 1.8 seconds and where two women will share a hospital bed to give birth with little or no assistance only to return to a home of filthy living conditions; where the men will drink to forget their oppression and helplessness. Ayya Yeshe shared openly that it is amazing what human beings can get used to; “ these people do not feel sorry for themselves, they are actually too busy surviving! There is a higher rate of suicide amongst educated rich people than amongst poor people, because poor people do not ask the question ‘Do I want to live or die today?’ they ask the question ‘Shall I get food today?’” Yes, Ayya Yeshe does find it hard sometimes to see the people living like animals but equally as hard to see the suffering in Australia and much of the Western world, the reality of a spiritual poverty – where we have so much happiness and so many resources available but do not use it for the best possible means. How would you explain to people 100 years ago that we now have an instrument in our pocket that enables instant access to all the information in the world but we use it to post cute baby photos and favourite foodie talk! What disturbs Ayya Yeshe a lot is the truth that we do not use our freedom to promote the privilege and freedom of others. I asked that If there was a message, that Ayya would want people to feel in their hearts right now, what would it be? Ayya’s

reply was, that happiness is not a personal matter, it is a communal matter and that our well-being and happiness and existence is due to the kindness of many beings – that we can’t just live as if we are separate because we will drive ourselves to the edge of destruction. Rather happiness has to come from a sense of social responsibility, compassion and interconnectedness, universal responsibility the Dalai Lama would call it. Outside of time spent in Australia, approximately six months out of every two years, Ayya Yeshe’s work is to help the Indian slum people through her organization, The Bodhicitta Foundation basically run by Ayya Yeshe with volunteers who are committed for the long term; to make a difference in a community and run a good charity, you need to live with the people, respect them and engage them and understand what they need to make long term positive changes. Too often the good intentions and financial injections of ‘outsiders’ will be deemed useless, like the story of a generator installed in a village without the understanding that the village will need money to buy petrol and the education to use it and repair it. So really to make a difference you have to be with a community for a long time and you have to engage the local community and be part of the fabric of that society. Today at the age of 35 Ayya Yeshe is devoted to her foundation and the education, counselling and advice given to the men, women and children of the slums. She wears many hats, but walks with a vibration of love, compassion and the ability to still see the humour in a funny day…” I was chasing a man down the street who had agreed to get a vasectomy but then got drunk and was running away from me – I thought wow, is this what I ordained as a Buddhist nun for? …I can actually say that it’s a wonderful job and that my life is a life less ordinary and that everything that I do is very varied and I never know what will be knocking at my gate in the morning. It is a real privlege to be a part of this community and the local people are really grateful”.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Bodhicitta foundation Taking Light into the Dark Places of the World. Support by AYYA Yeshe by sponsoring a child For only $40 a month. Click here for more information

We were so touched by the work of Ayya Yeshe that our meditation group is sponsoring the education of a young boy, Shreyash Bagde, age 7 and going into 2nd class. For a poor child, going to school means that they are away from the depressing environment of home – they love school, they think going to school is a privilege. His father is a cycle rickshaw driver which means he makes hardly enough to feed his children and his wife is a part-time house maid. Our sponsorship will allow Shreyash to get a good education and have a future that leads out of poverty – for a very small amount of money, all of us can help Ayya Yeshe and sponsor a child. Article by Tanya Alison

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

A journey into AyaHuasca Welcome to the work of ben Lee

Ben Lee explains his esoteric journey. When we commenced with the idea of creating Sage Magazine several months ago, Ben Lee was the first interview that I undertook. It seemed a fitting choice for someone with a background in Indie music such as myself to be writing a cross-over article that spans the bridge between music and spirituality. What was the first interview became the last article written for the magazine. It was the one story that I personally struggled with given that it was about a drug that whilst it has the benefit of massive spiritual revelations based on the countless

Ben Lee describes the “work”, the process of making his latest album and his journey into the world of the South American medicine, Ayahuasca.

reports (and Ben lee’s own account), it was still nonetheless a drug whose long term effects are not known. It is comforting to know that the consumption of Ayahuasca is not taken lightly with Ben Lee either, demonstrated by the dedication of 50% of the profits towards MAPS (Multidisciplinary Study for Psychedelic Studies). Should any usage be considered, please consult a medical professional.

Shayne Locke

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

A journey into AyaHuasca Welcome to the work of ben Lee...(cont) Ben Lee’s life has always been about pushing the boundaries of convention. In both his music making career and his personal life, the talented Mr Lee has always been different and even in the face of a mammoth hit, Ben Lee has strived for the only constant that his life has portrayed…change. With his musical efforts altering the face of Australian Indie music, the change is definitely where Ben has headed with his new album, Ayahuasca, Welcome to the Work. A work of passion, a work of gratitude, a work of music experimentation and above all a work of love, the album chronicles Ben’s spiritual journey of the process of discovering what’s inside, and the active transformation of turning our darkness into light. That ongoing process of discovery is called “the work”. With a potentially sensitive subject matter, Ben is once again pushing convention. The story of Ben Lee has begun afresh once again. The thought of an article about an album based around a psychotic brew was very confronting yet

as you listen to the new songs that Ben Lee has recorded you begin to realise that whilst it is not everyone’s “drug of choice”, the journey has given him a perspective and awareness that he spent many years trying to achieve. “A certain vision I had for my life culminated in the album, “Awake is the New Sleep”, in that I clearly wanted to experience that kind of massive success.” Ben’s big hit from the album, the single “Catch My Disease” was a worldwide hit. “Then I tried to recreate it with the album “Ripe” which is what the ego tells us we can do. I tried to force it (the success)…but it didn’t work. It was like I got the whole thing out of my system.” The lack of commercial success for the album and then fatherhood forced Ben to take two years off from making music and the whole ambition for making his own music, and being important… “drifted away”. “What was allowed to happen was that my esoteric interests and my spiritual interests which were always there for me…pulling off all the ambition… all of that subtext became the central text and suddenly that’s what I wanted to be doing. When I made music it was to reinforce my own devotion.”

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

A journey into AyaHuasca Welcome to the work of ben Lee...(cont) Ben’s spirituality was not an overnight awakening. From the content within his albums From Awake is the New Sleep to his latest one, his marriage to Ione Skye in a Hindu ceremony in India, to his concept album about the “Dream State”…Ben Lee’s thirst for enlightenment culminated in the introduction to Ayahuasca, the South American healing medicine. “I am someone who is open to any experience if it seems like something interesting. A friend of mine had been working with it for several years and I was open to it. I had done dream analysis for several years and Ayahuasca brought a direct experience with the emotions, which with meditation and dream work we are getting these little glimpses into the power of the unconscious. Suddenly to be just thrust in there, I really understood for the first time that our regular consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg.” What Ben Lee was struck by, was so foreign that he couldn’t believe how little he knew about himself, a common understanding held by most Ayahuasca users. The medicine appears to increase or compound the desire to learn more about oneself. Ayahuasca users report having revelations regarding their purpose on the earth, and the true nature of the universe. Other users describe a deep insight into how to be the best person they can be, with many gaining access to higher spiritual dimensions and making contact with spiritual

guides and healers. And it shows through the music that Ben has created, his heart being cracked wide open and glimpsing a depth of love so unfathomable that it shines through and allows listeners a similar glimpse of that love, beauty and joy. Ben Lee summed up his intention for the album and the exploration leading to its creation as stripping back the roles we play to glimpse that joy, which for many can even be for the first time. “We are all playing roles, interviewer – interviewee, musician – listener, but in a broader sense we are all exploring things together. I don’t know exactly what this music is meant to be. I know it is taking me somewhere I have never been before and I would love it if the listener was open to that possibility for them too. I just hope that it reflects something of the inner world because there is so little time and so little discussion that takes place about it. The inner world to me appears to be the root…the answer to all the problems we have in the world. They all come back to neglect to our inner lives. It is my hope that Ayahuasca and the work can provide even a little bit of support for those wishing to turn inward.” Ben Lee’s album is available on our website, here and you can read our review on our review page.

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ISSUE ISSUE01 01| MAY | JULY2013 2013

Meditation A Daily Dose Of Love And Appreciation

By Tanya AlLison

Meditation is the key to unlocking our full potential, our grace and our abilities to give and to receive in the flow of life. All will be well in your world when you can calm your mind and connect with your heart centre, which is the essence of who you really are! You begin to understand your true feelings and be naturally guided by your intuition, your higher self, this enables you to feel more in alignment with your purpose and the gifts that you have to contribute to others and to the planet... The benefits of a daily meditation practice are numerous; simply meditating on your breath alone, can lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate and ease stress and anxiety. Meditation can massively help with the prevention and healing of illness and as a positive tool to help manage pain. Regular meditation will improve your concentration and help to create mental peace and less emotional reactivity, a beautiful balance between mind, body and spirit. If you have suffered from addiction, unresolved grief and loss, or any other type of trauma, meditation will be a wonderful support, whether done alone or in a group situation. Many people are ‘waking up’ and feeling completely overwhelmed by the rampant materialistic view of the world that pervades our culture, searching for more meaning in their daily life, meditation helps to transform and transcend the physical and assist in your connectedness to all living beings and the sacredness of life. There is no right or wrong way to meditate but you do need to start somewhere and it is so beneficial to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. I have outlined a simple approach starting with 5 – 10 minutes morning and night, this feels ‘do-able’ for everyone. You will find that after three to four weeks you will really love feeling more connected to the essence of your spirit and will naturally want to sit for slightly longer periods of time, when your routine allows it. Please always enjoy the process and treat yourself with tender loving care…xxx.

