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The Rise and Rise of Conscious Music We look at the 4 Pillars of Conscious Music and chat with the organisers of The Power of Music Conference

Spirit I Am Honouring Self

Create the change you want to see in the world by starting with yourself.


The Isms of Present Moment Kat Dawes explains how we can become Now Ninjaz and move out of Momenterrorism

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WELCOME TO SAGE MAGAZINE ISSUE 4 Namaste Soul Travellers…feels beautiful to be breathing life into this edition of Sage, now to be released every two months. We felt deeply that with the global gates of change wide open and a stream of amazing contributors willing to share their soul speak and raise it up for the planet, three months was just too long. The launch of Soul Traveller Radio – playing All Conscious Music All The Time, exceeded our wildest expectations and is now streaming in 118 countries, including Finland, Mongolia and Kazakhstan! We have been encouraged and totally moved by your support and enthusiasm… deep gratitude for this medicine. In mid-March, as one of many sponsors, we immersed ourselves in the 7th Annual Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, feeling the grace of Ganeshe open windows of opportunity and Divine connections; we experienced the NOW with Kat Dawes, the smiles through sweat doing Masala Bhangra with Sarina Jain, the dedication through the documentation and pictorial of Clare McAnally, the One world Music stage, Bhakti chant and sweet soul sounds at the Dharma Marketplace surrounded by the ultimate selection of organic delights. All of the above

walk their wisdom and love in this edition of Sage, joined by numerologist Michelle Buchanan, Jennifer Starlight, Greg Doyle and vedic astrologer Darinka.

All blessings to the outstanding artists who have generously shared their art, especially Becci Zillig for our amazing front cover with symbolism that runs deep chords to our heart centre. Special mention to DJ Fabian Alsultany for inviting us on board as joint sponsors of ‘The Power of Music’ online conference, featuring 20 of the worlds’ best conscious music artists and producers…starting May 19th. Click here to sign up for free and also receive ‘The Power of Music Album’ download. On a final note, I was blessed beyond belief to release a guided meditation last month with the help of Simrit Kaur, available for free from Noisetrade. As Soul Travellers, may we all draw the Divine Design of our intentions onto the canvas of infinite possibility – wearing a ‘cloak of consciousness’ that manifests miracles into the landscapes of our lives…..journey well.

Tanya xxx



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honouring ourselves and those around us

Image by Š Jennifer Black


You are a Divine spark of infinite intelligence with a unique and radiant light body. Your potential is powerful beyond anything you can truly comprehend. You have walked and experienced eons of lifetimes that have congealed to form your consciousness right now. As a Being of light you are living proof that Divinity and synchronicity exist on the planet and never before has so much light been made available to help you manifest and create beyond your wildest dreams! So why then do we blow in a breeze of stuck energy and get caught in a threshold of mixed emotion and influence, which is actually outside of any possible parameters of control? Because the universal energies of evolution rattle within your spirit, pushing you to embrace the darkest recesses and seek out your authentic truth, love and understanding. Our wings of awareness ache to stretch to higher realms of potential, to reveal a compassionate, curious heart within all of us, outside of self-imposed negativity and denial. Yes we are human with all of the raw emotions and ego that pertain to this existence, but we are also radiant Beings of light, revered beyond measure for our courage to come and complete self-mastery and Divine expression, in a dense suit of earth bound skin. Never before has ceremony for self been so important – not only must we honour ourselves but in fact all Beings, for there is no separation from the Divine Source of All That Just Is. Yet we judge, compare, dislike and detach, taking stock of many situations from a very shallow space indeed! You must allow the possibility that every single chance encounter, be it with a grocer, gardener, friend, parent, stranger or road rage instigator, is a gift of superb service, they fulfil a contract to enable your spiritual growth to expand through life experience. They deposit great gifts of learning into your bank of illumination. In return, you either react or receive these gifts and consciously choose to contribute to their personal growth…this is the natural state of rhythm and flow. As the awesome Wayne Dyer shares “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. Now you can feel your personal responsibility in the mantra ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. Let this understanding settle into your heart – does your ego immediately create exceptions to this reality of exchange? Is there one, two or more souls that you feel could not possibly contribute to your greater good? Think again! Search within yourself and be brutally honest, traverse the darkest aspects of your truest self and you will find co-creation. You will most

likely see that in all situations you have withheld love and blocked the natural flows, thus creating confusion and miscommunication. Your DNA is your Divine Nurturing Ability to bring to the table, your totally unique expression to the collective whole through acts of service by simply doing what your spirit loves to do best….love. As a species we ‘love to love’; love to love family, work, the environment, the planet and our ability to contribute through art, music, the healing arena or simply through big smiles and words of encouragement. We are united under the umbrella of love potential. Use meditation, mantra, chant, dance, sacred ceremony, star-gazing, moon bathing and every delightful and beautiful period of play available, to enhance your life experience as a perfect, whole and complete Being, sharing sacred space with every other courageous, whole and complete Being. No matter what your life circumstance, you can control how you feel, react, receive and love in the perfection of the present moment. You can manifest miracles by using powerful affirmations to anchor your radiant vision to the Divine Design of your life. I have offered below some amazing affirmations that have been wonderful tools and sources of inspiration on my

SAGE magazine journey, but I strongly suggest you use these as a guideline only and create your own authentic affirmation. Create with a powerful intention for the change that you wish to see in yourself, to enhance the change that you wish to see in the world, this is your soul signature and yours alone. My gift to you in this glorious moment is a link to the sweet sounds of Steve Gold’s ‘spirit I am’ and the wisdom of CG Jung “He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, wakes”……..Namaste soul travellers.

‘I co-create with the Universal rhythms of love and surrender for radiant outcomes and rich blessings.’ ‘My point of power is always in the present moment and I choose to consciously expand to new levels of awareness and beyond.’ ‘I remember the essence of my Sacred Soul Signature and illuminate the planet with my radiant light.’ ‘I journey with a big soul song and sing surrender to the highest realms of love, light and radiant truth energy, that shifts my spirit and all of humanity to a deeper awareness and sense of compassion and care for one another’. ‘I am a spiritual warrior – a natural born healer with the courage and willingness to be vulnerable and visit the darkest aspects of my soul that I may be of service and illuminate a pathway for peace on the planet.’

The power of promoting the present moment with kat dawes


“my vow to now!” It was an interesting time. I was living a gypsy life; living in my van. It was around 3AM, and I was on a 10 hour drive to a festival in the middle of nowhere. It was a clear winter evening and the sky was wide. I flew down the endless highway in my ever so funky 1978 Hi-Ace Van of Glory, not completely sure about my location but trusting I was about half way there and on the right path. Suddenly, a spectacular and somewhat explosive sound came from the engine of my beloved van/house.

I simmered in the contamination of my present moment with the stillness of the winter night as my backdrop. I climbed into the back of my van and in amongst the circus which was my life- fire toys, stiltz, paint, crystals, jewelry, guitars, NOW clocks and canvases- I made some space. Clearly, I needed to have a meeting with my mind. In a ritualistic moment, I lit a candle.

I watched my mind. It went back into the past where I should have looked after my van better, then it shot out into the future to think out some sort of solution. Now, I am no mechanic but I know the sound of a death when I hear it. I let the van roll as far as it could, Should have? Could have! What if? What NOW? I until I pulled over and just sat there on the side of the watched the phenomenon of my mind leaping around the content of my consciousness like a wild animal road. The rapid drop of temperature in the lifeless locked in a cage. I caught a creative moment and vehicle, corresponded perfectly with my energetic named my behavior. “Momenterrorism”, Yes! I could descent into a melancholic NOW. The silence was see it clearly printed in dictionaries of the future. loud, for a moment... but just as the Present Moment *Momenterrorism. noun, The contamination of the presented itself to me in all it’s naked NOWness, my mind promptly started filling it with the white noise of present moment through fear, doubt, lack, loss, worry, scarcity. etc. “I am currently being a Momenterrorist, my life. disrespecting the potential of my present moment by parking on the side of the road in a pile of my life’s Facts: I have no phone reception. I have about $6 to content that does not serve me.” Holy shit! my name. I just encouraged the ending of a 10 year relationship with my partner. My heart is heavy and I I stopped in the NOW, and in attempt to invite know I am creating my f#@&ing reality. So how, Kat some sort of wisdom to take over, I emptied my Dawes, have you managed to manifest this perfect mind of a very inflamed judgement I had of myself; disaster? How is it that you are still living in a van? inducing stillness. Wisdom must be stored in my How is it that even as you apparently commit to a brain somewhere? I scanned the cosmos. Then with ‘spiritual practice’ your life can reflect such poverty and lack of excellence? How is it Kat Dawes, that with my eyes closed, I saw his face - one of my favorite all your creative genius, you are in this moment? THIS teachers of all time - Rev Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith. His smiling face asked me a question, “What is trying moment! NOW?!!! to emerge from you? What do you need to become? I contemplated. Violently. I have read the books and what is NOWism? done my affirmations. I have been to the seminars, made vision boards and collected gratitude rocks. I have fasted, stood on my head, joined the list and I bought the tee shirt. Auuuummmmm. I know the information, and have invested in the path. I have been soaking it up for years! From Wayne Dyer to Deepak Chopra, The Law of Attraction to Quantum Physics. Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism... you name it, I’ve dabbled in it, so how is it that in this moment, when the shift hits the fan, I can’t access even the most basic principles of universal wisdom? How have I created this at all?

SAGE magazine

“present moment is the only place you can do inner work” a form of pollution. One single thought can potentially be the leader of an army of unstoppable thoughts! Therefore, it is our personal responsibility to put a tight quality control department on our minds. Who do you put in charge? The Momenterrorist? Blame, shame, fear, doubt, lack, loss and worry? Or do you Ninja yourself into the NOW and induce a realization to generate an internal authentic appreciation for where the flow is already present in your life? The good is always already here, even where it is not! You can teach yourself to see it. Go on a hunt for proof of its presence. Sometimes you have to drag yourself there! I made myself see it. Deliberate dominion I am grateful for hands. This would be worse with no over my attention took me into an unlikely space of hands. A lot worse! I looked, then I really looked... celebration in the midst of a crisis. This is the heart of taking myself on a trip into the glorious presence of two hands that are my own. I say yes! To having hands! NOWism. NOWism is the art of taking your end result BOOM! Oddly, I was REALLY happy to have noticed my and activating it in the present moment- in the form hands. What else am I grateful for? I have high levels of a feeling. This night of NOWism set the tone for a series of quantum leap manifestations that poured of creativity. Yes I do! I have amazing friends and family...and someone will bail me out of this ridiculous into my reality. situation any moment. What else? I have a deep sense of adventure! I looked out the window... Yes! No clue Within 6 months I was given a car, published my book, attracted business partners, travelled to Tahiti to meet where I actually am! Genius! with Transformational Leaders Mike and Andy Dooley and then even landed on stage with the great Michael And so there I was, gaining a glorious momentum; Beckwith himself in Florida, awarding him with a celebrating everything in general and nothing in NOWism Consciousness Award. “On behalf of the particular; taking an inventory of everything that was Present Moment...thanks for filling it up consciously!” working in my life when the ‘facts’ were screaming All my dreams started getting bigger and they are something very different at me. A fly on the wall coming true! The story got freakishly bigger and would have been certain of my insanity. better within another year. I negotiated a multi-million dollar production investment deal in Los Angeles for a It is a sweet realization, the Present Moment is the only place where you can do the inner work. That night cartoon concept based on the principles of NOWism, I could see with a new level of clarity (delivered to me staring various NOW NiNJAZ and Momenterrorists! through the gift of crisis) that my negative thinking is Stars aligned. Angel sang. I knew what I had to do. I had to become grateful, I had to change my focus and get dominion over my attention. But how do you conjure up authentic gratitude for your life when the facts are; I have only $6 dollars, no phone reception, a house that is a broken down van in the middle of nowhere and a heavy heart? I scanned my consciousness for something to be grateful for, there must be something? Surely?! I was struggling. Never had I witnessed such a weakness in my creativity. I looked at my hands.

”Kat Dawes is the personification of her message, and whether catching a glimpse of her spirit, hearing the words she speaks or reading pages she’s written one can’t help but be powerfully moved into their Now!” Mike Dooley

”Kat Dawes has arrived in the HERE full of the Power of NOW to set us free from being a two tense person. She, in a joyful, witty way, reminds us to be free of the past and future, the tenses where all problems reside.” Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


“now ninjaz have arrived” Have you ever considered how many NOWs have slipped through the fingers of reality without your conscious participation? When I first really thought about it, I felt bad for all the NOWs! Sad for the unhonored moments! Shocked I had never thought of putting a high quality control department on the use of my sacred NOWs! That night an ancient knowing came over me and a familiar sense of calm emanated from my entire being. I knew that this was the beginning of the greatest days of my life. I got out of the van into the clear cold of the winter night and stood under the stars. I took a Vow to NOW. Some people want to save the whales, the rain forests, the children, the planet, etc. That amazing night and to this very moment I declare my commitment to a Cosmic Assignment, “I am here to save the NOW!” Implementing the first NOWism Consciousness Campaign! A negative emissions trading scheme, off setting the damage caused by Momenterrorism, by converting them into NOW NiNJAZ. This is it. This is NOWism. The difference between intellectually understanding the concepts of a spiritual practice and actually being IN it. It doesn’t matter how bad it seems, we CAN operate independent from circumstances. We make a choice. The only glitch is you have to actually get started, and you can only do that in the NOW. One conscious, deliberate, affirmative thought, will off set at least 10,000 unconscious emissions. May we all defeat our own Momenterrorism and NiNJA ourselves into the NOW! ~Kat Dawes~ #nowism #nowninjaz #momenterrorism

SAGE magazine

Photo Š Bali Soul Journals


The conscious soul traveller A journey into the HEART & SOUL of bali by shayne locke

Featuring imagery FROM clare McAlaney & Trish McNeill BALI SOUL JOURNALS

SAGE magazine

Photo Š Bali Soul Journals


The Conscious Soul Traveller It is always a joy unfolding a country as you travel through it. Peeling back the layers of tourism to really see the heart and spirit of a country. Two countries Sage visited a couple of months ago, Bali and Thailand, are no exception. Both served to highlight the need to become more aware as we travel. Aware of the people, the environment, the sacred, the lifestyle; aware that we have been given a short window of time to be present in a country and we must honour this priviledge and preserve with deep respect, the environment and spirituality of the country. On our recent trip to Ubud in Bali, we experienced mixed emotions. Whilst we loved this global village, that has a gentle character and strong sense of knowing its place in Bali, we felt an underlying current of sadness in our spirit as conscious travellers, that the tourism factor was fracturing the core beauty. The Balinese have a religious philosophy called “Tri Hita Karana” which holds that there are three sources of happiness – people’s relationship to God, to each other and to nature. Clare McAlaney and Trish McNeill, authors of the Bali Soul Journals and the photographers behind the amazing images in this article, explain that something as simple as water over consumption actually affects the water rituals, integral to Hinduism; the flow of water, which is being disrupted by over consumption and lack of infrastructure, also affects the supply to locals and eventually the World Heritage listing. Because of Tourism, the entire water supply of Bali is under severe stress. So how do we travel consciously? The Conscious Travel website has summerised it this way: • Conscious Travellers are re-inventing themselves and their world. • Conscious Travellers value what’s slow, small and simple and aim for self-reliance. • Conscious Travellers are social, human beings and don’t treat people as wallets or eyeballs. • Conscious Travellers care about the places they visit. • Conscious Travellers seek meaningful experiences that help them develop. • Conscious Travellers want it real, authentic and personal.

