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Thomas Tallis School – BTEC Programmes Observation Record Form Learner:

Sagar Guatam BTEC National Diploma Creative Media Production

Programme: (Television & Film) Unit Name:

Multi-Camera Techniques


Level 3

Unit Number:

Unit 23

Description of activity undertaken (please be as specific as possible) This year the Multicam unit will revolve around the fashion show. In its 5th year this showcase of student work has been a very successful production attracting a large number of participants and an even larger audience with the show getting bigger and better each year. The show will run on two nights and require a multi camera setup to capture and stream the event live over the internet as well as being projected on the wall behind the catwalk to the live audience of 300 members of the public and wider school community.

Assessment criteria (to which the activity provides evidence) Strand 3: Be able to perform an operational role in a multi-camera production

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria (please explain how the learner met the criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance) Students were required to plan and organise the audio visual parts of the production. Students planed the required hardware and made arrangements for the logistics of the production. Students then setup the equipment and their own areas so it was fit for purpose and met health and safety guidelines. Sagar’s role was as a camera operator/assistant and fulfilled his role to the highest standard working to a professional level and was uncompromised under pressure. Sagar took everything in his stride and was an exceptional camera operator being very proactive and creative in his shot variation. I may even say he found it easy and a more demanding role would of challenged him more. Sagar was descried as: Punctual, creative, organised, worked well under pressure, enthusiastic, reliable, proactive, a team player, assisted peers, dedicated, used initiative and professional in attitude. Grade: Distinction

Assessor’s name:

Thomas Dennison White

Assessor’s signature: Learner’s name:

Internal Verifier’s signature:






Sagar Guatam

Learner’s signature: Internal Verifier’s name:


Peter Hodges


multicam observation final

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