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ISSUE ISSUE01 01| MAY | JULY2013 2013

Meditation practices & ROUTINES...(CONT) Morning Meditation routine

EVENING Meditation routine

• Start with 5 – 10 minutes in the morning, do it after your shower or exercise routine, as you will feel refreshed and awake.

• Take 5 -10 minutes in the evening, just before going to bed is the best possible time.

• Sit with palms facing up (to receive), relaxed on your knees with eyes closed. Take 3 deep breaths – where your abdomen pushes out on the inhale, and relaxes on the exhale.

• Reflect on your entire day – see all the simple, beautiful things you experienced and ‘give thanks’ with a real feeling of gratitude in your heart.

• Use these breaths to check if your body is relaxed, are there any areas of your body that you are ‘holding’ tense? Settle your ‘awareness’ behind your third eye.

• If in your day you reacted in negative ways or feel you did not operate to the best of your ability – go back in your mind and see yourself handling the situation from the highest and best part of yourself and give thanks that this is how you will be next time.

• Again, sit in your ‘sacred seat’ with palms facing upwards and take 3 deep breaths, • Choose a place to sit that is quiet, makes you releasing any tension that you are aware of in feel good and you can come to every day – so it your body. feels a little bit ‘sacred’ to you.

• In your mind, start with 2 -3 positive statements about you….”I am a radiant being of light spreading peace and love on this planet” or things like “I am amazing, beautiful, magnificent, healing, awesome, etc”

• Just as we set an intention for our day, it is equally important to set an intention for a beautiful night’s sleep. Ask for guidance in your dream state and that you will awaken with understanding and feeling refreshed. • Be mindful of watching drama or horror immediately before sleep – try to ‘wind’ down your day with soft music, positive words and meditation before going to bed.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

EAT FOR YOUR LIFE This month welcomes ‘ Eat for Your Life ‘ the new book by “The Sassy Chef” Alison Taafe, who shares incredible recipes for maintaining vibrant good health, inspired by her research into food as medicine following her sister Laura’s diagnosis with breast cancer in 2007. We have reprinted an excerpt from Alison’s new book which includes details of Laura’s journey, her favourite super green juice and a vegetarian recipe for wellness.... Fear reared its ugly head again in November 2010 when x-rays and CAT scans revealed that Laura’s cancer had metastasised (spread elsewhere) and had returned as secondary tumours in her bones. We were much more frightened this time around, as the specialist told us in his ‘wonderful bedside manner’ that it was terminal and there was no cure for her. He basically told us to take Laura home and make her life enjoyable and comfortable for which could have been as short as 18 months. When I challenged him and asked him what we could do to try and help her as far as diet, natural remedies and other things were concerned, he told me I had not accepted my sister’s terminal illness and that I should not ruin her last few months by putting her onto a special diet and making her travel all round the world in search of a cure that wasn’t out there. He said I was wasting my time and, more importantly, wasting Laura’s. He said I was to let her eat doughnuts, drink coffee, climb Kilimanjaro or go skiing if that’s what she wanted to do. I told him that this family were fighters and we didn’t take too kindly to being told that that was it, and that there was nothing we could do to help. Laura’s husband Rory and I decided the next day to pick ourselves up, not wallow in sadness, and start looking for something that might help Laura. Neither of us was going to sit and watch her die in front of us, even if she was happy eating doughnuts, drinking gallons of coffee and, at the same time, skiing down the bloody mountain. We started off the journey by going several times to see the wonderful Teresa at ‘Top Cats Beauty’ on the Gold Coast who offered detoxifying sessions. During one of these sessions, she told us of her brother-in-law who was diagnosed with a large tumour on his brain. He was also told it was terminal and nothing could be done. The brother-in-law did lots of research and ended up going to Mexico in search of some help with the Hoxsey treatment. He had visited the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana, Mexico, about twenty years previously and is still alive to tell the story today. Incredible, but true.

Buy Your own copy of The new book by Alison Taafe, “EAT FOR YOUR LIFE” HERE

Raw Food Juice

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Healthy Heart

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

EAT FOR YOUR LIFE...(CONT) Of course, we were overwhelmed to hear there was possibly something out there for us. We embarked on a search for the clinic and made arrangements to go in September 2011. This is where the Eat for a Cure charity idea was born. The clinic itself is built high up in the hills of Tijuana and was once owned by a drug lord, who is rumoured to have donated this house when the Hoxsey treatment helped his own mother who had terminal breast cancer. After we arrived, Laura was soon whisked away and appeared half-an-hour or so later dressed in a gown and, wanting breakfast. The blood tests had been done so she was allowed to eat after fasting. She was starving! We visited the Cantina at the clinic and we were all served a fabulous breakfast by two delightful Mexican ladies, neither of whom spoke a word of English. After two days of tests and results, we were then able to see Dr Guitierrez to learn of the outcome. He confirmed all we knew of course, but instead of telling us to take Laura home and watch her die, he started to explain the treatment he was going to prescribe, and the diet Laura must embark on. The diet was the most important part of the treatment along with an array of natural supplements, a specially blended health tonic, and a good, positive mental attitude to success in fighting cancer, he said. He told us we must come back to the clinic every six months in the initial phases of the treatment. The new diet, the Hoxsey Diet, was very restrictive to say the least. When we were presented with the list of banned foods, it was quite hard to find foods Laura would be allowed to eat. I was frightened by it, I must admit. Laura’s new diet was a list of ‘don’ts’ rather than ‘dos’ and if you saw it, you too would be frightened, believe me. It pretty much rules out what most of us eat most days of our lives. The real goal of the detoxification process is to open the routes of elimination to remove toxins from the body. This process is greatly facilitated by a wholesome diet with plenty of water along with the herbal and nutritional supplements the clinic prescribes... ... Since I started writing this book I am ecstatic to tell you all that we have been back to Mexico for Laura’s six-monthly check-up and the results are totally amazing and awe-inspiring. We arrived at the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana on Thursday 12 April 2012 and after about three hours of testing and waiting for Laura’s results; we were called in to see Doctor Elias Gutierrez. We waited with bated breath as he went through all the blood work, which seemed to take a lifetime. Then came the news that completely astounded us. We asked the doctor to repeat himself and then it finally started to sink in. He was telling us there was no cancer at all, and explained that Laura, in his opinion, was cancer-free at this moment in time. There it was: the answer we had all been praying and wishing for. At first, it took Laura a while before it sank in fully and she asked if the radiologist at the clinic could show her the scans and confirm that there were no visible tumours on the scans. He was awfully patient and he went through about a hundred films with Laura. Steve and I also looked at the scans and we too could see there were no tumours, especially when he compared them to her previous scans from 2011. I can understand Laura’s hesitation. She has lived with the knowledge and fear of dying from cancer every day of her life for the last four years and now some guy in a clinic in Mexico was telling her she was cancer-free. It would be hard to believe for anyone really, given the circumstances. We cannot guarantee that if you follow this diet – without the tonic and supplements recommended by the doctors at the clinic – it will act for you the way it did for Laura. Remember, Laura has been taking the tonic and all the prescribed natural medications and supplements from the clinic in Mexico for a year. If you would like help or information regarding the clinic, please write to Eat for a Cure.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Laura’s Super Green Juice MAKES 2 LARGE GLASSES Ingredients 2 Granny Smith apples, stalk removed, cut into quarters 2 pears, stalk removed, cut into quarters 3 large handfuls greens (spinach, kale, green cabbage or silverbeet) cut into pieces 2 sticks celery, washed 1 small cucumber, unpeeled, cut into pieces 1 orange, peeled 1 tsp spirulina, chlorella or barley grass powder 1 small punnet wheatgrass (if available) filtered water, if too thick ice

Preparation method 1.

Pass all the fruit, vegetables, ginger and grass through a cold press juicer


Mix in the powder well before serving


Add ice if you like it chilled

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Malaysian Vegetable Curry with Lima Beans Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 small bunch coriander, washed well 800 ml home-made coconut milk or 2 x 400 ml cans light coconut milk 1 tsp ginger, grated 1 stick lemongrass, smashed (I normally do this with the base of a saucepan!) 3 kaffir lime leaves 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tsp turmeric 1 tbsp Thai green curry paste 1 lime, zest and juice 3 cups steamed assorted vegetables (for example broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kale, bok choy, cabbage or zucchini) 1 cup cooked lima beans (butter beans) For seasoning use low-sodium soy sauce, celery powder, kelp powder, dulse granules freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Preparation method 1.

