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Scene 3 – Shooting Script - Car scene

Skips to a scene of a girl constantly beeping the horn of a car, waiting for a friend who is taking their time to get ready whey they are already late, she is sipping on a open can of pepsi max already. Windows have to be rolled down • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shot 43: close up shot of steering wheel being pressed Shot 44: Longshot of car to set the scenery whilst it is beeping Shot 45: side mid shot of masha pressing the car horn dialogue starts off her here *masha pressesit one more time**where is this girl!! We are so late already!* Shot 46: side close up of masha taking a sip of pepsi max whilst waiting Shot 47: mid shot of masha turning on the radio whilst waiting Shot 48: running shaking shot of cheyenne running to the scene Shot 49: Longshot of masha still waiting, drinking pepsi max which is seen through the open window Shot 50: another running shaking shot of cheyenne about to enter scenery Shot 51: long shot of Cheyenne running closer into the scenery Shot 52: mid shot of masha waiting *masha sighs* Shot 53:longshot – focus by headlight of car of Cheyenne about to enter the car *cheyenne enters car in a rush scene* Shot 54: over the shoulder shot of Cheyenne dialogue starts here of her being sorry *Cheyenne out of breath – rushing – “oh my god im so late im so sorry!!” Shot 55: close up of masha responding angrily back but then gets interrupted by a burp * You should be sorry! We are so late how long does it possibly take to -* here she gets interrupted by a burp mid way sentence faking a burp Shot 56: close up of cheyennes facial expression to the burp Shot 57: back of the car shot of both characters bursting out laughing Shot 58: front close up of car showing both characters laughing

The pepsi max is used to break tension between these characters and put them in a happier place due to drinking and burping.

Then the video fades out and runs in with pepsi max’s slogan “PEPSIMAX – MAXIMUM PEPSI TASTEZEROSUGAR”

Scene 3 shooting script car script  

scene 3 shooting script

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