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Sagiv Boniel

From Beep to Book

It began when he started the new year in Imagine Middle School. Unlike many people, Oliver would walk around wherever he went with a book almost literally glued to his face, even to church. Fiction, Non fiction, Atlases, he read so many genres on end. To start off with, Oliver Sirkaloukis lived in a small town with the lofty buildings, the clear blue sky and of course the really, really stupid kids making their way to Imagine Middle school and making plenty of noise outside Olivers’s appartment, as Oliver quotes. When he came to his opening day of the year, the scene in the hall wasn’t pretty. Everybody called him a begger and someone who is required to pickpocket due to him being poverty stricken and in an orphanage.

All the trouble occurred when the teacher Mrs. Dwayne announced, “ok boys and girls. Today we’re going to be learning about ancient Greece and its gods and goddesses.” Oliver thought it was over. Everybody then grabbed a textbook and flipped to a page about Greek goddesses and then they pointed to one of the pictures saying, “this so looks like Oliver.” “Ya!!!!” “Oliver, I never knew that you were payed to pose in a photo!” “why does he have big, y’know?” And then, Gary Smoothman and his ‘gang’ came in with their gadgets and we hear shooting noises, kicking noises, you name it.

Yes, They were called Gary Smoothman and David Clark. They were as ugly as an aye-aye or a hyena. Those clothes looked like they were five sizes big and their hair was just too long. They were like a man-child. Gary apparently needed glasses but he never wore them because they were all torn up and broken and his family was all broke and poverty stricken so they didn’t have money to afford new glasses (or at least contact lenses.) The reason being is that Gary must have at least 30 gadgets not adding the total along with David, just on his own. So his family wastes way too much money just for him and he pretty much has the only room that is supposed to look like a regular room. The rest is just space. (so super spoiled.) David was a little more modest, but still quite gangsta with all his tatoos. He had only two gadgets but he still plays with them as if he had twenty or 30.

“Gary, Gary, Gary,” sighed Mrs. Dwayne. “Yes Mrs. Dwayne?” Gary hesitated back. “You just haven’t changed have you?”Mrs Dwayne asked. “huh?” went Gary. “Put that thing away or I’ll report you to the principal’s office on the first day of school! That goes for you too, David.” “Sorry ma’am.” they replied together. “Okay you guys, so before we get started on the ancient Greece unit-” “What? Ancient Greece? AAAA...HAHAHAHA!” the class joined in. “Oh geez” thought Oliver. “ stop!” Continued the teacher. “Okay where was I? Oh yes, the spelling bee. We’ll do a quick qualifying round to see who will get to the spelling bee and represent his/her LA/SS class. Which ever two kids will get the highest mark on the spelling test, will qualify for the school spelling bee, and whoever wins the spelling bee, will qualify for the state spelling bee. I will give you the list of words and practice them for five minutes. then we will do the test.” “What if we fail?” asked one of the kids. “then you suck.” answered Mrs. Dwayne sarcastically. “oooo. you just got powned by the teacher!” said one of the kids.”oh no she didn’t!” replied another. Oliver just kept reading. This is why smart Oliver mentioned that the kids in his school are stupid because they just can’t figure things out like a person who has common sense. More reading.

The list included fifteen words: Environment, bare, immaculate, amoeba, collaborate, envision, badger, necessary, Euphony, biophotophone, throughout, thought, through, tough, though. They weren’t hard words to spell, at least not for Oliver. Oliver ended up getting a 15/15 along with Jodie Bruce. Then at about 11:30, midway through the LASS class, the middle school headed to the auditorium, where everybody was seated chatting away and not aware of the tension and all the pale faces not ready to play this game on stage. Oliver was nervous.

Oliver Participated in spelling bees each and every year. At first, there were 10 bee participants in the competition. When it was down to him and Jim Roland in eighth grade, the teacher called out,” spell the word ‘manipulate.’ “ M-I-N-I-P-U-L-A-I-T?” answered Jim. “wrong!” shouted the teachers. “Oliver, this is for you. If you get this right, you win the contest. Spell the word ‘Zucchini. Oliver thought he had it in the bag. But he was stuck. He figured there was a trick and that there must’ve been a C-H somewhere. He figured if he didn’t know, he had to guess. But the teacher started counting down,” come on. 10,9,8,7...” “Z-U-C-C-H-I-N-I?” Oliver guessed.“Correct!” the

teacher exclaimed. “You have won the spelling bee and you’ve now qualified for the state spelling bee and we’re counting on you to represent our school successfully!!”