Pick off coriander leaves and reserve for garnish, if you like. Roughly chop stalks


Put coconut milk in a medium-sized saucepan and add all other ingredients except vegetables, lima beans and lime


Bring to the boil and simmer for about 10 to15 minutes


Strain, taste and season. Add lime juice and zest


Add vegetables and beans and reheat in the sauce for 5 minutes


Finish curry by adding chopped coriander leaves, and serve with steamed basmati or brown rice

Tip Make sure your soy sauce is gluten- and wheat-free with this one, just to be sure

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013


Honouring your essential nature is about understanding yourself, your needs, preferences and limitations. It’s about living a balanced life where your needs and those of the people you love are equally important. You know you are honouring your essential nature and fulfilling your purpose when you feel happy. Your heart is the greatest, cheapest, simplest guide available that clearly lets you know when you are on your path. Being on your path has nothing to do with being perfect, or living a perfect life. It’s about being able to accept imperfection while doing the best you can. YOUR BODY CONTINUALLY SENDS YOU MESSAGES Stress is caused by the body’s automatic response to perceived threats. Our perception may or may not be accurate, but it always creates a physiological response. When we feel afraid the fight or flight reaction that occurs in our bodies bypasses the rational mind. When we are in this state fear becomes exaggerated and our thinking and perception can be distorted. You may have gotten through a stressful period in your life and think that time is behind you, but sometimes, according to experts such as Dr Deepak Chopra, the emotions you experienced during that time can remain trapped in your body. When you experience ongoing physical

discomfort or pain or when you struggle to remain positive and you have done a lot of work on yourself, it may be time to work with an energy healer. There are many different forms of energy healing and please note I am not suggesting you ignore traditional medicine, I’m not. Energy workers work alongside traditional medicine. I class reiki, polarity balancing, kinesiology and Qigong as forms of energy healing. Energy healing helps you to release emotions which are stored in the body. Sue Hawke, the daughter of the former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for nine years. On a bad day she couldn’t even lift her baby, on good days the simplest activities exhausted her. That all changed when she underwent treatment with Qigong. Bob Hawke experienced a Qigong massage when he visited China and was most impressed. When he returned home he immediately went to Sue’s place and told her he was sending her to China for treatment. Sue went to China and underwent treatment for six weeks and came back a new person. Sue was so impressed with this method of healing she brought two of Qigong’s most respected practitioners Master Zhao Shihua and Robert Pen to Australia.

About The Author Anne Hartley is a passionate Life Coach, creator of the Heart Process Coaching Model, author of the best selling book, “Love the Life You Live” and several more titles that help to support many individuals to create meaningful lives.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

EVERY CHOICE MATTERS...(cont) Fortunately for me I live in an area not too far from where Master Zhao practiced so I was able to attend a series of Qigong massages with him. I found it to be an amazing experience. Qigong massage is not like a relaxing traditional massage, you are fully clothed and the practitioner works on the meridian lines. At the end of each session Master Zhao touches each fingertip individually and it feels like an electrical charge is sent through each finger. He then taps the point between the eyebrows which is often referred to as the third eye and when he tapped this spot I saw flashing white lights in a beautiful pattern. Master Zhao says that different people see different things, some see Jesus, others Buddha, some their children or a person, while others see colours. A paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts and values that make up your individual way of viewing reality. By expanding your reality with new knowledge and new experiences you expand, or shift, your paradigm of who you are. I once worked with a client who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

it helps people to become consciously aware of how their daily choices make life harder or easier for them. It all starts by becoming aware of where you place your attention, which leads you to reassess your choices, then you need to support any new choices with habits until this new way of being becomes automatic. If you take the time to notice how much time you spend focusing on what you don’t want and compare it to how much time you spend creating your heart’s desires, you will see for yourself why your life may not be all that you want it to be. YOU DON’T EVER HAVE TO DO ANYTHING THAT YOU HATE Some people place a lot of unnecessary expectations upon themselves and have a problem giving up or changing direction because they consider it failure. Pushing yourself through your fears supports you when you know you will feel better about yourself for having done so. At other times you can keep pushing and pushing yourself until you reach breaking point, often damaging relationships, your health and selfesteem along the way and instead of feeling better about yourself you end up feeling worse.

When we started working together she was willing but had very little energy and didn’t know if she would be able to follow through on my When I started a bookkeeping business, a suggestions. friend, who was a very successful salesman, told me I had to go out and introduce myself to We focused on her becoming aware of the local businesses and tell them what I did. I soon choices she was making, especially choices discovered that I really disliked cold calling. around self-respect. She also focused on being the person she wanted to be. In just eight weeks One day, while cold calling, I met a man in an she went from having no energy to being pain industrial complex who was going from one free and having so much energy she was able to business to the next selling a book he’d written. go the gym regularly. We started chatting and he suggested we have a coffee together. I want to emphasise that these changes didn’t come about because of me, they resulted from He said that it was written all over my face that my client’s willingness to value herself. I didn’t like what I was doing, whereas he loved meeting and chatting with new people. He I am such an advocate for life coaching because suggested that he promote my services while

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

EVERY CHOICE MATTERS...(cont) selling his book and I jumped at the opportunity.

never going to be something I enjoyed.

We worked out an amount I would pay him if I obtained any clients from his referral. This arrangement worked beautifully for both of us and I obtained most of my clients from his referrals.

Have you ever thought that forcing yourself to do something you really don’t want to do could be the one thing that is preventing you from fulfilling your heart’s desires and living a meaningful life?

I learnt from that experience that you don’t ever have to do something that you hate in order to make money. I want to be sure you get this point because this is not the same as ignoring your fears. Sometimes you need to do something you dislike or are afraid of to overcome your fears.

Whenever you are faced with a fear ask yourself, “Will I feel better about myself if I do this?” If you answer “Yes” then you know it’s a fear you need to face and then let go of. If you answer “No” then look for another way to achieve your objective that honours your essential nature.

However, when you know you can do something, but you genuinely dislike doing it, then you know that it goes against your essential nature and that there is a better way for you.

Conscientious people know how to honour their essential nature and they don’t allow anyone, or anything, to sway them from their path. Research has shown that conscientious people live longer.

Some of the life coaches I train think that they have to do things they don’t like in order to promote their businesses; it doesn’t have to be this way.

Conscientiousness can be described as dependable, orderly, self-disciplined, achievement oriented, cautious, industrious and deliberate.

You definitely have to face a lot of fears when building a business but that doesn’t mean that you have to promote or run your business in a way that you loathe. That would take all the joy out of being in business for yourself.

When you ignore your essential self you often feel exhausted. By asking yourself, “Will this choice make me feel good about me?” you take back control of your life.

I made a decision about 30 years ago that I was never going to promote any business in a way that I hated. As I needed to find a way to attract people to me I learnt to use the media and I initially started writing columns for magazines. I didn’t get the columns because I was a skilled writer, in those days I wasn’t. I simply looked for a need in the market place that matched something I liked doing. I then developed the skill of writing. I want you to understand the difference between what you dislike doing and what you fear. I disliked cold calling. Yes there was a fear of rejection that made my dislike of it so intense, but I knew that I could do it. I also knew that it didn’t matter how many times I did it, it was

CHOICES THAT EMPOWER YOU • Observe your body and take note of any times you feel discomfort or pain. What is your body telling you? • Do you regularly force yourself to do things that you hate? Ask yourself why. If you are facing a fear over time the dislike falls away. If you are only doing something you hate because you feel you have to, you’ve encountered a limiting belief you need to change. • Choose to conquer your fears by doing the things you fear? FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANNE HARTLEY OR TO PURCHASE ONE OF HER BOOKS, VISIT WWW.HARTLIFECOACHING.COM.AU

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

SOS - sounds of source tour with lia scallon LIA SCALLON AND THE SOUNDS OF SIRIUS For over a decade, award winning composer, singer and sound healer Lia Scallon’s angelic songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ have been transforming lives throughout the world. Described as being imbued with the frequency of pure Love, many people claim that the Sounds of Sirius reach deep into their soul, giving them a sense of ‘coming home’. It could be said that the Sounds of Sirius bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the soul. An Evolutionary Leap Lia has been directed by Spirit to make herself available as the Transmitter of Transformative Sound frequencies gifted from Source, in order to assist humanity in utilising the intense solar waves currently flooding our planet, as a positive means for change. Some visionary scientists believe this Solar radiation will serve to trigger an evolutionary Leap for mankind, enabling us to access the enormous, unused potential of our brains. The Four Cardinal Directions Lia will bring the ‘Sounds of Source’ to the major cities North and South, East and West of Australia. Within each city, there will be four separate events, North, South, East and West. The energy generated in the four Cardinal points will create a Gateway and direct link to Source that will create a catalyst for transformation. Hosted by you! “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will call you.” This was Spirit’s message to Lia. Lia’s role is to make herself available as the ‘Transmitter’ of the unique and special sound frequencies. You, the people of each city, are invited to host these Sounds of Source events. As a gift of appreciation, each host will receive 3 Complimentary Event Tickets, as well as Lia’s full Sounds of Sirius Collection comprised of 10 albums, valued at $250. This includes the Award-Winning album Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal and Lia’s magnificent new album The Luminous Pearl.

The call is strong and the vision clear. Lia hope it speaks to you as it does to her, so that together we can bring the SOS ~ Sounds of Source to the cities and the people of Australia. If you feel called to host a SOS ~ Sounds of Source event in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, New Zealand or Alice Springs or Cairns, please contact Lia:Email: Phone: 0419 486 073

ENTRY FEE - Only $10 Lia was ‘told’ that the entry fee everywhere should be only $10. This will enable absolutely everyone who feels the call of the heart to attend, to do so. The number 10 itself represents ‘perfection. It contains the 1 of New Beginnings and the Zero point, encompassing both beginnings and endings, as well as endless and open possibilities. 1+ 0 reduce back to 1, reinforcing the message of New Beginnings. For more information, visit lia’s website HERE

“An elegant and magnificent album, ‘The Luminous Pearl’ is a journey into a place of beauty and spiritual fulfillment, that captured my heart from the first moment. This album completely transformed my day.”

“Lia’s voice is spectacular….it reaches right into the soul”

Jeff WarRick asks the question... Are we are all brainwashed? or have we just lost our minds?

