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Shooting script Pepsi Max ad – Scene 1 and Scene 4 – Dining room scene It is colour coded so when I actually film the ad I know the shots are indicated by coulor, so it saves me time having to reposition back to that shot. Open with a typical dining room scene consisting of a grandmother and a teenage boy eating dinner together. Remember to keep props on the table. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shot 1: longshot to set the ordinary dining room scene – props stay on table Shot 2: front close up of cory eating food – shallow focus field Shot 3: front close up of gran eating food – shallow focus field Shot 4: back to longshot setting the scene – dialogue going to start *Cory: Wow, this taste pretty good how long did it take you to make this?* Shot 5: front close up of cory dialogue – shallow focus field – *Cory: Wow, this taste pretty good how long did it take you to make this?* Shot 6: front close up of gran dialogue – shallow focus field*Gran: About 30 minutes my dear* Shot 7: back to front close up of cory dialogue about to choke – shallow focus *Cory: It reminds me off----*starts choking* - one hand always on neck Shot 8: longshot of dining room – showing cory choke – *gran drops spoon* Shot 9: front close up to show *gran drop spoon* –priceless face – gran needs to drop spoon again to start this shot Shot 10: front close up of cory choking, - shallow focus on his face Shot 11: longshot dining room of cory starting to reach for pepsi max slomo this is where the tension music would start in the ad. Hand always on neck Shot 12: zoomed close up of cory choking – reaching for max in slomo. Focus is on cory reaching for the drink – slowly focusing away as he gets closer to the drink for the drink itself Shot 13: camera zoom out of cory grabbing drink slomo – change focus straight to pepsi max for this blurr out any other background Shot 14: longshot dining room of cory grabbing drink back to him– when the drink is grabbed with one hand in slomo the other hand grabs it too and *pulls really fast* Shot 15: extreme close up of drink – cory about to open drink – focus on hands about to open drink, nothing else, *drink opens* Shot 16: front close up of grans face – looking worried – focus on grans face Shot 17: side close up of *cory drinking max fast* – full focus Shot 18: front close up of *cory finish drinking, slams drink down, burps*full focus Shot 19: longshot of dining room – both characters laughing really loud *body moving due to ultimate laughter* Shot 20: front close up of gran laughing – focus on grans face Shot 21: front close up of cory laughing – focus on corys face Shot 22: longshot of both characters finishing off laughing for ages whilst this is happening the camera will be zooming into the pepsi max drink itself Shot 23: camera zooming in on pepsi max Shot 24: extreme close up zoomed in into pepsi max – all focus on pepsi max Shot 25: shallow focus field on product itself covering the camera opening for the park scene.

Shooting script – Scene 2 – Park scene Scene 2 (playground scene) Scene opens with a shallow focus field on the product itself, showing the scenery of the kids and the park in the background unfocused. Leaded on from the previous scene. • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shot 26: long shot full focus field of pepsi max stationary on a rock next to mum Mum’s dialogue - *Martha! Come over here* Shot 27:longshot - focus is drawing to Martha when she runs to the drink after mother calls Martha dialogue *yess?* Shot 28: Close up shot of Martha and drink in focus. Mum’s dialogue *Make sure you share that you can’t have all of that to yourself!* - *Martha grabs drink and dialogue – “okay mum”* when she grabs drink focus is on hand and drink only Shot 29: back centre shot between round about and rocks of Louis running to the rock to Martha who is intrigued by drink. *mum walks away into the distance when Louis runs to the rock* Shot 30: front close up of both children intrigued by drink – Louis dialogue *Wow, can I have some? then Martha passes the drink to Louis* Shot 31: front close up of Louis raising drink about to open drink – camera zooms in on when the drink is raised – focus is on can - *Louis opens the drink* Shot 32: side close up of male child drinking then pass to Martha who repeats Shot 33: front close up of both infants who burp at the same time and laugh Shot 34: side medium shot of infants laughing. Martha puts drink down – Martha about to play tag – by the rock Shot 35: back centre longshot of infants running to play tag – louis tags Martha mid way between round about and rock Shot 36: long shot behind roundabout of Martha chasing louis – around the round about Shot 37: longshot by rock facing roundabout– Martha chases louis back to rock Shot 38: mid shot of both characters sitting on rock out of breath Shot 39: side close up of Martha grabbing drink, drinking then burping, laughing and passing drink Shot 40: opposite side close up of Louis drinking drink then burping and laughing putting the drink down Shot 41: zoomed in long shot of infants getting off rock, jumping at the same time off the rock which will be in slow mo Shot 42: long shot continued both infants run to mid position of round about and rock where longshot is shot, camera zooms out when they approach mid distance