Photo © Bali Soul Journals

SAGE magazine

Photo Š Bali Soul Journals


SAGE magazine

The attraction of bali It is little wonder that this beautiful island with majestic temples and breathtaking gardens found a home in the heart of Elizabeth Grant who penned the now iconic Eat, Pray, Love. The spirituality of Bali is now a commodity and Ubud, once famous for it’s monkey forest, thrives as retreat and seminar central. As Jamie James writes on her Conscious Traveller website, as a result of the book and subsequent movie, “Ubud is now the most famous country village in the tropics...Bali’s reputation as a tropical island paradise has its roots in an expatriate artists’ colony in the hills near Ubud which, 80 years ago, attracted Noël Coward and Charlie Chaplin, among others.” “In the 1960s, hippies flocked to the coconut groves of Kuta beach for the amazing surf and endless summer. Since then, Kuta has expanded at an exponential pace, north into gaudy, glittery Seminyak and beyond, where thickets of luxury resorts and private villas have risen in ancient rice fields, as if by a wizard’s spell.” Not that there is a negative to the increase in yoga, health and well-being. Better to be building a country’s popularity on spirituality rather than the seedy side of sex industries found within other Asian countries. However such a rapid increase of this proportion, promotes dire consequences at the hands of the tourists who do not invest their dollar with conscious awareness for the greater good of the Balinese people or the environment. This lack of consciousness has produced some incredibly challenging issues and outcomes that Indonesia may take decades to replenish and recover from. Let us pray that all Soul Travellers journey with the wisdom ”Take only memories, Leave only footprints” that the beauty that is Bali remains for generations to come.

Photo © Bali Soul Journals


Photo Š Bali Soul Journals

SAGE magazine


Photo Š Bali Soul Journals

SAGE magazine

Photo © Bali Soul Journals



Bali Soul Journals is the first in a series of books showcasing the beauty of people around the planet. Its intention is to inspire tolerance, love and empathy through a series of interviews with people who know and love Bali. Bali Soul Journals also observes cultural symbols and daily rituals, from food to music and spiritual beliefs, to the way people live their lives, highlighting the importance of preserving the essence of Bali and what makes it unique. Featuring beautiful photography, come with us on a journey into the heart and soul of Bali. For the conscious traveller, whether in the country or in their armchair, Bali Soul Journals brings understanding and connection, and a mindset of hope, abundance and inspiration. Soul Journals explores the island on another level as author Clare McAlaney and talented photographer Trish McNeill search out the heart and soul of Bali. They do it with your eyes – the eyes of a tourist, rather than as an expat. What do you see or miss? What are they saying? And answering questions with real life experiences, such as “can I visit a ceremony and take photos?” Rather than just tell you the answer, we use video that gives an immediate sense of the warmth and welcoming nature of the Balinese. Come with us on this journey. First, through our blogs and then, with our book featuring stunning images of beautiful Bali. Visit

© Bali Soul Journals by Clare McAlaney & Trish McNeill, published by......., Photos © Clare McAlaney & Trish McNeill,


Photo Š Bali Soul Journals

SAGE magazine

Image by Š Pandu Adnyana Visit or


The UN-CONSCIOUS TOURIST Earlier this year, this incredible image was taken by local photographer, Pandu Adnyana. With all of Bali’s beauty, an annual tsunami of plastic rubbish finds it’s way to the busy tourist strip from Kuta to Uluwatu. The reason this wall of plastic exists is from tourists and locals dumping thousands of tonns of waste into Bali’s inland creek system. The processing systems are simply not up to the task of handling the rubbish. This is however just a sympton of a much wider threat to Bali’s Environment due in large to tourism. Young surfer and Bali resident, Sonny Perrussel, 13, and his friends want a more permanent solution. They were so disgusted at swimming and surfing through rubbish that often included nappies, dead animals, syringes, and tonnes of plastic that they started a petition to ban plastic bags from Bali entirely. They had focused on bags because that seemed to be the majority of the waste on the beach and in the water, he said. “It’s just disgusting and really sad,” Sonny said. “It’s really bad [for surfing] because it smells and your skin gets oily.” He said, though, that there was one ray of hope: Governor Pastika had told the group of youngsters that if they gained one million signatures on their petition, that he would ban the manufacture, distribution and use of plastic bags in Bali. So far the group has gained about 7000. “It’s a really big, crazy amount of signatures we have to get,” Sonny says. To help towards a permanent solution, visit here. In the meantime, when you travel as a conscious traveller Eat, Pray and Take Back Your Own Trash!

SAGE magazine

MIND IS the brain at work

working with the organ of change BY DR JOE DISPENZA ”Conscious Awareness” by © Alex Polanco

DR JOE DISPENZA ”change from the inside out”


Making Your Mind Matter JUNE EVENTS Sydney - 6th -8th Melbourne - 13th-15th


Science & Consciousness Magazine recently asked Dr Joe Dispenza ”What were the main discoveries & researches in the neuroscience field which have supported your intuition in mind shaping reality?” Everything that makes us up, the ”you” and the ”me”-our thoughts, our dreams, our memories, our hopes, our feelings, our secret fantasies, our fears, our skills, our habits, our pains and joys--is etched in the living lattice work of 100 billion brain cells. If you learn even one bit of information today, tiny brain cells will make new connections between them and who ”you” are will be altered. The images that we create in our mind as we process different streams of consciousness leave footprints in the vast endless fields of neurological landscape, which creates the identity called ”you.” For the ”you” as a sentient being is immersed and truly exists in the interconnected electrical web of cellular brain tissue. How our nerve cells are specifically arranged by what we learn, what we remember, what we experience, what we envision for ourselves, what we fear, as well as what we think about ourselves defines us individually and it is reflected in our internal neurological wiring. We are a work in progress.

Here is what I mean. By definition in neuroscience, mind is the brain in action. Mind is the brain at work. It is the product of brain activity when it is animated with life. Now with 100 billion nerve cells seamlessly wired together, it becomes apparent that we can produce many different levels of mind. Virtually, we can make the brain work differently because we can influence the brain to fire in different sequences, different patterns, and in different combinations in order to produce many diverse states of mind. For example, the mind we use to put on our make-up is different than the state of mind we use to drive our car. We make the brain work differently when we brush our teeth compared to when we play the violin. Equally, we make a different mind when we play the victim in contrast to when we demonstrate joy. All of this is so, because we can quite simply force gangs of nerve cells to fire in many diverse ways.

Not more than thirty or forty years ago, there was a unanimous belief in the field of neuroscience that the brain was hardwired, meaning that we are born with a certain amount of neurological connections and the finality in life was that we were going to turn The brain is the organ of change. There is a concept out like our parents. It was an accepted perception in neuroscience called neuroplasticity, which that this delicate organ called the brain was unable demonstrates that the brain alters itself every time we to upscale its hardware. But with the advent of the learn something new. It also changes when we have latest technologies in functional imagery (brain scans) any novel experience. It begs the question, ”How many it is apparent that it is very possible to make the new things have I learned recently that I can remember brain work (process mind) differently. In fact, some of and how many new experiences have I had lately?” the research out of the University of Wisconsin has Our gray matter is also rearranged during the times we proven something as simple as attention or focused choose to modify our behavior in order to do a better concentration is a skill just like golf or tennis. In other job in life. In other words, when we really change our words, the more you practice being conscious or mind, the brain changes...and when we change the mindful the better you get at it. brain, the mind changes. Read the full article at Sage Magazine. Click Here.

Dr Joe Dispenza first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since that movie’s release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions. His newest book, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (Hay House, April 2014), builds on his previous work. For more information about his work, please visit

the rise & rise of conscious music

by shayne locke

Bhakti images courtesy of Š LakshmiGrace Designs

SAGE magazine

the rise & rise of conscious music It goes without saying that music is a vital part of our daily lives. It can lift the heaviest heart, can bring back a memory with the start of a single note and can motivate a nation to action. Grammy nominated producer and organiser of the music website, Earth Tones, Frank Fitzpatrick described music as “the most consistent and dependable way I’ve found to connect to my inner voice, lift my spirits and bring myself back into balance. Music has turned the most mundane and the most challenging moments of my life into deeply resonating human, and often indescribably divine, experiences.” So what exactly is conscious music? Bhakti mantras? Southern gospel songs? Traditional hymns, indigenous sounds or street hip hop? This is the topic that is open for discussion on the free online Power of Music Forum in May (19 – 23), a gathering of some of conscious music’s most popular artists and producers; and also the question we faced when we commenced countdown on Soul Traveller Radio. We knew from day one that we had to present what the public would eventually perceive as the guidepost for conscious music. A search or need for people to connect to even more conscious music has started to occur. There has been a shift, a swell if you like, towards a rise in artists and producers dedicated to bringing conscious music to the frontline. Brought about in part by the increase and interest in lifestyle activities such as yoga or meditation, world changing events like 911; the freedom of nations, races and sexes. However whether we wanted to admit it or not, conscious music has always been a vital part of our lives and hasn’t just been reserved to those of us with a spiritual inclination. As a teenager, I gravitated towards artists like U2, Midnight Oil, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, The Call largely due to their concern for the world around them. Likewise, a generation before mine were looking for Bob Dylan’s answer “Blowin’ in the Wind” or dancing around the room to the Rastafarian beats of a completely different Bob, but one that was no less conscious in his approach to life. Conscious music has always been an integral part of

our lives and the lives of those in need. The rallying together of artists for a cause like Live Aid brought everyone together under the banner of consciousness to facilitate change. And in the case of artists like the great John Lennon, their message of love and unity, remained as strong as the day it was penned long after their earthly bodies passed on. So what exactly is conscious music? How do we decide that a song is considered conscious? A lot of questions were asked when we were programming music on Soul Traveller Radio. What were the guidelines for deciding if a song was conscious or not? Is conscious music to do with having positive lyrics – not necessarily. Some of the greatest songs in history that motivated people to change were negative in their approach. John Lennon’s song God seemingly listed everything he didn’t believe in but the song, written after his great Give Peace A Chance, was the beginning of the symbolic John Lennon icon, stepping away from the past and focussing on defining an era in his own right. Or U2’s Sunday, Bloody Sunday with it’s confronting lyrics “And it’s true we are immune, when fact is fiction and TV reality, and today the millions cry, we eat and drink while tomorrow they die”. Not exactly an uplifting song lyrically however the song itself caused a great deal of commotion, bringing to light the social injustice occurring in war stricken Ireland. Is it the life of the artist that determines conscious music? Again, this could not be used as a guidepost. Some of the greatest conscious music songs were written by people that had their own personal battles and turmoil and some even ended their lives because they could not cope. One such artist was Nick Drake, a Welsh folk singer/songwriter who sung brilliantly depressing but consciously focused songs about love and following your heart. After his death caused by an overdose, Nick Drake’s music lived on and has influenced a generation of singer songwriters since such as Peter Buck from REM and Duncan Sheik. His life was also the subject of The Dream Academy’s hit song “Life in a Northern Town”. So how do we determine the status of what is conscious music?


