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on the 05/11/12 i created the basic script for what my actors are going to say, and shot some test footage of my friends filling in the role for the target audience i will use later which will allow me to start editing the typography with the giving me a good insight on how it will work. i have just started the editing with videos up date 12 november: i have finally successfully started editing video into aftereffects which was a struggle to get used to, i am now also experimenting with my final product backwards because i realise i need to ensure everything works out in the end meaning it will be alot easier to work back to front. I have rendered and uploaded my progress so far in comparison to my last video aswell. I need to finish off filling out my symbol at the end with alot of words which is very time consuming but helps finish off the final product update 15 november: i managed to catch all raw footage needed today, my test footage helped me arrange this easier as i already knew what i was going to do. i managed to grab different diverse people from age to ethnicity and gender to talk about thomas tallis and describe it. i will now have to start importing and cutting it all into after effects and now re arrange everything from back to front with videos, after that is all in place it is time to work from front to back and start animating the camera to highlight the individual points update 26 november: finished final shape template: everything is finally in now place and ready to animate the null object which controlls the camera. I have decided to move the camera throughout before animating the text to achieve a smooth flow, this way i wont have to do too much at one time and have lag all the time, i have started the first few words with the camera in time so next plan is to finish putting the camera highlighting words and make sure it continues throughout till the final zoom, then start animating the words

update 29 november: almost finished animating, need to do 3 more words, then i need to animate the words with motion blur and make it look very interesting, the animating may take alot of time, so this will be my aim for next lesson update 6 december: finished animating camera, and finished animating words. next step is to animate the logo as a whole and animate the rest of how the ident is going to finish, most of the fiddily stuff is now complete! update 10 december: finished animating words, and included the zoom out of tallis, edited new music, now just to polish and finish off, almost completely finished! update 17 december: finished rendering, taking a long time to upload to youtube, so i have tried to render to h.264 for good quality and less files. On top of this i am polishing off every other ident including a 3D ident i have just finished off update 20 december, last lesson deadline: today i got some audience feedback from my first draft, which enabled me to make minor changes which some said make big differences, i cleaned off what they said and deleted this sound effect i used at the end allowing me to render my final draft, now the first and final draft is on youtube.

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