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Subliminal messages and the spirtual mind As a teenager growing up, I was intrigued by the whole idea of “backward masking” – subliminal messaging in music, many of which were supposedly placed there by an evil force guiding the musician; the claim that resulted in many record burnings throughout the world to rid the world of this terrible evil. Was this the real deal or just a giant conspiracy? Subliminal messages have been around us for decades. It is a well documented fact that we have been subjected to so many forms of subliminal messaging in so many different forms of media. Messages in advertising, in movies, in music. TV shows such as Lost and Mad Men all contain hidden messages that the astute fan picks up on. Whilst not subliminal they bring light to a topic that has been the subject of many books and documentaries. Programming The Nation, the new film by director Jeff Warrick explores the claims and the facts and whilst it can be forgiven to seem to gloss over some areas at times, given the wealth of information presented it grants us a well rounded view of the whole subliminal message issue. The Spiritual Impact of Subliminal Message In discussing the issues contained within the movie with Jeff during an interview the topic of our spirituality and the issue of brainwashing was explored. In our spiritual walk, regardless of our belief, we are constantly guarding our minds and our thoughts. Does subliminal messaging just override our efforts completely?

Jeff said” Well we are constantly guarding our thoughts but the important thing to remember about subliminal is that it bypasses the entire consciousness and attacks us on a subconscious level. So you can guard it all you want but when messages bypass the conscious they have a varying degree of impact on the viewer or listener. So you can be aware all you want; it is still going to impact you.” Subliminal Hypnotherapy However with the seedy side of subliminal messages comes a seemingly good side as a powerful method of self-development. There are many self-help gurus that have realised its ability to program their minds directly. As Law of Attraction System creator, Steve Trueton points out “Gurus such as Anthony Robbins, Tiger Woods and Derren Brown have done a lot to promote its effectiveness. The truth is, the sky is the limit when it comes to using subliminal techniques to improve your life.” He continues, “There is a huge number of people that have used subliminal messages to attract success quickly, and managed to sustain that success in the long term. This speaks volumes for how useful these techniques can actually be. If you are looking for a way to feel better about yourself, achieve a specific personal goal or even gain a little confidence then subliminal messages could really help you.” However Jeff Warrick presents a slightly tarnished view as his experience has revealed some results that are not in alignment with what is being sold.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Subliminal messages and the spirtual mind “The subliminal self help industry is a multi-million dollar industry. A lot of it to be quite honest is very fraudulent and it is questionable whether there is subliminal messages in the music or the tracks at all, let alone what kind of effect they have so I encourage people to really research what it is you are listening to or the programs you are attempting to purchase because they may not have the effects you anticipate.” Whilst both the positive and the negative viewpoints of subliminal hypnosis are indeed recognised, the important point is be aware and make sure to research the process before you pay hundreds of dollars for a program.

the only one who has it! It is your birthright. Your birthright has been stripped from you, it has been influenced, and your mind has been hijacked by ideas and thoughts leading to really unconscious behaviours.” Like it or not subliminal messages and its variations are all around us in the western world and unless we live in a cave or out in some remote region, we wll constantly be subjected to it whether we want it or not. It becomes a battle for the mind and where our free will lies is what you ultimately choose to focus on.

The key to freeing our minds from both subliminal messages and mind control is a Mind Control self-realisation and self-awareness. Eckhart Tolle teaches us that the only way to help An indepth look at the issue of subliminal ourselves is to realize that you are not your messages cannot be complete without looking mind. “As long as you believe you are your into the area of mind control. Reknowned thoughts then you are under mind control. author Michael Christian (a.k.a. William No one can change your mind without your Cane) stated that “Subliminal messages and consent. Because when you know who you are perception are linked to the idea of mind and what you are you are uncontrollable.” control, and the roots of this are placed very far back in our history. Mind control is where Your own unique point of view is sacred. It is an individual or group of individuals can what makes us individuals. It is your birthright be controlled without their awareness. It is and like the movie Programming The Nation perception below the individual’s/group’s explains, your birthright has been stripped threshold. It is also the idea that people can be away from you. It has been influenced and made to do things they would not ordinarily hijacked by ideas and thoughts leading to do.” unconscious behavior. Controversial Blogger Chaukeedaar, not known for holding back on any viewpoint, examined the area of mind control and based on the findings came to the conclusion that “everything that mind control is, is about taking you away from your individuated self, taking you away from your point of view. And my friends, your point of view is sacred: You’re

You are strong enough, know who you are and understand that no one can change your mind without consent. Story by Shayne Locke Interview with Jeff Warrick


2 ayahuasca - Ben Lee Read our review of the new album by Ben Lee - Ayahuasca: Welcome To the Work.

The Luminous Pearl - lia scallon The new soothing and healing album from Lia Scallon Read our review here




DAKIni - India jiva & Ayya Yeshe

Prana Pulse - Shamans dream

The amazing sounds of Deva Premal, Miten and Manose.

Passionate Buddist Chants from the Heart of India

The new music for yoga, love and ecstatic dance.

The Top 5 LAtest Albums WE ARE LISTENING TO AT SAGE MAGAZINE Lia’s latest album ‘The Luminous Pearl’ not only grounds our spirit in the heart of Earth Mother, but her exquisite vocals, sung in the Language of Light, fills the very essence of our Being with a deep inner knowingness that resonates with the highest frequency of love…

The Luminous Pearl by LIA SCALLON

Lia’s incredible story leading to the creation of “The Luminous Pearl’ is truly felt in all 13 tracks as an energy of devotion and gratitude. For all light workers and spiritual navigator’s this is an album that will illuminate your sacred space for deep transformational healing and soul awakening.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

The Top 5 LAtest Albums...(Cont)

Ayahuasca: Welcome to the work by ben Lee

A Deeer Light by deva premal, miten & manose

You could be forgiven if you thought it strange that an indie rock/pop artist can find his way into a spiritual music review page let alone a spiritual magazine like Sage, however Ben Lee has never been known for doing things conventionally. In his latest album, Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work, Ben with the help of songstress, Jessica Chapnik-Kahn, delves into his spiritual pathway of the last few years as he describes the journey he has taken with the South American healing vine, Ayahuasca. At times the album borders on being Beatlesque especially on his song “I Am That I Am, whilst at other times he has hints of the Polyphonic Spree in songs like Welcome to the House of Mystical Death. The over riding meditative feel however represents a journey that, with lights out and eyes closed can take you deep into the pathway of what he describes as the work, coming out the other end to an overwhelming sense of joy and love. The most adventurous change of direction for Ben Lee yet, but one that shows the maturity of a man seeking to better himself and those he touches around him.

Click Here To buy AYAhuasca

It has been a beautiful experience for me to review ‘ a deeper light’, the new album from Deva Premal and Miten with friends Manose and Maneesh de Moor, as I have personally just completed the 21 day Mantra Meditation Journey; a totally free gift to the planet where around 63,000 people opened their inbox for 21 days daily to an exquisite mantra meditation. It was a true blessing to receive this powerful healing through the divine vocals and music of Deva and Miten. ‘A Deeper Light’ resonates deeply in the heart centre, weaving 8 sacred chants from ancient India with a sensual, rhythmic energy, joined by the enchanting flute of Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose and the vibrant keyboard wizard Maneesh de Moor…no digital instruments have been used in this recording. I am quietly obsessed with the blissful vocals of Deva and Miten and this new album brings me back to my most authentic and sacred self where peace and joy reign supreme. Namaste

Dakini by India jiva & ayya yeshe Dakini (Sanskrit) is the female embodiment of enlightenment, a female messenger of wisdom. This incredible album is a unique collaboration between Ayya Yeshe and Indiajiva; the duo of multi-instrumentalists Vicki Hansen and Ron Ragel. Indiajiva have international acclaim in the area of sacred and world music, having released over 12cd’s. The rich vocals of Australian born Buddhist nun, Ayye Yeshe bring exquisite life to the time honoured chants in this musical arrangement…I love track #3 ‘Prajna Paramita Mantra’ - 7 minutes and 14 seconds of bliss. I found myself wanting to know so much more about the beauty and compassion that I could hear and feel in the vocals of Ayya Yeshe, this led me to the ‘Bodhicitta Foundation’. I was deeply touched by the work of this humble Buddhist nun helping thousands of poor, oppressed and underprivileged people in the slums of Nagpur, India… I also felt motivated to have the fee from my weekly meditation group support the education of a little boy.

Click Here To buy A DEEper light

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The Shamans Dream music collective is Craig Kohland’s musical project that has produced 25 slbums in the last 15 years alone. Craig is an incredibly talented multi-percussionist, performer, Dj, music producer, retreat facilitator and healing arts practitioner – wow! Craig has performed with Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, Desert Dwellers, Jaya Lakshmi and so many more.