’push the boundaries, push the envelope and experiment with new and different ways to convey this single message which is love’


Image courtesy of © LakshmiGrace Designs

SAGE magazine

WHAT IS conscious music? Conscious musicians seemed to have appeared in droves in recent times spurred on by the introduction of yoga studios. In reality conscious music has always been there. Kirtan and Bhakti were already celebrated by the Kundalini masters so when the Yoga Studio was born, naturally there was a gravitation towards the Kirtan standard of sound. Steve Gold, who now opens at Deepak Chopra events explains that it wasn’t always so. He was a new musician wondering how his music story would unfold when he was noticed by Yoga guru, Shiva Rea who immediately funded his first album. Steve explains that this gave conscious music a huge boost. ”Very quickly yoga studios became radio stations and yoga teachers became disc jockeys and my songs ended up on playlists.” Conscious music is undergoing such a massive rise as a result of this, that it led the band Aykanna and DJ/Producer/Entrepreneur Fabian Alsultany to gather together 20 of the industries finest to discuss how we move forward with Conscious Music with The Power of Music Online Conference being held May 19-23. Creators of the conference, Sukhdev and Akahdahmah Jackson of the band Aykanna, believe that music can be a powerful catalyst for change. During a recent discussion leading up to the conference, Sukhdev said ”Music is helping humanity evolve into a more peaceful and understanding global culture.” Akahdahmah

”very quickly yoga studios became radio stations and yoga teachers became disc jockeys and my songs ended up on playlists...” Steve Gold

followed on by stating in was their ”mission is to share with others all we have learned over our life’s journey being artists and making music” Co-organiser of The Power of Music conference, Fabian Alsultany said in a recent interview with Soul Traveller Radio that conscious music is “a music that is able to say a story of truth. And that story is one that is touching on The Divine, Love or Human Rights and Justice. For me those are the 3 Pillars that express what conscious music is.” DJ Fabian sees the conscious music artist’s role as a facilitator of change. “At the core of it all there is a much deeper purpose why people are doing music...and that is the intention of the (Power of Music) get into the deeper “why” they are doing this...and the deeper story is, we are recognising what effects these artists are having in the world.” “When we talk about some of these musicians it is easy to point towards people within the Yoga space like Krishna Das, Deva Premal, MC Yogi because clearly this music is being sung at Yoga Studios to millions upon millions of people. And people all over the world are gaining inspiration from that.” “But additionally when we look into pop radio, and look at Playing For Change or an Alanis Morissette, these musicians are bringing forward beautiful positive messages in their music about unity, human rights, the divine, all of these different factions that make up the human experience. That is what we are doing with The Power of Music conference, helping to inspire people with their day to day lives and inspire musicians as well.” Fabian Alsultany’s personal convictions have been refined over the years through opportunities to work with world music labels, such as Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios performing a posthumous remix of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ”Fault Lines”, coordinating world music events and producing his own world music collaborations with some of the rising stars in conscious world music. ”There is a missing piece to this whole collage of conscious music that I am passionate about as a producer. We have so many cross cultural trailblazers like Karsh Kale from India, or Idan Raichel from Israel who, like Mark Johnson from Playing for Change, brings cultures together around music.” ”In fact just yesterday (because of the Power of Music conference) I finally met Hassan Hakmoun from Morocco face-to-face, had a jam session and he and Idan are now going to collaborate on music. That will


”...I feel we have reached a time of change and reflection, a transition period, both musically and personally...”

Idan Raichel

likely be the first time an Israeli superstar collaborates with a Moroccan superstar. Both artists have unique followings within the conscious music field. Although they are far removed from the popular and ever expanding Bhakti music genre, their passion for conscious music is the binding force...the DNA that connects them together. Karsh Kale, who does not advertise his spirituality, is a hindu whose music is deeply, deeply immersed in the spiritual sounds of India. His music is rooted in the music that the bhakti movement emulates although his approach is a blend of electronic fusion, Indian classical music, rock, jazz fusion and hip hop, leading him to work with some of the most renowned artists from around the globe. A perfect example of how the world is becoming a much smaller place with the introduction of greater technology, allowing conscious musicians from around the world to finally collaborate towards a common goal of change and total acceptance of one anothers culture and faiths.

conscious lyrics was not enough. For conscious music to be completely effective, the connection to Source was integral. Chris James has been in the industry for over 20 years as a successful artist, “It wasn’t until I had sold thousands of albums and had big following that I came to terms with the fact that my music wasn’t coming from the right space energetically, it wasn’t from the divine source within ourselves that we can all naturally connect to and express from. In coming to terms with this I made the decision to recall my music, redo it and send out a newsletter acknowledging this. Conscious music has to have the connection to source to be truly authentic.” Instrumentalist, Sika, agreed that for music to be considered conscious, especially his as instrumental, there was a connection to Source that

On the other side of the world...the world of commercial popular music, Alanis Morisette also tackled the themes of love and change in her last album ”Havoc and Bright Lights”. Moving into the conscious music field, she announced in the song, Edge of Evolution, that after leaving her story behind, she was ready to ”push the envelopes into full blown consciousness”, a constant theme in the new music paradigm and a core value in the ”Love” Pillar of Conscious Music. Whilst Fabian Alsultany has described it as 3 Pillars of Conscious Music, internationally acclaimed musician and sound healer, Chris James believes there is a 4th and vitally important pillar that we tend to neglect with conscious music. Energy. Attending the Conscious Living Expo in Melbourne, Chris was one of 4 panel members on a discussion we held about Conscious Music. All 4 panellists, Chris, Kavisha, Lou Van Stone and Sika agreed that having

Hassan Hakmoun

SAGE magazine was vital. “How do you classify instrumental music within the conscious music field. It has to come down to the energy behind the music. I set an intention and connect with Spirit before I commence playing to ensure that I come from a pure place.” Whilst we all have our personal preferences of what pillar of conscious music we prefer to lean on when we really listen, it is the energy behind the song that becomes the driving factor. Is the singer tapping into a source far greater than their own poetic ability? Is it driven by love, faith or understanding what needs to change? This motivation for change is the reason the Playing for Change project commenced. In 2005, founder Mark Johnson discovered singer Roger Ridley singing Stand By Me on a street corner. Roger had so much soul and conviction, Mark recorded the song right on the street corner. When asked why he was singing on the street corner, Roger simply said, “Man I’m in the JOY business. I come out to be with the people”.

’We’re at the very beginning of something new... people coming together to sing with an awareness that’s beyond a particular spiritual path.’ Dave Stringer - Kirtan artist

It is this energy behind songs and artists like Playing for Change or songwriters like the Lennon’s or Marley’s or Drake’s that allow truly conscious expressions to be passed on from generation to generation. It is the connection of popular artists with Source such as Donna De Lory, Madonna’s backup singer or Simrit Kaur performing with Belinda Carlisle that is resulting in greater acceptance of conscious music. It is also the spirit behind current driving forces in the conscious music scene like Krishna Das, MC Yogi, Alanis Morrisette, Aykanna and Fabian Alsultany and their Power of Music conferences that will ensure that conscious music continues its momentous rise. Frank Fitzpatrick, who is also a guest speaker at the Power of Music Conference aptly described it. “The more music continues to awaken my higher aspirations and light the path of my inner journey, the higher I am inspired to reach and the deeper I long to delve into those realms of the magical unknown that awaits me. If words are the limited language of my mind, music is the limitless calling of my soul.” Let your music be the light on the path to your inner journey and ultimately the calling of your soul. Shayne Locke is the Program Director of Soul Traveller Radio and Producer of Sage Magazine. After many years of supporting Independent Music, Shayne is now taking his music passion and combining it with his own personal conviction to help bring conscious music to the world through Soul Traveller Radio. E: W:

Image courtesy of © LakshmiGrace Designs

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The Power of Music is a 5-day virtual conference that has gathered 20+ top artists and musical activists. Join Akahdahmah and Sukhdev Jackson from Akyanna as they lead the conversation covering music’s impact on children, healing, social change and it’s power to bring people together. Let music be your muse!


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NEW to adyar ONLINE this month Leigh Ann Phillips - Mik’Ael Her fifth studio album release, Leigh Ann Phillips Mik’Ael is a meditative mix of invoking soulful vocals - sung in Enochian - with world instruments and quartz crystal singing bowls accompanying. This album is at once worldly and otherworldly as it blends earthy instruments with heavenly vocals to create a listening experience that is both meditative and moving.


DIANE ARKENSTONE - UNION ROAD Be transported with Diane Arkenstone’s soulful vocals, rootsy melodies and pleasant, breezy sounds on this new album Union Road. The music is predominantly acoustic, with guitar and piano being prime instruments alongside bass, mandolin, accordion, penny whistle and percussion. A thought-provoking, highly enjoyable new journey from this impressive singer/songwriter.

CHAD WILKINS - SHOW US THE WAY OF THE HEART From local Byron Bay musician Chad Wilkins comes his new album Show Us The Way of The Heart. From upbeat, positive-vibe celebration tunes to deep, devotional guided meditations, all showcasing conscious lyrics - challenging, provoking, inspiring, drawing, awakening. Some songs are poetic images of Chad’s own spiritual journey; some are journeys in themselves. Be inspired and stirred by the distinct spirit and atmosphere of peace that is encapsulated within the music of this mystic minstrel.




MEL DOBRA - SACRED TIDES Drawing on the ancient roots of prayer and mantra, Melanie blends Sanskrit, Celtic, Hebrew and Folk songs with harmonious instrumentation and angelic voices. This introspective musical journey is an opportunity to dive into the sacred.


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SAGE magazine

”I LIKE TO THINK OF MASALA BHANGRA ® AS THE YANG TO YOGA’S YIN” A huge surprise for us at this year’s Bali Spirit Festival was the inclusion of Sarina Jain and her energetic workout sessions known as Masala Bhangra. Even if you didn’t know it was on, the cries of “Balle Balle” resounding from the pavilion was enough to attract even the least energic of the attendants...and then like a giant magnet, it just sucked you in! Halfway through our first session, we suddenly realised we were doing a really major workout...and the best was fun! We took the opportunity to ask the creator of the new Bollywood workout a few questions about the program, how she got started and what her inspiration was in developing Masala Bhangra ®.

SM: Hi Sarina, thanks for taking the time to speak with Sage Magazine. We loved your workout sessions at this year’s Bali Spirit Festival. How did the whole idea of Masala Bhangra ® come about? SJ: I was born and raised in the US to two Indian parents that migrated to the States in the 70’s. Both mom and dad wanted to make sure that my sister and I would grow up with the best of what the West has to offer without forgetting the East.

motivate people to get off the couch and start exercising, then perhaps they will be healthier, too.. SM: What has the reception been like? SJ: The concept of Masala Bhangra®, which was created out of my garage, 14 years ago, is now one of the top 5 workout dvds to do in the US. Today, I have 12 dvds that are out. I have over 500 Masala Bhangra® Ambassadors representing “our Indian culture” with pride to their students. I have to say, I am still in aaawwww of what came out of my garage all those years ago. I love every minute of it and it is growing more and more. I hope my father is proud.

Dad made sure to send us to India every summer to spend time with our family, our grandparents and learn to appreciate what the Indian culture is all about. My father was our rock. He was this man that was our friend, yet protector. Dad would always tell us to be proud, to be who you are, to respect the culture you came from and to stand on SM: You mention that it is the Yang to Yoga’s Yin. your own feet. Dad was a very proud Indian man What do you mean by that? living In the US. SJ: Masala Bhangra® and yoga start off the same – One day, my Mom called to say, “he is not by saying Namaste and opening up your practice! breathing anymore.” My father passed away to And we end our practice by saying Namaste and a massive cardiac arrest at the age of 47. So, to touching the ground we just danced on paying honor him and his existence and everything he homage to the space. The in between “stuff” ® told us to be proud of, I created Masala Bhangra . is different. In Yoga, whatever your choice of I wanted to tell him that not only am I proud to be practice is, you focus on your breath and take your body to another level. an Indian woman living in the US but now I teach aspects of our culture through fitness and if I can

”not only AM I Proud to be an indian woman living IN the u.s., i now teach aspects of our culture through fitness.”


In Masala Bhangra®, you take your body to another level by raising your heart beat up and adding a dance element to it. I ask everyone to channel their masculine side with Bhangra and their feminine grace with Bollywood! And now let it all out! ;) SM: You talk a lot about your father during your sessions. Tell us more about his influence. SJ: He was our rock . Our guidance. He also was a very open minded man which allowed for my sister and I to experience life differently. Even for my Mom. SM: How did the ambassador program come about? SJ: In 2005, I had a show on Discovery FIT TV for years and when it came out, many instructors called to ask how are they able to teach this. At that time, I did not give it a thought. Then I took the year to put it together and I asked myself, “what would I teach the average person about Masala Bhangra®. How do I get them to understand what I want?” I collected my thoughts and put it together in an Ambassador manual. And wallah! The MBA (Masala Bhangra Ambassodors) was created.


SAGE magazine

SM: How are your ambassadors selected? SJ: In a Masala Bhangra® Ambassador training, only 20 people are trained at a time. In the training, there is a practical. In the practical, individuals get to see where their strong points are and where they need to practice! Each person gets to practice till they are ready to teach. You will know within three months if you are teaching. SM: You are doing a big video celebration later this year…. SJ: I am launching my biggest project to date. This is what I have been working on for years! It’s all timing and finding the right people to believe in you! I made the big announcement on May 10th! The world is invited to join me in NYC in July.

This summer we will hit the streets of NYC to shoot our first infomercial. Help us reach the goal of enlisting more than 500 Masala Bhangra fans – both old and new – to participate. On Saturday, May 10, we are launching an Indiegogo campaign to generate excitement and support for a true Bollywood experience - BIG BIG BIG!!! Please join our Thunderclap campaign and help us reach our goal. Check it out and prepare to shout BALLE BALLE!! For more information about Masala Bhangra® and the Indiegogo campaign visit Sarina Jain’s website - You can also check out the video below to see how you can add the spice to the rhythm of your life.


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your divine sovereignty

by greg doyle

SAGE magazine

We have all lived before... each and every one of us. We have loved under stormy violet skies, have swum in pearlescent seas and have died in forests of gold. Worlds abound with stories of our courage, our suffering and our passion. We have embodied ourselves in so many forms and shapes and guises. We are mighty souls encompassing a trillion galaxies in our quest for self-discovery. Yet in the end, we are one thing, and one thing only.


I never believed in reincarnation. Where was the evidence? I was raised as an apathetic catholic and believed that if you were good, you went to heaven. And if you weren’t good...

Over time, I learned to release my neat and constructed version of reality. I had no choice. I had to go with it, I had to let go. And this was the most powerful thing I could do.

All that changed a few years ago. Or rather, a cataclysmic seismic shift ripped my foundations to shreds: I started to experience past lives. The first time was as a 3-D slide show, where my consciousness was awoken and any dreamscape or mental white noise was cleared. I saw me—getting younger and younger. Eyes remaining in the same place. Until I was a baby, and then I disappeared. Then came an old man. A Mongolian. Younger, younger, eyes never moving. An African medicine man. Younger and younger. A non-human. Younger and younger.

