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Call Sheet Filmit. Co Name: Sagar Gautam Date: 24/01/12

119 Reidhaven Road Plumstead, London SE181BX

Production Title: Pepsi Max Ad

Director: Sagar Gautam Camera Person: Sagar Gautam Sound Person: Sagar Gautam Assistants/Runners: Rosie Suharto, Cory Eyre, Cheyenne Joseph, Andrew Outar Make up/ Hair artist: Rosie Suharto Actors: Martha Suharto: 07540851844– - (guardian) Louis Odonnel – 07682819387–

Meet Date /Time: 03/02/12 Meet Location: My house (Sagar Gautam)

Expected Weather: Cold Breeze

Location: Plumstead Corner Park

Props: Pepsi Max cans

Lighting: high key lighting from outside

Equipment - Camera Catering: Bring food, or food can be provided from my house, which is a few minutes of a walk away

Wardrobe: Normal casual clothing Transport: another relatively easy place to get to, all actors live 5-10 minutes away can be reached here by walking or catching a 53 from Plumstead common, where the actors are located at. Transport from my house to the park is literally a 3-4 minute walk so no extra transport needed Other: last scene to be shot, then all raw footage should be complete, ready for pre production.

Call Sheet 2 pepsi max ad  

callsheet 2 pepsi max ad

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