Prana Pulse by SHAMan’s Dream

Shaman’s Dream is at the forefront of the yoga and ecstatic dance music scene and the musical journey of ‘Prana Pulse’ , Craig’s latest cd, is intended to be music as medicine – guiding us back to our authentic selves, opening our hearts to love and the capacity to express our full creative potential. I have to confess that I am a lover of vocals, chant and tradition and find the digital, sonic sound less appealing, but I really connected with track 10 ‘Letting Go’ and felt my spirit surrender to a powerful place of peace and stillness.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

2013 Planetary forecast By Laurie Baum

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Spiritual Alignment - Summer 2013 - Grand Trine in Water Signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces A spiritual awakening is powerfully indicated by astrological alignments in 2013, including a mid-summer celestial line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in the flowing water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs revolve around feelings, which often serve as a bridge between our material aspirations and our spiritual yearnings—the sign of Cancer arouses spiritual feelings through home and family, Scorpio stirs spiritual connection through deep psychological exploration, and Pisces awakens our desire to transcend and be reunited with the Divine. Jupiter, which is oriented toward philosophy and spiritual teachings, brings us luck and expansion. Saturn, which is geared toward hard work, discipline, and the working out of karma, teaches important spiritual lessons. And Neptune mediates the energy of spiritual transcendence—although with Neptune, if higher energies are not channeled through spiritual avenues, escapism or self-deception may ensue. Neptune also blurs the boundaries between people, established structures, and ideas, and facilitates connections between people across the planet, currently via social media and the internet. Along with the spiritual opening, ample opportunity to harness the power of water will be generated under the influence of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in water signs. The 3 planets will form a “grand trine” between June 11 and July 19, 2013. A grand trine is a triangular formation in the heavens that leads to ease and stability between the energies involved, in this case, between spirituality and philosophy (Jupiter), self-discipline (Saturn), and the oceanic feeling that connects you to your soul (Neptune). Eclipses A series of eclipses in mid-October to early-November, will strongly impact Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius (see eclipse chart below for dates). The eclipses also will cause weather disturbances that will affect the movement of water around the planet—through an over-abundance or shortage of this precious resource. Other liquidlike substances, such as oil, natural gas, and even the blood in our bodies, will be affected by the eclipses. The human body is composed of nearly 75% water. Experiments show that the water molecule changes in response to thoughts and feelings, thus profoundly affecting our physical bodies and the movement of water across the planet. Power of Thoughts The spring and fall seasons will demonstrate to us the power of our positive thoughts of love, kindness, charity, honesty, and compassion, and our negative thoughts of greed, duplicity, neglect, anger, or obsessive-compulsive or self-centered thinking. We will experience these consequences in our bodies through illness, and in the natural world—through flooding or droughts, earthquakes or mudslides, and high winds or tornadoes. People also will be carried away by impassioned thoughts and feelings if they do not remember to stay spiritually in balance. According to Paramahansa Yogananda, spiritual teacher from India: The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not “acts of God.” Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man. Wherever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation ...

Laurie Baum is a licensed psychotherapist, professional astrologer, and psychic counselor in private practice in Encinitas, California. Laurie also has extensive experience making global and personal predictions in light of astrological alignments. We are excited to present Laurie Baum as a regular contributor for Sage Magazine. Visit

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

2013 Planetary forecast...(cont) Danger of Drilling Beneath Earth’s Surface Expect more news about the dangers of drilling under the surface of Mother Earth for oil or natural gas as well. Both viscous substances are cushions for seismic activity. As these buffers are removed from the earth, the planet as a whole becomes more susceptible to seismic activity, with greater jarring between the plates occurring due to lack of protection from natural gas, oil, and water. The greatest movement will occur in late October and November. Take precautions with travel plans during these periods. Expressions of Individualism A continuing square alignment of individualistic Uranus in Aries and turbulent Pluto in Capricorn will occur on November 1. This planetary alignment will have occurred an unusual 7 times between 2012 and 2015 (June 2012, September 2012, May 2013, Nov 2013, April 2014, Dec 2014, and March 2015). A similar planetary alignment last occurred 3 times in the mid-1960s, and occurred 5 times from 1930 to 1935. Under its influence, the consequences of past actions—financial, economic, governmental, environmental, physical, or emotional— will demand they be dealt with through innovative, creative—and even revolutionary—solutions. The scope of the changes are bound to be far-reaching under Uranus and Pluto because both planetary energies bring to the surface that which has been buried or hidden. Again, this planetary transit will occur 7 times between 2012 and 2015, meaning that the changes will be deep, lasting, revolutionary, and seminal for our time. This does not mean that times will be bad—just that the times we are living through, in case you haven’t noticed, will be active. You may imagine that you are waking up every day to a new sci-fi thriller, not quite knowing what to expect, but sure to witness something you have not experienced before. Shift of the Magnetic Poles Additionally, in 2013, the magnetic poles of the earth will continue to shift toward reversal, keeping us in phase with the magnetic poles of the Sun, our central star, with which our planet resonates due to our inclusion in the “heliosphere.” The Sun’s magnetic poles already have reversed, according to the NASA website. The magnetic poles of the Earth are expected to follow suit. According to NASA, the last time the Earth experienced a magnetic pole reversal was approximately 740,000 years ago. Scientists have confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic north pole is moving at an accelerating speed from northern Canada toward Russia. The sometimes-violent shifting winds from the movement of the polar axis were partially behind the confluence of three storms that caused Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012, the 82nd anniversary of the stock market crash of October 29, 1929. What’s more, Hurricane Sandy also occurred just after the Full Moon, which coincides with higher tides. Due to the polar shift, you will feel alternating cold and warm winds as the poles move and then stabilize. I say that the polar shift was only partially responsible for Hurricane Sandy because negative thoughts of greed and fear, and lack of connection with the Source, were also behind both events on October 29, in 1929 and 2012. Astronomically, this date also corresponds with a volatile sector of the sky called the Via Combusta. Governmental Challenges Finally, astrologically speaking, karmic Saturn in Scorpio is in “mutual reception” with Pluto, god of the underworld, in Capricorn, meaning that the two planets will support and strengthen each other. This planetary pairing may provide a few challenges in 2013, especially where government intervention is involved.

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

2013 Planetary forecast...(cont) Governmental bodies will be either overly assertive—or underly effective in 2013. But please bear in mind that the greatest growth can come from the greatest trials—and passing the spiritual tests posed by Saturn (both for individuals and groups of people) ultimately will make all of us stronger. Solutions Through Prayer So remember, the distance between a problem and the solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. Please don’t forget the power of prayer, affirmations, contemplation, and meditation. Perhaps it’s a symbol, but as I write this newsletter, a series of large black crows have gathered outside my window, cawing loudly, as if to remind me to stay alert to what lies ahead and to remind others of the same. Crows are messengers with their loud cawing. Native Americans considered them omens of change. A bee just flew by as well. Bees are pollinators, spreading good through their busy activities. Perhaps both creatures are alerting us of the need for all of us to spread the message of positive, peaceful change. Healing Polarities I quoted Charles Dickens in the 2012 forecast (see 2012 Forecast in Articles section php). In 1859, on the cusp of the American Civil War, Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities that it was the best of times and the worst of times. With a similar polarity between red states and blue states, the nation—and the world—stand at a crossroads. Today, we are caught between different philosophies of government as well as between spiritual and material paths. Arguably, we have reached a peak of material abundance in some parts of the world, and it is time for a re-balancing. Perhaps, as an antidote, we need spiritual nourishment, which is exactly what 2013 will bring. The year of 2013 will be a year to try to slow down and discover what truly nourishes you. And for many people, a spiritual connection is a source of nourishment waiting to be discovered. May you be one of those people who experiences spiritual enlightenment in 2013. Please don’t worry about the economy. There are enough material goods and money for everyone. The problem is in the distribution rather than in the lack of goods and money, as was the case in the 1930s. A quote from Paramahansa Yogananda about bringing prosperity into our lives: If mankind as a whole behaved unselfishly, the power of [cause and effect] would distribute prosperity equally to all men, without exception. Whatever you may think you may have lost in a material way will not be a loss to your soul. You have much to gain as you turn to the Spirit that lives inside you in 2013, as you breathe, meditate, and listen to your internal rhythm—the rhythm of your breath and your body. Ultimately, as you listen to your inner rhythms, you will hear the rhythm of your soul. Much love & light, Laurie

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ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Your Personal QUARTERLY forecast

By Laurie Baum

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Your life may feel a little topsy-turvy right now as revolutionary Uranus traverses the Sign of the Ram. Take a deep breath and gain perspective before jumping to conclusions or reacting impulsively. When you step back and look at the big picture, you will notice the entire world is in a state of flux.

Lucky Jupiter enters the Sign of Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will remain in the Sign of the Crab until July 16, 2014. This auspicious celestial transit will bring fortunate circumstances to your life for the entire one-year period. Consequently, many of your dreams, fantasies, and desires will come to fruition! Jupiter also will increase your craving for sweet foods, so be aware of this natural tendency. A little is good but a lot may not be better.

The changes you are experiencing may be coming more fast and furious than the average person. This is because you karmically elected to be a leader and must complete your lessons ahead of everyone else. When the rest of the world catches on to the wisdom you are now acquiring, you may be ready for the next assignment! So, set a good example and others will follow you.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) Your planetary ruler, Venus, enters a celestial alignment with powerful Pluto on June 11, bringing intensity and passion to your emotions. If you feel an emotional pull toward a worthy goal, plan to pursue it. If you feel yourself drawn into a direction that will be difficult to extricate yourself from, try to step back and gain perspective before making a commitment. Your gifts of patience, forbearance, and self-restraint will come in handy during the summer months. A spiritual alignment of lucky Jupiter, karmic Saturn, and spiritual Neptune in June and July will open the way for you to express yourself artistically. Relationships with new people will help you refine an element of yourself. Consequently, you will begin to express yourself in a more polished way.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) Lucky Jupiter will remain in Gemini until June 25, giving you a chance to meet new people and expand your sphere of influence. The movement of beneficial Jupiter into Cancer from June 2013 to July 2014 will bring you financial rewards from unexpected sources. Mercury retrograde from June 26 to July 20 will give you a chance to catch your breath and catch up on work you were not able to complete earlier this year. A spiritual alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in June and July will help you express your generosity and receive abundance from others.

You will have the opportunity to successfully manifest a plan you have been contemplating for as many as 12 years during the coming year. You will complete one cycle in late June and start a new cycle shortly thereafter that will bring you to a higher level. An opposition between lucky Jupiter in Cancer and strong-willed Pluto in Capricorn on August 7 will strengthen your willpower.