• •

Shot 43: mid shot, infants halt, *look to the side to distance* and wonder what that sound is Shot 44: front mid shot of infants *seeking the distance wondering what the sound is* which opens for the car scene.

The kids get happy and share the drink together and constantly burping, laughing, jumping around being really active in the play park, you then hear from distance a car beeping in the background (which is not shown) both of the kids then look around to its whereabouts which is not shown in the scene

Scene 3 – Shooting Script - Car scene

Skips to a scene of a girl constantly beeping the horn of a car, waiting for a friend who is taking their time to get ready whey they are already late, she is sipping on a open can of pepsi max already. Windows have to be rolled down • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shot 45: close up shot of steering wheel being pressed Shot 46: Longshot of car to set the scenery whilst it is beeping Shot 47: side mid shot of masha pressing the car horn dialogue starts off her here *masha presses it one more time**where is this girl!! We are so late already!* Shot 48: side close up of masha taking a sip of pepsi max whilst waiting Shot 49: mid shot of masha turning on the radio whilst waiting Shot 50: running shaking shot of cheyenne running to the scene Shot 51: Longshot of masha still waiting, drinking pepsi max which is seen through the open window Shot 52: another running shaking shot of cheyenne about to enter scenery Shot 53: long shot of Cheyenne running closer into the scenery Shot 54: mid shot of masha waiting *masha sighs* Shot 55:longshot – focus by headlight of car of Cheyenne about to enter the car *cheyenne enters car in a rush scene* Shot 56: over the shoulder shot of Cheyenne dialogue starts here of her being sorry - *Cheyenne out of breath – rushing – “oh my god im so late im so sorry!!”

• • • •

Shot 57: close up of masha responding angrily back but then gets interrupted by a burp * You should be sorry! We are so late how long does it possibly take to -* here she gets interrupted by a burp mid way sentence faking a burp Shot 58: close up of cheyennes facial expression to the burp Shot 59: back of the car shot of both characters bursting out laughing Shot 60: front close up of car showing both characters laughing

The pepsi max is used to break tension between these characters and put them in a happier place due to drinking and burping.

Then the video fades out and runs in with pepsi max’s slogan “PEPSI MAX – MAXIMUM PEPSI TASTE ZERO SUGAR”

Scene 4 dining room scene Then it skips back to the first scene with the grandma and the teenager however this time they have finished dinner and the teenager is clearing up the dishes and things off the table. The grandma has been encouraged to try some of the drink due to the events that took place before, she grabs the drink has a bit and does the most effective burp out of everyone else in the ad, ending the ad with shock she will then start laughing then the image will be paused with another little slogan saying “ Pepsi max it” with a non diagetic triangle sound (like a lightbulb) Back to scene 4 in the dining room: Shot 61: back to longshot of dining room – resetting the scene – *corys finished eating gran hasn’t* Shot 62: front close up of gran finishing her food – Shot 63: close up of *cory getting up putting dishes away moves pepsi max closer to gran*

Shot 64: back to longshot of characters – cory getting up taking dinners away Shot 65: side close up of gran eyeing up pepsi max Shot 66: front close up of gran eyeing up – picking up the drink looking intrigued Shot 67: longshot of gran picking up the drink taking it closer to her mouth without cory in scene Shot 68: side shot of gran drinking the drink Shot 69: front close up of gran putting drink down after drinking – pause Shot 70: front close up of gran burping – then her smiling then still image – ad finishing on slogan of pepsi max on screen

Pepsi max shooting scripts  

pepsi max shooting script

Pepsi max shooting scripts  

pepsi max shooting script