Voices, visions and out-of-body experiences continued their relentless attack at my shell. My own voice was even taken from me—literally. One day, after listening to some relaxing music and on the way to make myself a cup of tea, I felt a tweak in my brain. I couldn’t recollect words. My mind had flatlined. I had to go to work, to remember people’s names, to talk on subjects. I was silenced. And so I became very quiet. My mind just wasn’t mine anymore. Or was it?

I then began to wake in other bodies. No, not dreams. Too real. I know the difference. A Spanish woman, in a beautiful humid rain-shower. I see my face in the mirror of an ancient steam house. Why so real, why so uplifting? A Chinese man, in tattered red robes, barking orders at a group of monks in a boarding house. The smell, the dust, the language—too vivid. And once again, why so uplifting? With each lifetime shown, I became lighter—less dense. Something within me was releasing itself. A blindfold was being lifted. I began to realize that I was much, much bigger than I had ever imagined. I would look at people in awe. I could see beyond their characters, their dramas, and could sense an immaculate golden bond that outshone any alleged differences between us. Words and actions simply lost their weight as these mysterious connections gathered vibration and momentum.

This is not “it.” Or rather, your life, as you see it, is not it. You don’t have to hurry, to complete what it is you think you have to complete. It is all there, right now, complete and in perfect form. Hear the birdsong, look at the way the light plays through the trees. The sounds of traffic. It is complete. Look at your hands. They represent creativity. Look at their fineness, their strength, their beauty, their offering. They lack nothing. They give, they share. And there is no effort. They don’t strive to create or to give. They don’t separate their potential from you and what they do. They simply are. In all their perfection. How do they make you feel when you look at them? I hear many people say that you must act according to your morals and beliefs to enable real change in the world. A giant furrowing brow and finger tsk tsk tsking you into moral incertitude. While the intention may be noble, it nevertheless separates us from who and what we are. It externalizes our actions from our beings.

SAGE magazine

However, there is no outside. This may sound simplistic and naïve, and if I offend some of you I apologize, but we are the universe. We’re the universe incarnate. Pure and simple. And this is no metaphor. We are the universe, and it is us. When I remove a plastic bottle from the sea, it requires no thought, or ideology. I’m not doing it to be a “good” person. I remove it because it feels good to do so. It would hurt not to. It’s a reflex. The earth is me, as is the sea and the air. As are you. That decision, that job, that way, that person— how do they make you feel? How do your cells, in all their infinite wisdom, feel? This is no dogma or religion or well thought-out concept. This is truth. It is my truth. And it doesn’t hang on clever rhetoric or definitions, nor is it answerable to a “must” or a “should” from a judgmentally slanted eyebrow. We are the universe and it is us. There is simply no separation. And boy, doesn’t that make you smile? Can’t you feel your essence beaming and nodding within saying “Yeah baby!” The divine spark resides in us all. I can’t imagine life not knowing this. My old way of living, of interacting with the world, cracked and fell about my feet like a brittle clay mold. Occasionally I look down at it and have a good old giggle, but it’s an illusion I’m overjoyed to have parted with. It reeked of the staleness of obligation and responsibility—of things external. It had the stench of the fallen and guiltridden victim. I now see it as an old friend, someone I used to know. And I send it love for all its mistaken belief in failure and restriction. Within my belly my fat little Budai laughs and laughs. He’s just so irreverent, in all the right ways.

The power of divine creation also resides in us all. At all times we are being pulsed by that ecstatic creative surge scientists call the big bang. It is us and is resonating through our cells continuously, birthing not only new cells but new impulses of creativity. We are not a fallen species as many religions would have you digest. We are so, so far from it. Can you begin to see that this dogma has infected our memories over lifetimes, in its effort to make us a more compliant form of automaton. Can you see this? Well now this doesn’t serve us anymore. It doesn’t serve you, as you begin to wake from the slumber of the past. Evolution is gleefully smacking us to the collective side of our head with the ecstatic twang of the underside of a friendly galactic garden shovel. Energetically...that is. What begins to grow from this seed of divine knowingness, is love. This is the prime pulse of the universe: you. Uni-verse, one song, our song. At the subatomic level of every cell in the universe, and in all its various dimensions, is the ecstasy of divine creation, or—love. It is the motivation of all things, seen and unseen. Just prior to my shell-cracking awakening, I was once deep in meditation when I heard a female voice clearly and calmly state “There is only joy.” “Rubbish!”—I exclaimed. “There is suffering, pain, fear, evil, hatred, you name it.” But somewhere, in some hidden yet potent dimension, a great divine fire hose had been turned on and was joyfully extinguishing these fragments of lack within me. Even before I could experience this truth firsthand, I “knew” it to be so. Looking back at all that has happened since, I realize that I’ve enjoyed this journey of self-discovery. As we all


are. Deep down, whether it be conscious or not, we are all rejoicing in this journey of self-discovery. Even though at times it may feel challenging. You see, everything that you experience in your life is serving you in one way or another. There is no exception. Everything you experience—is serving you. There are no baddies, or enemies, or situations that can deplete you on a soul level. It is all a play of energy that is here to serve you to become more whole—to recognize your completeness. That is why we are here. Once you see this greater picture of yourself, you release the purely reactive within you, which is suffocation to the ego. Your roles as victim and sufferer simply exit the stage. Clap them off if you will, and show them empathy for their mistaken condition, if you wish. But heed them no more as you step into your truth—your divine sovereignty. Know that no matter your circumstance, right now and in this moment, you are immaculate in your divine stature. You have never fallen, are never fallen, and are comprised completely of love. At all times. Know it, be it. In times when it feels hard to regain your equilibrium, go inside and really feel what is going on. What is actually disturbing you? You need to identify the feeling and its source. This is not hard to do. More

often than not, you’ll see it not to be of you. It may be someone else’s issue, or someone’s idea of who you are that is the root of your unease. Learn to let these conditions go. Continually. They will come up quickly now, as humanity opens to a newer and more genuinely creative consciousness. Each evening, before you go to sleep, release those energies that are occupying your field and that do not serve your higher purposes. Command them to leave you, to be raised and healed in the light of love. Do this from the God or Goddess being within you. It is time to reclaim the sense of divinity that burns like stars within us. Just “know” it, and it will begin to acknowledge and interact with you more consciously. For years—for lifetimes—your divine self has been waiting, oh so patiently, for the caress of your loving gaze. Give in to it, trust it, nurture it, speak to it. Learn to accept and love yourself fully by releasing the illusion of past failings, and it will begin to listen. Release the judgement of all things and situations and it will begin to grow within you, sharing its wisdom and magic. Allow it to immerse you in its loving embrace and you will find enlightenment.

About The Author Greg Doyle is a trained classical musician, Reiki master/teacher, and passionate surfer. Awakening the Giant Within is his first book, and outlines his spiritual awakening. Born in Australia, he currently lives with his wife, Monika, a flautist, in Spain. Visit Greg’s website at

Greg Doyle

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The @ symbol Our life is surrounded by symbols. In fact, we use a number of them every day. Without traffic signs we might not survive for long. Or at least find it difficult to cross the road. When we write an email, we use a symbol. Without it, our poor computers wouldn’t know where to send it. It is, of course, the @. I will mention it again later, because it has in itself an interesting history. But first, let me briefly introduce myself. I have been working with symbols for over twenty-six years. During that time I have taken part in a number of MBS festivals (in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) and numerous fairs all over Australia, the USA and Europe. I have given many workshops and readings for hundreds of people with my own channelled symbol cards. I have spent hours upon hours doing research and learning continuously about the spiritual aspects of symbols. And I still haven’t finished doing that by far. The subject is so vast, it would take hundreds of years to know all about it. Enough of me! Let the symbols do most of the talking from now on. I will introduce two of them in every edition of the magazine. Before long, you will become familiar with their power and their ability to guide us. I will draw special attention to those symbols which can also be used as healing agents. Yes, that is right. Some ancient symbols were not only regarded highly in history for their medicinal benefits, but they have proven to be astonishingly accurate for us now. Time and time again, I have mentioned specific images to people for help with an ailment and they came back to tell me that it worked. And now for the two symbols I have chosen for this month. I mentioned before our daily use of the symbol @. Here is the fascinating story, explaining its history, and how it became what it means to us today.

Possibly the oldest document with the symbol @ comes from Bulgaria. It was used in a Slavic version of the so-called Manasses Chronicle. The original had been written by Constantine Manasses, producing a history from creation up to the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus, who ruled from 1081 to 1118. An unknown author created the Bulgarian version at about 1345, with nineteen additions, glorifying the history of his homeland. For some reason he used @ as an abbreviation for “amin” (“amen”). Perhaps he wanted to save on ink which was more than likely quite expensive at the time and somewhat hard to obtain. The next document showing an @ comes from Spain. Or, more precisely, from Aragon, because at that time (1448), the country was divided into two kingdoms, Aragon and Castille. It was (and still is) an abbreviation of “arroba”, a unit of weight (roughly 25 pounds). The word originated from the Arabic “ar-rub”, meaning a quarter. The @ was used on a merchant’s delivery notice of wheat. And then a FlorentineRose businessman, Francesco Lapi, Quartz Crystal Bowl - Prosperity made the @ what it still is in commerce. In 1536 he wrote about the price of wine and then put down the @, meaning “at the rate of”. In other words, if you buy five pieces of meat @ $1, you will have to pay $5. For us, of course, the most common usage of the @ is as part of an email. That started in 1971, when Ray Tomlinson got the job to create the possibility to send messages from one computer to another one. Since he had to separate the name of the recipient from the provider, he finally chose the @ after quite a long time failing to achieve the wanted result in the ARPANET (the forerunner of the Internet). He sent himself the first email, putting down a sequence of letters: QWERTYUIOP (the first row on the keyboard). I love the words for @ and their meanings in other languages, although the English “at” is becoming more and more common. Here are just a few examples: Chinese: Little mouse Korean: Sea snail Italian: Snail German: Clinging monkey Finnish: Cat’s tail Czech: Pickled herring Hebrew: Strudel


A page from the Bulgarian translation of the Manasses Chronicle

SAGE magazine


The ANKH symbol

Now let’s discuss a symbol that had a lot of meaning in ancient times and still enjoys popularity today. I will first explain what it meant in antiquity, and follow with a modern interpretation. If you look at the image of the ankh you will feel immediately what it is. This spiritual connection between the ancient Egyptians and us today is continuing to flourish. We are lucky to have such powerful spirits guiding us and helping us to evolve onto a higher level of knowledge and insight.

the ankh represents a cross section of a bull’s vertebra (the Egyptians believed that semen came from the spine). A few modern Egyptian scholars believed that the ankh was nothing more than a representation of the country. The oval depicts the Nile delta, the vertical arm is the river itself, while the horizontal arms stand for the two sides of the country and its unification.

Whatever the interpretation, we know one fact. The ankh was used as a protector. Many images show us that it was worn in a variety of forms, as necklaces, Possibly the most used symbol in ancient Egypt. It is amulets, or designs on clothes, etc. It gave the wearer the security of being protected by the gods. also one of the hieroglyphs, translating as “life” or “life giver”. In combination with other Pharaohs had a birthright to have an ankh given hieroglyphs it reads as “health” or “strength”. to them and there are many depictions of a god bestowing one to them. It was symbolic for Most gods were pictured holding an ankh, receiving a new life force. symbolizing immortality. In a number of paintings

The Ankh

and sculptures, the ankh is offered to mummies, thus giving them the “breath of life” which they need to be reborn in the afterlife. Therefore the ankh is also associated with rebirth and mythical eternal life. The loop can be interpreted as the power of the sun that gives us the strength to survive and handle calamities successfully.

Today we have embraced the ankh once again. Appearing in various movies, on TV shows, video games, written into the lyrics of a song and also favoured by musicians for album covers and graphics by designers in general. But the most interesting aspect of the ankh’s resurrection is the fact that many women and men wear it as jewellery. I am unsure if all of them are aware of the symbol’s powerful meaning, however Another theory tells us that the ankh combines it is clear that the “life giver” refers mainly to the the symbols of the main gods Osiris (the T-cross, male) and Isis (the loop, female). Having both sexes female gender. united, it becomes a powerful portrayal of life itself. The ankh also emanates a beautiful healing quality, offering the energetic signature of new beginnings Spiritually, this symbolic unity highlights a and the essence of ‘Giving life’ describes perfectly combination that is possibly the most important any curative quality that is needed to overcome creation we can aspire to possess....the total ailments. In particular illnesses that pertain to harmony between Earth and Heaven. women. There are numerous other theories. One suggests Carers would be well advised to wear an ankh in it might represent a stylized person, with the oval some form, or have an image somewhere to look at as the head and the arms outstretched. Another and meditate upon. It will make their task easier and believes that it really comes from a very ancient culture where cattle was held sacred. In this version, give them the strength to keep going.

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WHat Does The ANKH MEAN TO YOU? You know who you are. You hide your true self from the outside world. It is important to protect yourself. The image you show others, and others see in you, is just a mask. You put it on in order to deal with the realities of your surroundings. However, it might be a good idea to look for even more protection. Ask the universe for extra security and it will be given to you. This will help you because, deep down, you have a very gentle and sensitive nature. It is the reason why you take so easily umbrage when someone bombards you with snide remarks. Learn to deal with it, and remember that it is not your problem because most put-downs are only made to satisfy the offender. You have a great capacity to develop rather quickly in intellectual and spiritual matters. This is a great asset if you use it wisely. Continue being interested in everything that you hear or read

about, but seek out the subjects that are more important to you than others. You need to surround yourself with people who have similar ideas, opinions and ideals as you. Although you can be extremely strong when you have to defend your position, you don’t particularly like doing it. But when you are forced to fight for something, everybody will be surprised. They never expected that you could be so forceful in your approach. You are a born carer. With your sensitivity, you intuitively know what other people’s needs are. And you always find a way to help them. Perhaps a profession, where you can use these skills, would be a good idea for you. Counseling, nursing, medical practitioner, alternative therapist, researcher, and many other related fields. This will help you to a better understanding of the world and your place in it.