LEO (July 23 – August 22) Your intuition will be stronger than ever this summer as you open to new impressions and sensations in the world around you. Try to relax and feel the natural currents of energy in your environment. This could be through the wind or water, or through the thoughts and emotions of the people around you. Try to tune in to the harmonious vibrations of peace and love that are so pleasing to the Leonine soul. You have an open heart and will find many avenues to express your warmth and magnanimity in the summer season. Prayer, contemplation, and meditation will be powerful tools to enhance your inner direction. A spiritual alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in June and July will support your efforts.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) You will make a good situation better when Mercury, the communications planet, turns retrograde from June 26 to July 20. You will re-design plans that you initiated earlier this year. Your new ideas are more in keeping with the times and will bring long sought-after, positive results. All delays you previously experienced will prove beneficial in the end. Luck will be on your side when you patiently refine previous strategies and wait patiently for the right moment to implement your new ideas. As you step back from the fray, you will gain invaluable insights that will guide your timing as you take your next step. A close connection to a group of like-minded souls during summer season will bolster your self-confidence. The love of a strong, supportive community will empower you to open up in ways you can’t yet imagine.

SAGE magazine

ISSUE 01 | JULY 2013

Your Personal QUARTERLY forecast...(cont) LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Venus, your planetary ruler, opposes deeply emotional Pluto on June 11, giving you the chance to experience the passion you have secretly craved. The power of your feelings will guide your actions during the summer season as lucky Jupiter helps you express the desires of your heart. A family matter will absorb your attention as the summer progresses.

Lucky Jupiter in your opposing sign of Cancer from June 25, 2013, to July 16, 2014, will attract many beneficial people into your life. Think about the direction you would like to go and begin to associate with people who share your interests. There are bound to be mutually beneficial synergies created.

Positive resolution is assured when you are able to work collaboratively with others and share any burdens you are carrying. A spiritual planetary alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in June and July will enable you to attract many others to work cooperatively with you. Focus on your positive thoughts, affirmations, and prayers to achieve a positive outcome!

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 21) While you may feel as if you are facing more than the normal amount of challenges, you do best when faced with obstacles that push your limits and help you discover your edge. This helps you manifest greater degrees of personal power. So, take any delays or obstacles as tests of faith and strength—and try to develop both qualities under the positive celestial alignment of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces during the summer season. Your most creative solutions may come to you in dreams. Pay attention to these subtle messengers.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) When your planetary ruler, Jupiter, enters the sensitive water sign of Cancer on June 25, you may feel a more somber tone permeate your daily life. This mellow quality will enable you to get in touch with deeper layers of feeling in yourself, which will ultimately unlock doorways to your buried creativity. Give yourself plenty of opportunities to express the unexplored side of your nature. You have many gifts to share with the world. Jupiter remains in Cancer until July 16, 2014. During this period, you will reap many benefits by cultivating a closer relationship to home, family, and your inner world of feelings. A spiritual alignment of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces in June and July will help you discover the deeper side of an issue you were regarding only superficially.

A spiritual alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune during the summer months will give you a chance to discover a latent talent. LIsten to creative sparks of ideas coming to consciousness during quiet moments and take action as you are able. Something powerful is about to emerge.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18) Your planetary ruler, Uranus, enters a transformative alignment with lucky Jupiter on August 21. Prepare for upcoming changes by letting go of routines, possessions, and attachments you no longer need. You will travel faster when your baggage is lighter. Eliminate unnecessary social engagements or entertainment in order to focus on your relationship to your soul. Everything is a potential spiritual experience for you. But some experiences are more spiritual than others. This is a time when the greatest benefits will come to you through intentional spiritual or sacred acts. A spiritual alignment of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces in June and July will focus your mind on actions that contribute to the greater good.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20) Lucky Jupiter in the sensitive water sign of Cancer from June 25, 2013, to July 16, 2014, will intensify your ability to express your creativity. Pay attention to your fantasies and musings, and the images that come to you in your dreams. You will have opportunities to take concrete steps to manifest these visions. Subconscious premonitions hold the key to important insights that you will need during the summer season. Listen to you powerful intuition for signals as to what is coming next in your life—and what direction to take. You are aware of more than the average person. Sharpen your awareness and use it to your highest good.

New Releases Books, Music, Oracle Cards and DVDs

Leap of Perception

Crystal Spirits Cards

Penney Peirce

Gitama Day

Simon & Schuster • $26.99 • HC 9781582703909 • Self Help With Leap of Perception, Penney Peirce provides a timely and essential guide on how to use perception to successfully navigate today’s accelerating evolution, helping readers develop innovative, contemporary “attention skills,” to navigate this new evolving world where expanded awareness will be an important skill and the comfortable norm. Building on her first two books, The Intuitive Way and Frequency (also available at Phoenix), Peirce once again translates a powerful and complex concept into an effective life practice. With down-to-earth examples and simple exercises, you’ll go beyond coping and learn to thrive in a rapidly expanding universe.

Gitama Day • $34.95 • Oracle Cards 9780646522074 • Crystals Consisting of 33 beautiful cards, this oracle gives a close up view of 33 crystals and the spirits that live within them to provide a fun, informative way to support you in your life choices. Each card is its own experience and journey, and to journey with each gives a deeper and revealing look into oneself. Crystal Spirits has been designed to be used as an interactive tool, wonderful to use with friends, in workshops, group meditations or just at home for selfreflection.

Louise Hay’s

Bestselling I CAN DO IT! As Deep As We Can Go Without Drowning The Happening

One World Music • $24.95 • Music - CD OWM047 • Electronica “As Deep As We Can Go Without Drowning by The Happening is an incredible assemblage of very sensitive talents who improvised the entire recording with no song being played more than once. The result is stunning. The recording showcases a very special combination of top-notch musicianship with enough funky, soulful and instrumental pop sensibility to keep the music accessible and danceable. Add a dash of world fusion, live scratchin’ (courtesy of DJ Swamp) and this album held me from the opening note all the way through the last one. A smooth and lovely addition to any world music lovers collection.” - Kenneth J. Becker

Don’t miss out on the Louise Hay’s bestselling I Can Do It! Calendar for 2014. Featuring 365 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you manifest love, success, health, and overall wellbeing. This beautifully designed calendar is the perfect gift for friends, family members and, of course, you, because you can do matter what “it” is! Although it’s not available until August, we’re taking orders now to ensure that you don’t miss out on the perfect Christmas gift. Hay House • $19.95 • 9781401936983 • August


Caroline Myss Sounds True • $25.95 • Audio - 2CD 9781604079319 • Spirituality “The greatest threshold through which we all must pass is the death of the false self,” teaches Caroline Myss. “Yet if we have the courage to enter the darkness, the light of our true calling will be born.” With Initiation, Myss offers indispensable guidance and insight to help you navigate your unique path through the dark night of the soul—and take the most profoundly transformative step on the spiritual journey. She explores the most critical rite of passage on the spiritual journey—and prepares us for an initiation into our true purpose. Titles exclusive to Phoenix Distribution

: 03 8765 8300 (Melb) 02 8595 6300 (Syd) f: 03 9776 4139 e: t:t: 03 02 8595 8595 6300 6300 (Syd) (Syd) f:f: 03 03 9776 9776 4139 4139 e: 03 8765 8765 8300 8300 (Melb) (Melb) 02

NEW RELEASES BOOKS | SP I RI T UA LI T Y & SELFGENE - H E LPRAL BOOKS | The Buddha’s Apprentice at Bedtime

Dharmachari Nagaraja

Other Children’s Book Titles

Tales of compassion and kindness for you to read with your child - to delight and inspire. 18 beautifully illustrated bedtime stories, inspired by the Buddhist folk tradition, for parents to read to their children. Nagaraja weaves a thrilling narrative spell while conveying basic life lessons that will nurture children, calm their anxieties, and help them find peace and confidence. The tales explore themes from the Eightfold Path—Buddhism’s practical route to a happy life—while gently teaching kids to speak kindly and truthfully, behave with compassion, and think selflessly. Simon & Schuster • $24.99 • PB • 9781780285146 Buddhism, Children’s Book

The Art of Living and Dying


Why are we afraid of death? Should we tell someone they are dying? Is reincarnation true? With depth, clarity, compassion, and even humour, Osho answers the questions we all have about this most sacred of mysteries and offers practical guidance for meditation and support. He reveals not only that our fear of death is based on a misunderstanding, but that dying is an opportunity for inner growth. When life is lived consciously and totally, death is not a catastrophe but a joyous climax. Simon & Schuster • $24.99 • PB • 9781780285313 • Spirituality

Finding Your Element Ken Robinson In this companion to the international bestseller The Element, Sir Ken Robinson returns to the subject of his celebrated TED talks, offering a practical guide to discovering your passions and natural aptitudes, and finding the point at which the two meet: your element. Finding Your Element shows that age and occupation are no barriers to discovering what makes us happiest, and that once we have found our path we can help others to do so as well. Penguin • $29.99 • PB • 9781846148071 • Self Help

The Bliss Experiment Sean Meshorer

28 Days to Personal Transformation. In The Bliss Experiment, leading spiritual teacher and New Thought minister Sean Meshorer, who suffers from chronic pain, shares the exercises and ideas that help him and countless others live life to the fullest. This is the one essential book that distills and unifies seemingly competing practices, philosophies, religions, and psychologies. You’ll read dozens of stories of real people learning from everyday situations, backed by more than five hundred scientific studies. Simon & Schuster • $19.99 • PB • 9781451642124 • Self-Help

Women, Sex, Power and Pleasure | Evelyn Resh In Women, Sex, Power, and Pleasure, sexuality counsellor and nurse-midwife Evelyn Resh focuses on helping you create the life and sex life you always hoped for by looking at your relationship to pleasure in general. With a refreshing and disarming sense of humour, she explores the importance of all types of pleasures–from a simple coffee break to great sex–and shows that without having these experiences on a regular basis, life feels empty and overall health suffers. Hay House • $17.95 • PB • 9781401936310 • Self Help • July


Debbie Ford

I Believe

Eldon Taylor

Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence. In The Courage Within, Debbie Ford provides a life-altering journey based on decades of work. By learning to accept all of who we are, including our histories, our flaws, our misgivings, our weaknesses, and our fears, we discover that what keeps us stuck and feeling weak is nothing more than an illusion of the past. By showing us how to be confident, stand in all our strength, and feel great about ourselves, a new self emerges with the power to accomplish anything.