He won two times in a row before in the school spelling bee. When he won, this year, he completed a streak of three. When he passed down the school halls, everyone congratulated him except for the bullies. He somehow managed to hear his friends with a book that never left his face. The entire middle school exclaimed, “Yeah! Way to go Oliver! Well done man, are you gonna be an author in the Future? Heh, heh, heh.”. But the bullies had it a different way. “awww, all hyped up about winning that stupid spelling mosquito thing?” the bullies said sarcastically. “spelling bee.” Oliver corrected the bullies. “Oh yeah, I know why you won. Because you are a mosquito! Ha!” But that made Oliver mad. As he was bullied by them so much before, he felt like he would’ve dialed 911 now if the teachers would’ve allowed phones in the halls.

As Oliver walked into the well organized but stinky LA/SS class, all the girls and boys who cheered for him were there. The LA/SS class was really warm. It must’ve been at least 110 °F in there especially with that stupid candle smell of raspberry. It smelled horrid but the moment you’d walk into the LA/SS class, you’d get an instant headache. Why aren’t the kids allowed water in classes? Anyway, back to the kids cheering. No offense, really. The cheering of reached its peek because all the girls are asking me for autographs. Oliver thought. But the people were wild. “can we have your autograph, Oliver?” “Can I go with you to the dance?” asked all the girls, taking turns. That is, up until the teacher arrived. “Okay kids, take your seats.” announced Mrs. Dwayne. Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp. The bullies marched in in an angry manner. “you guys, you’re late!!” “Sorry.” one of them replied.

When it was time to read in LA/SS, all the kids grabbed their books, except for the kids who never read books. They took out their gadgets and started fooling around with them instead. “Why isn’t you guys reading? Look at Oliver read his book, so zen like, so quiet and harmless. And you, you never even heard of no book. Yo never even read no book!!” [shrug]. “No, don’t none of you shrug! sit down and read. Actually, no. You guys is staying in for detention!!!” shouted Mrs Dwayne.

After class, they saw Oliver read his book and went around from class to class with it in his face. They said, ”hey olives, tzasiki sauce, is that a, um...?” “Book?” Oliver added. “Yeah whatever.” They said. “Heck whatever that creature thingy is, that must be for losers. Oh wait, that suits you, LOSER!!” This isn’t the only time they bullied him, or the only type of bullying they geared towards him. “Guys, it’s not my fault that I am Greek and that I eat tzasiki sometimes for lunch!” he exclaimed. But they wouldn’t budge. They punched and kicked him, they ripped apart one of his books, and many other things. Eventually, he had to go tell the teacher that they beat him up, and that he almost ended up in the local hospital. It took a while, but the teachers eventually put a stop to it.

A couple of weeks later, the bullies served detention. The teachers even confiscated their devices. Unlike the LA/SS class, the class was a dreaded, nasty looking broken and blocky room. It smelled like a pub full of drunken people although it was only Mr. O’Raleigh’s office. “Aye. What we got here?” he asked. “Oh, only um...them!” Oliver said as he pointed to Gary Smoothman and David Clark. As part of detention, they had to each grab a book and read for the first half of detention. Oliver was there to see them “suffer”. He even joined in for the reading part. “He who laughs, laughs last!” said Oliver with a mischievous look. “that’s right, Oli.” Stuttered Mr. O’Raleigh with his really sharp Irish accent. So the kids kept on reading until David jumped up and exclaimed,” finished!” “Already?” asked the teacher. “ya!” he replied. But after detention, the kids left laughing. Oliver didn’t have a clue for what was all the laughter about. Then, one of the kids took Oliver by a huge surprise. He announced,” hey dude. Cm’here. I have to say man, I really am sorry. I have to admit, that reading is actually ten times better than video gaming. In fact, I’m gonna go back in there and borrow all these books. Y’guys coming with me??” this gave Oliver an instant shock. From being tech toys themselves they became big, juicy bookworms. Oliver finally felt like he was ready to have a bullying- free year.

From Beep to Book (Because he Liked Reading)  
From Beep to Book (Because he Liked Reading)  

Read about a greek kid who loves to read. He has to get around the bullying coming at him...