About PETER DEAN Peter Dean lives in Australia. He has been involved with symbols for over twentyfive years. He has given many lectures and workshops on the subject. Using his very personal symbolcards, he has been able to counsel and help innumerable people in Australia, Europe and the United States. To ask Peter a question, contact Sage Magazine. The Power of Symbols is available now from Adyar Online, Amazon US or Amazon UK




THE POWER OF SYMBOLS ancient and modern interpretations

”Symbols have been part of our lives since time immemorial. Some of them are so important that we need them for our everyday lives. This book is more than just a fascinating is a helpful tool for personal growth!”

Peter Dean

everyone has a symbol

what’s your symbol? available now from: The Davinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown and associated logos are not associated with Peter Dean and are used for reference purposes only.

Chasing The Sun With DJ Ryan Farish

Shayne Locke Presents Who Are You?

Morning Meditations With Tanya Allison

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New World Kirtan with Kitzie Stern


Soul Traveller Radio all conscious music It has been an incredible two months since we officially launched Soul Traveller Radio. So much has happened and there is so much more still to come. A big thank you to all the labels who have come on board to help build the station. Phoenix Distribution, White Swan and Black Swan Records, Spirit Voyage, New Earth Music, New Age Records and Real World Music all came to our aid and helped bring the station to life.


At the same time we need to ackowledge our ever increasing listeners around the planet. We say around the planet because we are now broadcasting into over 110 countries world wide. To ensure that our special events can be heard by as many listeners as possible, we broadcast the shows three times in the Australian, UK and US timeslots.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and spreading the word about Soul Traveller Radio. It was also a pleasure to meet artists like Dustin Thomas, Peia, Oka and DJ Fabian Alsultany and to receive feedback that they are so glad there is finally a station that promotes their music.

Some of the artists who have joined us so far include Steve Gold, Murray Kyle, Mel Dobra, Terry Oldfield, Deya Dova, Leigh Anne Phillips, Fabian Alsultany and the gorgeous couple Avasa and Matty Love.

The last weekend in April saw Soul Traveller Radio at the Melbourne Conscious Living Expo. Working at the festival with the organisers to promote their schedule of talented artists and speakers, like the author of the Liver Cleanse Diet, Dr Sandra Cabot; Animal Dreamer, Scott Alexander King; Sika; Chris James; Kavisha; and Lou Van Stone.

We also have had some new shows start up including the New World Kirtan Podcast with Kitzie Stern. It is an awesome show produced by someone with an incredible passion for conscious music, in particular Bhakti sounds. With some awesome interviews planned, albums to promote and new events to take part in, Soul Traveller Radio is looking forward to the coming months. Keep an ear out for our new Soul Traveller Latin American show featuring all conscious music from South America.

The first event that Soul Traveller Radio was proud to be involved with was the Bali Spirit Festival. We were there taking part in the daily activities and the night time concerts. A highlight of the event was hearing the incredible voice of Tahir Qawwal, a sufi artist that has an amazing vocal range and a heart for the Divine.


It was a special blessing for us also, to take part in a Braco session. Braco has a powerful gift with his Gazings. People have had incredible experiences from taking part in the Gazings. Life changing experiences. Join us on Soul Traveller Radio as we visit the Conscious Living Expo in Sydney May 23-25.


MAY 19-23

May 23-25

May 23-25

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Soul Traveller Radio REGULAR SHOWS NEW WORLD KIRTAN with Kitzie stern Soul Traveller Radio is excited to share Kitzie Stern’s podcast with you every Friday night. The New World Kirtan podcast has been online since December 2008. The podcast started as service to the Corvallis kirtan community, a group which at the time consisted of 5 people who chanted to CDs. What started as an experiment has grown into a podcast with a devoted following. When Kitzie contacted us about broadcasting the show, we knew it would provide a much needed gap in our programs. New World Kirtan is a voice for a world united in love and peace. Through the weekly 60-minute podcast, artist interviews & festival coverage Kitzie brings you the best of artists new and notable in the world of devotional chant. Kirtan, the path of Bhakti Yoga and devotional chanting, calms your mind and opens your heart — it gives you peace and can change your life. Join Soul Traveller Radio every Friday night at 7pm

The Power of music with aykanNa Soul Traveller Radio and Sage Magazine are major sponsors of The Power of Music Online Conference hosted by Aykanna. Join Akahdahmah and Sukhdev Jackson from Aykanna along with 17+ top artists and musical activists that are raising consciousness through music, from speaking out on issues of equal rights and justice, to singing songs of love and freedom. The Power of Music is the first online conference of its kind. We believe music is a powerful catalyst for helping humanity evolve into a more peaceful and understanding global culture. We are excited to offer this empowering conversation to the world. As a thank you to those who register, the producers of the conference in partnership with GlobeSonic Entertainment and YogiTunes have created a FREE 18-song collection for The Power of Music featuring songs by all the speakers: Alanis Morisette, Krishna Das, Karsh Kale, Idan Raichel, MC Yogi, Deva Premal… everyone has contributed a song! It’s yours free once you register! The conference is on May 19-23, and is completely free to join. Click this link to register or click the image to find out more.


Soul Traveller Radio FEATURED ARTIST JAI-JAGDEESH Of Heaven and Earth Coming up on Who Are You is a special interview with the delightful Jai- Jagdeesh. Fresh from a UK trip, we caught up with Jai-Jagdeesh to discuss how she started in the music industry, the sound current of Kundalini Yoga and the things that unite us in this ever-changing world of conscious living. Jai-Jagdeesh has two amazing albums and a meditation cd available and is currently recording her next meditation CD. During the interview we take a listen to songs from Jai-Jagdeesh’s latest album ”Of Heaven and Earth” which is a mixture of Mantras and her own blend of sacred music. Plus she performs one of the best renditions of Leonard Cohen’s ”Hallelujah” that we have heard. Check our facebook page here or our website for details on the show. Head over to the website to find out more about the amazing talent that is Jai-Jagdeesh

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Soul Traveller Radio Featured Artist DIANE ARKENSTONE UNION ROAD Avalon, Aquaria, Middle Earth, African Skies and Echoes of Egypt are albums that have gone into New Age music history as classics, albums that defined the genre in the early years. Now 18 years after the release of the first album by Enaid and Einalem, Diane Arkenstone travels down a different road with a folk blend that is just as much a journey for the listener as it is for the singer. We had the opportunity to chat with Diane on the eve of her Australian release of Union Road through Phoenix Distribution. In an interview to be broadcast later this month, Diane reveals that her first song came when she was only three riding in the back of her dad’s car. ”Here I was singing a song I thought up called ”The Bells of Donagal”. I was 3 and had no idea where Donagal was....never been there...that would validate past life!” A prolific songwriter, during her career, both solo and with David Arkenstone, Diane has released close to 40 albums. During her Union Road sessions, more than 70 songs were written. The final 11 songs are gems that provide an insight into life, with all its ups and downs. Keep an ear out on Soul Traveller Radio, on the website or facebook for the special Diane Arkenstone interview on Who Are You?. Or vist Diane’s website for to find out more about her music. Union Rd available now from or


Soul Traveller Radio New Artists CHAD WILKINS

Show us the way of the heart From the first breath Chad takes on the album to the last note, this new entry to the Soul Traveller Radio playlist will have you immersed in the simplicity and joy of Spirit. Close your eyes and allow this album to bathe you in the river of renewal. Hailing from America via Byron Bay, Chad Wilkins is a new release this month on Phoenix Distribution with his first album featuring Byron Bay’s finest musicians and producers. But don’t let that fool you. The album is not over produced or over played. The simple songs and chords allow the beauty to shine through. A great album to clear a space for meditation or to do your daily yoga to. Catch Chad at the Sydney Conscious Living Festival - May 23 to 25. You can buy Chad’s album from his own website or


SACRED TIDES Another new artist from the beaches of Byron Bay area and also playing on Soul Traveller Radio is the beautiful Mel Dobra who is currently touring her new album, Sacred Tides. Many would know Mel from her time in Kevin James Carroll’s band. This is a new direction and new style, still set within the Bhakti music scene. The album is a blend of mantras and devotional songs that portray the journey that Mel has travelled over the last few years. Tackling issues of relationships, fear, femininity and the Divine, Sacred Tides will find a place in your heart not just on your CD shelf or iPod. To take a listen to some of the tracks and find out more about Mel Dobra, check out the interview at Visit or to buy the album .

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On May 14, Deva Premal and Miten start the second journey into Mantra Meditation with The Spirit of Mantra. It is free to sign up and participate and you can join in at any time during the 21 days. Thanks to our friends at White Swan Records, to celebrate the new mantra journey and to launch the new Mantras for Life album being released on May 20 (pre-order your copy here), Soul Traveller Radio will be broadcasting the original 21 day Mantra Meditation from May 14. Every morning at 6am, join us as Deva and Miten take you through a different Mantra daily. Then head over to the Spirit of Mantra for a double dose of mantra magic. Purchase your own copy of 21 day Mantra Meditation Journey or pre-order the new Mantra’s For Life by clicking on the album covers. To join in The Spirit of Mantra, click the banner below.


Soul Traveller Radio new album review WENDY RULE

”Black snake” review By Rob Flint Black Snake marks the 7th studio album by Wendy Rule. Having enjoyed Rule’s music since first hearing ‘Wolf Sky’ several years ago, I was so excited to hear there was a new album in the works. When I saw the invitation from the artist to become involved in funding the album release, I just knew this was something I had to be a part of. Crowdfunded via the website Pozible, supporters smashed the funding target, of $15’000, for ‘Black Snake’ by just over $10’000. This was nothing short of a resounding vote of confidence in Rule’s talent from her friends, fans and followers. Though the Pozible project is long closed and the ‘extras’ no longer available, the album is readily available through Rule’s website ( product/black-snake/), the iTunes Store, or . I must admit I was one of the first to sign up to support Rule releasing ‘Black Snake’ and getting it out there where it belongs, so this review is probably not entirely unbiased. In an almost autobiographical journey, Rule touches on so many topics which many of us could identify with. The title track, ‘Black Snake’ takes us deep into the earth or the depth of ourselves, so much so that you can almost picture Jormungandr encircling us, moving around us, in constant motion. Rule’s openness and honesty shines throughout in ‘Black Snake’. She does not disguise her regrets or her joys and shares both with her audience. It is this honesty that makes it so easy for the listener to become involved with and relate to songs such as ‘Rewind’ on such a deep level. I remember listening to ‘Rewind’ for the first time and thinking ‘Oh my, how did she know?’ . The haunting melody of ‘Why Must Love Be Twined With Sorrow’ reminds us that great love does not come without cost, and without enduring sorrow we would not know the ecstasy of great joy. The hypnotic invitation of ‘Ereshkigal’ is hard to ignore. There is almost an ‘otherworldly’ element to this track, a sense of renewal or rebirth after a great struggle or loss. This 66 minute journey leaves us with ‘Home’ and ‘All Life Flows Into The Great Mother’. Rule has clearly found her ‘home’, and it shows throughout this track and the album as a whole. ‘Black Snake’, and indeed, Wendy Rule’s style, may not be to everyone’s taste, but you cannot help being moved in some way by her music. I know this will be the case with ‘Black Snake’. I would encourage you, if you have not already done so, to take a look at Rule’s other offerings. Wendy Rule is truly an inspired, magickal artist.

IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGELS The channelLings of lord Maitreya through jennifer Starlight

Image by Š Jody Florman J Florman Art Gallery, Jody Florman Photography


Lord Maitreya’s Message

In the Arms of the Angels Public Transmission, channeled by Jennifer Starlight Greetings Brother and Sisters. It is our honour to be with you today. We understand the journey has been difficult, even treacherous for some and you are weary, and perhaps confused, feeling you have no direction. But may we assist you by saying in fact there is no destination other than back into the majesty and the mystery of your core presence, which is love. And only love is going to change this world. No technology and no medical breakthroughs are going to change this world. You have been so indoctrinated with fear, doubt and wrong information that the hopelessness, the judgement and the separation that you feel is now amplifying itself through the very cells of your bodies, and we want you to know in truth, you are not hopeless, you are not judgement and you are certainly not separate from love. The fact you are receiving our message must tell you that you are ready to stop the suffering and remember the love that is spontaneous and flowing within each of you. And when we say to you that you belong in the arms of the angels, you are in fact your own angels.

your world and I, Maitreya invite whoever chooses to come before us so we may be of assistance. Lady: “Good morning Maitreya,“ M: Good morning. Lady: “You said that the reason we relate to angels is because we are angels and that when we come here we are angels evolved. Is that right? “ M: Well, it is human evolvement. It is not angelic evolvement. You understand what we are saying? Because there are many angels on this planet who are having a lot of trouble being human. Lady: “Well I can understand that.”