When What Your Believe Matters. Eldon Taylor has spent more than 25 years researching the power of the mind and developing scientifically proven methods to enhance the quality of your life. I Believe is a book that will not only inspire you, but will highlight the kinds of beliefs you hold that may be causing you to fail. In the process, it will provide you with the opportunity to choose, once again, what will drive your life.

Harper Collins • $29.99 • HC • 9780062068989 • Self Help

Hay House • $19.95 • PB • 9781401931285 • Spirituality


The Essential Natural Health Bible | Nerys Purchon

Kathryn McCusker

The complete home guide to herbs and oils, natural remedies and nutrition. If you want to take responsibility for your health and wellness, then this book is for you. It shows you how to use herbs and oils as potent tools for natural healing for yourself and your family, how to prevent sickness with an overall healthy lifestyle, and how to create natural personal care and household products. It provides a wealth of natural preparations to alleviate symptoms of everything from bad breath to sunburn and to supplement orthodox treatments for today’s major lifestyle diseases.

The path to personal transformation and creativity. This book explains, in guided stages, how to awaken kundalini. First you must become aware of the energy channels running along the spinal cord and the chakras. Next, by practising purification rituals, breathing exercises called pranayama, meditation, yoga poses and mudras (hand positions), you can ensure that kundalini is drawn up through the spine, opening each chakra in turn and causing it to ‘bloom like a flower’. This beautiful, inspiring yet practical book will bring you to a whole new level of awareness, inner peace and insight.

Hachette • $65.00 • PB • 9780733621499 • Health, Wellbeing

Simon & Schuster • $19.99 • PB • 9781780281001 • Meditation

Dukan The Oat Bran Miracle Dr Pierre Dukan

Discover the first and only food in the world that can be considered a natural weight loss ingredient. In this book, Dr Dukan reveals the secrets behind his magic ingredient: oat bran. Oat bran is a key component of The Dukan Diet, the unique 4-step programme which combines two steps to lose your unwanted weight and two steps to keep it off for good. Hachette • $29.99 • PB 9781444756951 • Health & Diet


Joshi’s Alkaline Diet

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook David Gillespie


The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook features more than 80 illustrated recipes for Australia’s favourite sweet treats, from Anzac biscuits, lamingtons and pavlova to chocolate cake, baklava, brownies and doughnuts. If you don’t eat sugar but still have kids to feed, birthday parties to throw, and guests popping in for morning tea, the solution is right here. These are the special treats that you can eat for the rest of your life.

Joshi’s unique, craving-free alkaline diet has been the secret of celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Cate Blanchett, Ralph Fiennes to Sadie Frost. Now he reveals his alkaline dieting plan and explains how any one of us can shake off the strain of a high-pressure life and get the body and energy levels we’ve always dreamed of. Just 21 days with Joshi will change the way you eat for ever and leave you looking and feeling fantastic.

Penguin • $29.99 • PB • 9780143568261 Health & Diet

Hachette • $21.99 • PB 9781444780567 • Health & Diet

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet visited Australia on 13-23 June 2013 for his ‘Beyond Religion’ tour. Here are just some of the Dalai Lama products that Phoenix Distribution has available. Living Wisdom Kit

Don Faber With His Holiness the Dalai Lama Immerse Yourself in the Radiant Wisdom of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. When you are in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, you are in the presence of compassion itself. But how many of us will have the opportunity to personally experience the man known as The Ocean of Wisdom? Now, Living Wisdom gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the grace of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, and to receive the transformative power of his teachings in your own home. Sounds True • $39.95 • Kit (CD, DVD, 37 Cards & Workbook) • 9781591794578 DVD


Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue Indigos are strong-willed, intuitive leaders with innate spiritual skills, including the ability to clearly recognise the truth. Yet, in this complicated world, even Indigos need assistance in knowing the next step to take in their mission, as well as relationships and other areas. In the guidebook to accompany the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue explain the meaning of each of the 44 cards in the deck, presenting angelic guidance specifically for Indigo children and adults...along with their parents and teachers. Hay House • $19.95 • Oracle Cards • 9781401934989 • Angels, Spirit Guides

Other titles from Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue

Archangel Gabriel is the famous messenger angel from the Christmas story. In this compelling book, Doreen Virtue offers more information on the history and characteristics of Gabriel, to increase your knowledge of and connection with this remarkable angel. Gabriel is still with us, helping people be messenger angels–including teachers, writers, musicians, and artists–and helping parents conceive, adopt and raise their children. You’ll read true stories of people who were miraculously aided by Gabriel, and learn how you, too, can receive assistance with your messenger work and parenting. Hay House • $22.95 • HC • 9781401926366 • Angels, Spirit Guides

Sensing Psychic Mitchell Coombes

Have you ever had a psychic dream or ‘compelling feeling’? Does an inner voice guide the decisions you make? Is it true all children are born psychic? Drawing on his remarkable life and experiences, celebrity psychic and bestselling author, Mitchell Coombes explains how people from all walks of life sense the unspoken, read between the lines, and experience psychic wonder–moments that defy logic. Simon & Schuster • $29.99 • PB 9780731815098 • Psychic Abilities Also available from Mitchell Coombes

Awakening Intuition Guided Meditations CD | $29.95

The Essential Guide to Psychic Powers Sarah Bartlett

Have you ever sensed that something would happen before it took place? We all have the potential to develop psychic powers and connect with other dimensions of reality. This comprehensive and practical guide explores the many facets of psychic phenomena and provides exercises and meditations to help you develop your own psychic abilities. Simon & Schuster • $19.99 • PB 9781780281131 • Psychic Abilities

Earth Angel Ross Bartlett

The incredible true story of a psychic awakening. This is the story of Ross Bartlett’s incredible psychic talent and his ‘fast-track’ progression as a medium - from his first prophetic vision at the tender age of five to becoming the youngest professional medium in the world at the age of 16. Ross is rapidly gaining a reputation for being one of the most evidential mediums around. Hachette • $16.99 • PB 9781841814223 • Psychic Abilities

BOOKS | A N X I ET Y & P SY CH OLOGY Change Your Thinking (3rd Ed) Sarah Edelman

Change Your Thinking is the bestselling guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. It also describes techniques for enhancing selfesteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. Harper Collins • $32.99 • PB 9780733332241 • Psychology

Guided Meditation CDs from

Sarah Edelman

You and Your Anxious Child Anne Marie Albano

Free your child from fears and worries and create a joyful family life. You and Your Anxious Child differentiates among separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, and social phobia, and guides parents on when and how to seek intervention. With moving case studies, this book describes the nightmare that families can be living, and helps them understand that they are not alone. Every step of the way, Albano illustrates effective therapies to manage anxiety issues in children while addressing the emotional needs of parents, too. Penguin • $19.99 • PB • 9781583334959 • Anxiety, Parenting

Safe Journey | Julia Cameron Prayers and comfort for frightened flyers and other anxious souls. Full of the wisdom that has endeared her to readers everywhere, Safe Journey is a slim little volume that will provide a world of comfort and inspiration for readers as they navigate life’s journeys. Penguin • $16.99 • PB • 9780399161834 • Anxiety, Self-Help


GE NE RAL BOOKS | The Tapping Solution

Jack Kornfield

With Transmission, author and teacher Jack Kornfield shares eight sessions of in-depth teachings illuminating the student-teacher relationship. Through a treasure trove of personal stories about the Dalai Lama, Chögyam Trungpa, Dipa Ma, Ajahn Chah, and other masters, we see how teachers embody the many facets of the jewel of enlightened consciousness–including humour, discipline, humility, joyousness, uncanny perspicacity, and unfathomable compassion–and how we too can fully awaken these qualities in ourselves.

Sounds True • $129.95 • 10CD • 9781604079791 • Spirituality/Buddhism

Other titles by Jack Kornfield

Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner, founder of the Tapping World Summit and bestselling filmmaker of The Tapping Solution, is at the forefront of a new healing movement. In this audio book, The Tapping Solution, he gives readers everything they need to successfully start using the powerful practice of tapping–or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). The simple strategies Ortner outlines will help readers release their fears and clear the limiting beliefs that hold them back from creating the life they want. Penguin • $44.95 • 8CD • 9781401943172 • Self Help





The Importance of Being Extraordinary

Eckhart Tolle & Wayne W Dyer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Eckhart Tolle delve into everything from ancient spiritual texts to contemporary pop culture as they tackle questions we all wrestle with, such as Who am I? What is real? and What is the meaning of life? Yet even as they discuss weighty topics such as the economy and addiction, the mood remains graceful, loving, and even humorous.

