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What are Mudras? Mudra is term with many meanings. It is used to signify a gesture, a mystic position of the hands, a seal, or even a symbol. However, there are eye positions, body postures, and breathing techniques that are called mudras. So mudras engage certain areas of the brain ,soul and exercise a corresponding influence on them. We can effectively engage and influence our body and our mind by bending, crossing, extending, or touching the fingers with other fingers.

How are Mudras Practiced? My body and my hands have become very flexible through many years of yoga practice. At the beginning, you may perhaps also have problems in doing some of the mudras with both hands because you will first have to arrange and hold the fingers of one hand with the other.

In the beginning, it may be difficult to keep the fingers extended. When the fingers get tired, they give in. With time, I am certain that you will gain more strength in your hands, become more flexible, and will be able to use both hands. You will also feel more refreshed and flexible. It is also possible that you will feel somewhat younger. Mudras can be done while seated, lying down, standing and walking. Be sure that your body posture is symmetrical and centered, and that you are as relaxed and loose as possible. Also this kind of Yoga Mudra Science could help in remove more disease.

Types of Mudras? • • • • • • • • • • •

Gyan Mudra Prithvi Mudra Varuna Mudra Vayu Mudra Shoonya Mudra Surya Mudra Prana Mudra Apana Mudra Kundalini Mudra Kubera Mudra Ling Mudra

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Dhayana Mudra Shakti Mudra Chin Mudra Chinmya Mudra Yoni Mudra Anjali Mudra

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Mudras are purposeful body positions, most often involving the hands. We bring you the symptoms and best yoga asanas. Get more information h...

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