M: Yes, because you have stored within you the cellular memory of other dimensions of such purity and peace, that when your consciousness comes here, it is very jarring for many of you and very disheartening and often very painful. But this is part of evolution because Now there are angelic realms that oversee many things what you are doing in fact, as the angels you are, you are here to reawaken within your human experience and in fact everything in your Existence is attached your divine intelligence, for your divine intelligence to an angelic consciousness and the only difference between you and the angelic realms is that they do not has no fear. You understand what we are saying here? have any fear or judgement. So they are here to reflect Fear has been created through the illusion of doubt back to you that pure core of love that you have always and misinformation. been and in truth that is all they are here for; to reflect But reality is love and so your soul is always aware back to you what you have forgotten is always within of reality because your soul is reality; it is the aspect yourselves. And we would like you to call upon the of God that extends itself out into many experiences angelic aspect of yourselves, the pure aspect that has not learnt fear and judgement, because it is from here and dimensions. So reality is always running like a thread of gold through every experience. But the soul (points to heart chakra) that those angelic wings shall now has something else to contend with in it’s human wrap around you. And we do not wish to lecture you, experience and that is the ego mind and the emotional we simply wish to nudge you a little further inward, because we can promise you there is no where else to body and we have said from the beginning that this takes true mastership because you decided through go of any worth. You understand what we are saying? your own desire to expand and express yourself into There is no other destination that is going to serve you what is now called the human dimension. or is of any worth other than your inward journey and And the greatest service any of you can do as souls you, as individuals, must find the desire and the Will to move deeper within yourselves. We cannot do it for is to bring reality into this dimension because this dimension in fact is just starting out. The human you and we want you to ask yourselves in your more manifestation that your soul is experiencing has quiet moments, to truly and honestly ask yourselves, not been around very long in the scheme of things have you suffered enough yet? Because if you have, and none of you received a manual, so to put your this is a defining moment in any human beings soul into a biological suit is very courageous indeed experience, because when you make the choice, the because you literally put yourselves into the unknown real choice to stop suffering, miracles will begin to when you first came into this human experience. You happen. It is so simple your minds cannot grasp it. understand what we are saying? Now we are here to serve you and the greater good of

SAGE magazine

LORD MAITREYA’s Message (received by jennifer starlight) M: Understand, you cannot get rid of anything that you have created, which includes your emotions. They are of your creation and are looking for your M: And to put yourself into the unknown, spontaneously creates evolution, you begin to develop acknowledgement and your understanding. So if you and create aspects of yourselves that have never been have the intention of, “I must get this pain out and get rid of it”, we promise you, you will not. Because at its created before. So when the soul moves onto other very core, emotional pain is still love and it is in fact dimensions and experiences, the depth, the exquisite depth of experience it has in the human condition will created from love unspoken and love unfelt. And at some point many of you were programmed to believe be unmatched by any other experience to this point. that you are unworthy of such love. But how can you Does this assist? be unworthy of something that you already are? You see what we are saying? Lady: “Yes thankyou Maitreya.” Lady: “Yes.”

M: So the soul and this human aspect that you are experiencing are here to integrate and communicate and assist in the evolution of humanity and also please understand there is no higher or lower vibration of anything in Existence. There are however different levels of density around pure vibration. You see the difference here? This is important. You are all of equal essence. You are all the reality of love. So at your core you are all equal, you are not higher or lower. It is simply the illusion of density or the density of illusion that you are all paying attention to, and the more you pay attention to it the bigger it gets. You understand? Lady:“Yes, yes. Thank you. “ M: Very good. Thank you, another question (from the audience.) Lady: “When I focus on feeling love I also feel pain and I’ve been through a lot over the last eight years and this is the one thing I haven’t been able to change. M: What a beautiful question. When this dear one focuses on love she feels pain. We just said to you that at your core you are all love and you have all created a density of illusion around you, which is the pain of feeling separate from love. So when love is allowed to expand and express itself, it transforms the pain and as we said to you before, the only way to transform this feeling of separation is to feel it and what happens is, love brings up everything unlike itself to be healed. The mind often believes love has abandoned it and that you are out of love. You are not. You are deeply in love and love is deeply within you. You need to keep going with feeling the pain because we can promise you this; grief is the doorway back to love, because there has been grief created through the selfjudgement and the separation from your core essence. You understand what we are saying? Lady: “Yes.”

Lady: “Yes, I feel complete in what you just said. Thank you” M: Thank you. Greetings. So, you are the angels of love that you have been looking for, wrap your arms around yourselves in honour and with grace for may we say, the next 25 years of your evolution, if you think it is fast now, you have no idea. Jennifer Starlight is an Australian Trance Medium & Author of international renown. Since 2005 Jennifer has dedicated herself to being the ‘physical vehicle’ for both the ancient Egyptian consciousness Min and more recently the Lord Maitreya, who is an Ascended Master within the Brotherhood of Light. Both Min & Maitreya transmit pure love and healing wisdom to their audiences and have initiated many spontaneous healings and awakenings within individuals. Jennifer and her partner Peter Harris established The Invisible College as a foundation for the powerful techniques and sacred information that has been entrusted to them by Spirit. For more information or to book personal or public transmissions go to

Beyond Suffering 2014 Australian Tour

A Life-Changing Day of Self Love, Healing, Meditation & Qi Gong Melbourne


Byron Bay

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Perth & New Zealand

May 24th

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Please join internationally recognised author, spiritual teacher and healer Blake D. Bauer for an empowering day of deep healing and profound spiritual awakening. Discover the simple but profound reasons why all of your suffering, illness, and unhappiness are merely cries from your soul asking you to:

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The dAy wiLL iNCLude: • The Keys To Loving Yourself Unconditionally • Deep Emotional Healing and Release • Identifying & Transforming Limiting Beliefs • Understanding and Healing The Root Cause of Illness • Tools To Live Fully In The Present • Mindfulness Meditation • Qi Gong Healing Exercises • Liberating Blocks To Full Health and Happiness • Life Purpose Guidance • Group Discussion

For all event details & to reserve your ticket to this special event, please visit: “Blake Bauer’s You Were Not Born To Suffer is one of the best books on the planet for emotional healing and transformation. Apply these brilliant suggestions and enjoy the benefit of your life changing in beautiful, harmonious and loving ways.” - Dr. Darren R Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique and Best Selling Author

Available on:

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Dolphin Family Š Eva Annaluna


Dolphin Inspirations SOUL FAMILY

by Eva Annaluna

My husband Lee and I swim side by side in a magnificent blue bay nearing the dolphin grounds, the area of the bay that the Spinner dolphins come to rest and play. I listen to my breath and enjoy the rhythmic movements of my body. I already feel a bit calmer, than when I entered the water. The dolphins are in a meditative state today, resting from their night of hunting out in the open ocean. We watch them come closer and allow them space to come up for air. They surface three times and dive under again. The harmony of the group spreads a loving light. The ocean carries us and makes our body feel relaxed, surrendering to the swaying movements of the water. We re-connect to our hearts and nature. It feels rejuvenating. The dolphins swim in a group of eight. They split up into four couples and softly caress each others skin. They move gently and gracefully, mirroring the peaceful state that we have been longing for in ourselves.

as if I have so much energy in my body, that I don’t crave for more oxygen. I feel one with the ocean and nature. I come up for air and dive down again. Swimming in graceful weaving patterns, I play with the sun beams that sparkle all around. Suddenly I see the dolphin pod moving towards me out of the deep blue. I feel them in my heart and send a wave of love and gratitude to these magical Beings. The dolphins come closer and some of them direct their sonar towards me, sending a frequency that moves through my whole body. I feel all my cells vibrating, as if the sun is filling me up with radiant light. The dolphins swim by my side and look me in the eye. I feel enraptured in this moment of beauty and connection. Filled with this wonderful energy, I come up for air and swim straight into the arms of Lee. We hug each other and float on the water’s surface, looking at the dolphins together.

This last year has been a roller coaster ride for us and many others. You may have gone through periods of adjustment and change yourself. Life is fantastic... But at times it can be challenging. Life experiences invite us to strengthen our faith in ourselves and the loving support of the Universe. A new transformative energy has entered into our lives. We are asked to remain conscious in every moment of every day. Things come up unexpectedly and planning ahead is not as reliable anymore. We hold our vision as we move forward and we go with the flow, staying as flexible as possible. Some days this is easier than others. At these times it is important to fully enjoy the peaceful moments between such waves of change. When we have fun and relax we charge ourselves and challenging life events become easier to deal with. How we view the world can be so different and more optimistic after a good night sleep, a relaxed afternoon at the beach or a hike in the forest! It helps us to look at things from a Higher perspective.

After this amazing swim, we meet many dolphin people in synchronistic ways and all experience a deep heartfelt resonance together. Wonderful people visit our retreat center. We welcome many new members to our dolphin Soul Family. We feel so grateful to connect with like hearted people. Swimming with the dolphins is an amazing and life changing experience... It inspires us to live our lives like dolphins on the land. The dolphin pods are in tune with each other and live together in harmony. They show us the importance of family. As you experience the flow in life you will meet certain people on your path that resonate deeply with you. When you feel called to contact someone, attend a workshop or plan a holiday, follow that calling as miracles are on the way! We are guided to be at the right place in the right time for the most wonderful magic to occur. You may meet new friends in unexpected places. Maybe you feel that you have reunited with a brother or sister that you haven’t seen in a while... Even though you have just met. At this time we are re-connecting with our Soul Family, whether it be the people we have known for many years, or have just recently entered our life. We gather together to inspire each other in creating a New World. Enjoy these precious new Heart connections with your Soul Family!

We float on the water and watch the beautiful blue world unfold beneath us. Diving down into the depths I follow the sparkling rays of the sun into the unknown. Deeper and deeper, I dive... Holding my breath longer then normal. It’s

Eva Annaluna is an artist, aura healer, dolphin guide and hostess at the retreat center Home Heart Hawaii. She channels ’Dolphin Art by Mail’ and messages for the Soul’s path to assist people in their process of transformation in a playful dolphin way. Read more Dolphin Inspirations at:

Click Here To Win a copy of Eva’s Book HERE I AM

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we are all connected

Soul Journey The artwork of Becci zillig

”We Love Whales” by © Becci Zillig


“...I feel grateful to be a part of something that helps the earth and ocean.”

SAGE magazine

”Dolphin Dream” by © Becci Zillig

”Humpback Whale” by © Becci Zillig


”Life Beneath The Great Barrier Reef” by © Becci Zillig

SAGE magazine ”Dolphin” by © Becci Zillig

Becci Zillig has always been deeeply in tune with nature. As a young child growing up in the Bundjalung country in the Northern Rivers of NSW, the bush was a fantasy world; painting on stones and pieces of wood, dabbling with clay and dancing in between the roots of trees singing songs of love and peace, it is little wonder that her adult life is now an example of life imitating art. With European Gypsy ancestry, Becci has always had a strong connection with the indigenous culture and people, living in a country that is steeped in the ancient and raising two Bundaling boys, Yarbirri and Kowunduh. For the past 12 years, Becci hasn’t strayed too far from home, running an Aboriginal art gallery, Planet Corroboree in Byron Bay with her brother Daniel. Her love for the arts, her boys and the heritage of the land is a soul connection that permeates her life. Two years ago, Becci and her boys toured Australia on a journey of discovery...savouring all of the beauty this land offers, providing inspiration to be more creative, live life more fully in the moment and to always have fun. At times, her heart connection with the country showed Becci the hardships of life, demonstrating the need to learn and grow in awareness. These life lessons gave Becci a greater energy to instil in her art and personal soul signature. Her deep gratitude towards being part of a bigger picture and an illumination that helps the earth and the oceans, now flows through her work, offering an amazing collection of inspiration that benefits all through its beauty. Recently Becci has been creating commissioned paintings of totem spirit symbols, each with their own unique signature and story especially for children, a painting that they can carry with them for life (such as the incredible picture that adorns this edition of Sage Magazine, titled Jeddah). Other projects unfolding include jewellery with found feathers and seeds, hanging mobiles, painted stones, tiles, stickers and greeting cards, all featuring her artwork. Becci’s reverence and love for the ocean, so radiant in her reef and underwater work, aligned perfectly and enabled an invitation to project the artwork for a board game called ”We Love Whales”- Becci’s philosophy is simple...gratitude. ”I feel grateful to be a part of something that helps the earth and ocean. Ultimately I would like to continue to use art in all ways that benefit the good of all.” To contact Becci for a commissioned spirit painting for your child, visit her website,

ISSUE 04 ”Mandala” by © Becci Zillig

SAGE magazine

Enlightenment is liberation from enlightenment What we are is not an altered state, but an innocent original unmodified stateless state and yet many of us are trying to get enlightened and have ideas of merging with the cosmos or experiencing great energetic states, but those are altered states. What we already are is the natural state, and so the idea of arriving to where we already are by altering something is an absurd trick of the mind. We are taught since childhood to identify ourselves as thinkers and to always be thinking about something, so we miss the fact that who we truly are, is the awareness from which the thoughts originate. You cannot be your thoughts, because your thoughts are seen by you and not the other way around.

All of the world’s greatest spiritual teachings say the same thing: “I and the Father are One.” “You are That.” “Your own mind is Buddha Mind.” “The eye by which I see God is the eye by which God sees me.” Do you recognize these phrases?

This understanding is deceptively simple, and so it is often underestimated. The mind thinks, “This is too simple; that just can’t be the answer,” and so the mind will want to dismiss the idea altogether. When this happens, we are back off running around again searching for answers. This postponement is a tactic of the mind to delay any disidentification with thought, because then the mind would have no purpose or job to perform. So the mind continues to fabricate all kinds of images of what “it” will be like when “it” finally happens, and all the while the reality of the situation remains hidden.

What’s needed is to take all the energy and attention that goes into maintaining those beliefs and shift it to turning the attention back in to itself. This means we can simply stop, pause, be still, and not entertain any thoughts or beliefs. Actually turn the energy around, turn it inward, and be present with ourselves. Just by stopping all those cluttering thoughts and ideas you begin to tap in to that stillness and into what is here now in the present moment. Absolute freedom is available to you right now. Everything you have been looking for is that which is reading this page right now.

Many, many seekers are searching, purifying, growing, awakening, stabilizing, deepening, and so on. Years later, they are doing the same thing because they do not realize that they have bought into a conceptual prison with no exit.

Who or what is reading these words? When I speak of “awareness,” I am speaking precisely of That.