The Future of Spirituality Ken Wilber

Integral philosopher and author Ken Wilber explores the emerging shifts in spirituality— and their real world impact on all of us. The Future of Spirituality presents this visionary’s in a series of in-depth dialogues on profound ways that spirituality is evolving today and why it matters to all of us. Sounds True • $129.95 • 6CD 9781604079784 • Spirituality

Hay House • $24.95 • 2CD • 9781401942922 • Self-Help

Meditation For Yoga Lovers Meditations for Healing

Angel Staircase: Meditations For Healing Michelle Newton

Meditations for Entering the Angelic Realm

This is the second album in the exquisite Angel Staircase series of guided meditations composed and narrated by Michelle Newton of AOK Angels. Each meditation is accompanied by heavenly Angelic music which ensures pure relaxation and soothes the soul. Ascend the Angel Staircase with your Guardian Angel and arrive at the Archangelic Healing Temple to receive deep healing on all levels. Under the guidance of Archangel Raphael you will receive Angelic treatments incorporating Kinesiology, Music, Colour and Crystal Therapies. An Angelically inspired and orchestrated series that you will always treasure. AOK Angels • $24.95 • CD 9345195001854 • Angels, Spirit Guides

Lorin Roche

When we approach meditation as a wideopen embrace of life, we can let our bodies be our best meditation teachers. Created for yoga practitioners and everyone else, Meditation for Yoga Lovers invites you to join Lorin Roche to leap into a meditation practice unique to you (because it will naturally unfold from the rich tapestry of your own experience in the moment). “Connectedness is the sacred function of meditation,” explains Lorin Roche, “because it is a time that we give ourselves to weave together and coordinate all of the elements of our being.” Meditation for Yoga Lovers welcomes you to the beautiful art of inner connection with your own essence and life itself. Sounds True • $25.95 • 2CD 9781604078015 • Meditation, Yoga



Drumming Music from David and Steve Gordon at Sequoia Records...

Drum Medicine

Meditation Drum

Sacred Earth Drums Sacred Spirit Drums

Tribal drums from all over the planet, soaring native flutes, guitars, shamanic atmospheres, spirit rattles and wilderness sounds awaken you to the dance of life. David & Steve Gordon take you on a musical journey. With their world instruments and studio artistry, the Gordons have the power to entrance and summon the sacred dance. The healing power of the drum moves you... to dance, to dream, to live!

Discover how effortless and pleasurable meditation can be with this serene shamanic drum music for deep meditation. For the first time, meditation music has been created with global shamanic drums as the main instrument. With the addition of resonating Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and gentle Native American Flute, you are gently drawn into a peaceful and nourishing state of inner peace.

Shaman Drums from around the world join with Native American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, Spirit Rattle, Guitars, Keyboard textures, and Sounds of Nature (including Wolf, Eagle, Coyote and Dolphin). Feel the irresistible power of shamanic drumming lead you on a healing journey.

Sequoia Records • $24.95 • CD X836 • Drumming

Sequoia Records • $24.95 • CD X802 • Meditation, Drumming

• #1 Seller for over 2 years (on NAR’s top 50) • Over 350,000 sold • All-time bestselling Native/World Classic Sequoia Records • $24.95 • CD X811 • Drumming

Joanne Shenandoah

“Joanne Shenandoah is one of the finest tributes to Native American Music and Culture.” - Neil Young Spring Hill Music • $24.95 • CD • SHM2113 • Native American

Sequoia Records • $24.95 • CD X833 • Drumming

Love & Kindness


Lifegivers is a tribute to the life cycles of women from the first beating of the heart to when her spirit leaves to walk across the stars along the Milky Way as she returns home to the Skyworld where she will be welcomed by her loved ones. Each song is meant to bring the listener to a place of celebration for every cycle of life.

Following up their bestseller Sacred Earth Drums, the Gordons take you deeper into their healing Shamanic journey to the heart of rhythm. Sacred Spirit Drums is a musical representation of a shamanic journey. Each song uses particular instruments, melodies and rhythms which evoke the experience of the different parts of the journey and the wisdom found there.


Native American flutist Golana, began a spiritual quest 15 years ago that completely changed his life and led to the release of five award-winning albums. Golana often composes while he is out in nature in majestic settings such as the Sierras, Joshua Tree and Sedona. Here he returns with his ninth album Love & Kindness, featuring alto flute, bass flute, Native American flute, guitars, keyboards, violin, cello and Peter Kater working his magic on the piano. Spring Hill Music • $24.95 • CD • SHM2113 • Native American

Reiki Colours



Michael Hoppe

G race

Reiki Colours includes specially timed 5 minute tracks that are ideal for a Reiki treatment, not only relaxing and calming the listener sending them on a journey feel that follows the treatment. Featuring gentle acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, strings and flute, this album is perfect for relaxation, massage, aromatherapy and meditation.

A collection of superlative instrumentals and vocals, both from and for the heart. Featuring Celeste Godwin (soprano), AnDee Compton (contralto) and Martin Tillman (cello). An enhanced CD including Rebecca Hoppe’s remarkable photographs, “Love Overflows” video and sheet music all viewable on your computer.

Paradise Music • $22.95 • CD • PMCD0265 • Reiki Music

Spring Hill Music • $24.95 • CD • SHM6063 • Operatic Vocals, Classical


Titles exclusive to Phoenix Distribution


NEW EASES CDsREL | MUSI C Dream Time Deuter

“The flavour and the melodies of Dream Time are a little different than that of my meditation albums. For example, the first piece in this album has a banjo, an instrument that I’ve never used before, which has a different sound. This album is about taking reality as a dream, each melody carrying the listener through his own dream.” - Deuter. The perfect album for yoga, meditation, healing arts, movement classes or just chilling out. New Earth • $24.95 • CD • NED3131 • Healing Arts

Other New Earth CDs by


The Therapy Room: Massage Vol 3 Stuart Jones

Holistic Meditation

Kevin Hartnett

The music on the latest in Therapy Room Series: Massage Volume 3 is the perfect vehicle for reducing stress and anxiety and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s role in the areas of holistic therapies is vital, to create the right ambience and to properly benefit from being ‘pampered’. Perfect for remedial and relaxation massage, a wide range of holistic/natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments.

Holistic Meditation has been produced to help you relieve stress, unwind after a hard day at work, aid healing, and to lift one’s mood and touch the soul in a way nothing else can do. The music will help you produce positive mental images or thoughts, which will calm, relax and energise, ultimately enabling you to escape from the stress of your every day life and recharge your batteries both physically and emotionally.

New World Music • $22.95 • CD CD738 • Massage

New World Music • $22.95 • CD CD329 • Meditation/Relaxation

Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol 6 | Various Artists Sine Music has chosen 30 brand new, often exclusive Chillout/Lounge tracks, from renowned artists of the scene such as Polished Chrome, Sine, Merge of Equals, Vargo, Setsuna and many more. CD1 is packed full with summery tracks, taking the listener to a world of sun, sea and sand. CD2 is deeper and darker. Relax, groove and maybe drift-off, the perfect soundtrack for after sunset. Sine Music • $29.95 • CD • SM0032 • Chillout, Lounge

A Dream With A Dream | Various Artists In times when ambient music needs to revive itself by exploring new ways, on A Dream Within A Dream, Roland Voss has succeeded by building a soothing bridge. Like dream phases, 18 songs rise from the space-time continuum. Spacey, ambient moods laced with sensitive vocals. Travel through deep space and into another world. Lemongrassmusic • $24.95 • CD • LGM120-2 • Ambient, Electronica

Mambossa | Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra

Bebo’s 5th winning album from Chin Chin Records! With a way-cool cinematic bossa nova-jazz groove that could pass for a genuine late-’60s or early-’70s soundtrack recording, garnished with early 21st century electronic touches. Bebo blends elements of dance music, jazz, triphop, brazilian jazz, swing, downtempo and dance floor new jazzy-grooved beats into one delicious, happy cocktail and suggests the exuberant insouciance of parties, rides in convertibles on warm, full-moon nights, and an afternoon spent dancing barefoot with friends with a glass of sangria in your hand. Guest vocalists: Brenda Boykin, Iain Mackenzie, Anna-Luca. Chin Chin Records • $24.95 • CD AC2087 • Lounge, Jazz/Swing

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| NEW RELEASES DVDS | YOGA , D A N CE, P I LA TGENE ES & RAL FITNEBOOKS SS Healthy body equals healthy mind! Here is a selection of yoga, pilates, dance and fitness DVDs available now at Phoenix Distribution...

DVD: Yoga to the Rescue Collection $26.95

DVD: Yoga to the Rescue for Neck Shoulders $26.95

DVD: Yoga for Everyone $26.95

DVD: Zen Sun Yoga $24.95

DVD: Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain $26.95

DVD: Prenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O’Brien $26.95

DVD: Yin & Yang Yoga with Simon Low $26.95

DVD: Prenatal Yoga $26.95

DVD: Radiant Heart Yoga (last copies) $29.95

DVD: Postnatal Rescue with Erin O’Brien $26.95

DVD: Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly $26.95

DVD: The Bollywood Dance Workout $26.95

DVD: Dance of the Kama Sutra $26.95

DVD: Dance & Be Fit: Latin Groove $26.95

DVD: Dance & Be Fit: Brazilian Body $26.95

DVD: Amira’s Bellydance 101 $24.95

DVD: The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout $26.95

DVD: Duncan Wong Yogic Arts: Awakening Level $26.95

DVD: Duncan Wong Yogic Arts: Source Power $26.95

DVD: Weight Loss Pilates $26.95

DVD: Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes $26.95

DVD: 3-In-1: Total Body Fitness $26.95

DVD: Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates $26.95

DVD: Shiva Rea Creative Core & Upper Body $26.95

DVD: Pilates for Beginners $26.95

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IN THE NEXT SAGE MAGAZINE We Interview Charles Virtue, the son of Doreen Virtue about his gifts, his life and why the angels are wanting to communicating with us.

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