The way to get home is to recognize that you are already there. Those who are actively seeking enlightenment will not find it because the act of looking for it is the distraction from it. The idea that you can become enlightened implies that this is not already so, that you are not free enough or complete enough, that you are a limited being with a problem, and that problem is that you are not enlightened. This is in complete contradiction to the basic position of the great non-duality traditions that say that there is a reality and “thou art that.” I invite you to search long and hard in these traditions to try to find anything suggesting that you need to “become” that or even to “deepen into that.”

Many people expend much effort trying to remove what they believe to be obstacles to enlightenment, all the while never realizing that the first and largest obstacle is the belief that there is an obstacle. The second largest obstacle is the belief that it’s difficult and you have to struggle to reach it.

Enza Vita, is founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings. Enza has worked in the consciousness community as editor for glossy magazines Woman Spirit and Health & Wellbeing in the 90’s, and as co-editor of the newspaper Innerself for the last 12 years. Culminating in a profound spiritual realization in 2007, she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book ”Always Already Free – What is Enlightenment and What Does It Matter Anyway?” Click here to read more articles from Enza Vita and the latest issue of Innerself Newspaper

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BALISPIRIT FESTIVAL 2014 WRAP-UP Reflections on The Bali Spirit Festival by YoGiada

Some time has now passed since the whirlwind of Bali Spirit took over Ubud for five action packed days of personal development workshops, concerts, yoga, yoga and more yoga. It’s lovely to write this story, pausing to reflect and articulate how the experience was for me. It was a great thrill to be involved in this year’s festival behind-the-scenes, to meet so many inspiring teachers and to learn much about the thriving industry that yoga has become. I appreciated being informed from the get go of the festival’s ethos : to inspire volunteers and attendees to become Ambassadors for all they would learn in those precious festival days and to return to their communities with the intention of sharing the good vibes and learnings they had received. I was involved with this year’s festival as a blogger, writing daily diaries and focusing mainly on reviewing the live music concerts throughout. I was also responsible for writing pre-festival “eblasts”, press releases and conducting daily press conferences which was an exciting honour to take on. Research has always been a big part of any media job I have done throughout the years. It was my first job after graduating from university working on a trend-predicting style programme for Channel 4 and

then MTV in London. Research is fun because it’s like doing homework with passion and for this festival I thoroughly enjoyed researching the presenters bios and concocting thought provoking questions for the daily press conferences. The panel for day 1 was called “My Yoga Journey” and featured speakers sharing their personal stories on the road to becoming yogis including : Danny Paradise, Simon Low, Rebbeca Pflaum and Les Leventhal. Danny and Simon are two of my favourite teachers in the world I have taken many classes with them, so it was a delight to sit in conversation with them in front of an audience and Rebecca owns Villa Naya a beautiful retreat center in Ubud where many concerts and workshops also take place. The second day’s panel was on the theme of “Sacred Bali” and featured Putu Evie Suyafnyani, Novina Kusumawhardani, Marcus Felsner and the founders of Ayusha Spa and Svargaloka Wellness Center all sharing their personal insights into the richness of Balinese culture and landscapes. On the third day we focused on the theme of “Ecstatic Movement” and featured: Jocelyn Gordon creator of Hoop Yogini and Bhakti Boogie, DJ Loch Souloist, Capoeira Mestre Bire and African dance choreographer anad teacher Baba Kauna. Day four was “Sound Medicine” and the panel was filled with some of the stars for the documentary I have been filming out here “The Sound of Healing” so that was probably my favourite and most flowing dialogue to host of the festival. It featured several key sound healers based in Bali such as AwaHoshi Kavan, Shervin Boloorian, Rob Weber, Harmony Polo, Anthony


“...OUR MISSION - Tri Hita Karana: Harmony with God, Harmony in Community, Harmony with Nature...” XAVIER RUDD - SPIRIT BIRD

Abbagnano and Pepe Danza. It was inspiring discourse with several sound healers in the crowd asking questions too. I personally felt so many others could and probably should have been up there that day too but then I am probably now quite informed, when it comes to the topic of Sound Healing. Then there was the official live music press conference featuring DJ Fabian Alsultany, Stu Bogie, Peia, Tahir, Sou Sou & Cissok.

DJ FABIAN ALSULTANY - Shake the night

Musical highlights of the festival for me were many and a big draw after a day of learning and yoga. Standout gigs include the massive opening night kirtan heartsongs with Kevin James Caroll, the nightly serenades on the mainstage by Dustin Thomas- he is truly amazing and a real rising star, the sweet ethereal sounds of Peia, shaking my booty to the impressive local Ubudian world funk fusions of The Garden Underground, the world-dance club fusions of Oka as well as the epic final performance of Xavier Rudd. All in all it was a busy, fun, pro-active and magical few days of learning, growing, dancing, making friends and of enriching the body, mind and spirit. I hope one day to return to the Bali Spirit Festival as a presenter myself, whether it’s to give an empowering workshop, to lead a yoga class or to present the documentary I made about sound healing in Bali. Giada is a Life Coach and Yoga Instructor based in both the UK and Bali. In addition to working with the Bali Spirit Festival, Giada also coducts radio interviews for Soul Traveller Radio Giada’s website is

dustin thomas - strong enough

1 000

e n o dmit


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Up to 250,000 people a year go to see Braco. Last year, he received the Peace Pole symbol at a special United Nations community event in NYC in recognition of his 17-year commitment to helping people throughout the world and for the potential influence of his work upon the peace movement. People from Europe, Israel, Japan and the U.S. have attended group gazing sessions, and through live streaming people from Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, even Antarctica, have encountered Braco’s silent gaze: this gaze that many people feel is uplifting and life transforming. For 18 years Braco has dedicated his life to a mission that ignites hope, offers help and support, and creates possibilities in the lives of people. He started offering his gift of his silent gaze in Croatia and is very well known not only in Europe, but now in the United States, Japan, and Australia with live gazing events and also through live online streaming throughout the world. He shares his gift through silent gazes, offering relief from life’s difficulties to the many people that seek his help. Braco wishes only the best for people’s lives and is happy to share his gift to help them. These gazings bring people into a field of possibilities, where they can allow shifts within their bodies and their lives. As visitors feel, become open to and accept this form of help, it can establish renewed balance, health, peace and harmony to face all that life has to offer, as well as looking forward to the future in a positive and optimistic manner. To find out more about Conscious Living Expo or to book your ticket, visit

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IS THIS NOT OBVIOUS? If you cannot find truth where you are ... Where else do you expect to find it? Dogen

Realization requires a knowing that sits above and before our mind. Often, it’s our very own cleverness that keeps us out of the profundity of This, this just-as-it-isness. We are in fact already seeing from truth, as truth ... because it’s what we really are ... but we’ve allowed and continue to allow clever thinking to obscure what is always already here. Our thinking about not yet arrived, not yet ready, not yet good enough ... awake enough ... aware enough, this thinking is the very barrier that keeps us from the direct perception of what already is. It is a matter of simplifying things ... making room in our heads to allow for what is present to be ”seen” beyond our heads. Someone once said that ”Success is a refined study of the obvious.” This could also be said about realization, because the obvious is so immediate, so already-always-here and exactly why it’s so easily missed or overlooked. Our minds are always seeking one step away from this direct knowing ... pre-thought ... pre-feeling. We mustn’t get too clever as we can too easily box ourselves in. This moment is clear, here and immediate. The mind can’t grasp it, but that doesn’t make it any less clear or immediate. This is it ... not our mind’s perception of the moment as that’s already a construct and already in the past, but the direct knowing of the One who sees and knows, already aware of what is, with or without the mind’s participation. All that the mind is doing is translating what is already seen and known. ”Seen the moment you look, free the moment it’s seen,” said Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. I love Ken Wilber’s description of this direct perception ... this One Taste. He writes: ”It’s not quite right to describe One Taste as a ”consciousness” or an ”awareness”, that’s a little too heady, too cognitive. It’s more like a Feeling of Being: it is the simple, present feeling of existence. ”But it’s quite different from all other feelings or experiences, because this simple Feeling of Being does not come and go. It is not in time at all, though time flows through it, as one of the many textures of its own sensation. The simple Feeling of Being is not an experience - it is a vast Openess in which all experiences come and go, an infinite spaciousness in which all perceptions move, a great Spirit in which the forms of its own play arise, remain a bit, and pass ... The simple Feeling of Being, which is the simple feeling of existence, is the simple feeling of One Taste.

”Is this not obvious?” Wilber challengingly asks. ”Aren’t you already aware of existing? Don’t you already feel the simple Feeling of Being? Don’t you already possess this immediate gateway to ultimate Spirit, which is nothing other than the simple Feeling of Being? You have this simple feeling now, don’t you? And you have it now, don’t you? And now, yes? ”And don’t you already realize that this Feeling is Spirit itself? Godhead Itself? Emptiness itself? Spirit does not pop into existence: it is the only thing that is constant in your experience - and that is the simple Feeling of Being itself, a subtle, constant, background awareness that, if you look very closely, very carefully, you will realize you have had since the Big Bang and before - not because you existed way back when, but because you truly exist prior to time, in this timeless moment, whose feeling is the simple Feeling of Being: now, and now, and always and forever now. ”You feel the simple Feeling of Being? Who is not already enlightened?” Wilber uses intelligence to express what is beyond mind intelligence ... beyond language ... yet here it is ... so blaringly obvious ... this simple Feeling of Being. Taste this. It’s clear, pure, direct and obvious ... let the words open a doorway into Eternal Vastness. Words can do this because even words are part of the One Taste ... taste it, savour it, enjoy it ... It is This.

Leo Drioli, is the author of ”Every Moment’s a Miracle” and co-editor with his wife Enza Vita of InnerSelf Newspaper, an Australian personal growth newspaper. Visit Leo is also a singer/songwriter, and has just released his first single, ”Give It Your Love”, available as a free download at Look out for his new 5 song EP “Let Your Spirit Sing”, out in June 2014.

Tjilpi Bob Randall Traditional land owner Uluru

Silvia Calisaya Shaman Peru

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make the most of 2014 with numerology Your Numerology Forecast For The Year by Michelle Buchanan


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Your Numerology Forcast For 2014 Western Pythagorean Numerology (created by Pythagoras, the Greek mystic and mathematician 2500 years ago), is the ancient metaphysical science of numbers where your ‘name’ and ‘date of birth’ have a significant influence over the circumstances of your life. In numerology, each number (and letter) has a unique ‘energy pattern’ that indicates specific personality traits, strengths, and challenges as well as the type of experiences, lessons, and opportunities you’ll encounter during this life. As whacky as it seems, you’d be surprised how accurate this information can be! The beauty of numerology is that it offers valuable insight into two key areas: Your ‘Personality’ (including your destiny and life purpose) and ‘Forecasting’ (your future potential and what lies ahead). One of the key ‘forecasting’ numbers in numerology is the ‘Personal Year Number’ where you have a number between 1 and 9 for the duration of the year. Some numerologists believe this number runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st and others believe it runs from birthday to birthday, however neither theory is right or wrong. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. Either way, this number reveals the lessons, opportunities and experiences you’ll encounter for the year and the action you must take in order to make it the best year it can be. Numbers are simply patterns of energy flowing in a specific direction and when you understand what that direction is and adjust yourself accordingly – in other words ‘go with flow’ rather than swim against the current - you can improve your life circumstances and manifest your dreams with greater ease. This is because successful manifestation via the Law of Attraction requires you to ‘raise your personal vibration’ and ‘harmonize with the natural flow of energy around you’. Therefore, when you harmonize with the natural energy flow of your “numbers”, not only will you improve your life and your year - you’ll enhance your ability to manifest your goals and dreams! And goodness knows we could all use a little help in that department! Whether you believe in numerology or not, if you want to make the most of 2014, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try. One thing is for certain when you know the forecast ahead you can prepare for potential challenges and take advantage of the

opportunities coming your way. This gives you an extra advantage and keeps you one step ahead of the game.

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER FOR 2014 Step 1: Add the ‘day’ and ‘month’ of your birth date to 2014. Step 2: If you end up with a double-digit number total, add the two numbers together to get a singledigit Personal Year Number between 1 and 9. Let’s use the birthdate 28th March , 1969 (28-31969) as an example: 2+8+3+2+0+1+4= 20 2+0 = 2 Personal Year Number Please find the Personal Year Number descriptions below:

1 Personal Year Number New Beginnings, Action, Opportunity This is a year of new beginnings and opportunities to create a fresh start where you must find the courage to make the necessary changes that will improve your quality of life. Whether it involves embarking upon a new relationship or career, moving into a new home or simply creating a new “you”, this is a time to “go for it” rather than let your fears and insecurities hold you back. This is the year to learn something new, have a makeover, work on your personal development, begin a healthy new lifestyle, and/or adopt a positive mind-set. As this is a powerful manifestation year, the seeds you plant this year will set the tone for the next nine years. So be optimistic about yourself and your future and focus only on what you “want” rather than what you “don’t want”.

2 Personal Year Number Relationships, Balance, Emotions Self-love and your relationship with yourself is your number one priority this year as you work on achieving mental, physical and emotional balance


by addressing any unresolved emotions or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living a happy, harmonious life. This is also a year where relationship issues that have been brewing beneath the surface with work colleagues, family, partners, or friends will rise to be resolved. Therefore, it pays to be cooperative, tolerant, understanding and diplomatic at all times. This is also a favourable year for singles to find love. This year can bring about exaggerated emotions so you may feel hypersensitive to criticism and overreact at times. Your intuition is heightened, so follow your inner guidance and you’ll automatically be led where you need to be. This is the perfect year to focus on your psychic development. This is a slow and steady year of adaptability that requires balance and patience.

3 Personal Year Number Self-Expression, Communication, Creativity This year focuses on self-expression, whether it’s artistic, creative, or requires communication of the verbal or written word. Either way, you must express yourself regularly throughout the year, speak your truth, and be honest about how you feel. Your feelings are “better let out than kept in” this year. As Number 3 intensifies the emotions, if you’re dwelling on the negative or focusing on unnecessary drama, things can become a lot worse than they are and spiral out of control. Therefore, it pays to lighten up and have fun in a 3 year. This can be a lucky, exciting, and uplifting year - depending on your attitude. So try to see the glass half full and make some time for light hearted fun. This is the perfect time to take a vacation, socialize with friends, make new friends, and partake in joyful activities. Any form of creative expression is favourable this year, regardless of what it is. As long as it makes you feel good, you’re on the right path.

4 Personal Year Number Effort, Building, Planning This year is all about building a solid foundation for your future by putting systems in place that will help you improve your quality of life. This is a year of hard work, as 4 indicates that extra physical, mental, and emotional effort is required to obtain your desired results. So prioritize your time and face your challenges head-on. It may take

longer than usual for things to come to fruition and to reap the rewards of your efforts; however, the lesson of the 4 is to be patient and persevere through obstacles and delays. No matter how hard it gets, never, ever give up! Think of this year as a test of your dedication and commitment to yourself, where your attitude is the key to your success. Physical, mental, emotional, and financial stability are essential this year, so focus on your health, be optimistic, deal with issues from the past, avoid unnecessary drama and plan your finances carefully. With dedication, determination, and discipline, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

5 Personal Year Number Progress, Movement, Change This is a dynamic and action-packed year full of expected and unexpected change where anything can happen, and it usually does. This is a year to be adventurous, take practical calculated risks, and experience new things. Compared to the restraints of last year, this is a year of progress and freedom; however, whether it’s an exciting or chaotic year depends upon your attitude. Extra effort is required to eliminate unnecessary drama from your life and your key to success is to be adaptable and flexible and to go with the flow. This is a year to get out and about, travel, visit new places, and make new friends. Extra effort is required to remain focused, grounded, and stable. Don’t put your finger in too many pies or you may accomplish very little and things can spiral out of control.

6 Personal Year Number Relationships, Family, Domestic Responsibility This year is all about responsibility and sacrifice where your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones will require your attention. During the course of this year, you’ll need to balance your career with your domestic responsibilities and find the middle ground between giving to others and honouring your own needs. You will also need to take responsibility for your actions. This is a very favourable year for singles to find love. If you’re already in a relationship or married, issues that have been brewing beneath the surface will rise to be resolved. Typically, this is a year where couples either make up or break up. Therefore, this is the

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perfect opportunity to take your relationship to a deeper level of commitment and understanding or to go your separate ways. Either way, this is the year to make every relationship in your life the best it can be. As 6 also represents the home, this is a good time to buy, sell, move, renovate, or decorate … your home.

7 Personal Year Number Introspection; Personal and Spiritual Growth This is a year to slow down and take a step back to focus on your “inner” development. You may not feel as motivated and social as you usually are and may prefer to spend quiet time alone to study or just “be”. This is a year where you’ll ask the big questions: Who am I? Why and I here? Where is my life going? What is my life purpose? As you contemplate the answers to these questions, the findings that arise will change the course of your life. This is a year where the more “inner” work you do, the greater your success in the “outer” world. In fact, your future success depends upon the improvements you make this year. Your capacity for research and understanding is at its peak throughout the year; therefore, it’s a favourable time to study—especially anything that relates to metaphysics, analytics, philosophy, science, IT, psychology, or conventional or alternative health.

past seven years. This is also a year to reclaim your personal power by asserting yourself when dealing with authority and confronting anything or anyone that has disempowered you in some way. Whether it’s an overpowering person, addiction, fear, or belief, this is the year to confront it once and for all and take ownership of your power. 8 is the number of “money and manifestation,” so get your finances in order and be mindful not to overspend. In order to attract abundance and opportunity you must focus on the positives and minimize your fears. This is a very karmic year where major lessons will be learned, and important connections will be made. Significant people will cross your path who can enhance your career and/or your overall quality of life.

9 Personal Year Number Transformation, Endings, Completion

As this is the final year in a 9-year cycle, it focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you—whether it’s a job, friendship, relationship, residence, mind-set, or behaviour you may have outgrown. Either way, this is a time to spring-clean your life so you can move toward better things. To make the most of this year, trust in the Divine plan; surrender to change; forgive others and yourself; and accept, let go, and move 8 Personal Year Number on when things don’t go your way. Despite it being a year of endings, it’s also a year of rebirth Personal Power, Finances, Career and compensation, where everything you’ve been striving for can finally come to fruition. This year focuses on business, career, property, Compassion and forgiveness play a major role this finances, and legal matters. For some there will year, so be open-minded toward others and resolve be opportunities for recognition, expansion, and outstanding conflicts and disputes. This is also a financial gain, while others may experience a year to do something to assist the environment or reversal of fortune or financial loss. As 8 is the offer a helping hand to a charity, person, family, or number of “karmic balance,” the outcome of this year is often in proportion to your life lessons; along animal/s in need. with your efforts, attitude, and intentions of the

If you’d like further information about numerology and the other numbers in your numerology chart refer to the ‘The Numerology Guidebook’ or visit to sign up for a FREE monthly forecast.

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NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Dr Alvin De Leon Dr Avi Ratnanesan Dr Elen Ap Thomas Mark Darwin She D’Montford Dr Bel Zoughi Jean Sheehan




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understanding cosmic astrology by Darinka


ABOUT VEDIC ASTROLOGY It is by no means an easy task to begin writing about an ancient science. However, my fascination and curiosity with astrology has been unquenchable for over 10 years, and recently, my shift to exploring vedic astrology has opened up many new doorways and shed light on many questions I have had about life, the universe and my role in it, as well as our collective roles that we are all playing out here on earth; the stage where the celestial and planetary rays manifest their potentials. I do not wish to claim title of being a ’vedic astrologer’ however I write to share my fascination with the subject, as I learn about it and experience its application, as well as combine it with stories, mythologies and archetypes that relate deeply to the human psyche and the human experience. “Jyotish” literally means the Science of Light, as it is a study of the light from the stars and planets. Light is codified information. Light illuminates the dark shadows of ignorance, and so the knowledge and understanding of the great heavenly bodies serves to en-lighten our minds, hearts and souls. The ancient Seers, or Rishis, studied the movements of the planets against the starry celestial backdrop, and the relationships that occur between them. They understood how these relationships had a direct effect on the quality of our daily lives on earth. As they observed these events, the knowledge was passed down orally from master to pupil.

LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS The study of the stars through astrology is fundamentally about understanding the universal archetypes that manifest within us; where we experience all the latent energy and potential of life. Many people think that astrology is about Fate; that what is written in the stars is unchangeable and “thou shalt repent forever more” No. Astrology is about becoming a Self-Master. It is about waking up to the forces that coalesce inside; the gradual realisation that we have the ability to direct the impulses, desires, thoughts and feelings that arise from inside us, that in fact, by harnessing this energy and by proper application, we can indeed manifest our full potential on Earth. Join me as we explore this ancient form of astrology. An introduction into the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology; a little about what astrology means; an understanding of the more esoteric application of astrology in daily life. We will learn the differences between vedic (sidereal) and western astrology; highlight the main factors in astrology and the birth chart, find out how the planets got their rulerships and more!


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VEDIC astrology for the soul traveller

by Darinka

What’s Your Vedic Sign? Sidereal Sun Sign dates: (They change slightly from year to year) Libra: October 16 - November 15 Aries: April 14 - May 13 Scorpio: November 15 - December 15 Taurus: May 13 - June 15 Sagittarius : December 14 - January 13 Gemini: June 15 - July 15 Capricorn : January 13 – February 13 Cancer: July 15 - August 16 Aquarius: February 13 - March 13 Leo: August 16 - September 16 Pisces: March 13 - April 13 Virgo: September 16 - October 16 One of the key features of vedic sidereal astrology, which is almost never mentioned in the “back of the paper” astro blurbs, is that the current state of planets and their effect on a personal level, really has to do with the configuration of the planets within one’s chart.

Secondly, the western greek zodiac is incorrect by approximately 23-24 degrees, which is almost a whole sign. This means that the majority of people who thought they were born under the sun sign of Taurus were in fact born when the sun was actually passing through the constellation of Aries.

There are 12 possible rising signs, or ascendants, and each ascendant modifies the whole chart due to the shift of signs upon the houses. Each ascendant will have planets that are strong for that sign and others that are inimical to it.

Mars Retrograde

It is also important to remember that if someone has a weak planet, say mars, and the moon comes along and makes a stressful relationship to it by transit, the effect of that would be very different, than to those who do not have that weak planet.

Mars is the planet that represents our ability to take action, our energy, willpower and courage, he represents the fighting spirit. This fiery red planet has been retrograde since the 1st of March (while in the sign of Libra) and will go direct in the sign of Virgo on May 19th. When any planet goes retrograde, they appear to go backwards from Earth, and thus they appear bigger and brighter.

The effect essentially turns the planets’ energies inward. Retrograde planets have the potential to This is why, in general the standard western sun sign astrology often does not carry much weight or be flexible, to twist things around, to make things seem unclear, or to teach its message in an indirect depth. way. Harnessing this energy constructively, an First of all, it needs to be understood that the vedic individual can strengthen themselves and learn to seers have some of the oldest recorded astrological become adaptable to adverse situations. However, knowledge in known history. Greek astrology came retrograde energy can create distorted thoughts, twisting the truth, situations or people. much later and emerged from the roots of vedic astrology and as a result omitted most of the vedic predictive methods, including the 27-sign zodiac of When mars goes retrograde it can feel like our plans get thwarted, conflicts rise to the surface the lunar calendar and divisional charts. faster and tensions can feel magnified. It could


feel like there are brakes on when you want to move forward. Especially with Mars retrograde in the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, arguments and disputes are highlighted. Relationships of all kinds, including business partnerships will be tested, as mars wants to assert its will but it needs to learn to temper itself. Be aware of blaming games, as mars naturally wants to fight! On a more positive note, it has been a good time to go inward and develop your inner courage to work through any doubts or fears and to develop new routines or ways of constructively directing your energy, especially in relation to one’s health or work and service.

Venus in Exaltation Sign of Pisces: Venus, the planet of beauty, art, love, values and desires has entered Pisces, which is its exaltation sign. It will remain there until May 23. This should help mitigate some of the frustrating effects that retrograde Mars may have been inflicting, by helping us to direct one to service, karma yoga, or some form of creativity. One of the best remedies when life goes pear shaped and nothing is working, is to do some sort of service which expresses our gratitude for life. Venus in Pisces does much to enhance our universal compassion and love, and we must remember that during any intense personal process or challenging situation in life, to be compassionate and gentle to ourselves as well as others. This is a time to connect to our inner Venus, to the creative, artistic, loving aspect of our being, regardless of how our planets are distributed. May Venus bless us with her benevolent rays this month! People with their sidereal sun, moon or ascendant in Pisces or Taurus will feel these energies strongly during this time. On May 26, Venus will enter the sign of Aries. The transition from Pisces to Aries is symbolic as it represents the end/beginning of things. Venus acting through the sign of Aries imbues the energy of Mars to the soft venusian nature. Be aware of impulsive relationship ending/beginnings, rash or impatient behaviours and passionate quarreles or affairs! Channel the self-directive, independent energy of Aries to initiating your creative projects and visions and broaden your perspectives.

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VEDIC astrology for the soul traveller A Word on Saturn

Jupiter’s Blessings!

The great Master Saturn has been hanging out in the sign of Libra since the 14/11/11, and will be due to shift into Scorpio early November this year. Over the last year Saturn in its exaltation sign has brought significant partnerships and relationships into our lives, including business partnerships and contracts, (marriage is a contract).

Jupiter will bestow his blessings when he moves into his exaltation sign of Cancer on the 18th of June. Jupiter is most comfortable in the sign of the moon as his most benevolent energies are able to fully express themselves. Cancer represents all things related to the mother, as well as all things connected to home, family, feelings and emotions. It will be a lovely time for most people, especially if jupiter is strong in your chart.

Any relationships that have begun over this time will carry a sense of responsibility and sobriety. Libra is the sign of relationship par excellence, so when Saturn, the planet of discipline, patience, responsibility and detachment comes here, there is a blend of those energies, creating a possibility for long-term partnerships as well as the desire for commitment and shared responsibility. You can work well with your partner. Saturn has been retrograde on and off throughout the year, and so, there will be times where tensions and apparent restrictions within partnerships may have felt unbearable, restrictive and limiting. Remember that the inherent restriction that comes with all relationships serve to teach us how to balance one’s personal needs to those of other people. Yogic practices such as asana, pranayama and meditation will go a long way to restore and maintain your balance. Those who have their sidereal sun, moon or ascendant in Libra or Aries will feel their relationship dynamics highlighted.

The energy of Jupiter over the next year will serve as a doorway to connecting to our hearts on a higher plane and expanding our compassionate natures, indicating a time to be inspired by the power of compassion and service, and in the sharing of those qualities with other people. For some, they may feel like adding to their family through progency, or to connect with family in a deeper and more meaningful way, for others, however, it could expand pertinant issues that may need to be dealt with. As Jupiter is aspecting Saturn, the balance between expansion vs. contraction is emphasised, hard work, leading to growth and abundance is the running theme. We all reap wonderful rewards when the lessons of Saturn are integrated with the wisdom and grace of Jupiter. To find out your sidereal chart, you can log onto, click on ’extended chart selection’ and where it says options, choose the ’hindu/lahiri’ zodiac and select the ’Whole Signs’ house system.

Darinka enjoys the gypsy life travelling to India, South America, Europe and Asia, and currently lives in New Zealand in an American Indian Teepee. She is also a passionate photographer and seeker of truth. Studying astrology since her late teens, Darinka continues to study astrology books and charts to uncover and understand various astrology streams. To join Darinka’s Free Introduction to Vedic Astrology, sign up at the Sage Magazine.


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